Let’s Connect! Q&A about TRAVEL, VIDEOS, and the WORLD

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Q&A about Travel, Videos, and the World. I’d love to hear from you!

and we’re live
okay you guys I see two people out there
I’m gonna wait for some people to get on
this this is an experiment this is my
first YouTube livestream I’ve been doing
these on Instagram and they’ve worked
really well there but I wanted to try
try here with this audience let’s see if
some people get on and then all uh I’ll
get into it yeah thank you it’s um it’s
a surrealist here in Ukraine that made
this I love it it’s beautiful
love surrealism and went to an event
last night actually there was this Dali
Picasso event here I’m living in in Kiev
Ukraine right now and it was very cool
if anyone’s in the city like definitely
go to that event I’m trying to remember
the name of the location it’s evidence
it’s very very cool what’s up you guys
this is the first time I’ve connected on
what’s up Reza hello to you good to see
you human that’s a cool name human I’m
gonna say it’s my name too but I like it
that’s a cool handle Omid hey what’s up
guys where are you all from I’ve been
doing these on yeah go for re asked me a
question where I’ve been doing these on
Instagram but first one here on YouTube
sergey kia so many followers or iranians
Araki here yes human cool I want to do a
some work in your country this year I
was thinking Erbil hello to Yerevan love
your city you gonna get back there to
hopefully this year to Yerevan and do
some videos it’s on the list
Tanzania but in China cool
I want to I’ve never been to Tanzania
hello Danielle from Milwaukee thanks
guys for getting on here where am I now
I’m in Keith Ukraine or Kiev Ukraine go
to Russia yes I will
it’s the next country over I got to get
there you should do more on YouTube yeah
so this is my first conversation as well
the ones that just got on no on YouTube
and I’ve been doing these on Instagram
but yeah the whole point was to connect
with you guys and let you know what I’m
up to what the plans are I did that
series well this is over a month now but
about a rod that was an amazing amazing
experience and experiment actually and I
basically taught myself how to edit this
winter I’m not considered I wouldn’t
consider myself an editor so in that
project I really went deep and and sort
of learned the software to some degree
and so I’m gonna take those skills and
I’m gonna go deep on it this year this
starting this spring I am gonna be doing
three to five cities in Ukraine then I
have on the list on the immediate list
the Republic of Georgia which is a very
cool country up in there before love it
really diverse really interesting
Yerevan Yerevan Armenia I would like to
get there Ethiopia is on the list a rock
is on the list hello from Syria a cool
cool I’ve been to Syria I love it
please try coming to Syria Syria is on
the list
obviously has to do with security and I
heard Damascus is is fine right now to
travel is that true I would love I was
in Syria in 2008 2007-2008 and I loved
it it was an amazing place you have the
potential become an icon thank you
brother Omid I appreciate that
really I’m just getting started at this
and it all comes from like a deep
passion from passion slash anger because
growing up in the US were pretty much
conditioned that the world’s a dark
dangerous hole and I went around it for
two years and discovered a different
truth and so my mission now is to show a
Western world that was my original
mission to show a Western world places
like Iran places like Ukraine places
that are usually typically labeled as
dangerous and not going to the politics
but going to the human component and by
doing so people connect with that and I
think it can like the more creators that
are doing this the more it breaks down
the media of the news I mean the the
cycle of the news media and the
politicians thank you brother thank you
for all these places to travel vlogs
don’t take us to your welcome Danielle
thanks for this I I’m finally getting
into my life’s purpose I own a business
in the US and that’s what funds
everything right now but I’m living in
in Kiev Ukraine and for one of the
reasons is so I’m close to the world
like everything’s close to here like
super close it
it’s insane when I get on a flight now
in Istanbul is an hour and 45 minutes
instead of like 14 which country do I
think is most like us Cinna I think the
obvious would be Canada Canadians won’t
want to hear that but I think Canada
culturally there’s much you know many
much common ground different countries
but as if as far as the most similar I’d
say Canada for sure I grew up near
Montreal I grew up south to the border
love it love it cool country my content
won’t be going there because people I
think have somewhat of an understanding
of Canada and its you know Western calm
country where I’m sure there’s all sorts
of cool [ __ ] to cover but I’ll let
someone else do it
I’m way more interested in iran armenia
syria the stands Tajikistan Uzbekistan
Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan
Turkmenistan Pakistan see I want to get
to Pakistan that’s a really like you
know poorly labelled place and I know I
met very cool Pakistanis Abdullah what’s
up how do you so guys any questions
Afghanistan I just saw that drew Binh
ski was there I don’t know if you guys
I’m sure you do he’s a pretty famous
travel vlogger and he had great content
from Afghanistan here’s my deal with my
content I want to go into places that
are perceived to be as dangerous and
off-limits but that are fine to travel
in Afghanistan I’m sure their parts that
are totally cool and I’m sure their
parts that are not so I’d have to do my
research on that and same with Syria um
Oh wrong yeah I just did a series on
Iran you got to check it out I did a
three part series I’ve put my heart and
soul into that one that was like that
was in me for like three and a half
years from when I first traveled there
planning on going back to Iran I would
like to because I just scratched the
surface with what I did there
like I just well Mike my phone was my
camera was stolen my phone / camera and
then that took like five days to figure
out that situation that I had limited
time so I I gotta get back I got a shoot
should Oz I know that go to the South
other parts Kurdish parts of Iran
massive country for sure
we have a flood REI I know I I’m sorry
about that I’ve seen a lot of people
have sent me clips of the flood and it
looks looks terrible I think it’s over
though isn’t it or now FBI is here okay
we’re all being watched after I visit
Iran so many people coming I don’t know
if that’s the case from me but that’s
cool people are coming like it’s
definitely has a huge potential for
tourism from the south are you asleep
that’s the name not I’m not asking a
question to you guys are you asleep
I been to bondo’d Abbas and catch him I
was there last time FBI is in the house
nice open up I don’t know what that
means it’s like some top-secret code
language I’m not familiar with guys
where else
so I listed I listed about five or six
countries there what else what else are
you guys interested in seeing Kurdistan
yeah what Kurdistan though Iran Iraq
Turkish a road trip in the US I did my
first road trip in the US right after
high school and a buddy and I lived out
of his van and where I found to be
interesting was the West the West for
sure like the the Mountain West
beautiful landscapes and geography
California coast it’s really spectacular
the East Coast doesn’t inspire me as
much miramar yeah yeah I’d been to
Miramar that’s that’s a cool country I
was there four or five years ago loved
beautiful people there and they don’t
mind some countries you go to people are
very much concerned about a camera being
in their face when I was in Miramar it
was like they didn’t care they were like
happy about you putting a camera in
their face
Iran oh here’s the here’s a question for
you guys from the Islamic world is it
true that Iran Ian’s are cooler with
cameras because it’s primarily Shia
versus us primarily as a Sunni culture
is this like there’s less of a
superstition our religious hang-up with
shooting Shias with the camera is that
is that true or now no you never heard
this before okay no no okay gotcha yeah
because in Iran it was like very easy to
take video and get people on the camera
they nobody was shy about it and it was
it was like very little work to do it
nothing to do with Islam okay cool
both Kurdistan please I’m Iranian and
don’t know much about Kurds that would
be cool to do I’m not guaranteeing
anything just so you know but that would
be cool to do like a comparison of all
the Kurdish territories because they’re
obviously in different nation-states but
they have the common cultural threat of
being Kurdish and I wonder how it’s like
Kurdistan Iran is different than
Kurdistan Iraq or they’re pretty similar
I don’t know Matt Cardwell am i planning
to do more in Turkey not in the
immediate future but for sure down the
road because I now live in Ukraine and
it’s close it’s two miles an hour and 45
minutes 130 dollars or something to get
there so Turkey’s one of my favorite
places is symbols in my top three cities
on the planet so there’ll be a
definitely much more Turkish content in
the future just not in the near future
from what I see right now guys just want
to go over something I was working on
like this week I realized I wasn’t
reading for [ __ ] and that’s not cool
it’s like I hadn’t read a book in months
and that’s like my brain is rotting out
to social media or something so I’ve
made a pact with myself I get up at 6:00
every morning and read for an hour so I
won’t bore you too long I’ll be short on
this but read this this last week notes
from the underground you want some
darkness you want some good life
philosophy read this book highly
recommend it it’s not gonna cheer you up
but that’s not always the point okay
Peter I have a week to travel to
anywhere in the world after graduating
college where should I go
freethinker where you from because that
will probably determine where is
interesting for you Rennie silver plane
trip mix here to to Iran from USA hell
yeah and you’re gonna love it you’re
gonna you’re gonna seriously love it
you got to be on a tour Americans have
to be on a tour free think I’ll be right
back to you on Americans have to be on a
tour which sort of sucks but I’ve heard
some of the tours are loose in their
framing which means you can kick off at
night and go to different restaurants
and do some what your own thing I think
but I’m not sure I’ve never been on one
but do it do it do it will it will
radically in a good way change your
world man like people are so cool there
it’s such a nice place to travel it’s
surprising actually what surprised me
firstly is how good the infrastructure
is so you’d think it would I don’t know
I thought it would be way worse but the
the highways were we’re good and the the
planes nice and they didn’t charge for
extra baggage which was cool but go
there freethinker you’re from California
and you want to go for somewhere for a
week after college [ __ ] man that’s it’s
like really depends on your intro I mean
you can’t really go a lot wrong just
don’t go to like the UK okay don’t don’t
blow it on nothing wrong with the UK but
it’s not gonna be that much of
mind opener I’d say and if you’re
watching my content you’re interested
with more far up house parts of the
world okay I always recommend for
Americans that want to stretch a little
but want a place that’s also easy to
travel and somewhat comfortable too I
would go to Istanbul Turkey is a good
one that would be valid if you haven’t
traveled much out of the US I think that
would be like a good balance of okay
enough like enough adventure but not too
much where it’s scaring you shitless for
half the time that would be my top pick
but if you’re more into the Asian thing
I mean if you’re – if it’s your first
trip out of the US Vietnam it might be a
little much but maybe you adapt quickly
it just depends the person so people
just want comfort somewhat more
adventure soak up the culture in a week
the Republic of Georgia Georgia is a
badass country it’s amazing
North Korea I want to go Billy Goodwin I
have to figure out if it’s legal for me
because I’m American Americans
technically you can’t go but I mean I’m
an Italian also I don’t know if I can go
on my Italian passport if that causes
problems with American government or not
if it doesn’t I’m gonna go for sure so
back to freethinker the Istanbul or yeah
just depends what you want man but you
can’t really go wrong I’d say with
Istanbul but I mean the call to prayer
if you never heard that you all the
sudden the prayer is going off at 5:00
in the morning and blow your mind it’s
like whoa this place is deep it’s got a
lot of depth to it it’s got a lot of
culture it was the center of the world
for a long time first trip to Iran maybe
I mean that could even be a call like
you’d have to be on a tour which might
be nice for you if it’s your first trip
but yeah just stay out of West my
suggestion is go to New Zealand
Australia Canada England go to those
places when you’re old in a wheelchair I
if you haven’t gone to some of the more
interesting in my opinion issues
interesting parts of the world we are
waiting for you and Iran to come thank
you thank you you guys you’re definitely
one of the more say outreaching cultures
and so many people have reached out and
said come back and I want to show you
around and yeah I I had no idea what I
was getting into with that series all I
knew is I knew in Iran that was not the
media and not the politicians and I
wanted to show that and so mission
accomplished I feel like I got the human
connections that I was that I was
totally looking for okay guys next next
uh love to you Miriam FBI what are the
good parts of Iran
okay Tehran you got to hit it it’s one
of the big the world’s big cities it’s
super interesting and the mountains kick
right out of it it’s beautiful
I think break it up in Iran so go to the
North Sea the Caspian area I went to
this place called the roms are and it
was green lush palm trees and the Black
Sea no sorry
Caspian Sea and then the thing about
Iran is you can get around easily with
flights so I took a flight and went to
the south so I would you can get quite a
few areas in a quick amount of time
there with the way the flights work best
country I’ve traveled to John that’s
super hard to say and like a lot of it
comes with where like what time period
you know when when it was so my first
time I went to the Republic of Georgia
was it was 2003 and I was 26 and that
would have been the best country at the
time I’d still one of my favorites I
lived in Thailand for a bit in Bangkok
at the time that was my favorite place
so it just depends the time but I’ll
give you like one unifying theme it’s
place that piques my curiosity yes so
it’s basically the outside the Western
world outside the places we really have
much knowledge about and those are
usually those places that you don’t have
many expectations for the ones that like
over-the-top like impress so that would
be my path simple answer Georgia is good
Georgia rules Thailand laughs he laughs
yeah I know it’s for sex tourism and
that’s the the usual cliche narrative
but I was there teaching English when I
was was 25 or 26 and I just wanted to
live in in Southeast Asia and I would
toss stray I was gonna I was trying to
find work in Australia I flew through
Bangkok and I went to Australian it felt
like I went home after being on this
wild around-the-world journey and I like
you know I got to go to Asia because I
think that will be so much more
interesting and different so yeah guys
so I’m just gonna throw a few books at
you here today this one okay I don’t
know your backgrounds I’m sure we got
all different backgrounds but influence
if you’re into psychology and this one’s
a little tricky it’s psychology of
persuasion and what’s good about it is
not to persuade people but to know to
really identify the persuasion that’s
coming at all of us like every day the
amount of persuasion we receive is
insane so every message every message
has like there’s a reason behind every
piece of media that comes there’s an
intention right even behind my stuff
there’s an intention my intention is I
want to show you parts of the world that
get labeled as usually negative or
dangerous and show you them in a very
human human way that’s my persuasion
that’s my whole point to doing this
and it’s actually how I see these places
a new country what’s the question there
so guys I’ve been doing these on 1984
yeah let me show you another cool book
on that in that theme 1984 check this
one out have you read this it’s all
about that dystopic you know doomsday
scenario type theme if you like 1984
t-84 you’ll love this so really do I
speak other languages I studied Spanish
for quite some time and I spoke it
alright and now I’d slipped
quite a bit because I just don’t use it
at all
and my Russian is it’s alright to
navigate it’s not beautiful that I won’t
say you believe 1984 is today’s world
story I have to agree I think you’re
somewhat somewhat right here like it’s
hard to see anywhere in the world that’s
really optimistic politically right like
where do you get excited about maybe
maybe Norway is is doing it right
politically I have no idea I don’t
follow their politics but yeah I mean
I’m in Ukraine and a comedian is gonna
be the looks like he’s gonna be the next
president I’m backed by a big oligarch
and then I’m from a country where you
know Trump’s the president I’m not gonna
say everything he does is bad and I
think he’s done some good things he’s
done some shitty things the other day I
don’t like the guy I don’t like his
values I don’t like what he stands for
so I don’t associate with any of these
Ukraine loves you I love you Ukraine I’m
in Ukraine I’m gonna show you some
Ukraine if you’re here it’s been a
little cold lately but
yeah sundaes captain that’s a former um
former KGB building that one right there
that thing is where KGB in Soviet times
we’re how stand I actually live there
before I move to this place which is
pretty crazy you can smell the fresh air
from here it’s not actually not that
fresh right there it’s a lot of car
exhaust but I like the spirit and in
there some parks not nearby that are
pretty nice I don’t get the Arabic or
Farsi script how much do people in Iran
in the United States know about each
other that’s that’s a good question I it
really depends so if you go to Los
Angeles I think they’re half million
Iranians so if you go to a big American
cities I think things blend quite well
but as far as understanding Iranian or
Persian culture and and the geopolitics
of what’s going on I’d say not many like
really not many and I think Iranians are
much more in tune with politics because
little soundbites from John Bolton or
whomever will will affect them directly
so Iran Ian’s are way better with being
up on on world events I’d say than your
average American when do I come back to
Iran Nima
that’s a good question I would love to
come back this year I have a lot more
work to do there I have a lot more
cities to shoot a lot more adventures to
get into I really want to show more of
the natural beauty and then get into
more stories so it will happen I just
don’t have any direct plans right now
that was actually a pretty hard shoot
believe it or not it wasn’t an easy
yeah especially with my camera when my
camera was stolen that I had nothing I
had no money to get another camera
because you got to come in with the
money you’re gonna spend I didn’t have
enough for another camera and so I was
trying to figure out how the hell I was
gonna figure it out and I did eventually
a friend came in thank God but that was
that was a rough one but it worked out
in the end I think it worked out so
thank you I love you guys too I really
appreciate all your support it’s been
awesome you guys cuz really I’m just
getting going at all this stuff it’s not
like I’m I’ve been making videos for the
last five years or anything I’m just
really getting started and picture in
the back that’s it’s from a local
Ukrainian artist cool huh still burns go
to Pakistan yeah I’m definitely
definitely want to go I’ve what’s the
situation in Swat Valley like I want to
go to Hunza Valley Swat Valley cuz I
know those the geography there’s
beautiful obviously Karachi Lahore
Peshawar but anything else definitely
message me I would I’m open to any
suggestions Pakistan’s high my list like
in my top 5 for sure yeah surrealism I
love surrealism it’s my favorites our
I love margaritas is my favorite
favorite artist do you know him if you
like this guy you like Marguerite you’re
welcome Nima yeah I tried my best to
show the Iran that I could see and
obviously I’m not from there I don’t
know the full story but I just captured
what I saw and did my best to to convey
that message in the edit so thank you
appreciate it Nima you know most of it
now Iran no I don’t know I’d like I
really don’t I got to see a lot more
that’s for sure
superhero I don’t think so but thank you
brother appreciate it
Kyoto magical that’s a cool cool name
okay Patrick I said is symbols one of my
top favorite cities what are the other
two okay I gotta say San Francisco just
because I live there and that’s the last
place I lived in the US and I think it’s
the best fusion of the natural
environment an urban environment and
then the third city that’s tough Bangkok
I have a connection with because I live
there I like keeve Ukraine where I live
because I have a connection with it I
was just in Naples Italy
that’s a cool so that’s where my
extended family’s from actually two
generations back but I don’t really like
exploring Western places as much because
they’re just let culturally less
interesting for me but I’ll say Naples
is super interesting swattin Hunza
valleys in North Pakistan get a lot of
tourists interesting I wouldn’t have
thought but thank you
where are they coming from where the
tour is coming from there Vasil thanks a
lot for discovering Ukraine for
Ukrainians you’re welcome vassal I
appreciate it you guys have been awesome
here like a ton of support and I haven’t
produced much content lately about
Ukraine but that’s gonna change coming
in May I’m gonna be doing l’viv Odessa
Matty Opel Keith maybe another city so
I’m gonna have a lot of content coming
from Ukraine and for Iranians Americans
who are ever you’re from most people
don’t know much about Ukraine and check
this out it’s not in my opinion it’s not
it’s not Europe it’s not Russia it’s not
the Middle East it’s its own mysterious
cool land and I’m gonna I’m gonna show
and may I’ll probably start going live
with these in May what I’m talking about
still burns people from Western
countries mostly you can check out a few
vlogs on YouTube
mark wines has done a pretty good job I
don’t know him I’ll check him out
Hasan did I finally get the phone stolen
Iran no that thing’s history it’s gone
unfortunately a lot of questions on the
painting local Ukrainian artist cool huh
what feelings this is code is mah what
feelings so I feel when I are in a cut
when I’m in a country far from where I
came from you know I’ve always liked
being an outsider and I’ve always been
super curious and always found
foreigners to be fascinating and I
always wanted to meet foreign people so
for me I feel comfortable in it really
like I feel very comfortable in the
world and I’m very curious about people
living in different cultures and with
different ideology than me and
connecting with them so I I’m totally
cool with it now pretty much wherever
Zagros I haven’t been in Iran for 20
years now myself felt guilty when I saw
your vids and you really showed me a
nice one may I no reason to feel guilty
bro I understand I don’t know your exact
circumstances but it’s not always easy
for people to get back there and look
when people usually move to another
country they start you start a new life
and maybe it’s tough to go back I don’t
know there’s all sorts of conditions my
family left Italy never looked back
like never looked back they said forget
it you’re you’re American now American
eyes so everyone’s got their own story
with that stuff bald and bankrupts I
think I saw a video of his I don’t know
him well though
did I like Yas I guess I’m not a fan of
the desert no you’re totally wrong I am
a super I’m a big fan of the desert I
love the desert
I think the desert it’s just like strips
like it’s naked and in a way and you
just like you get inspired out there
I like the desert I loved Yas Yas is a
special place for sure good uh cause VIN
it’s very nice okay I love you
saman I love you too brother I love all
you guys who’s supporting me right now
cuz without you honestly it’s all been
an experiment and without you guys it’s
like could be making videos for myself
and my mom my girlfriend and I would
still do it honestly I’m doing it out of
passion I’m not doing it for the money
so but having people interested in the
content means a lot to me so thank you
thank you brother appreciate it I’m
obsessed with Iran no I wouldn’t say
obsessed obsessed is a little far but
I’m gonna make I’m making a video
tomorrow okay maybe I’m obsessed I’m
making a video tomorrow I don’t get into
politics because I feel like online
there’s plenty to do with politics right
and so I’m trying to let me rephrase
this Iranians are great at seeing the
West and dislike separating people in
politics Westerners are pretty shitty at
separating people in politics so usually
they’re placed under one label my whole
goal is to is to help like break away
people from politics and that’s the same
you can’t like your politicians or
whatever that’s um it-it’s not my
business my business is saying look
that’s the rant that gets thrown to the
world but here are the people and they
might not connect with that they might
connect with who the hell cares like
they’re cool people doing cool [ __ ] and
that’s what I want to capture so am i
obsessed with Iran in the sense that
it’s a very Mis
understood place super misunderstood I
hate that it gets labeled as terrorists
and I hate that the you know people with
limited knowledge of that part of the
world think poorly of it so yeah in that
sense I obsessed with telling a story
that you know that I found like all
these hospitable cool beautiful people
coming out and like from the heart
taking me in telling where their stories
showing me around it’s not a selfish
place and maybe it’s cuz I’m a foreigner
they’re interested in getting their
voice out maybe that’s part of it but as
far as cool like when you’re a traveling
and especially traveling solo there’s
nothing more you want than to connect
with people and it’s one of the easier
places to do that so maybe I’m obsessed
yeah okay the gamer 27 well you got a
gift you make videos from a cool inside
perspective like one of your videos you
had a local music and start to blow me
away I love you and your work thank you
brother thank you the gamer 27 means a
lot to me because it’s it’s not easy I
go into these places with no plans and
then I’m worried [ __ ] maybe I got no
story here maybe there’s nothing in this
maybe it’s boring a [ __ ] to watch and I
just don’t want to speak on the camera
the whole time and not show any cool
human connection so I like seek out this
human connection and when I get up I’m
like thank God because now I got
something to show so that means a lot to
me brother appreciate it
Pakistani government allows
cool awesome that makes it easy to have
an ant’s Instagram I want to draw you uh
cool at Peter Santa nella PE te RSA n te
n e ll o hai from Ukraine Egor hi
booty Viet Shakti
I’m here right now too so we’re in the
same hood probably
thanks bro
Kyoto thank you are you Japanese is that
the Japanese name Kyoto right that’s a
Japanese city guys oh speaking of
Japanese you know this guy MIT a commie
I’ve never read his stuff I’m starting
next week I’m pretty pumped yeah love
Japan finally finally what Oh finally it
what a book you like
privyet naughty couldíve yet country’s
on your bucket list
okay so country’s I want to go to this
year and shoot I’m gonna do stuff on
Ukraine I told you guys that Republic of
Georgia possibly Armenia
I don’t know if I’m gonna hit all these
this year but this is on the bucket list
a rock a rock in the north
like Kurdistan Iraq Pakistan potentially
Syria Damascus Ethiopia
perhaps you’re a TRAI I was in your
country must be a clue about small
country North Ethiopia interesting place
I was there a couple years ago probably
missing one or two on there but that’s
my immediate bucket list I would say
what are you guys interested in saying
just the the group that’s here right now
what what countries I know people are
gonna say Iran for sure I know that one
but where elsewhere else really
interests you guys at the moment where
would you like to see some content from
Iran u.s. Deutschland
hell yeah I like Germany nice country
yeah that would be a cool mission I just
here’s the thing with Russia it’s such a
monster of a country and so I’d want to
do a good cross-section like do do the
Moscow st. Petersburg but then get out
there and it like something totally
different because it’s such it’s like
many countries within a country hungry
Scotland Eastern West Russia Netherlands
you know what’s crazy about the
Netherlands is what’s the population
like 30 million or something I swear to
god half the people I see in the world
are from from the Netherlands like you
guys travel more than anyone by far
Indonesia Indonesia I was talking about
today Indonesia I love I love Indonesia
it’s mostly an unknown place everyone
knows Bali obviously but that’s one
country sorry one island out of sixteen
thousand eight thousand islands are
inhabited in Indonesia and so everyone
has a different identity and I’ve
travelled a bit of Indonesia at that
place blows my mind and you could spend
seriously like a lifetime traveling that
country and not see at all I love it
my son aunt in Wisconsin University
professor are you about salary in USA
because you don’t talk about Sara I do I
get this is my most asked question
actually like how do I make my money
it’s not on YouTube I make very little
on YouTube so I have a business in the
US and what we do is recondition cars
boats planes I run it mobile e I have a
great team there I also do a little bit
of real estate and so those are my
income main income streams and now I’m
putting a lot of energy into this this
creative content Azerbaijan yes and
that’s close for me yeah I gotta get
there for sure
human I would go with your bucket list I
mean if someone want to see EU there is
a million of videos out there but when
it comes to rock talk Assad exact that’s
where I’m at human um I’m not doing
content about yeah Netherlands 17
million exactly I’m not doing content
about so here’s where you stay and you
know how to stuff when you travel I
think I could probably get more
popularity and perhaps like make brand
deals and stuff but it’s not where my
interests lie so my content exactly with
what you’re saying it like lies in the
thus more unknown and the more
misrepresented and this all stems from a
bit of anger and just being told the
world’s a dark dangerous Yoho outside of
a few few countries and then getting out
there and seeing a different truth and
meeting all these amazing people in
countries that we’re told we’re off
limits and so that’s that’s the content
I want to stick to it for the most part
Venezuela Billy Goodwin I I know that’s
a beautiful place Venezuela I right now
I don’t know I like I don’t think it’s a
good call to be in Venezuela I think I
could go there okay but when I’m putting
cameras up
well my iPhone speakers stuff like that
might be a problem right now what state
do I live in in America I actually live
in Ukraine right now but California okay
truly Jacobs your irani trip was so cool
how did you meet those cool people did I
find them online one woman I found
online she reached out on Instagram and
this is a crazy thing about Iran there
they are crazier about Instagram or
crazy about Instagram there than
anywhere I’ve ever been so people will
just reach out and find you and message
and so I met one woman that girl that
woman in the second episode
footies in she she reached out to me but
other than that it’s just like random
luck seriously and that’s the stressful
part of doing this stuff to be honest
because I want to get authentic real
connections and show you guys like
everyone can see if something staged and
if it’s like an interview that was all
prepared but I’m trying to go in and get
these true connections where nobody has
an agenda with me just other than
wanting to hang out and so when I can
get that to me that’s the nectar of this
content that’s like the authenticity
that’s what I want to focus on I can
talk for a fair amount of time but
really I want to get into the people and
so that was luck and right now it’s like
I’m doing this wrong Ukrainian projects
I’m gonna be doing in a few weeks and
I’m already stressed like [ __ ] what if I
get into the city and nobody I don’t
meet anyone and I’ve said this about
everywhere I’ve been I always have like
this pressure ahead of time and then it
seems to always work out so yeah Janelle
thank you Peter for your hard work and
creative content I hope many see your
channel so they can finally open their
eyes which is gracias
yeah thank you that’s that’s why I’m
doing this because I feel like you’re
here’s where it comes from a lot of it
someone who comes from childhood but
someone’s like I online in having a hard
time finding the content I wanted to see
and what did I want to see I wanted to
see real people see a country through
their eyes and there is some stuff on
there now for sure but it’s not that
much so that’s my part what
town or city did I go in Ukraine okay I
said I’ve travelled a bit in Ukraine and
here’s one for you guys if you go deep
my youtube channel is not that deep I
haven’t produced that much but if you go
down a little bit there’s a series
called fish-out-of-water and that’s
exactly what I was I lived in the
Ukrainian countryside for six weeks with
this family who were refugees from the
war in the east and so I lived with them
and I it was a crazy experiment they
experienced they taught me so much but I
documented it in an 8 part series that
was like when I died that would be one
of the big ones where I’m like thank God
I had that experience
I mean I’m even crying on the on the
video and just put out of my world
completely so that’s one place in
Ukraine I’ve been to Harkey if I made a
video on Harkey
check that out I love that one that’s
one I’m pumped on and then I’m making a
bunch of content soon l’viv Odessa Mehdi
Opel is there a country I wouldn’t go to
no I don’t think so I don’t want to put
myself in in like direct danger but
there’s no nothing I can think of
offhand best country for beautiful girls
that’s totally subjective Ukraine where
I live now has many beautiful girls my
girlfriend’s beautiful Holland had many
beautiful girls or mania like there’s
beautiful girls everywhere to be honest
Alex hi Peter love your content wanted
to ask if you’ve been to keep twice and
loved it in your opinion what’s the
nicest place culture and Ukraine yeah I
live in Keith now oh you’ve been Akif
twice gotcha
culturally it’s really it’s a cool
country in the sense that the history
where it is geographically right has
made it what it is today and so so many
powers have been here so much has
happened here that it really depends
where you go if you on the far west it
feels more European more polish because
it was Poland not that long ago if you
go in the East it feels more Russian you
go in the south you’ll see ruins of the
ottoman empire so it’s really really
really mixed up so culturally mm-hmm if
you want to see the most amount of races
like ethnicities heart eve is good
because i it’s a big college town
they’re students from all over the world
first youtube video ten years ago yeah i
posted some old stuff when i had like a
little bit of hair back then i was
teaching english yeah there’s some old
stuff on there
Ali asks hey Peter did I have any
trouble getting past border security in
Iran no didn’t was seamless super easy
possible to go to Iran with the US
passport yeah it’s possible but you got
to be on a group tour that’s the thing I
have an Italian passport too so I went
on that but go it’s still worth it it’s
still definitely definitely worth going
even if you’re on the tour I’d say I
highly recommend what sport do I like
Arya I like cycling I bike that’s my
thing here it’s not that good here to be
honest um I’m like on a busy highway
with a ton of cars pollution but that’s
my outlet
I used to snowboard I used to compete
snowboarding in a former life but those
days are over so it’s pretty much just
the bike I look like a USCF UFC fighter
okay I’m not if I’m a lover really I’ve
been in one fight in my life I think and
that was in hockey so doesn’t it really
count five-part I’m going with my family
in Iran next Saturday cool you send your
the video to your relatives to calm them
down awesome I love hearing that because
that’s a lot of why I do this is so I
can help people understand better and
I’m not saying I got the the only truth
and like I got to figure it out I don’t
but there’s there’s like multiple
narratives running on in a place at all
times you go to Paris right and what
narrative you can do a video on heroin
addicts or you can do a video on amazing
food right and so the video is about
most of the world are negative it’s just
the K it’s just how it is so a bomb can
go up in in London and the metro or in
Madrid but no American would ever
question like going to those cities
but if a bomb happens in other parts of
the world all the Sun it’s like it a
no-go zone so my whole thing I always
say is like tell people just do the
research do the like look at the
objective numbers their places not to go
for sure but most of the world is wide
open and cool
there’s there are very few places where
you know you really can’t go so thank
you for spraying that video I am French
como Silva I learned French when I was
young beautiful language I actually hung
out with a French friend yesterday here
in in Kiev there’s actually quite a few
French people living here is math legal
in Italy I don’t think so but I’ve never
lived in Italy so I don’t know with the
grouped our tour it’s hard to know
people culture from the culture that
yeah that’s true I think from what I
heard there’s like a little bit of
flexibility with some of those tourists
so I think you’d not always have to be
hand-holding someone I can get away a
little bit I think so yeah but I’d I
agree I don’t like doing group tours
Mahdi’s says something interesting what
do you think about people that love
foreigners more than their nation is
that not racism of some kind yeah
interesting maybe it is right like
usually people feel more comfortable
with their own type like traditionally
humans have worked in tribes and so when
something’s totally different it’s it’s
historically been a threat so the fact
that Iranians are more interested in and
say the different than their own yeah
it’s it’s I don’t know their other
hospitable cultures out there for sure
it shows how cool it is I’ll say
that for sure and I’ve always found the
other to be more interesting anyways I
have good American friends but I I live
in Ukraine because well it’s more
interesting to me I don’t know how
everything works like I’m a curious
person so I don’t get it all with the US
I get it pretty much I understand the
language obviously pretty much
understand what’s around every turn it’s
not that much discovery thought I said
ed Italian passport yeah I do Holly I do
have him to tell you a passport but it
came through family so I have Italian
blood part of my family emigrated from
there but I never actually lived there
ya know and because I don’t speak mah
top I don’t like to speak very little
Italian I never I never studied it
growing up and we never used it and I’ve
never lived in Italy Alex
Greg I’m all the places I visited what
makes Ukraine stand out for you from all
the other places um good question I
would say I’ve always been fascinated
with the the Soviet Union growing up
when I was 8 I asked for a book on the
Soviet Union for my mom so this part of
the world is always interested me I
would say it’s the fact that it’s it’s
very mysterious here so it piques my
curiosity and it stands out because it’s
not Europe it’s not Russia it’s not the
Middle East it’s its own own world where
everyone’s crossed through at one time
so it makes for an interesting dynamic I
don’t know if I’m explaining that well
enough but I can’t really put it into
words to be honest how many countries
have I visited I’ve roughly been to 90 I
believe it might be 89 or 91 but right
around 90 countries
can I speak Farsi no I can’t I can’t
speak for our second speak the basics
Salameh see evil evil but no I was I was
there for a short time irani is zagros
Iran didn’t meet a lot of foreigners for
the past 40 years unfortunately yeah but
I still gotta say it’s cool I really
respect cultures that are curious and so
like Ukraine Ukraine Ukrainians are very
they’re very interested in in foreigners
from my experience so they’re curious
they’re very curious hear young people
travel if they can get the money
together they travel and go places and
so Iranians are curious and even though
it’s yeah not many foreigners have gone
there it’s like it’s a way of thinking
any thoughts on elections in Ukraine
Demetriou good question yes I’m in Kiev
either by the way one one eight eight I
stay out of politics for the most part I
haven’t watched this closely but from a
wide uneducated perspective it looks
like a comedian backed by an oligarch
am I wrong on that I don’t know but uh
it’s hard to get excited about anyone’s
politics in night in 2019 right like
maybe Norway or Sweden I don’t know but
I my politics depresses me if I look
into it too far and the politics here
doesn’t look good in Brazil yeah
Brazil’s politics Venezuela like we’re
really it’s the UK I mean come on it’s
yeah I’ve tried to have I don’t know
it’s it just seems like it brings on a
negative narrative if I get too much
into politics doesn’t mean I’m not
interested I’m constantly listening to
podcasts or reading on geopolitics and
bigger wider geopolitical trends
ever been to Canada yeah I grew up near
Canada I went near my jaw like two hours
from Montreal I used to go there a lot I
love I love Montreal such a cool city
the world is in a mess fab yeah it’s
doesn’t it feel sort of insecure right
now like I can’t put a finger on it I’ve
had this conversation a lot lately but
it seems like we can all connect even
like this is pretty crazy this is pretty
cool technology allows us to do this I
can make a video with my phone and put
it out my message out to the world you
can put your message out to the world
that’s freaking cool like it’s amazing
right but when I put on I been out of
American news completely but I’ve put on
Fox and I put on CNN and it’s just
actually we did so dumbed down and
immature the content I was seeing on
both sides it’s just I can’t I couldn’t
even believe it actually can’t even
believe it actually exists like that now
so yeah I think we are in a mess in a
way but I think they’re structures that
have control this completely I’m gonna
lose power to some degree because of the
internet and because we can connect this
way I’m not an anarchist I understand we
need structures and governments to to
hold humans together because we’re
absolutely crazy for the most part but
uh it’s a mess yes and in a way it’s not
how about that I don’t know I don’t I
don’t have the answer
it’s politics not as bad as us yeah
probably not I haven’t followed French
politics but uh here’s something I need
to make tomorrow I don’t get into
politics guys I’m gonna close down this
chat scene but I want to leave it on
this I’m gonna make a video tomorrow
about look the best thing about America
is the fact that all the animals from
the zoo are in one cage and they sort of
get along and what I mean by that is
everyone’s immigrated they’re there it’s
a nation of immigrants it’s a crazy new
experiment in the world there’s only a
handful of other countries that have
done this Canada New Zealand Australia
but when you have an administration
saying nine of these countries of the
world can’t enter now and there’s a
restriction on them and then through
false pretense like terrorism from Iran
ian’s that’s disgusting because irani
and there’s been no terrorism attacks on
US soil from an Iranian in this century
it just hasn’t happened and then you
have a country like Saudi where they’re
free to you know they they’re not on
this list where obviously the September
11th happened from mostly Saudis it’s
not to label a kind of like a people and
like outcasts anyone I do really want to
go to Saudi Arabia I would love to get
content from there but the point being
is if the US starts losing its ability
to think rationally and question these
moves from our leadership and a lot of
people been pissed off about this
obviously but if we start losing the
ability to take people in from around
the world and be you know doors closed
mentality then it loses what’s special
about it what’s special about the u.s.
is not McDonald’s in coca-cola it’s the
fact that it’s inclusive or it has been
historically up until this point I’m
gonna make a video about that tomorrow
all right hope I didn’t put you guys
asleep but that’s my flirtation with
politics I feel like I need to make that
one just to get it out of me so with
that said you guys thank you thank you
thank you all for believing
me and watching my content and
supporting me I just like at the very
beginning of this and it’s it’s been a
little bit of a battle for me to to
finally make the jump and I’m and I’m
making it and I’m gonna have a ton more
content this summer and you’re part of
this and it’s if it wasn’t for you it
wouldn’t happen and so we’re in this
together and you’re in at the beginning
so thank you for that really appreciate
it you guys love you guys and I’ll have
some cool videos for you in the
not-too-distant future and find me on
Instagram I put a lot of if you’re not
on my Instagram at Peter Santaniello my
name and YouTube here I do a lot of
stories from parts of the world i go to
and i do IG TV stuff and normal
Instagram so and I’ve been doing all my
live chats there I could have a much
bigger audience there so for live chats
so next one might be there please
connect and love you guys have a great
night great day great morning
thank you so much peace

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