INSIDE UKRAINE: LVIV (українські субтитри)

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An epic journey into a surprising city, Lviv! I found Lviv to be a fantastic place to travel to, chill, and meet locals; I’ll show you why in this video. (українські субтитри)

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it’s different absolutely stunning
because you’ll see way more of it in
Europe didn’t expect to see that here
either series my judgmental nature I
haven’t seen that part of the city [ __ ]
pumped here in Kiev Ukraine and about to
go to the far west of the country to a
city called love Eve I’ve been told it’s
like a very European city
feels like a much different Ukraine than
key or the other parts of the country
I’ve seen people have always told me
like l’viv is way more European feeling
it sure yeah it is definitely and coming
from keeve well it’s obviously smaller
there was immediately this chill relaxed
sort of melodic type feel to the place
everyone hanging out in the squares so
there are ton of cafes a lot of
restaurants and a lot of interesting
spaces here like a lot of well
thought-out design
craft beer craft chocolate a bunch of
students leave they’re all sort of craft
products so that I feel like there’s a
lot of pride in the people here in the
culture can be done very good very very
good coffee shop and I met this unlucky
victim Eve on the net with Julie Ashe
tell me about this city I just got here
you feel like you’re always in the state
of center like life is always around
there’s always something you just been
are playing at festivals every day but
you just feel like you’re part of
something big like part of great party
yeah yes and there’s a ton of art in
this city there’s art all over the place
a lot of street music good local music
it’s washable
I like the texture here and even if some
of these buildings are some of them are
falling apart a little on the outside
you can see the structure the craft who
thought the design the community behind
canvassing and going out without a map
and just getting into whatever situation
again is from my experience in Ukrainian
cities the looks of the buildings
usually drop pretty quickly once you get
out of the center
but in l’viv here I’ve been walking for
quite some time look at this I did a
long walk out of the center and just
ended up in this old wealthier
neighborhood it was beautiful and so you
can see all the influences here all the
influences in the architecture there’s
some hints of Art Deco and then there’s
this Austrian Hungarian style that’s
super impressive I had no idea this
existed in Ukraine
the history is absolutely insane here
yet the austro-hungarian Empire here
right in the early 20th century then
we had the Russians here the Russian
Imperial Army was here then the
Austrians came back then after the First
World War we had the proclamation of
Ukrainian independence it was the
Western Ukrainian People’s Republic
that then joined the Ukrainian people
Republic and then we had polish
Ukrainian war here post took the area
over and they stayed here until the
beginning of the Second World War but
then in 1939 the Soviets came here it
weren’t the Nazis here a little bit yeah
in 1941 the Nazis came and they stayed
here until 1944 then in 1944 there was
the so-called liberation as the Soviets
called advances occupation for us right
and the Soviet state here until the
collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991
so this is like 17th century
grandma Facebook area if you look at it
here we go that would be the person with
like a million followers my expensive
banner downtown Missoula I absolutely
love the murals here they’re so
beautiful and many people from this part
of the world don’t like the murals
because they’re associated with
communism and they have a message behind
them but as an outsider I’m not
connected to them politically at all so
I just see a beautiful mural look at
that that’s Soviet isn’t it and it’s
that’s cool look at that
concrete jungle that’s the area where I
left from a tourist viewpoint it might
be interesting to go there and snap all
the soviets tower blocks but being an
insider living there it’s not the best
it’s super safe feeling I haven’t met
one panhandler I don’t know if I’ve been
lucky but nobody’s come up to me and
asked for anything and I haven’t seen
one person sleeping on the streets like
no homeless people and they have to
exist for sure it’s interesting that
this is somewhat of a tourist City and
usually when that’s the case there are a
lot of people bumming for money or
sleeping on the streets and I haven’t
seen it here so I’m curious do all those
people get removed and like pushed
outside of the center I don’t know I
don’t know the story Ukraine’s not the
richest country on the planet and to see
none of that is it’s really interesting
because you’ll see way more of it in
Europe in general then then you will
hear homeless people leave is pretty
interesting because they want to help
you or do and show to show you around
they are trying to be like helpful but
just ask you for money for nothing
seriously I haven’t seen one beggar
homeless person here it is a mystery
which is bizarre look at that pink
Hummer how ugly is that thing
well it happens no you know not heard
this pink Hummer Hummer my series my
judgmental nature I said I thought the
sounds here I like hearing that those
real cars go by there’s something in
but also the nature especially in these
parks they’re very lively lots of birds
lots of just maybe he’s because it’s
spring but it feels like there’s a good
fusion with nature the natural in the
urban here
I swear to god there are more older
couples and love here that pretty much
anywhere else I’ve seen so many couples
older couples holding hands walking
these streets and smiling of each other
I think they’re like a lot of good
family values and just a lot of values
in general and maybe it’s because it’s
Chillar hair and more relaxed and people
have more time for each other but it
seems like a lot of the old people
haven’t sort of figured out
look at these cool guys here in the view
supercool city I just scratched the
surface here for three days but from my
outside eyes I was highly impressed if
you haven’t been here definitely come
here if you’re from here you’re in a
cool place here in a cool city I was
impressed that’s my story on the vivre
it was absolutely fantastic

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