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Iran is an exceptional country to travel to. Here are 11 solid reasons why you should go.

people people are fantastic here it’s a
warm culture i’ve been here twice now
i’ve come alone both times i’ve never
been alone
it’s the type of place people will come
up to you
they’re very open they want to help i
find it very authentic
it’s not just a politeness there’s
there’s a realness to it
secondly diversity it’s
super mixed up the geography is all over
the place you have
lush forests mountains desert like this
sea persian gulf and it’s also
culturally varied every region you go to
in this country is
is much different thirdly i’d say the
infrastructure infrastructure is good
that was uh that was a surprise to me
the main highways are good
the inter-country flights are excellent
trains long distance buses
very easy to get around that hasn’t been
a problem at all
quite often a guest house will book you
know whatever you need
uh fourth thing that really stands out
is the history the history’s deep
there are many many layers to this place
there’s a feeling in iran there’s a
depth and you feel it when you first
land that’s something you just have to
experience on your own
that’s that’s just by being on the
ground here
safety uh well that’s most people’s main
concern with iran
because of what’s seen on the news
and it’s so crazy this place gets such a
such a bad rap on that front because
the actual reality is completely
different than the perceived
reality which is it’s safe to travel
things can happen i did have a phone
in tehran this trip uh that can happen
in rome that can happen in barcelona
but as far as petty crime there is some
violent crime
super super low most likely safer than
where you’re from
if you’re coming from the west pretty
much definitely safer
than where you’re from uh maybe
switzerland or norway being an exception
they are really good at breaking down
politics and people and separating the
do they hate u.s politics yeah for sure
the country is getting pinched by
sanctions right now
do they hate american people no probably
the most
pro-american country i’ve been to which
is very interesting
costs it’s 2018 it’s near the end of
and their economy has been clobbered
they’re dealing with hyperinflation
it’s really shitty for the average
person here
uh the sad reality or the beneficial
reality for the traveler is it’s super
i mean ridiculously cheap i don’t think
there’s a value like this on the planet
right now for what you get
i said a state of the most beautiful
guest house and it was
25 a night my plane ticket tomorrow
back to tehran is 20 so the cost your
money goes
very far at the moment if you’re coming
in with a hard currency there are a lot
of clever people here
there are a lot of philosophical people
they like to go in the floss
into the philosophy of things look roomy
and um
that’s like baked into the dna of this
place if you like
conversations about more philosophical
iran’s a great place to be a lot of
people speak english here and they speak
it well
i think farsi to english isn’t the
hugest gap so
as far as listening to it and the accent
it’s pretty easy here
so getting by with english is not a
problem the food
the food is good it’s not my favorite
because it’s it’s heavily meat based and
right there’s
a lot of rice and bread so i don’t
typically do a lot of rice and bread and
a lot of meat if you do
you’re gonna love it if you are a
there are excellent alternatives and the
names aren’t coming into my head right
now but i had this bean
soup last night that was delicious
hospitality hospitality is is
is deep and it’s and it’s thick and
people are gonna invite you for things
uh just just go open go in with an open
an open heart and if you do so
it’s it’s going to be sad to leave this
trip i have i have such a social life
here i actually have more of a social
life here
than i do at home and you will never
feel alone in this country
there’s some countries you go to and you
have to really work
to break through uh the front lines
let’s say
it’s harder to connect into the people
i’d give for example china
depending where you are in the far west
is is different
but say in the east from what i’ve
you’re not going to connect in as easily
in iran
it’s it’s almost impossible
if you put a smile on it and and say
hello they’re gonna
give you so much here architecture is
stunning this islamic architecture
beautiful there’s also some interesting
stuff in tehran there’s some new modern
um architecture there’s also some
older stabs art deco and some just some
mixed up stuff so don’t listen to the
what you see on the media the group
think of all those around you that’s
that are going to tell you how dangerous
iran is it’s interesting that they have
most people have no knowledge on what
it’s like in the country
and they’re the ones giving advice don’t
listen to that do your own research
because the reality in the country is
it’s fantastic
a wonderful place to travel to it will
mark you
it will mark you in a certain way
definitely definitely recommend
traveling to iran

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