Foreigner’s Thoughts About IRAN

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Iran is the biggest underdog country on the planet! What we are told and what it is like on the ground are two different realities (I’m talking about people, not politics).

so it’s so crazy it’s such a feared
place like everyone warning me not to go
here because it’s dangerous and I’m not
trying to you know be the the crazy guy
or disprove anyone or you know whatnot
but it’s just not it’s just not a
dangerous place to travel so that’s see
that’s the objective reality it’s not
just my reality here it’s talking to all
other foreigners I’m with a woman this
morning traveling alone who’s loved the
country sure things can happen but as
far as violent crime it’s very low very
low here and so the specialness of this
country the beauty is the warmth of the
people they’re very look they’re they’re
good and bad people everywhere that’s
just how the world works but there’s a
lot of authenticity here there there’s a
lot of warmth and I don’t know if it’s
because the country has been so closed
off that people are really interested in
coming out and sharing sharing
themselves with with you as a traveler
or what it is but or if it’s just in the
culture but it’s it’s a place you’re
never alone in I came here alone I’ve
never been alone in this country every
city I’ve been to people have come out
helped to me invited me for dinner I
mean [ __ ] my phone was was stolen in
Tehran when I first got here and again
that could happen in Rome or Barcelona
or wherever two people came up and said
they reached out on Instagram and said
use my phone camera for your trip many
people offer to help Mona
and I were out until 1:30 2:00 in the
morning in downtown Tehran posting signs
like reward if someone could find the
phone I mean it was a far stretch but
whatever people give up their time here
they’re very hospitable and it’s
surprising it’s surprising how cool they
are despite the the current conditions
the economy has been hammered they’re
dealing with rampant inflation you know
food prices have doubled roughly double
than five months and you think they’d be
more angry at the at the foreigner for
this but they’re not they’re really not
they really do their best to show a show
on a positive face look at this it’s
so what do I say about this country I
say it’s somewhat isolated from the
world but the people the people are not
isolated and I’d say there there are two
type of people here and they’re actually
there two type of people in all places
in the world those that want to move
forward and those that want to hold on
to the past so with the ones that want
to move forward which is a majority of
the young people here they’re not closed
off they get it there they’re probably
more crazy about Instagram here than
anywhere I’ve seen there are a lot of
clever people here there are a lot of
well-educated people there are a lot of
mature people and I think mature young
people and I think that comes from the
conditions and people have to grow up
quickly here and they want the outside
world they’re so thirsty
and and hungry to be exposed and be part
of the rest of the world

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