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2016 was not the best year for Istanbul. Despite recent events, the city is still very safe to travel to. This video shows why the chances of being involved in a terrorism attack or homicide is very slim.

hey everyone Peter here here in one of
the coolest cities on the planet of
Earth one of the most dynamic mixed-up
beautiful culturally enriching cities at
least to me at least to me I try to come
here as much as I can I love this place
absolutely love it and yesterday my
normal two-hour flight turned into 28
hours that’s a whole nother story but
I’m here and I’m excited to be here and
this special place is called Istanbul
and the reason I want to talk about
Istanbul today is because 2016 was not
its best year okay there were five
terrorism attacks six if you come to New
Year’s attack 167 people died in total
seven of those being perpetrators of
these attacks very heinous gross
disgusting nasty [ __ ] anyone with a
modicum of sanity does not convey on
this stuff so I’m not trying to belittle
these attacks to say they’re not serious
or for anyone that knows when involved
with the attacks obviously it’s very
close to home what I’m trying to do is
break down hard objective numbers on
Istanbul and for those outside of
Istanbul thinking of coming here I want
to show you a different perspective
because the media has been all over this
city this year in a negative way it’s
shown the fireworks and there have been
a lot of fireworks and it can paint an
image that this place is much different
than its reality so for those interest
is in coming here or just interested in
getting another perspective here it is
okay um the USA see US Department of
State’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security
said last year despite its population
more than 15 million people the city is
considered one of the safest in the
world if symbols of overall crime rate
remains lower than that of others
of comparable size okay this was written
before some of the terrorist attacks
2015 because of those are the most
recent numbers 250 people died here 250
homicides we had 167 people died in
terrorism this last year so let’s just
add those numbers together
city’s technically 14
by five million people some say 15
sometimes 16 some say 17 but let’s just
say 14.5 million people LA County 2015
651 people died that’s a population just
over 10 million Chicago 2015 468 people
killed in Chicago Chicago proper that is
2.7 million people Baltimore 2016 344
people killed in Baltimore 2006 16 you
might say that’s not a ton of people
wrong that’s a lot of people when you’re
considering the population of 620 1000
it’s a tiny City Istanbul is 23 times
the size of Baltimore and had pretty
much the same amount of homicides okay
so my point here is if you look at the
odd numbers not not arbitrary way in a
very objective manner your chances of
getting killed and Istanbul are very
very very slim even after this last year
the numbers show and the numbers tell
it’s you’re more apt obviously to get in
a car accident you could probably sit on
a toothpick the wrong way get killed
before you’re going to get killed in a
terrorist attack or if there’s someone
murdering you in Istanbul so if you’re
interested in this place a lot of people
are because why wouldn’t she be it’s one
of the most amazing places on the planet
again in my opinion but if you’re
interested in Istanbul don’t let these
recent events keep you from coming so
you’re on the fence come because again
it’s safer then I just picked out three
US cities st. Louis is way worse than
these numbers even even this year alone
Chicago had more than 700 homicides
700 population – 2.7 million people
almost twice the amount of homicides in
a fraction of the population so
don’t watch too much of the news and get
hooked on the fireworks that are
interesting to watch their captivating
but the numbers on the ground tell the
truth and the numbers say your risk here
of getting involved in anything that has
to deal with being murdered is very
small I hope this helps
now if this helps you wanting to come
here again heinous [ __ ] happened and it
will probably continue to happen but
don’t let those flashpoints so the
fireworks make the decision for you look
at the hard numbers okay until next time

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