BEST SOVIET HOTEL! (+ biggest NUCLEAR bomb shelter in UKRAINE)

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I walk you to (in my opinion) the coolest Soviet Hotel after walking through the biggest nuclear bomb shelter in Ukraine.

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well here’s where I’m going to take you
we’re gonna go we’re gonna end up at the
I’m gonna call it the coolest best
soviet-era hotel in the world but first
I’m gonna bring you through the biggest
bomb shelter in Kiev Ukraine so white
possibly I’m sure it’s the biggest bomb
shelter in the country Ukraine on the
way to the hotel so come with me on this
little this little journey I don’t don’t
know how it’s gonna end up exactly
haven’t fully explored these areas but
let’s walk some streets here let’s feel
the vibe the air the warmth the beauty
of this fantastic City at cave Ukraine
now this is a different reality than
what it’s like in the winter for sure
right now it’s in its perfect place
let’s let’s check it out first
how about this for interesting a
pharmacy and a woman that’s dressed like
she’s gonna go clubbing with her little
daughter definitely would not see that
at home there she is again some great
restaurants here some wonderful cafes
this place honey I’ve definitely added a
little to my muffin top honey but it’s a
whole mixed up this street is your your
slob of also yourself of all is my
favorite street in the city and it’s a
good eclectic mix it’s an old Street
it’s got cool details like this
those are Vikings I believe that first
came to cave and it ends up not far from
here at Golden Gate and Golden Gate is
the I believe it was the main gate in
the 11th century and it’s obviously been
reconstructed because everything here
burned but right here where I’m standing
like where we’re walking right now is
the heart like the very part of the cave
Reus empire and so coming from the
states I gotta say you feel like a depth
do you feel something in this place
because there’s so many layers to it
doors love doors love this door
absolutely beautiful here we are coming
up on golden gates
and let’s call it the Gateway come soon
to the bomb shelter this place is cool
though there’s always music here a good
collective festive feel in the warm
if la coka
Athene specific
it’s a very fast track
and we got these ladies that sit in
these booths and I guess they stopped
desk late if there’s a problem but they
seem to be
not looking the happiest I wouldn’t be
either so here it is
this is
the shelter this is the nuclear bomb
50 I believe they’re 50 to the did you
have 56 stations
and six are above ground – the rest are
bomb shelters and so this door right
here this is a massive door that closes
the whole point was to put the city
under the city I guess 200,000 whatever
at 200,000 king
which definitely would accommodate the
whole city chief rhinos
but it’s pretty extensive there all
these passageways that connect
everything and then there’s obviously
air pumps in here and water like I guess
there’s all these water stations that
open up if there ever is some crazy [ __ ]
scenario where there’s a nuclear winter
beautiful metro station this is zolotoy
royalty probably one of the prized ones
it’s got a retro look to it but
definitely unique definitely you feel
like you’re more like in a
like a medieval castle of sorts
it’s gonna be a tight one in here rush
hour rush hour
not comfortable putting the camera but
let’s go for it
I dressed up a special occasion of
moving into the best Soviet hotel
but it’s super hot these metros right
now and I’m sweating profusely and check
it out here it is again guys here it is
this door
bomb shelter
this is arson
Metro station the deepest station in the
world so they say
I believe it’s 105
105 meters
so cool this design in here
I love it
it’s retro I just ran upstairs I want to
show you guys how long that is I’ll put
it in fast-forward obviously
goes so deep that’s the deepest station
that when I just went up
so check it out here’s the
another one of the doors it’s crazy
right it’s crazy not that long ago there
were the two big threats to each other
right USSR the US both sides had their
populations at grips and fears of a
nuclear war and it’s interesting how
they prepared for it here on this side
of the world like we didn’t do that in
our metros I don’t know where bomb
shelters were to be honest I know my
parents had all these drills where they
hid under their desks in school but I
never did any of this stuff now there
are more nuclear players obviously the
threat could be way higher in reality
but check this out another berry
situation fresh berries this time of
year I said this last video but it’s
100% on or a hundred percent off what I
mean by that is those berries came out
of someone’s garden I think they did
they’re probably spraying them like
everywhere in the world but and actually
have seen grannies
spray their berries but anyways they’re
delicious they taste very sweet they’re
not like these styrofoam type berries so
you get that
part of the food here like these fresh
berries fresh vegetables fresh greens
but in the winter it’s styrofoam lettuce
and none of that obviously not in season
so it seems to be you know you save up
we my girlfriend and I take those wash
and put them in the freezer and then
thaw him out in the winter not as good
but keeps the good times rolling Porter
bar don’t recommend it I’m not a drinker
anymore little bit dark and dingy in
there if that’s your thing though it’s
portable could be your place now we’re
getting closer we’re getting closer to
the beat of this hotel and I don’t know
if you heard me in the Metro but I had
to dress up for the occasion
put a light blazer on sports coat and
this place is like
it’s cool the design is so ahead of its
time it’s so futuristic and so retro at
the same time and if you’ve never been
to a soviet-era hotel they’re quite the
experiences I haven’t been everyone
obviously I’m making a bold claim here
saying this is the best this is the best
soviet-era hotel alright people will
disagree for sure but it is damn cool
okay we’re almost there
so my girlfriend and I started watching
that Chernobyl series just recently it’s
really good I’m sure a lot of you see
some of it or heard about it and it’s
excellent TV it’s a crazy story but
here’s the problem with this stuff is
now the world sees the show on Chernobyl
so even though it was a long time ago
these are the images they’re getting of
just like narcos for Columbia and the
average person doesn’t have the time to
really poke and dig into a country
unless they’re highly interested so what
they see is radioactive
ship flying in the air and people dying
and obviously that’s not happening but
it sort of sits in the subconscious I
highly think it sits in the subconscious
of people until they see good
information about a place and so that’s
why I want to do a lot of this stuff I
want to show this on the street what
it’s like in different parts of the
world it’s always fascinated me I’ve
always been telling these stories okay
there are many problems in this country
obviously many problems in every country
but the biggest the biggest one that you
just sort of noticed every day is this
damn air like they use them I think they
use it inferior gasoline and then
catalytic converters are not regulated
at all so there’s a lot of car emissions
going into the air it’s not the worst I
mean they’re definitely worse places but
it does get to you after a while and
it’s definitely in the power of people
to clean that up like of the authorities
like they could definitely improve upon
that and it would make this city
so much better you get used to it
sometimes and then sometimes it hits you
in the head so guys I don’t know if you
can see it now but this is the famous
salud hotel and it looks like something
out of the Jetsons for those who’ve seen
the Jetsons that cartoon we had it in
the US and enough it went around the
world but it’s a futuristic design it
was supposed to be much bigger actually
it was supposed to be like twice that
size but the Soviet authorities cut back
on the funding regardless it’s super
cool it’s this constructivism
that was very popular here
in the Soviet Union and I think it’s
it doesn’t get enough credit to be
honest people here a lot of times tie
this in with Soviet times so they want
to forget that I think that’s the case
maybe even at a subconscious level and
you know you want to look at the new
like this thing right next to it which
that does nothing for me that new
building I think that’s pretty ugly I
think the proportions and design isn’t
that great it’s nice but this is so cool
and creative so yeah I don’t think this
type of construction gets enough respect
in the world but it’s so creative and so
beautiful let’s check it out
is there we got like a little I don’t
know if you can see it but a night bar
with a love heart that’s flashing a
little restaurant situation over here
currency exchange
and we’re in let’s see what happens in
here so it’s like truly retro
look at that Aeroflot in Aeroflot for
those that don’t know is Russian airline
and that’s stop flying here and I think
2014 there are no direct flights be
inherent in Russia because of the
situation so interesting they didn’t
take that down let’s go upstairs
this is straight out of USSR was Ralph
it’s a restaurant da class kruta the
ever news cocoa FM the accretor oh sure
you ever in this
it’s a little early for dinner but uh
you saw how is like this circular
construction and inside is a hallway
that goes up this is probably the
longest handicapped ramp in the world so
cool it just keeps going the whole
height of this building you know what
that was for a statue lenin perhaps
stolen a very small staff door as you
can see I didn’t see any midgets working
it’s nice looks like they did a little
renovation here I’d like to see one of
these rooms I’m sure these rooms are
pretty interesting during the day like
this is also cool this is open we got
Joseph is there a greater emotional tom
choo-choo chess second oh yeah – postman
okay spasiba show me much sitov cube
sweeping views of the de negro River you
can see the other hotels are they in the
same class saluté thinks they are
it’s definitely superseding this one but
solutes is um it’s got a lot of self
esteem putting all these world-renowned
hotels in its hallway and saying you
know we’re on your level
scusi Tapatio seguidilla rom
administrator died achoo Kozma threw
what I’ve done
dadada spasiba zero sweetie
yaha choo Postma through number for
Johnston Robertson Moya football car
this is this shirt that I had to keep
secret behind the boat today most night
Jerrica method or a vodka post post all
of them yeah the train is called
no Chinese oh yeah yeah yeah cool
tell me about this hotel 84 yes cool
detector was yes key uh-huh
so are these are these remodeled rooms
three months yeah
it looks new like new carpet standard
super cool simple straightforward clean
beautiful views look at that
do you need grow claws but habits in
school coasts are 3500 so that’s like
that’s like 2500 excuse me it’s like
$100 100 US dollars and it’s every night
every night 100 or just tonight okay
very tasty is it good yes we know life
babushka meg babushka breakfast you have
a babushka skorca she’s very lucky she
has two baboo baboo chief which is it’s
like the true mafia you know why because
they know they know who you’re with they
know where you’re going they know what
you do right everyone my building here
they have theirs babushka mafioso that’s
always asked who I’m with what I’m doing
everything well you never know what
you’re gonna get into when things aren’t
planned I thought there’d be a little
more activity here it’s pretty dad some
guys outside smoking but that’s it so I
don’t know if it was the best tour I
think I’ll have to bring
bring you back here when there’s like a
proper party going on or something but
it’s cool right like the design I love
this stuff I think it’s super
interesting and cake I’m not so good to
be honest teas good yeah I’m gonna
finish up here and then we’ll go we’ll
go across the street there’s a so under
the main intersections here in Ukraine
in the cities you find all these little
it’s just call them underground malls
small malls and so I’m going under the
road but in a place where you can do all
your shopping
cute kids
coming up on I don’t know what it’s
called but it’s a World War Two memorial
and for those outside of this world
there don’t another history really well
the Soviet Union lost an estimated 25
million people in World War two the
United States lost roughly three hundred
and sixty eight thousand I believe so
Soviets killed more Germans and we’re
also killed a lot had the most
casualties from the Germans and so you
see these monuments in these internal
flames all over Ukraine and the other
Soviet states we’re a little GoPros not
really getting the light too well but
coming up on this obelisk and there’s
the fire that I believe never goes out
so here it is guys this is part of key
this is the left the left bank in front
of me and so it took me a few months to
figure that out because it’s actually on
the the east of where I’m at and so the
direction they consider at the left
because it’s on the left side of the
flow of the river but this is north
right so I thought that was the right
bank at first I said let’s meet at the
left bank and I’m like which is where
I’m at now and I was like yeah I’m here
but they were meaning the other side
said no a lot of figured that one out
shows you when you’re out in the world
this perspective little things little
details like that and when you’re new in
a land it’s it’s it’s wonderful it’s
beautiful you’re from Pennsylvania you
like you here are you from here how does
it feel coming back I’m coming do you
notice like a difference every time do
you still maybe I’m you said because
it’s not a freedom here you feel the
it’s moving than in United States good
Chernobyl unsafe Jews unsafe war
oligarchs well that’s sort of true but
it’s safe and it’s cool and this is
living proof it’s just me a lot of
freedom it’s a lot of freedom I feel way
for you that’s less pity holes somebody
who wants to talk to her right now
ah okay when I feel yeah that’s why I’m
here to be honest
one of the big reasons but I’m gonna I’m
gonna step off say goodbye goodbye say
guys I hope you like that hotel I hope
you like that hotel and the big did you
know the Metro yeah is the biggest bomb
shelter in Keith yes I know them neither
it’s also closed and opened again we can
talk forever and it’s really cool to
meet someone like this from the states
too has perspective it both places so I
hope you like that that little tour and
I’m gonna do a lot more of these I also
have my main videos I’m doing I’m
editing videos on Ukraine right now I’m
gonna have five like really edited
curated fully packaged videos coming
soon within the like the next five weeks
and then if I was wrong on that like
that’s not let’s call it the best hotel
and the former Soviet Union show me tell
me which one is because I love these
things and I want to explore more of
them so put those in the comments okay
thanks for coming along that was fun

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