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Many people from the west ask this question, here’s the answer.

I have a friend from Brazil who moved to
the u.s. 15 years ago he’s scared of the
Muslim world in Istanbul ads Ataturk
Airport and I’m looking for my buddy
Rafa Rafa is coming in from the States
yeah I mean very excited but I also a
little be nervous worried about sort of
you know danger and in the unknown I
guess just not that this is have not
being easy to me I will be there
tomorrow see you my friend
I never imagined what I saw
almost there
so we’re leaving the metro right and
then the security guy put his hands on
my bag put one of his hands on my arm
and I truly thought oh man I’m screw put
him in this little room to interrogate
me or he’s arresting you’re not gonna
the nicest guy ever he just want a hug
and take a picture if you are you afraid
I don’t know afraid of this
preconception that you have about the
middle-east terrorist attacks people
being aggressive towards me because
they’re looking certain away where they
may on their mind I may be American and
I thought they view Americans in a bad
way then you’re like oh alright alright
it’s just my [ __ ] but it’s creating
this narrative they’re not I mean how is
it rough I was in awe I love it I like
it this mix between the old and the new
not only how the buildings and
architecture looks like but the people
show you have like if a lot of young
people mix with this very old
traditional people the two neighborhood
I guess like a block away one was like
full-blown conservative almost 100% of
whom I was were wearing full burqa
in you cross a block is this mega city
super modern and you’re like what’s
I didn’t really think that woman here
could first go out with her friends by
themselves in bars cafes having beers
which by the way all my ignorance I
thought was illegal and the woman was so
modern and independent I mean you can
feel here that they’re strong super
happy having fun or sometimes alone in
the painted don’t give a [ __ ] about guys
they don’t even look at you at all it is
very surprising I’m like shocked super
mother flat leather pants like a bright
sure mother girl that that girl could be
like a San Francisco girl as Erick girl
la girl taking selfie with a friend
dress completely conservative with a
full head scarf and in the corner there
there was another girl in a full
Matt ABBA welcome welcome to stumble
enjoy your stay
thank you from us whoa California to San
Francisco yeah we get on the boat though
I’m wrong and pay tickets money and I
found you Evie has no plan
we can come by both of you this is
Istanbul euros it is free
this is powerful I fight this Muslim
City and the important thing if you can
be human you can wit God let’s go live
it up well sir this is Muslims mentality
real which means mentality here is
Republic of Turkey
this is attitudes mentality Turkish
people mentality this is true this is
will you go to Mecca this year [ __ ]
Mecca no I have never been there and I
have no plan about makeup water not
necessary today there are no make a
landing in a or thinking life
yeah that’s perfect yeah
Plus which really surprised me how alive
it is we are walking the streets with
like 11 p.m.
treats or food the restaurant was full
and today’s one Wednesday night I
couldn’t believe it you don’t even see
that in Brazil the food is amazing
really amazing
very good I’ve never tasted like that
fishy cooler
apiece you think of this place it’s very
superteen delicious presently surprised
how nice people are don’t know if you
take the time to talk for them they
really they really pay attention really
interested on you yeah
don’t really matter where you’re from or
anything they wanna know your story
they’re tell you your dream destination
is Detroit Detroit and Alabama why I
wanna go to Alabama because like country
life that’s fine country music yeah and
I understand if you if you don’t have
experiment I thought the guy that you
know I’m from Brazil I live in the u.s.
I travel quite a B I mean I think I’m
educated right I’m a lawyer I think well
I kind of understand a little bit above
the dynamic of society so [ __ ] I don’t
know anything I’m just believing
narratives right and look at me coming
from Brazil one of the most dangerous
countries on the planet for you and
being afraid to come here right now when
I go back to Brazil I am afraid because
I know but that’s a real fear I have no
idea that’s the good thing should be
from Brazil when you travel around
Brazil is not track Brazil still has
this mystic thing nobody knows what the
hell it is everybody’s happy super super
happy I have no idea do not I mean it
just did you know few things Samba
Carnaval some soccer players the girls
are hot that’s that’s all they know and
they’re happy well I think just some
kind of sound now or something
first time write something like this
okay here we go
your head off I think I know what did
you think the raffle walking in with
what 10 15 men big baby hurry men really
different I was just lost
do you know what’s gonna happen well be
nice sit right some kind of sauna bath
do a massage again you ready
yeah that was like ass man
that was primal faithful mainly bond
experience it was some manly love wasn’t
it yeah work some tough love yeah the
guy my guy I guess call me you’re gonna
he got a little bucket and dump on me I
didn’t a little super cold that was a
shock crack home every bone in my body
please do not be as stupid as I was
that’s what it is to be honest don’t be
a [ __ ] and you’re stupid you don’t know
you just believe in the narrative do not
believe in the narrative the narratives
are [ __ ] your fears are [ __ ]
when when they are not really based on
facts in reality right this is the
microcosm right that you can apply to
any kind of fears and difficulties that
you face in your life we are narratives
that are not real Ryan just really meant
do the research in question I think
that’s the most important thing it’s
completely surprising man end of the
road rough end of the road unfortunately
most perspective changing experience
absolutely thanks to you a man changed
my life
thank you man fantastic

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