UK Visa For My Ukrainian Girlfriend?! (yes or no?)

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My Ukrainian girlfriend has had the UK on her mind for the last 6 months; she’s attending an online school based out of the UK and has a conference to attend there. Unfortunately, Ukrainians can’t just get a visa without an extensive process. Here’s how it went down.


okay today is about to go really well or
well take a very hard-nosed dive here
she is
Natalia document II Levada 3 tonight
pushing I let’s go
so what’s going on here you might ask
what’s going on it’s that’s very go into
runway okay
okay no I was gonna answer that
rhetorical question but uh nah nah here
Natalia is about to get her UK visa but
it’s unknown at this point in time
how you feel
it’s been two weeks but you’ve honestly
been thinking about this for six months
six solid months and so here’s a little
for those that don’t know Ukrainian
citizens they can go to most European
countries visa-free but the UK is
different and so it’s a process of
basically guilty until innocence meaning
she’s going there not to move she’s
going there not to work
she has accommodation set up returned
plane ticket legitimate reason for going
plenty of money in the bank account and
so all this has been done the tickets
have been bought the hotel’s been booked
and the risk of this is well all this
evidence has to be presented when
submitting the visa application
but if they say no there’s no returns on
this stuff so you really rolled the dice
bag yeah okay they’re friendly enough
for me how you feeling
well I want to say that it used to be
like this for many years as we have to
get these up almost every country always
like especially when you buy the troop
asura agency yeah normally like they
might give you the refund but when you
buy everything like a full package and
then you don’t get Visa
it’s not our problem really
luckily I didn’t have any denial but
and I hope it will not get
how far away is this place
up there very hot day today we’re in
Kiev Ukraine so dear viewer we’re
getting closer
this is guaranteed 100% real emotion
coming at you it’s either gonna be like
I said a great day or hard nosedive but
whatever it is we’re soon to find out
look at that that movies here I think is
the most beautiful building look at that
amazing and Natalia what do you think of
that building quite often the case when
you show constructivist Soviet
architecture to a local they say zero or
negative emotions which makes sense
makes sense part of the past but for me
I just see the beauty in it and the
ugliness it’s a little bit of both I’m
getting on with the day Natalia is gonna
go in she’s gonna come out with an
envelope its envelope inside the
envelope is gonna have the answer yes
we’re gonna others waiting up there
others waiting so I can’t bring the
camera in obviously but when you come
out we’re gonna have a moment what we’ll
do is go to the park over there are that
little car spin and open it up there
okay they’re serious moments now no
we’re gonna open up in the park right
well in that Park over there we’ll have
a moment babe love you got this you got
this you got this it’s gonna work
she’s never really this serious actually
okay to be continued camera down
this is British over here this has got
to be a hard one I think so here’s the
story she is going Natalya is going
because she has a conference and so
she’s going she’s always want to go to
the UK but she’s also got a conference
that ties into her studies that she’s
been wanting to go to so that’s the
reason for the trip
and just put a lot of money into this
this process so far
long line super long super long way in
it’s my days
all this feel empathy for my day is also
gonna turn the shed to because it’s not
gonna be fun if she doesn’t get this I
had this visa and Sue Evers only a
okay now let’s go to the park baby
you prefer nothing
you want to do it here let’s do right
I don’t know
you ready
for those who are watching I’m not
worried just about going to London only
I want to go there but I also want to go
to take a course of astrology it’s
really important in my life
where’s the [ __ ]
whoa-ohh short us know I gotta show them
gotta be look at me yeah
celebration happy happy happy ending
loving you’re going to the UK vamp
you’re doing it you’re going you’re in
it you’re dancing hell yeah
okay so divorces and now we’re off let’s
get some cake yes what a day what a
great day you’ve been waiting for this
for what six months
girlfriend is properly fired up
that’s it that’s how it’s done take the
risk and get the reward
maybe you’re after DK
until next time another interesting
story from the streets of Keef

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