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what is the best thing about America so
the best thing about the u.s. is not
McDonald’s is not coca-cola
is not NASCAR the best thing is the fact
every nationality can come to this new
territory and create their life it’s all
of the tribes in one place but the
problem I see now is this travel ban I
am NOT for people running the border
illegally I’m not saying that should
happen at all but the travel bans
something different the travel ban says
seven countries cannot come to the US
and so the reasoning behind this is
terrorism we want to protect our borders
and keep foreign threats out that makes
sense that sounds logical the problem is
it’s not so logical if we want to look
at objective numbers so the country the
biggest country being affected by this
as far as sheer numbers is wrong and how
many Iranians have committed terrorism
attacks in the US this century zero okay
September 11th happened who is who are
those behind September 11th primarily
Saudis who is not on the travel ban
Saudis okay and I don’t believe Saudis
or anyone should actually be on the
travel ban but what I’m saying is if the
logic is keep terrorism’s out the ones
that have caused the most harm are not
from the countries that are blocked so
there’s not much logic in that obviously
it’s a politically motivated agenda the
problem with this is when we start
labeling countries as threats quite
often people will label the the name of
the country and the people as a threat
as one and when you would label a
country as Iran as terrorists then none
of these people have created any
terrorist attacks on US soil when you
outcast them like that you lose what is
exceptional about the u.s. the business
model let’s call it the business model
because us is all about business the
business model of what’s made the
country successful which is providing
ecosystem for people to flourish if they
want to work hard and take in the brains
from around the world
brilliant so Iran actually has a
well-educated population and there are a
lot of doctors there are a lot of
scientists there are a lot of educators
that want to already in the US and those
that want to come to the u.s. and now
with this ban I’ve been getting a ton of
emails people telling me they can’t go
see their wife or their husbands in the
US and the wife is in Iran and she can’t
go back people can’t continue their PhD
programs families cannot see or visit
each other and now we’re restricting
people who add value to the country from
coming to it okay so there’s there’s
seven countries now the dangerous part
of this is we’re at this level well what
happens next administration or next
leadership maybe they add another nine
countries another ten countries where
does this go in time and when we pick
our heads up and look and all the sudden
were not this inclusive place anymore
there’s nothing worse than immigrants to
that come to a country and expect
everything from it it’s the equivalent
of summing someone coming into your home
with muddy boots and putting their feet
up on your couch but there’s nothing
better than immigrants who come in and
are motivated and love the country and
want to help build it so I don’t have
all the answers here I don’t have a
simple solution
I just think what currently is going on
is wrong it’s against what America is
and there’s also not that much online I
was the reason I’m making this is
because it actually wasn’t that much
online about the issue do your research
there’s been a ton of misinformation a
ton of fear-based
information coming at you don’t just
listen to me don’t just listen to the
president don’t just listen to the news
networks actually do objective research
and see what is really statistically
happening behind the scenes because if
you look at this situation again zero
our audience have committed a terrorism
attack on US soil this century so why
are they labeled as a threat to
politics and people are two different
things quite often we misunderstand in
the West that politics and people are
two different things it’s something we
need to talk about it instead of kick
under the rug and make it a black and
white issue of okay nine or seven
countries are banned they’re done what
are the next ones and where do we end up
down the road if we keep doing this the
reason this is close to me is because I
was just in one of these countries that
was banned Iran and I did a video
project there I was curious I know the
image of Iran in the world and I wanted
to capture the non political story so I
went in it was a pretty difficult shoot
actually it was pretty difficult and I
went in on my Italian passport so I had
free like free ability to roam around
the country but if you’re interested on
seeing a very different look of this
country it’s in one of these boxes
somewhere I do content on global content
showing people not politics this was an
exception okay

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