Jodhpur, INDIA – What Tourists Don’t See

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Known as the Blue City, Jodhpur’s true colors shine through on the random backstreets.

Good morning, guys
Here in the city of Jodhpur
in the state of Rajasthan, India
Just got in last night
and from what I’ve seen already
looks absolutely stunning
Up here on the hill
it actually looks like
it’s just coming out of the rock
we’re gonna wind up
through these little streets here
get up to the fort
And when traveling India
it’s just good to have some of those nights
you get in a comfortable place
get some solid rest
the environment quickly changes
See you, Midh
See you later
Thank you
Check out this contrast
This is what I love about India
is the contrast
and so we have that world
and then we’re in this world
Little trash water situation here
India is one of those places that
it either makes your immune system
rock solid
or it takes you down like a squatted fly
Hello, sir
This is a city where the population is 1 million
which is actually…
which is actually small for an Indian city
I think that makes it the 44th
largest city in the country
even in the so-called small cities
they’re really alive
Just action, humanity
A million different stories
going on in one frame
That’s what I love about India
you have so many stories
just in one frame
and your mind is just processing
all this information constantly
And it is a loud place
it’s constantly honking
the country is always honking
You become somewhat… Namaste
These guys are good buddies
Very friendly people here
It’s not Switzerland
So, everything wasn’t
planned and ordered out
You got cool doors like this
This is
very old and hardwood
So yeah, everything wasn’t planned out
So there’s texture, there’s layers
there’s nooks and crannies and you just get lost
And it’s just… everyday is an adventure
It’s a full on adventure
Got some little guys here
He’s telling me to go
shoot the video up here, cool
Very cool. Very cool, my friend. Thank you.
What a beautiful building with this door
So this must open up and be a
little place of businesses
llater in the day
People living up here
Wow! I love this ornate woodwork
No way that stuff’s gonna be built these days
Just takes too much time, too much money
Every culture has its pets
it’s animals that it
really praises
So in the States, I would say
dogs, you know, people love their dogs
Here, it’s not dog culture
but cows
he’s is feeding the cow
little breakfast
You know, some countries
adopt that westernization more
and try to emulate it
and lose
what’s cool about their culture
in the process
often times
It’s more complicated than that but
Look at the pigeons throwing rappers at me
But India is a place where
least the common man
their music, their religion, their food
That’s not going anywhere
at all
And that’s what’s cool
Like I respect the culture where
they really hold on to what they’ve built
over the centuries
Check out this cool find
That’s a tree
And it comes right out of the building
That’s what I’m saying about narratives here
You see things
you’ve never seen before
Every day, every minute
every minute here
I’ve seen something I’ve never seen before
Sardar Market
Check it out
Beautiful square
This reminds me… the colors are different but
outside of uh, like in Naples, Italy
The stones here
It’s not the lava rock but uh…
it’s got the similar shape
and feel
There’s the fort
India is like
India is like LSD or
some psychedelic where
you go down the rabbit hole
and it takes you into places
you could have never imagined
and you have to let go
and go with it
You looking good, brother
You look like a Bollywood star
Take care, brothers
Thank you
Thank you
Very beautiful place
Rajasthan has a different feel, it’s uh…
it’s desert climate
Cool nights, it’s December now
so the nights are cool
Days are…
Days are pleasant
Summer, it cooks up here, it’s super hot
Look at this
Little kid on a horse
It’s like we’re ripping up this road here
Spider Man’s coming through
Can I go?
Okay, namaste
Hello! One picture?
You want a picture?
Okay, let’s take a picture
She’s smiling now
She was a little scared of me at first
Big bold white dude
comes into your world
with a camera
Beautiful architecture
Look at this finite detail
This is very finite detail
How old is this, do you know?
Speak English? No?
Dog’s just got a bath
What I was saying earlier is
It’s more about the cows and the dogs
You do a nice shave
I am
Wow, he’s getting the full…
full treatment
It’s flour, right?
It’s flour
This is jalebi
Okay, jalebi
And yogurt
And yogurt, okay
Mix up sandwich
And yogurt
Combination of acid and sugar
This enhanced
This is sugar
and this is acid
And this?
This is kobbari
Whoa, very sweet
Very sweet
Very sweet
It’s pure…
pure sugar
Jodhpur is known as the blue city
because many of the buildings
are in this blue color
and there’s actually a part of the city
where everything is supposedly in the blue
But I was just told back there
Just told back there by a local, “Avoid it”
He said it’s full on
tourist central
Everyone’s hawking
trying to sell tourist something
All the tour…
All the tourists are there
and it’s not that cool
So, I’m gonna stick…
I’m gonna just canvass us through
this part of the neighborhood
because this is interesting
He doesn’t like vloggers
And then get up
to the fort here
and check that out
What’s up, buddy?
Here we go again
Barbershop culture is going on
They got very cool chairs here
Very classic
Here it is
another Swastika
and so
in the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit
the Swastika
meant “well-being”
So, it’s used in Buddhism, it’s used in Jainism
It’s used in the Hindu religion
Hitler killed it obviously
in the West, right?
He makes us think it’s
it’s fascism, symbol of fascism
but no, it’s the symbol
that was before “well-being”
Marangah Fort?
Marangah Fort
How are you?
Good, brother
Guys, thank you
I saw like a little trail
going up the mountain side
This isn’t the the roadway
I think we can scale that
Get up to the fort
Little girl’s reading here
Dirt trail
Little bit of the quick root
Oh, these trees got like uh…
like thorns to them
The views are starting to happen
And it’s just a game of
ducking these thorny trees
But we’re getting closer
It’s basically canvas through all these streets
up to here
The Mughals built this?
After the Mughals?
Is this fort popular in all of India?
Is it a symbol of Rajasthan?
Clean air up here
That’s cool
What’s your name?
Is that the Indian name?
Like the metal?
You look like a warrior
Right on, Nick
This is the end for today, guys
Marangah Fort
overlooking Jadhpur
Beautiful, beautiful place
lively streets, cool people
Quite impressive

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