KYIV/KIEV, UKRAINE – Best Parts! (episode 1)

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Where are the best parts of Kyiv? In this video (1 of 2) I show you some of my favorite places in the city.


Reitarska St, 13, Kyiv, 02000

Sichovykh Striltsiv St, 11, Kyiv, 02000

Sichovykh Striltsiv St, 9в, Kyiv, 02000

some of these older buildings has burned
down multiple times
what Safina get a lot of this in the
city what’s up guys today I am walking
the streets of Kiev Ukraine one of my
favorite cities in the world where I
currently live and I’m gonna show you
some of the coolest neighborhoods in the
city so this street is Yaroslav of all
probably the most European feeling
Street of the city it’s a very good
walking pedestrian friendly type place
cafes restaurants right off here Slav
all there are these very cool older
neighborhoods don’t know the name of the
streets to be honest great place just to
canvass just to go through the side
streets take it in it’s got sort of that
old-world feel to it this street is one
parallel to yours love evolved and it’s
got a lot of flavor going on here and so
you either like this stuff or you know
like some of these older buildings that
are decrepid uninhabited need to be
restored and depending on what you like
that either adds charm or flavor or it
depresses you because everything’s not
preserved and nice personally I like how
there are many different many different
architectural layers and feels going on
in small amounts of spaces here we go we
got some
and if you can see that to the light but
there’s a mural there’s a mural on this
building you see a lot of these murals
in the city
you know all these little streets here
all these little side streets in this
zone again off Yaroslava ball are very
cool a good place just to get lost in
here’s a new art room what’s it called
the naked room went in there last week
pretty cool house have coffee olive itch
is a big big name here I don’t know the
history exactly but I know he’s either
from here or he lived here one of my
favorite restaurants zig zag very
stylishly done good food good service
yeah sort of hidden away here no is to
go right let’s see what’s going on in
here so you get a lot of this in the
city a lot of courtyards a lot of let’s
call them secret passageways that just
lead to well stuff like this if you’re a
curious person this is the place because
it’s not Switzerland things were not
laid out with organization let’s say so
there are many layers many many layers
to the city like things were built
obviously a different time periods in
different ways and then so you find
these like labyrinths sort of lacing
through courtyards and restaurants and
this is a coffee shop back here and
that’s that’s what I mean like you can
just find yourself stumbling upon random
coffee shops that are not going to be
out in the open
we’re in the very center but you can get
which is great like these little parks
and these calms owns and there we go it
pokes through to the other side that was
completely unplanned the collection of
interesting architecture continues love
these doors on this building I think
it’s a Gothic style and overall it’s
just a it’s a nice vibe the cars are
moving slower than the people right now
and that’s the case with a lot of the
center of the city here so if you got to
get around walking works really well the
metro works really well when you do need
a car you need to get some distances and
ubers fantastic your fairy tale medieval
feel to it
what’s up how cool is Keef today it’s
cool everyday with very little bad
experiences with people on the streets
here a welcoming feel to tourists even
now I live here but still I’m an
outsider for sure so here we’re coming
up on Golden Gate and this is probably
the biggest tourist site or one of them
and this is one of the original gates in
the city it’s a replica because
everything was wooden here everything
has burned down multiple times so this
architecture is all from
turn-of-the-century turn-of-the-century
it’s all like early 1900s years ago the
currency took an absolute beating here
but it’s stabilized and come around
actually this is the best I’ve seen it
for the grivna since I moved here three
years ago it was up to 28 maybe even 29
now it’s down at what roughly 24 metro
stop Zola Toyota it’s either this one or
another one that’s the deepest one in
the world and it very cool even if you
don’t want to go on the metro go down
the escalators because
they go down forever what is it October
October 19th and we’re getting this
great beautiful warm weather
hopefully the video captures and
captures the feel everyone’s out spirits
are high
Opera House
and the college guys are like um skies
are a little hazy today and there’s some
burning going on out in the countryside
that burning the leaves or the grasses
or whatever and well I’m not gonna lie
air is not always great in the city I’m
going to say there’s one sort of
annoying issue in the city when on the
streets is the fact that the emissions
there are a lot of vehicles without
catalytic converters and they use like
some inferior gas that doesn’t burn well
so you you get those hits you get those
hits of a tailpipe often and it’s not
overbearing but it’s enough to notice
not enough you’re sensitive that stuff I
don’t want to [ __ ] it’s beautiful it’s
cool eight dollars a ticket or something
like that so to do these cultural things
in Keith very accessible very easy to
get tickets you
here’s a hot topic language people speak
both Ukrainian and Russian and it’s
changing its changing somewhat the young
people are speaking much more Ukrainian
there’s been a big emphasis from the
government to speak more Ukrainian on
the streets of Kiev arbitrarily I’m
gonna say it’s 60 65 percent Russian
that you hear 40 35 percent Ukrainian so
either language works now one thing to
make certain as a tourist say keep
and you’re gonna pronounce it wrong
unless you have amazing skills
linguistic skills but I it’s Keith in
Kiev and Keith is the Ukrainian
transliteration Kiev is the Russian
translator ization and most of you have
heard Kiev from the outside better to
say keeve when you when you’re here and
even me saying Keith I’m gonna pronounce
it incorrectly and people are gonna
think of saying Kiev and I’d like to say
to those that police me in the comments
right now because I know you’re coming
say 333 please quickly 333 and unless
you speak English extremely well you
gonna mess that up but the cool thing is
the languages they flow well together
here like even one person will speak
ukrainian and the other one will speak
russian and they’re in the same
conversation harmoniously so it’s a
testament to the culture i think it’s a
very cool aspect that there doesn’t seem
to be a big sticking point or like one
language trying to like absolutely crush
the other one
on the streets here online you’ll see a
different story for sure but I think
Ukrainians the future here because the
young people are all studying Ukrainian
in school
more so than Russian so the young people
are the future therefore Ukrainian will
probably be the future language
city like this just has to be nightmare
with the utilities minutes it’s all
there just layers upon layers upon
layers of infrastructure
always ripping up the streets here you
want some history here you go st. Sofia
built in the 11th century and named
after Hagia Sophia in Istanbul
definitely worth checking out you can go
up into this tower there’s a beautiful
area inside there put some time into it
what is really cool about this city is
it’s close to a lot of things so
Istanbul seriously our and 4550 minutes
to get there Berlin under two hours
Helsinki under two hours so you have
this the city that sort of smack in the
middle of so many things we’re gonna go
over there st. Michael’s
I used to live in that building or is it
back there with the antenna on top
I’m from from what I was told it was the
former KGB building yeah and so there’s
a babushka babushka mafioso and for
those outside of Ukraine of the Slavic
world the baboo shkas are like they’re
like Facebook but better as in they know
the algorithms of your life
like they know if your relationship will
be successful they know if your kids are
going to do well in life they know
exactly your mood they know who you
spend time with they they are ahead in
many ways the tech Silicon Valley so in
that building over there that babushka
mafia so I always had to check in with
them and I be I got really close to them
and that’s a little bit dangerous to be
honest because they always want to get
into your business which can be annoying
after a while I love them they’re like
mothers to make them the other side of
me was like alright give me some space
this little warning if you move over
we grew up Protestant going to church
with my family when I was young but I
can’t consider myself a religious person
so from the outside
I love these Orthodox churches first of
all the architecture on the outside is
very beautiful
secondly they feel more uplifting than
say going into a Catholic cathedral this
wasn’t a great example because it’s
pretty dark in there but some of them
are pretty bright and there’s like a lot
of light coming down into them and maybe
it’s because they have no clue what’s
going on really in the religion that I’m
not connected to the say heaviness of it
but overall I gotta say there’s like a
more uplifting free feeling to it oh my
God look at that look at that yeah a
penny my own beliefs come from the
sitios not random daisuki thorkil oh my
god she’s I love these details don’t see
that’s actually not normal the hard sale
is not a normal Ukrainian tray so a few
tourist places will have that I got at
the Georgian restaurant and like she’s
out there trying to do the hard sale but
there’s really very very very little of
that here she was sweet she was nice but
I get you know those countries together
like Egypt is probably the the maximum
of getting hit by the hawkers but
Ukraine very very little
found this little alleyway the other day
and so I’m gonna repeat myself but get
into this city and just canvass it
because the coolest stuff is not on a
map or in any guidebook and then into
this new cafe
and out to the street so trovich good
will see you and i love this street it’s
a very cool street it’s about 20 minutes
from downtown like the center of the
city it’s about a 20 minute walk a lot
of restaurants a lot of cool little
businesses here over here is this place
Masha cake
and look at these deserts the Ecuador is
fantastic Oriol if you like Oreo but
everything’s very well done quality
beautiful amazing and that’s foul
and very cool people here that’s that’s
the other plus the staff is very very
nice privyet how to show motion uh
truffle pasta a Dean Savoy da this is
the brownie this is if you eat two of
these back-to-back you will get type 2
diabetes there that sweet but they’re
good yeah tawny port Elsa that place is
the bomb well the pain let’s just state
let’s just say the honest the truth the
honest treat here it’s it’s not known
for its friendly overts overly friendly
service businesses like that but there
are big exceptions like there this is
also a nice little gem
right coffee bar none of these people
are giving me anything I just want to
show it share with you the little
nuggets in the city that are definitely
I think these places are off the tourist
path for sure
yo what’s up inna Peter Gregor
nice to meet you cool I was just about
to comment in keep free revolution of
dignity 2014 nobody would stop in the
crosswalks after
in the heart of the city yet there are
many pathways like this into the nature
and some of them lead to cool places
others leave to well say more mysterious
darker places in this part of the city
it’s very hilly so there are a lot of
different corners and little nooks and
crannies to get yourself lost in it’s
really a city to be a kid in if you
really want to explore how about this
it’s not a predictable place by any
stretch looks a bit dodgy in here but
it’s really not I walk through here
dozens of times
– where’s those dogs now I’ve never been
bitten by a dog and I want you to be
scared like dogs are gonna chase you in
cave but when you get off into these
hills do these more random zones grab
like a bottle or a rock or something not
to throw at them but they understand the
language of not to come closer I believe
they’ve been trained well in that
department yeah you don’t want rabies
okay guys let’s bring out let’s get into
the lightness here now we’re gonna go to
a little viewpoint and that was a

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