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A simple message these special kids can teach us all.
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today I want to bring you into a very
interesting organization here in Mumbai
it’s called happy feet and it’s an NGO
that is set up for children with life
limiting illnesses right over the tracks
here is dot avi slum and a lot of these
children come from all around the cities
all around the city to well that’s the
wrong place okay that’s not it
from all around the city to be part of
this this NGO it’s video guys income
background yeah so many a time they
suffer with financial condition due to
that they are like some they don’t have
money to eat and money to treat
themselves so we try to give them that
help and I try to help them with
whatever they have medication through
your experience here what is the biggest
lesson been for you personally my
biggest lesson over here that how to
cope up with your life is the biggest
lesson I have no idea how to cope with
your life yeah what do you whatever the
problems arise how to just come out of
that and have a smile on your face that
I learned from here the kid the kid
starts here hi my name is naina and my
passion is dance she’s not me not here
the only nurse for all the children yeah
how many children and what are the main
issues with the children what are the
main problems I see me
no blood disorders blood disorder if
someone has the right medication so
therefore for them it’s like they have
to come totally see me basically where
every person who is suffering from
thalassemia he or she have to like take
blood like every month or like is HIV
the big one where you need to be on the
medication that’s one thing that’s the
only thing they have to take on minded
it may be seen every time I use about
physical care facilities these kids I
would say key like treat them like as
like kids that said you know don’t break
them don’t discriminate them that’s the
whole thing you know then they also
deserve the same even they have right to
like live like any other kid would have
it hi my name’s Andy Temujin
it’s the issue how we deliver that you
know how to fight is for creating it how
is society society saying you know oh my
god you have HIV they like they consume
every every time really yeah to this
over a lot you know people are getting
there are like several cases where our
kids are like suffering from like if
they go to colleges if they are if their
teacher gets to know about the HIV thing
they treat them very differently they
keep them aside they discriminate my
hobby finally people don’t know about
those these things you know what is HIV
what is Tali Samia do I got this they
like pass such statements or like judge
people or like do some other things too
like what other people
that’s not fair no that’s what it is
no they are as equal as any other kid
that’s what I would say even as they
have the same right to live I’m Erin
Imani guitar Mooji bangs guru Garoppolo
one night she saying he like whatever
obstacles comes in our life smiling like
you have to smile through the pain
yeah do anything ok you don’t feeling
that pain see a smiley high tsunami joke
with my a banana person I like to play
thanks you guys you’re doing beautiful
work thank you so much for coming very
nice it’s amazing yeah hi man I’m dead
we did ask them Ellison don’t look at us
in their little mother holiday my
orthotic with a 7 before both hard a
viable pilot but I’ll bet you it our
colleague a check guys thank you that’s
very interesting experience and Wow so
humbling right live for the moment be
happy smile through the pain get on with
life if you want to learn more about
Happy Feet or support it I have links
down below here in the description or
the video thanks for watching

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