World’s Oldest Cowboy

Aug 14, 2022 1M Views 2.1K Comments

Join me as we go back in time and into the life stories of the oldest-known living cowboy on the planet. John Hoiland was born in 1927 and has been a cowboy since day one living on the same land for 95 years. He remembers WWII, the Natives, and has never owned a cell phone. Get some popcorn and sit back to the oldest living stories of cowboy culture in the Western USA.

► Video edited by: Natalia Santenello
► Researched by: Kymberly Redmond

♪ country ♪
Good morning, guys.
Here in beautiful Montana
and I’ve been at this mission
for three days.
Three days to find a certain person
and that person is John.
He’s 95 years old
and quite possibly is
the oldest cowboy in the world.
We’re gonna go down this road here
go to to his ranch
and talk to him about
what it’s been like to live
on the same property 95 years.
What ranching life is like
and whatever else we can get into.
Let’s do this.
♪ country ♪
PETER: You killed the cows?
They took and put stuff on the road.
They killed 75 of ’em.
-75 cows?
-Who killed them?
-The county.
-Well, they put seeder on the road.
I can show ya out here
going up to West Boulder.
-You’re getting rid of these weeds?

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