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just want to explain some of the story
well I’m doing what I’m doing why I’m
making videos about the world in
countries most people let’s say in the
West don’t know much about or if they do
they’re negatively portrayed so little
backstory 1991 Gulf War Operation Desert
Storm was it was January 17th I remember
being a kid we’re at a restaurant my
family’s at a restaurant and the war
started and I just remember everyone
talking about it and seeing it on the
news briefly and I was on the news for
like 72 hours and then after that there
was nothing it was like nothing happened
now I remember being a kid and being
like super curious of what’s what’s it
like in Iraq now what is it like for the
people there what is what are their
lives like impossible to find that
2002 went around the world for roughly
two years I saved save money for years
we never traveled as a family never went
abroad went around the world for two
years came back I mean that’s just like
blew my world open saw countries like
Tajikistan Ukraine Vietnam and people
would say you know what where were your
favorite places and I’m like no Republic
of Georgia was really cool it was a
little wild but it was really
interesting the beautiful landscape they
make their own wine the people are super
hospitable unbelievable culture and then
I just remember getting like why why
would you go there and I’d explain again
and I realized it wasn’t get any getting
anywhere and the reason being is the
narrative the narrative people saw of
most of the world and continue to see
these days is a negative one okay
outside Italy England Australia these
countries people know good things about
and even if a bomb goes off in the
Madrid Metro but nobody’s scared to go
to Spain right but in the country I live
now Ukraine only only negative
information gets out it’s only Chernobyl
bad politics which is totally true
corruption definitely true war danger
all right so I realized there’s like
this information gap in in most of the
people see the world through the news
media and what is the news media go for
it goes for conflict conflict just hits
us right at all the emotional levels it
like it goes into you know we love that
we love drama
like that’s humans are all about drama
that’s what works and so the news media
shows the world through these narratives
that are baked in politics political
narratives but there’s another story
going on are many stories going on but
the story I’m trying to show is like
yeah Ukraine might have shitty politics
it’s got a fundamentally a lot of things
wrong but it’s got a lot of things right
and there are a lot of cool elements to
the culture so I remember going in 2008
to Syria to Damascus this was before the
civil war there because the only reason
is I wanted to meet Iraqis because the
second Iraq war is going on it was
really bad and there all these refugees
going to Syria because it was safe and I
learned about Iraq in Iraqis in this in
the situation I also learned from their
culture and I’ve learned along the way
from many cultures that have a lot to
offer even if their politics or their
economics is in the hole like there’s
still a lot to learn
from all these countries in the world so
I realized all right I can tell people
all I want but it’s actually better just
to show through video so that’s why I’m
doing this it’s taking me a long long
time to get here really
we have done all sorts of things in life
and travel a lot but now I’m really
starting to move forward with this video
element and I own a business that I’m in
the process of selling and I’m gonna go
all in on this content and so if you
want to see a narrative of the world
that’s look I touch I flirt with
politics sometimes but mostly away from
politics but that can get into a country
like Iran I did a series on Iran and
ye-yeah us-iran relations are terrible
politically but what is it like when
you’re there on the ground like I was
hanging out with woman female skaters
with like marijuana hats and like some
with no head scarves at all whoa what
what is this what’s going on and you
realize many of these places have so
many layers to them so many complexities
so my whole shtick is I want to show you
guys I want to show you guys the world
away from the political narrative that’s
the one that dominates everything that’s
90 plus percent of how we all see the
world and it’s one story it’s usually
great baked and greed hegemony control
but not so much in humanity so my goal
for you is to create content that is
interesting enough it doesn’t need this
crazy you know blow up drama to it but I
want to make it interesting enough so
you take an interest in these places in
the world and through the internet and
that’s the beauty right now it’s through
the internet other Creators and me can
show narratives that like bridge people
together instead of divide them like
Iran is the most pro-american country
who knew and I’m not joking it’s it’s
ridiculous it’s ridiculous it’s like the
biggest political foe but the most
pro-american it’s really bizarre how
that works I mean you just got to be
cool to people right and usually people
come out
and are cool to you I haven’t had I mean
the biggest problems I’ve had still to
this day we’re in Denver when I got
jumped for my backpack a long time ago
so moving forward I want to show you the
world is open to you if you’re a
subscriber you know my channel is not
that developed it’s not huge yet and I
really appreciate you subscribing and
being part of this and if you’re new to
this and if you made it this far in this
video then I got some cool stuff for you
and you should subscribe hit the
notification bell like or whatever it is
that helps me build algorithm helps me
build the videos and I got some stuff on
there that you might like I have a lot
on Ukraine I have just did a series in
Belarus super interesting country I
didn’t I only went to mints the capital
I’ll return but that was very
fascinating and yesterday I just got my
visa to Saudi Arabia I’m there in 3
weeks and that country fascinates me
because it’s changing very quickly I
just talked to a buddy in Riyadh
yesterday who lived in the States for a
while and he just got back and he was
like wow man it’s like totally different
than when I left that somebody was
telling me like women and men and women
are in cafes flirting like when he left
they weren’t allowed to be in public
together like so this is I want to get
in deep on that country and get some
very interesting stories on Saudi Arabia
because it looks Saudi Arabia like
politically it’s sort of tough to love
from the outside the u.s. is sort of
tough to love from the outside if you’re
just looking at the politics and that’s
the whole deal like that’s not
representation of people and I want to
give Saudi people a fair crack and be
like wow you taught me this or while
your country is cool in this way
whatever the adventure brings me into
I’m going to show you so quick rap I’m
out in three weeks gonna do a big series
there then I got a lot of stuff in the
pipeline coming up here just want to say
thank you thanks for supporting me and
by supporting me I mean just watching is
tons of
and I believe like every little creator
can do a bit to change the narrative of
how the world functions that’s that’s
really the cool time we ran at the
moment so thanks again appreciate your
support and I’ll be back to you soon
with some cool content

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