Meeting Iranian Locals

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Watch if you’re curious about Iran and want to see a different view away from mainstream news and politics.

drive 1860 done some very sexy I need to
get a story every day and I just need to
run into it and so it started here are
we buying shoes now what’s going on
issues in Iran three millions to one 500
come on I wonder seriously yeah I think
I paid $50 for them alright guys good
coffee shop okay thank you bro simples
so the process is finding finding me
that are interesting and speak English
to get them on camera to get that closer
story of Iran well it’s not always an
easy process if right now just walking
around I’m gonna go to a coffee shop and
hopefully something comes up
so they’re currency they have tomans in
reals Tommen is basically one zero less
and the notes are high denominations
that’s not even a huge one is it okay
that’s a five hundred thousand reals so
they call it fifty toment in the
beginning it’s just impossible to get it
right so sometimes you give the wrong
amount in in many countries someone
would take an opportunity in that not in
Iran it’s really but it’s amazing I’ve
gotten changed back even from taxi
drivers as a traveler here right now
it’s insanely cheap plenty good yeah mm
around $20
everything taxes for example I spent
three nights in a beautiful guesthouse
took a flight VIP bus three breakfasts
in a taxi ride I cost me 110 dollars
it’s just their currencies gone
absolutely hammered I’m sure there’s
some people making a lot of money right
now because of that but the vast
majority are getting squeezed hard I
came as a little bit of a surprise to me
that the infrastructure is so good here
the roads are good the highways are good
the inner country flights good using the
internet on your phone really fast
connections there there are two types of
people here I’m gonna oversimplify it
and that can be said for everywhere in
the world right now I feel like it’s
going more in that direction where
there’s those that want to stick on to
the old and there are those that want to
progress and want change and so you’ve
you feel that I think especially in the
woman they break off in those two
directions there’s many different ways
from those two directions or is a huge
split there the woman are not shot here
in the cities from my experience in the
cities assertive but not in an
aggressive way at all like very just
confident just would walk right in and
start talking about
just walking along in this very nice
young woman Zara invited me to sit and
then her sister is over there with her
beautiful kids I was like okay here’s
how this is gonna go down she’s looking
to get a free ride I’m gonna pay for the
horse and carriage ride
she might be in it with the the man here
in charge of the operation
got it whatever I’ll settle on that I
think we got off she went she got into
her wallet immediately and went to pay
him I said no no I can I can pay she’s
like no I did the they have this
tradition here at out of where they go
back and forth like no you pay no I’ll
pay no you pay nobody usually goes like
three times but I did that and she she
refused and she paid as a traveler
there’s zero Hawking there’s zero
walking down the street and someone
coming at you trying to push a hard sale
they don’t do that here and you’re not
getting ripped off so you don’t have to
do all this bargain [ __ ] those are
two huge bonuses in the culture when
traveling in Iran
instead of Los Angeles
you are cool you’re cool you do wheelies
on your bike in front of mosques that’s
cool this young woman foot easy she
found me on the Instagram she wanted me
to what are your dreams nowadays people
in my country aren’t happy as usual
because of the bad situation that we
have I’m about economy what are the
conversations at home you guys try to
avoid all this stuff where you talk
about it all the time how much is the
price of chicken gone up 50% since when
do you know the price of gold but most
people check the price of gold regular
everything so gold is like the big form
of savings here interesting
this is beautiful look at this and it
stays cool in here in the summers and
warm in the winters right I’m social my
mom has a friend to go go
every night you go out just like you she
was very sweet
she was very cool
lots of educated people it’s it’s a
culture that likes to go into the
philosophy of things they think deeper
on many subjects they have Rumi they
have ha Fez this is the philosophy
that’s touched the world your name is
Ted na it means music or song
cool travel so bright so so much wisdom
for that age so much depth that was a
book about Bangkok sure yeah he was mad
ya know I’m singing do not just so wrong
I’m saying in general the world do you
think most people do what they like to
do yes what they want really not what
they choose because of many many reasons
your liking you guys speak English so
damn well that’s ridiculous thank you
Farsi to English I think is an easy
easier transition than most languages so
they’re there their accents aren’t harsh
so that it sounds good excuse this ume
bro you’re gonna go to teach classes in
Germany and France they’re lovely yeah
if I get a chance and a lot of people
know English which makes it super easy
to travel I mean is this young guy he’s
got this energy sort of pulsating out of
them they are marching to you that’ll
feel the beauty thank you
American ladies I just wanted to tell
you I love using you all American guys
and yeah I don’t know why this guy is
just assuming it’s in and out but anyway
for you
Musa stutter Tatsu
I have a lot of story oh my name is
Maura and I want to know more in MO
super charismatic guy love at first
sight oh yes for you yes yeah well he
started this guesthouse the first one
was what do you want he loves people
he’s great with people in one month grew
up constantly they’re connecting
entertaining how many calls mm and so we
went on a drive one day he went to drop
me off at a park right on my way by
Frank Sinatra and that was my father’s
song and we played that at my father’s
it comes out every once in a while that
and it was special it was really
you started singing and listening to her
and it felt like I was I was traveling
through with my father for a bit like
transmitted through through mouth so
surreal beautiful
as an American talking with Iranians a
lot of common ground the cultural yet
the cultures are very different but the
sense of humor is not that far off
you’ve been styling for five seconds
you’re scaring me it’s such a hospitable
culture people are glad you’re here
they’re interested in you they want to
know your story they’re fun
Iran Ian’s are very easy to connect with
there are my you bet servants and
they’re relaxing imitation in your yoga
teacher yes
what kind of yoga hatha yoga is it
popular in Iran yes and many people do
it especially woman and this is having
that’s a touch especially for women in
let’s go here enough models you can you
can go there without a scar

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