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I stumbled upon this gem… an island off of another island in the Iranian Persian Gulf.

check this place out I’m on an island
off another island very south of Iran in
the Persian Gulf and surely a surprise
like most of this country that’s full of
contradiction in mystery and surprises
Here I am and I never thought of Iran
being some sort of Beach destination and
nobody else really is there because
nobody’s here the Iranians and what I’ve
heard don’t like to hang out at the
beaches they like to shop so lucky me
I’ve got this place to myself and it’s
almost like a Mesa Verde type setting or
like a southern Utah time setting that
just drops right into the turquoise blue
waters very cool to say the least what
else to say the country’s been awesome
and I am leaving in a few days which is
sad but it’s been an awesome journey big
expansive mindfuck in many ways and

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