KYIV/KIEV, UKRAINE – Best Parts! (episode 2)

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Where are the best parts of Kyiv? In this video (2 of 2) I show you some of my favorite places in the city.

BUSINESSES IN VIDEO (no promotion from businesses, just sharing what I like)

Andriivs’kyi descent, 2Б, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04070

-MASHA CAKE (referred to in video, shown in episode 1)
Sichovykh Striltsiv St, 11, Kyiv, 02000

Kostiantynivska St, 11, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04071

Mezhyhirska St, 9, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04071

Hryhoriya Skovorody St, 7, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

you can start from here beautiful deck
or pagan ritual nice warm around here
you have looks like some rich guy put
his castle on top of a building sort of
interesting and then over to this side
is well like a fairy tale
looking setting right beautiful
Orthodox Church on the hill and more of
this new neighborhood down here it’s
actually until it’s being built all
around here also right here this last
weekend they were doing like a pagan
ritual in Ukraine it was obviously
before orthodoxy but people still
practice and then this hill over here is
called Lysa góra that’s got a deep dark
history up there and it’s got a very
deep dark energy – still worth going up
and checking out this stairway was built
I think in the last year or so but it
you can start from here and pretty much
go course through a good part of the
city and end up out on a place called
rouhani violent which is separates the
left in the right bank of the city
from this point we’re looking off
towards the left bank which is the
opposite side of the river and down into
the neighborhood of Patil
and here we are the Rev skis polska this
is one of the more famous streets in the
city it’s in a windy Street basically
from the main down down downtown down to
podio let’s go check out one more little
viewpoint over here
Kiva’s a very soulful place what do I
mean by that well you have cities like
Dubai or Las Vegas that are like movie
sets that have come out of the desert
recently and there’s not much to them
there are not many layers
he’ve has many many layers and I can’t
capture it on video I can’t tell you
about it it’s a feeling and that whole I
don’t know if you’ve heard of it but
Slovak soul it’s a hard one to explain
but there is uh there’s a depth and
authenticity and a soul in things that
only come in a place like hee there are
other places that you can feel it too
obviously but he was one of them he was
one of those cities where you do this
you just it feels right to just sit on a
bench and sort of marinate in it
whatever that is am I making any sense
right now
this on the weekends is cool this is
like FoodCorps different shops artesian
products they’re selling in here it’s
Tuesday right now
pretty quiet there’s some traditional
restaurants like this one here and it
gets quite festive on the weekends so
for that more European type feel
in keeve well this is the rev skis
is that place what are the few wood
buildings you don’t see many wood
buildings here in the city
very low
this is a company out of l’viv and
they’re all over the country chocolate
theme plays they do a pretty good job
for a chain especially a for your team
they do exceptionally well it’s not
masha cake though
Masha cake is the tops and now we’re
down in podio and it’s got a little bit
of a younger vibe down here a little
more hipsterish there’s a bus coffee
and overpriced ferris wheel quite often
there’s music down here all sorts of
events especially on the weekends the
weekends this place really comes alive
very cool place bursa hotel my
girlfriend and I did a staycation about
a year ago and we spent just one night
here but we loved it very cool place
very well done good style solid service
and you’re looking a stained cave
suggest this place because here’s the
deal quite often in the in this part of
the world if we stayed a very nice place
it’s usually got a heavy heavy feel to
it and so if you stay at the
Intercontinental and keep it’s got like
I don’t know heavy hard feel a lot of
people posturing
a lot of showmanship with vehicles and
that sort of [ __ ] and if that’s your
thing then stay at the Intercontinental
but if it’s not so place it’s like the
bursa because they get it they they know
how to do things right and I only said
it when I maybe got lucky maybe it’s
terrible but I think overall it’s a cool
place the oldest or one of the oldest
neighborhoods in the city which gives it
a lot of cool businesses and places the
discovery but if you want the newer type
stuff and then don’t come down here even
though this is a new hotel I think it’s
two years old there’s a rooftop bar – I
love trolley cars
and if you’re commuting everyday it’s
probably not so great but there’s a
cuteness to them too
yeah that all that all is the bursar
right there and they’re giving me
absolutely nothing and I met the owner
but we don’t know each other anything so
that’s the story on that
if you don’t have a mobile phone there’s
still phone booths you don’t know if
they work Postal Service actually I
gotta say is might be better than the US
Postal Service which doesn’t mean much
that’s not saying much it’s not a hard
one to be but the few times I’ve used it
that actually work pretty well okay guys
let’s go I’m gonna show you one
restaurant I like and here’s the place I
go to every once in a while Patil East
Indian company and I wouldn’t say it’s
like super authentic Indian food what
they do they do some very nice dishes
here it’s got a very cool interior
generosity you know how to show spasiba
this style is all over the place it’s
got like I don’t know what style this is
to be honest this has like sort of a
classic classic bar feel to it that’s
like a wild western bar table and then
upstairs is a very cool little zone and
I like that you can just eat here and
look out at the street life
I’m not a coffee drinker but I heard
this place vagabond has exceptional
coffee so if you love coffee check this
place out
cool vibe in here else it’s a nobody
there again guys I’m not connected to
any of these businesses other than just
going to them from time to time other
than washing I go there like every other
day at least but I respect I respect
small businesses like this especially in
food and beverage it’s super hard you’re
dealing with perishables you’re dealing
with people’s emotions you’re dealing
with low profit margins there’s all
sorts of expenses and it’s not easy so
support the small guys I’m a big fan of
that you know we’re in the days of
Amazon which I also do use and think
it’s a great service but when the
business is those small businesses
privately owned businesses go away then
the city loses its survive its feel its
and I was reluctant to actually show you
this streak Rashad ik because it’s the
most famous most famous street in the
it’s got the most most of this stuff the
most entertainment especially on the
weekends it’s packed Sunday’s they
closed down the main street there’s
music stuff like this going on some TV
show but it’s also the one of the seat
air streets I’d say most tourists come
here and don’t go too far from this
street and I guess it depends what
you’re looking for you want cheap
thrills for Shaddix the place if you
want to be in a hope fault my buddy
stayed in a hotel over there a couple
years ago and it was like all
prostitutes in the lobby
if you want that side type of stuff
predicts the place now it’s not
everywhere there’s some really cool
businesses here there’s a mall up here
called zoom that has excellent sushi and
fresh seafood and there’s a lot of
shopping up here and it’s a lively place
it’s worth checking I would say
especially on the weekends if you want
to explore the pulse of a city more get
to know it better and get away from the
tourist stuff then definitely get away
from crocheting
that’s my advice
this was you know
little Chris Shattuck history here it’s
the shortest main boulevard out of any
european capital and it was totally
destroyed in World War two so Stalin
built it in his type of architecture so
if you like it you’ll love Chris
Shattuck don’t like this type of
architecture then well it’s pretty much
one look here
that’s cool though I like that arch
so we’re getting up near the government
area right Rhonda
oh that’s what I want to show I don’t
know if you can see guys we’re on the
cars the shopping gets very luxurious
okay Prime Minister’s cabinet
I believe you say so my point is you get
near the government offices and then you
start seeing the real high-end
branded stores that like no one can
really afford very few people can afford
but it happens to be near all the
government offices sort of shows you
where things are at in Ukraine while I
love the people I love the city of Q
don’t booshka not walking okay Pushkin
dumb Pushkin okay guys like Sergei wanna
let them Parliament cool dudes great
culture nice warm people beautiful city
there’s a raw inside to it you can find
that in the government and you can find
that and a lot of the upper echelons of
society a lot of the crushin that sort
of runs the show thank you sir okay my
teens keep up
Oceana she’s leave up she’s Lila
dudes like Sergei make the place warm
very cool and I just don’t want to be
the total rose-colored glasses dude and
for most of you who are watching this
video you’re traveling to keep so none
of these issues mean anything to you but
as in they don’t affect you but the end
of the day it’s a it’s a highly corrupt
place but let’s lighten it up a bit go
into park into the park this is mud in
ski park one of the famous parks keep
does a pretty good job with the parks
here a lot of nice places for the city
to come out to so if you’re coming to
visit go to these parks walk around
without an agenda taking the sights
taking the beauty and just feel that I
don’t know the very human connected type
feeling that you get here mother in ski
palace you can see a lot more
it is really hazy today and that is
because a lot of burning in the
countryside but also just the lack of
regulation when it comes to admissions
there’s something on the surface that
this city could do to make itself much
better it would be that it would be like
getting catalytic converters on vehicles
that are spewing toxins and layer and
yeah cleaning it up a bit because
usually there’s a better view here about
to head to the last place of the tour
today it’s a new business that opened up
and I love it it’s very cool adds a lot
to the city I think it just opened up a
month ago or so like let’s just say in
daylight hours right like don’t worry
about going into the wrong neighborhood
or the wrong alleyway and there’s a
bunch of danger cuz it’s not like that
it’s not New Orleans it’s not a Western
city that has like a real bad part and I
actually did make a video at the end of
this you can see I did a video last week
about the so called hoods of keeve and
you can see what I’m talking about go in
with some Navy rough outline I dropped
you some names in some places and some
streets and explore and they go the cool
thing about here is just like ya get
lost a little bit like get lost in some
of the courtyards you got Google Maps
you’re gonna be fine
but just really canvass into things
that’s when you find the gems in the
city I would say
and we’re going into this brand new
business the keep food market and I
think there’s something like 20 or 30
restaurants in here been here a few
times at night it’s really busy it’s
really active it’s a bit early right now
let’s see what’s going on
while a beautiful deck or beautiful
design all these different restaurants
that’s it guys that’s my best of keeve
tour and to be fair there’s so much I
left out and it’s impossible to do it in
a timely video to get all these places
but those are some of the cool places
and I hope you liked it got more coming
from Kiev down the road and check out
the video I did on the hoods of key
pretty interesting so until next time

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