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After 10 days and 100 hours of Vipassana meditation.

we’ve broken on through to the other
side after ten days of silence routine
us and everyone else
stas my friend hair stops and I been
quite a journey so ten days of silence
with sixty strangers
and we go habitated meditated for that
was more meditation than
Oh life my farm even more the first day
than the 20 minutes I occasionally did
in the edge of my bed but the big
takeaways I’d say
we’re noticing how busy and active
increase your mind is being able to turn
off that switch to a soft mellow quiet
place take me effective and get things
done without being able to have that
skill it’s like pretty much impossible
to be effective definitely saw it felt
it and then craving we’re all craving
things all the time we have our habits
and it gives you the insight to what
your habits are why you’re actually
going for that craving there’s a reason
behind it most of its from an
uncomfortable position a childhood miss
happening whatever it might be but
there’s a reason for so to overcome that
and also on the other side
with an aversion we want to avoid pain
and discomfort but this technique taught
is more how to look into those
discoveries and discovers and accept
that some sort of observe them so
basically the teachers tend to pass down
the knowledge generated 2,500 years ago
by the enlightened we discovered the
wave means to liberate themselves is by
not reacting to the outside world only
and the way to get out is that most of
the way we when we come to the context
for the world
we immediately produce reaction positive
or negative reaction and that happens
because we experience the world
positively or negatively so he realized
that whenever the conduct happens before
we react but there the sensation in the
and by maybe L may be able to understand
that we have able to cut down the chain
of cause and effect of the contact
reaction right at that lake of sensation
on the body and so whenever you come
across a situation you would experience
a sensation and after that sensation
manifests itself on the body instead of
reacting to the sensation you can
actually observe
get rid of the craving my version yeah
and basically it’s a look into how
maniacal we all are and how the mind is
constantly churning for information to
distract yourself you’re looking to
clean up your head
sort of build more peace between your
ears I recommend

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