CRAZY STREET LIFE! Kyiv, Ukraine (Kyiv Day 2019)

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I walk you through a festive day full of lively streets in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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here in Kiev Ukraine and it is a very
special day in Kiev Ukraine because it’s
cute a let’s check it out I got about a
10 minute walk to the center of the city
the city is beautiful
it’s got like a real collection or mix
of architecture it’s all mixed up like
this stuff it’s like around
turn-of-the-century then you get this
old well not necessarily all that the
Soviet stuff some can be really
beautiful some can be just horrendous
and then you get this modern
construction here it’s all sort of like
on top of each other which to me makes
it cool like it’s a city of texture this
is not gentrified it’s not generic it’s
like layers of layers
it’s all–it’s
fifth this century
but I should cool people till super cool
people on the city
like beginning
go back to this issue Swiss century
cities so they say the legend
yeah everyone seems to be doing this
this is this is my favorite cake shop
and there she is
she’s the cake dealer the cake drug
dealer she stole it they’ll keep them
then go to the car see coach T got no
pass to seeing you this week
okay last week of every man
by toffee
she’s sweet and that’s my it’s my
favorite cake shop wash the cake they
have delicious truffles that’s my weak
point is this
is the food being the sweets the
chocolates and there’s tons of that here
so what I was talking about is this
older facility of stuff so look at that
hunk of material looks like it dropped
another planet and just sort of found
itself in Kiwi but my dark side likes
that stuff for some reason I was not
really a good example by on
I’ll show you something much cooler
okay this building here at first looked
to me to be some monolithic Soviet piece
of [ __ ] but and get out of these trees
from a closer look
it’s a [ __ ] see that it’s like the front
of a ship there’s the you know the top
where the captain might be and then when
you go down along the side of it
it looks just like a ship and so a lot
of this stuff here is maybe the
materials weren’t the best and you can
see it’s faded and sort of dirty and
whatnot and some you know towels are
coming off but the actual structure form
design thought spatial relations all
this stuff I’m not an architect that I
can appreciate it
it’s fantastic here’s another
architectural example you have a
building that looks like it was never
finished and a road-going underneath it
and so that’s this place in a nutshell
you’re gonna see beauty beauty beauty
and then that type of [ __ ] right there
and well it gives a texture that gives
it feeling it gives it like this rawness
and there’s great hair like there’s that
it’s a clean city I’d say overall but
there’s definitely a fair amount of grit
to it and I like these types of places I
don’t like everything to be polished and
perfect lived in Switzerland for a bit
long time ago and it’s like the most
perfect country on paper but after a
while it’s just too conservative for me
into to socially restricted just the
mindset and this place is much freer
this place is this place is super free
I just feel there are a low level of our
lack of rules let’s say and it’s not
like I’m doing anything bad but like
that building
it’s not like I’m doing anything bad but
it’s just nice to be in a place where
and ownerle gives a [ __ ] as long as
you’re not interfering with them there
are no petty rules there are no there
are no no signs beautiful murals –
beautiful beautiful murals and this is a
walkway this I call it trippy alley I
don’t know the name in Ukrainian but it
winds along a hillside great place for
the summer new place don’t know what
this is
I’d say the Ukrainians are excellent at
it’s just that solid family friend time
hanging out it’s a great city
just to pound pavement just walk get
lost in and just not rush I don’t feel
like a rush here it is the capital so
Monday through Friday it’s got a little
buzz to it but it’s definitely good at
chillin like this
so as I make my way closer to the
unknown festivities of keep day well
let’s just say the energies picking up
little guys going kids
lovers families great great vibe here
got to say in the short time that I’ve
lived here what two and a half years
been on the ground here about a year and
a half but it’s gotten a lot better like
those are near those stairs they put in
a lot of development right now like a
lot of building going on and people
moving into the Capitol partially I
think because of the conflict in the
east of the country and this is also
where it happens like this is where it
happens in this country in Kiev and it’s
beautiful it’s a nice place like it’s
it’s highly livable I would say
definitely in this neighborhood
so getting closer to the beat of the
city and this is a very cool place in on
they’re usually different events in here
so let’s go check it out
there’s an interesting brand eat my nuts
I wonder if they know what that really
I’m not so interesting this Sunday
usually it’s it’s packed in here with
cool local businesses and there’s some
stuff there’s some artistic Beauty going
on here spasiba
cool outdoors down here food drinks
coffee tea situations so I’m gonna go
down there that’s a whole new new
walkway the city built just recently
through the forest overlooking the city
really sweets what they’ve been putting
into this place to be honest I mean
that’s 101 out of the textbook that make
people have is do the infrastructural
the roads are mostly [ __ ] here but
there’s definitely improvement or else
it’s pretty good on the treats here
pretty seriously II brown a puto stuff
the subway such cool-looking money I
don’t know who that is but it’s a cool
looking guy looks like a scholar
probably a poet usually they’re poets on
everything and I’m off I’m off to check
out I guess there’s a new bridge that
goes over the road so it’s specifically
open for today
I’m on top of inves keys pulse which is
the name of the street here probably the
you know if keep does have a tourist
heart winning a center of it it’s
probably right here and this is
beautiful winding streets
old cobblestone street that goes down to
this very cool neighborhood called Odile
and that’s more like the hipster hood
I’d call it we’re not gonna go there
right now and then we’re gonna get to
the center of key for cube day it’s I
mean looking I’m busy this is already
this is cool I like this guy’s style
very clean
bright colors so this is that new the
new patio I was talking about this was
just built and he gives nice views of
the city
now that bridge right there is it’s sort
of like the overt in-your-face reminder
of the corruption that takes place here
because it’s not finished and so I’ve
been heard it’s tall that’s like the
most expensive bridge in the world I
don’t know if that’s true I guess some
money just got siphoned every which
direction which can happen here for sure
it’s the reality but I don’t know I
don’t really feel in daily life I’m not
doing business here and I think it just
depends what you’re involved in
but this stuff is so cool like and he’s
city that just you know makes it good
for everyone to hang out together that’s
the whole point of a city like let’s all
enjoy the weather
the views each other food art and it’s a
big reason why I live here
this place is super well
I’m super well-connected I would say a
lot of this art isn’t that interesting I
would you know a lot of its sort of
repetitive but I’ve bought some
beautiful pieces on the street and it’s
very inexpensive I bought this piece of
my living room oh it’s it’s from this
artist right here this one it looks like
that and I think I bought it for like
what was it $200 he’s really she’s
really a talented guy very abstract very
tricky how cool is this stuff it is
absolutely beautiful and they’re putting
money into it obviously like this is not
getting closer to the hearts of keep day
and I don’t know what that means to be
probably music I mean it’s this busy
right here then shits going on down
there for sure thing I love about this
place is it’s it’s in the middle point
beteen order order and chaos
so Switzerland is absolute order chaos
is India and this place is very civil
like it feels very very safe and
honestly on on paper like if you just
looked at the history here
economics you’d say our place is gonna
be super dangerous there’s a huge
disparity between the rich and the poor
usually when you have that it’s like
knives come out and depending where
you’re at
here is remarkably civil it’s a true
testament to the Ukrainian people to
make a place that’s so calm and
pleasurable I mean this is I can only
dream of this in most American cities
this environment this feel this
connectivity I mean we get it but not
really like this to be honest so
beautiful winter is not like this at all
the winter shuts off quite a bit
everyone hunkers down inside it’s cold
it’s miserable out and so this place
they have this thing called the banya
and the banya for those that don’t know
it was bath house and it’s a process
between going between super hot and
super cold and I find that to be see
they’re still building that he’s taking
a break I find that to be like evident
in everything here it’s either one a
100% full-on amazing or 100% shitty that
could be the roads it could be outdoor
environments it could be the food found
the food to be fantastic or terrible
sort of the theme it’s in the extremes
like it runs on the edges it runs on the
edges but then it’s civil yeah I don’t
know too many places like that to be
honest it’s the birds in the winter are
only crows like these
these embodiments of death these crows
they’re terrible and then this time of
year what’s that
they’re very good craftsmen here like
this this stone work is done extremely
well and they use a granite all over the
city even on the you know along the
streets they’re using granite which at
home would be insanely expensive like
you just see cement but here they’re
doing granite and look at that stone
work I get excited about this stuff I
know it’s not for everyone but the
trainings are fantastic at the details
the craftsmanship so there is
technically an act of war going on you
can see the man in the uniform but it’s
way far from here it’s out it’s how in
the Far East of the country I was just
there and I think at the moment it’s
just sort of smooth there’s casualties
every day but it’s not uh it’s
definitely not a war that’s you know say
taken over the country um living in TV
would never know unless you chimed in to
the news that there’s anything going on
so quite often people at home or likes
you got to get out of Ukraine it’s
dangerous and slight you know it’s
actually not if I was sitting on the
front line right in the conflict zone
like a very thin line then yeah but
you’re just not gonna go there this is
where a place like Ukraine or Europe
technically or just fundamentally has it
right is the cities the centres are the
amazing parts so for example if you take
a Phoenix or a Denver or you know any
western US city most of them stop the
same feel it’s like everything spread
out in the suburbia land we’re here it’s
concentrated on community in the center
it’s just that it’s very human that’s
what we’re naturally meant to be hanging
out in not in these mini marts so check
this out we’re getting close to the new
and here it is
the new bridge downtown team
connects like it connects miles and
miles kilometers or kilometers of green
a little tight here on this bridge
it’s like I’m in an ancient city get an
occasional person is shoving through but
there’s nowhere to go right now we’re
stalled serious traffic on the bridge
and we’re now to the middle point that
is chaos you and key but I made it
through made it through the traffic
big big cultural difference for
everything you’re right
who dares to go on it motion beat
catastrophic that at the earliest the an
extreme Canas dance movement lots of
treats at Metro news she doesn’t seem to
mind she’s got the photo
and yeah so what I was saying is with
the safety smoke alarms cracked glass
that sort of [ __ ] places in the media
Dini Pro River and then out there on the
other side are beaches and so there’s a
beach culture here there’s like a proper
beach culture in the city I’ve been in
this water it’s not the cleanest I don’t
know going in on a regular basis
probably a good thing but it’s very cool
component to this place there’s actually
proper Beach culture the other side
this is French hip arch it looks like we
got a concert coming up here kids up
there kids on the statues in mines me of
my childhood here
we’re out there playing pretty freely
like not many haven’t seen a kid on a
leash which is a nice thing but they’re
out there exploring experimenting some
Soviet art leave those are Cossacks yeah
but the city is absolutely absolutely
going off today it feels like an Asian
City in the sense that there’s so much
street life going on it’s not always the
case like I was saying the winter time
is not like this but right now it is
pumping as a boxing ring so I guess
there’ll be a boxing match
definitely has some balls coming out
here public like this
I’m very little security around
right up
he’s off a civilian now civilian as him
a week ago
nice democratic
turn here the president new president
democratically voted in no chaos so
that’s it guys I think I’ve reached the
center it pushes on for a ways but my
battery’s about to die and this is a new
format for me so usually my stuff is
longer form documentary or like you know
curated edited stuff that takes a lot of
work and I want to be more prolific with
my work so let me know if this stuff is
cool to you this cycle on the street
trying to feel the place type content
it’s my first one so give me some time
I’ll get better but if it is your sort
of jam if you like this then let me know
in the comments because I’d like to do
more of this stuff
it’s much easier to shoot and edit it’s
like it’s super simple and it will give
you more of that more like unpolished
street-level video
with that said I got four episodes
coming up on you

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