Iran’s Free-spirited Women

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Watch if you’re tired of mainstream media and politicians shaping our view of how we see Iran.

there’s plenty of dark stuff that
happens here but there’s a certain
amount of innocence in the culture and
maybe that’s when McDonald’s hasn’t
completely taken over the land I don’t
know what it is to be honest in a way
it’s refreshing there’s some things that
are not refreshing here right now the
situation can be felt but the way that
people have this this authenticity I
think that’s a testament to how special
the culture is Mona took me to the skate
there’s a woman skateboarding scene here
you know I like you know yourself so
lots of people that pretend leaving you
know they’re living their life in a way
that they don’t like but I respect
people who just put everything away like
money everything’s they go around
countries I really love to come to the
level when you land the trick no you
feel like you did it great to meet you
darn it it’s over and run Oh lots of bad
energy that goes away from you
adrenaline yeah
Simona we’re in Tehran right very cool
and there was this woman neguin she must
have been maybe 17 years old
so focused so driven and she was out
there in the skate park trying this
trick on the rail
she probably hit the ground or the rail
35 40 times
oh stop hit her head she’s hurt her
knees or elbows wrists she’d get back up
go at it again go again again again
again again again
Oh skating is a tough sport
uh-huh yeah you need to give me a lesson
yeah hello you 41 slow you’re young so
young boy and they said you know we feel
feel so free when we can skate we’re
just saying it really feels good to
skate in Iran because the girls don’t
really have a lot of freedom here in
your own psyche you know most people
don’t accept people’s in the skate and
skating is in my opinion it’s like one
of the hardest sports it’s not the
hardest for me the moment that you land
a snitch is everything it’s everything
you feel adrenaline you start but you
may be the toughest person I’ve ever met
in my life
one more than I’ve done I swear to God
it’s very expressive I would say this
guy was doing a quite an intense dance
he’s back at it again actually
I think Iran Ian’s are exceptional at
dividing politics and people a lot of
people might hate US policy but they
don’t hate American people I’ve been
told that time and time again it’s
actually a very pro-american country in
that respect zero animosity you can go
to the US as closest political ally
let’s say the UK and you’ll get more
animosity then if you go to a foe
politically and it’s actually a good
thing to be American here it’s so
confusing when you travel alone and you
have a country and a culture warm up and
come out in help and offer you their
their phones and help you in any way and
invite you to their families homes
invite you to dinners just sleep at
their place whatever it might be that’s
the gold of travel I want to say to the
people of Iran you have a special
culture and you’re a special people it
just gets the short end of the stick how
their voice is how the beauty this
country doesn’t get out the human side
of things and so many people wanted to
connect purely authentically yeah I hope
this captured some of that

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