Exploring Traditional Indian Village

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Beauty created in the countryside of Rajasthan. *I shot this video back in December 2019.

They are reading the the book of genealogy
That’s cool
Oh, that’s loud
Morning, guys
Great adventure today
Involves a motorcycle
Indian countryside
and a cool cause, so
we’re going to take this bike
40 km from Jodhpur
and end up at a place
where there are women
making their traditional goods
in recent times
they haven’t been able to make a living
in the countryside doing so
but there’s an NGO that’s now
helping them
build their businesses
so we are going to go check that out
The friendliest gas attendants ever
Yeah, guys?
I’m going on a journey to the countryside
is the place I feel the most alive in
Where are you going man?
It’s like a coconut
Milk sweet
Okay, there we go
Oh, that’s loud
Ah, f**k
Why can’t I get it in neutral?
That was definitely longer than 40…
44 km
Good adventure though
Hectic roads
some road construction, some trucks
now we’re getting out there guys
We’re getting out into the middle of nowhere
These people are very curious in what’s going on
You’re so cute
Nice to meet you
What’s your name?
And this guy?
What’s your name?
Your name is Laugh A Lot
Let’s give it a one finger shake
Just came into the school off the side of the road
The kids got excited
What are we going to do?
Thumbs up!
High five!
Thank you, sir, thank you so much
Thank you so much
Here it is guys
We’re out in the village
And so I’ve been told
and what I’m starting to see here
is the ladies
the woman making
handcraft goods
traditional to this region
and there
he is
So, Praduman, what is going on here?
So, they…
you teach them the skill
or they already know the skill?
What is the mission?
What is your guys goal here?
Because in Rajasthan there are a lot of
traditional crafts, right?
You know what I love about India
is that it’s really colorful
even in these
desert environments where everything
is just sort of brown in the landscape
The clothes, the decorations
everything is very colorful
Okay, so this right here is native to Rajasthan?
to region, right?
That style?
Okay, cool
What are you making?
Do you have any of your work here?
Oh, bag
You like…
You like green?
Toilet bags?
How long does this take you to make?
One of these?
You dye?
You dye it, cool
And this cushion you only see in Rajasthan, right?
You made this one?
That’s cool
Good style
Can we walk out here?
I want just to tale a look at the uh…
Thank you
Sewing department?
What do you think of the
big challenges here now?
Say, out in rural Rajasthan?
Is there no company or government agency that…
So, where does the trash go here?
Correct me where I’m wrong here
I see a very rich culture obviously in the food
the history, the music
the religion, it’s very deep, very rich, very old
I feel like it’s one of these countries
that the average person…
Westernization will not penetrate this
like, this place will hold on to its culture really well
I think the wealthier class maybe not
But what do you think about that?
You know if for example
you weren’t operating this organization
what would those ladies be doing for work here?
What’s the ceremony today?
What’s the process?
The water goes through and filters?
That’s the drink?
And the drink gives you a little buzz?
You drink this?
It’s a man’s drink?
Ceremony’s going on here
The dance, I was a bit off
Didn’t really have my footing
But now I see how it goes, they do a twirl
You can’t stage this stuff, impossible
It’s just a testament to these people
Indians are so hospitable
so friendly, so laid back
This is very
conservative culture, very traditional
but on another sense it’s like so
chill and laid back
and open

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