Exploring Mumbai’s RICHEST Neighborhoods

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Mumbai is a city of extremes. In this video, I go looking for the richest neighborhoods.

Mumbai is the 12th wealthiest city in
the world wealthier than Toronto but up
to half the population lives in slums
and a lot of the neighbourhoods look
like this so today I’m gonna show you
what the other side of the tracks looks
like what is the rich side of Mumbai
this neighborhood is called Malabar Hill
here we are Hanging Gardens quite nice
greenest space have seen in the city
what you like the Hat taro hello baby oh
you again
yes I am ready one more memory formerly
in his nihilism holy moly
the light that’s right no I don’t want I
don’t want it for free hasta la vista
deal adios amigos mija ma che che so
here we have marine drive that’s how I
got here but is this big bay here and
there’s a lot of Art Deco architecture
and it’s where a lot of Mumbai errs
hangout so it’s a little tough here see
across the street to the left there’s a
guy with well a couple security guys
and there’s no going in there seems like
all of these places all of these places
have very tight security and almost a
yes sir huh
I shoot the streets its Main Street
though it’s normal Street not uh not
somebody’s house they told me come here
to take pictures most beautiful USA is
it thank you thank you okay bye bye
there’s a lot of like curious looks but
the second you you smile or say namaste
most people come out with a nice smile
say namaste where are you from they
always ask where you from
they have like a few standard questions
where are you from are you married you
come here alone where’s your hotel
that’s a weird one right like to tell a
stranger where your hotel is
it’s not a threatening thing here I
don’t think but it’s something I
wouldn’t normally do is be like hey
here’s what I’m saying this is the 12th
seen in the world three accumulated
wealth so you’re taking let’s just say
22 million people and compiling that
well and boom you have the 12 from USA
no not Asia USA America America yeah
where is the center Malabar Hills
where’s the centers like them it’s nice
beautiful view ok ok thank you
you’ll never get the same set of
directions in India I don’t know what it
is but if you ask someone one time one
person will tell you go that way the
next person will tell you to go the
other way and the distances I’ve noticed
some guy was like all the restaurants 20
minutes away and it was literally it was
literally like where this red sign is
that’s it it’s much different part of
the world and I love it I love it I love
that you have to adapt you have to adapt
to India or you just you’d be miserable
you’d hate your life here but if I’m
going to pick one place in the world and
say India is that place where
you just feel more alive as a human
being than anywhere else and you see
this or just walking along and out of
the blue it’s this this situation
people living on the streets you’re
heartbroken every day because you see
such rife poverty you see people just
getting through life barely without
limbs deformed faces whatever it might
be like there’s a lot of just getting by
here and you have to block it out
eventually I think it’s like a doctor a
doctor who’s been a doctor for years and
he can’t take every you know bad
situation to heart because he would just
be destroyed as a person and I think
that’s sort of how it happens here I
don’t know I haven’t lived here but I
think people become somewhat immune to
it it becomes normalized you have to
ignore it after a while
or you’ll just take it all in and it
becomes too heavy this is cool this
whole colonial looking building here
looks like it’s getting a bit nice throw
some orange on the some fresh paint so
as a good sign
when people have money to buy flowers
but I’m not seeing the Jaguars the the
nice Benz is rolling by so don’t think
I’m in the right neighborhood yet there
we go
Javon Villa here’s the chief justice
house I’m not criticizing the
neighborhood at all what I’m trying to
understand is everyone on online said
this is this is the most expensive real
estate in the city Malabar Hill
I’m not seeing her getting it at all and
I’m walking I’ve been walking the last
two and a half hours
this is interesting some Hindu
ceremonial place no it’s very
respectable about India is they’ve very
much retained their culture here
it’s a family orientated place
it’s an ancient culture with food
religion music and sure westernization
has creeped in but it still feels very
much India and I respect those cultures
some some some places lose their
identity and the the rapid
transformation to becoming Western and
then they lose what’s special about them
what it is a place that it’s not for
everyone I suggest everyone goes to
India at one point in their life do two
things in their life work at a
restaurant as a waiter or waitress when
you’re young and go to Indian that will
tell you more about humanity and those
two things pretty much pretty much
anything else restaurants because you’re
dealing with people’s emotions you’re
dealing with food you’re dealing with
all different personality types and you
have to adjust if you want to be good at
what you’re doing you have to adjust and
read these situations in India you have
to let go of control completely and you
also have to not expect anything I
expected some super posh neighborhood
with a bunch of Jaguars and Mercedes
driving around I haven’t seen it I know
that’s here maybe it’s not maybe it’s
not here I don’t know I mean that is
super expensive real estate all these
tall towers but then at the bottom it’s
India in India always push through you
know what you know what happened
yesterday it was a hectic day in the
slums and I was beat I mean this stuff
is draining and
my body took on this weird relaxed state
I just went into this very relaxed state
and the horns were loud the poverty in
your face and all this all this chaos in
the body just sort of copes with it I
think by doing the opposite and just
going into this you know not taking in
the anxiety but just doing the opposite
and going into this very melodic calm
place we got a little guy here what’s up
buddy namaste
you got a kite cool what’s that
England no no you live here buddy you
live right here okay that’s your place
nice chocolate selection it’s more than
chocolate modern chocolate yeah
some very cool art deco-style love this
porthole windows up there a little bit
like a ship this way or this way this
nicer okay guys we’re pulling the plug
on this neighborhood Malabar Hill and
going to a place I just heard from a guy
saying more of the new money there’s
more wealth than in Banjara West so
we’re gonna go to the world’s second
most expensive house and then – Bonjour
come to a much wealthier neighborhood
here I knew it was here and this is the
second most expensive home in the world
after Buckingham Palace valued at over 1
billion dollars the home of Mukesh
Ambani is the richest man in
400,000 square feet he employs 600
people to work there beautiful greenery
up the side of the building proper
it was stunning
okay okay I don’t know what that means
I’m gonna put the camera I go in sir can
I go in
can I go in which one pose to see the
home they’re not getting our boarding
appointment no I’m a tourist I’m
it was beautiful man tell Mukesh I’m
yeah Peter’s here for him thank you wow
this is the guys home can you believe
that security was was mixed guy was
shaking his head no and then they they
warmed up unbelievable I’m trying to get
around the other side we got this
building here I don’t think that’s a
guys come I think that’s a proper office
building curious what the square footage
is how much things go for here you have
to be a multi-millionaire to afford
something like that
I think you do so back there the we got
the Indian head nod which is that you
know you have to be born here to be able
to do it it can mean yes it can mean no
it can mean maybe
what are what do people what do you
Indians think about this this home it’s
quite ostentatious like in their face
crazy just right around the corner from
that home skyscraper or whatever you
want to call it is this environment I
can’t put the camera in there but people
just sleeping under the highway little
rats running around so
you’re fired up so this is it Bonjour
West quite a long way from South Mumbai
you guys saw some very nice buildings
along the water a big bridge and first
impressions of this part of the city is
it’s more livable like there are a lot
of nice tree-lined streets a lot of
cafes a lot of shops seems younger here
I would say some nice places on the
beach looks like it’s you guys kiss
looks like the cool young place
what’s up go I’m not Johnny sins what’s
up brother it’s your name that’s what it
is together
are you from this is Pali Hill Road a
lot of little little businesses for the
restaurants tattoos piercings even
nachos you have a Mexican scene going on
over here I was told this goes off at
this is one of the pumping nightlife
spots of the city how long is this
cookie shop been here for how many years
this is really nice cafe scene there
nice tree-lined streets a lot of cool
residences I’m sure behind these gates
it’s got more of a relaxed feel to it
lots of coconut falling that would ten
that would kill somebody there’s no real
one concentrated neighborhood where
everything’s nice and everyone’s in
amazing cars okay it’s such a massive
city it’s spread out and a lot of the
wealth like many parts of the world is
back behind walls that are inaccessible
starting to get quite cool in here got
some new apartment buildings looks like
a new one up there namaste its Pali Hill
how they help local confirmation it is
probably sure this is when you know
you’re in the wealthier neighborhood and
there’s dog walkers weightless it’s
clean relatively clean very clean for
India and it’s no joke what’s going on
timeless life yeah namaste
timeless life
this is the end of the tour of the
wealthy neighborhoods in Mumbai Malabar
Hill this where we were this morning
which everyone said was the nicest
neighborhood I’m gonna say this place is
much nicer Pali Hill it’s cleaner
there’s more vegetation the buildings
are nicer with that said as an outsider
it’s really hard to know where to go and
all the really nice stuff is blocked off
and there’s no access to it so anyways
hope it gave you a good good little
teaser of the nice neighborhoods here
that contrasts heavily with the other
video I did about Dada be one of the
world’s biggest slums which was an
amazing experience it is a very cool
experience I had there so if you’re
interested check that one out and
that sums up Mumbai for you it’s the
land of extremes until next video thanks
for watching like and subscribe if you
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