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A very cool experience at the Eritrean embassy in Berlin where the consulate workers spoke to us passionately about their country.

the flag of Eritrea P yeah brother
explain what just happened and why we
supply them as the year train embassy in
Berlin and were the only ones here
thinking that might be the case for the
whole week and the consular here
Johannes mr. Johannes just gave us a
pretty much a grand overview of how
radical that the country is all the
diversity cultural diversities all the
landscape diversity the Florida fine is
all mixed up and looks highly radical
yeah and by the way is like no torch
there right now Rudge and secondly going
with all dollars there’s no banking if
you had in the country and we got to
come in with like two three thousand
dollars loads and basically the tours
start coming in March but most of the
torts of people who already have some
sort of connection with Eritrea right
whaling US diplomat or family members
going on the business working in methods
these radical islands where there’s some
of the best scuba diving snorkeling on
the planet because nobody has touched
the stuff why because nobody goes here
from from our understanding is not the
number one continent destination I don’t
think on the Red Sea so we’re pretty
much going to have from my understanding
like this untouched pristine coastline
700k coral reef in the Red Sea yeah many
said it’s always all protected so I
think it took me a radical journey as
Mars on this really cool and he was
saying like the food dissolving stuff
it’s like a Italian Middle Eastern Arab
type food with Ethiopian influences you
can go to Sonya and then you can go and
get form coffee culture here because it
I am cycling is sheets year because of
the Italians and I think it’s just like
one of these these few parts on the
planet that are truly untapped and
mysterious and he was he seemed pretty
genuine talked about how friendly the
people are so general crime this is pre
your trash and monk definitely record
this radical journey brother

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