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I often get asked why I choose to live in such a dangerous place, Kyiv, Ukraine, when I’m visiting America or Europe. I dig deep here to find you the “hood” of Kyiv/Kiev.

that’s for sure like rough around the
Elsie’s old people
here in Kiev Ukraine where I currently
and today we’re gonna go to the most
dangerous neighborhood in chief and I
was just back in the u.s. went from and
when I told people strangers I didn’t
know that I lived in Ukraine everyone
uniformly said everyone said isn’t it
dangerous there and when I go to Europe
especially the Western Europe and I say
I live in Ukraine
everyone says isn’t it dangerous there
why would you be there so I get it
Ukraine isn’t represented very well in
the world it’s in political turmoil or
or or oligarchs or financial problems
whatever it is it’s usually not positive
news so I thought I’d show you guys what
the hood looks like in Kiev like what’s
the bad side of the tracks because
everyone’s every city has that right
like everyone’s City every city has a
rough there’s a guy in the trash but
overall this is like a nice nice
neighborhood parks families cafes leaves
turning but what’s the ghetto like and
so when I think of tough cities in the
world I think of like Rio de Janeiro I
think of Bowness Audis and if you walk
in to say those cities with these you
know new white Adidas kicks and a $350
GoPro in your hand you really don’t
expect to leave with those things I
don’t at least I wouldn’t be doing it
today I’m gonna go in that way I’m going
with my new kicks I’m going in with my
expensive camera and we’re gonna see
what it’s really like so I did a survey
with Ukrainians I asked
where’s the rough neighborhood where’s
the hood in keep and there’s no like
there’s one there’s no one definite
place for that because I got all sorts
of answers but the number one answer was
a place called Krishna so we’re gonna go
to Krishna gotta say there’s a lot of
charm in this city little businesses
like that archways is rough it’s a nice
yeah very sweet very cool city to live
in and then you have all this history of
like you know some stuffs falling down
but some stuffs absolutely beautiful
different eclectic restaurants
businesses there’s texture here it’s all
properly mixed up
when I first moved here three and a half
three years ago
uber hardly worked it was like 10
minutes for right now one minute geez
and Allah – J do not play you’re Jewish
when life when life brings you puts you
in a crack you end up in Rihanna
thank ya we got you made it Center like
your classic Soviet administrative
building heavy powerful
Scrushy DePodesta
dear a past Maya zona Krishna it’s
entered three years you know what she
woke up
we should go of God dear God Nikki what
the noise no Joe dah no it should record
this Irish Oh awesome
give a DSM data to the kaustubha no fun
description do they relate whippets
Shikata miss the Mahato the behind look
about Casa the go p– Nikki the drunks
come out later at night but I mean come
on come on I gotta find more than this
this is this is a failure of a video if
this is the bad neighborhood
okay let’s go ask someone let’s go ask
those teens little pissed off should you
it yeah you try
scusi tab adjuster scusi taboos austere
good year passed my zona Krishna you had
you post Mathura got Nikki it’s
observational for Eastern Europe in
general everyone’s smoking not everyone
but there’s a lot of smoking going on
but good vibe here that’s the weird part
this is quite a quite a nice vibe in
this part of the city
these old people maybe they now use a
tape adjuster Kadir a passed Maya zona
Croatian moody given gizelle Krishna a
past man yeah
yes if I’m true animal Pastor Joe Zito
short Crito a critter a person I am
originally the traditional
Secunda varas I asked where is the
dangerous neighborhood in in Kiev right
and everyone says Krishna and I’m here
and it’s kids with bass you know balls
families you guys you’re not to danger
you’re a little dangerous maybe and then
Tom bass Thomas okay she stayed going
where the conflict is the war no I don’t
want to go there but how about in Kiev
is there any like is there any real
shitty neighborhood Portugal Portugal
where should okay okay and we’re gonna
go to Borgia goofed off because this is
[ __ ] this is this is this
embarrassing embarrassing for dangerous
neighborhoods in the world and I
to be fair at night I’m sure it’s
different I’m sure there’s some tough
tough edges to this part of the city but
to be 100% real it’s like amateur hour
for danger if I’m going to compare with
parts of San Francisco parts of Los
Angeles definitely any Latin American
this neighborhood is well we’re coming
up on the Tenderloin
neighborhood do you like it yes it’s
beautiful okay
well you’ll notice another difference
coming up there soon it’s a little bit
of an eclectic neighborhood let’s call
it yes
and that hill right that hill was just
like lunch 45 minutes ago
nice five minutes ago right
oh it stops what are you guys cooking up
okay we’re popping out of this soon
don’t worry I only did a little section
of it for you
there’s 15 minutes to get there okay see
I think it’s gonna be more promising
here we are
Portuguese cup and I got to get a
Snickers bar cuz I’m about to pass out
super hungry
and this is it this is what I’ve heard
from all the kids in Pristina it was
actually the second place online from
Krishna that was the dangerous
neighborhood so it’s gonna be somewhere
it’s here
I think we gotta go into the apartment
blocks that might be our ticket like one
of these little courtyard zones feels
great here for sure
like rough around the edges for Kiev
definitely this is not the neighborhood
I live in
Judea APUs naya-a past Naya zona yes
dear partner
you guys aren’t dangerous
do you busting there let’s go find them
let’s go let’s go go cool alright bye
happy birthday so you’re saying that
guys styling yeah bye guys take care
ciao yes
v V me starting to like it out here and
where she gave huh it’s got like a
small-town feel to it but it’s in the
city and it’s funny that in Croatia
they said the dangerous parts Portuguese
cut but in borshu Kiev Co they say the
dangerous part of the city is in Croatia
little rivalry going on but look at this
park I don’t know the name of it but
it’s quite beautiful
I’d say one place it is dangerous in
keyboar one thing that is dangerous to
do in a city like this is well you’re
the foreign guy or any guy and you come
in and you want to build a new apartment
complex or some new big business
operation good luck with that you’ll
need your connections and that’s I think
when you find yourself in a lot of
danger or in politics I think that’s a
dangerous place to be but as far as a
tourist not so much really I mean I’ve
got to say the thing about Ukraine is
it’s smack in the middle between chaos
and order it’s it’s in between India and
Switzerland so you can find nice
civilized places cafes restaurants it’s
not all super crowded but it’s a little
bit wild like there are no no signs
there are no don’t ride your bike on the
sidewalk signs this [ __ ] does not exist
here people Park on their car their cars
and the sidewalks whatever can be
annoying but quite free in that respect
what is it
Monday in the park people just chilling
drinking eating I think it’s a cool
that’s what’s beautiful about this place
very very Rasta – Oh chin krutov Parker
the Kafka [ __ ] in crayon
yes parish ah I told templo at the Navy
Sparrow at the too soft picnic picnic
class go see Daniel babushka deal going
on over here see what they’re doing
scusi taboos hasta good year a past
nya’s ona is this really miss Diaz this
no a personal udy problemi Ealing yet
okay so public Atticus to be right Santa
Rosa Viet a merely widow hmm lubricant
cigarette supposed to denote city only
if you knew that you could receive a go
at Robertson arch include escape AMERICA
AMERICA AMERICA mood West is in luck
okay Romania okay spasiba
da-da-da-dah spasiba dasvidaniya she’s
lever these freedoms dear gonna corner
it’s one of the big pluses here look you
have a country you have a country
technically at war you have a huge
economic disparity they’re very rich
people the majority people don’t have
much usually when you have that
imbalance there’s a lot of crime
there’s a lot of danger and you just you
just don’t feel it here now I’m not
gonna discredit you know there’s [ __ ]
that happens for sure like there’s
there’s crime I’m not gonna be this like
rose-colored glasses dude and say
nothing happens here of course of course
things happen here but it’s not at all
like most people think and it’s a
testament it’s seriously a testament oh
these guys oh [ __ ] you guys again
Wednesday YouTube you guys you want to
say anything come to Ukraine see you
guys thank you nice dance
Malou receiver Robertson Robertson HM
Prerna dosa Daniel that’s what I love
about this country it’s got that it’s
got that tough look but people are very
warm very real very authentic not for
everyone if you want that sort of
slicked over new debye feeling then
heave Ukraine is not your place there
are very nice neighborhoods here there
are very nice buildings and more stuff
but overall it’s not that place so
that’s the story guys thanks for coming
along and until next time

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