Raising Free-Range Kids In Idaho

Aug 21, 2022 1.5M Views 2.5K Comments

Join me as we venture out to Eastern Idaho to the base of the Teton Mountains and meet a family who’s decided to raise their kids more traditionally. These free-range kids fish, hunt, farm, play in the dirt and live a life mostly away from the digital.

► Video edited by: Natalia Santenello
► Researched by: Kymberly Redmond

[carriage harnesses jingling]
♪ country ♪
PETER: Good morning, guys.
For many ranching families
there’s a very high price to pay
to live the ranching lifestyle.
So today we’re gonna meet a local family
who’s decided to take themselves out of
a lot of the noise of the modern world
stay true to their values
their love of land
and raise their family
in more of a traditional way.
Let’s go see what they have to say.
Let’s do this.
♪ country ♪
[door opens]
PETER: What a great spread.
PETER: How are you doing, AJ?
AJ: How are you?
PETER: Doing well.
[Peter chuckles]
-Beautiful place you got out here.
-So the kids will be sixth generation?
-The kids will be six generations.
My grandma, who is their
great-grandma, she’s still alive.
I think she’s here today actually.
PETER: What are you doing
with this dandelion?
CHILD: Making WD-40.
-All right, let me see it, buddy.
-You shoot the top at your cousin’s head.
PETER: Okay, you have to shoot
at your cousin’s head first, right?
-That’s important?
-And then you pull.
So you get one half of it and you scratch
and then it’s really slippery
and then you do this.
[children scuffling and giggling]
PETER: And that’s WD-40?
So AJ, from first impressions
you’re sort of living in between.
a very modern world,
new homes, nice vehicles.
-But you’re dressing more traditionally.
Planting the garden with the kids.
-They know how to work.
-Kids know how to work.
They don’t seem spoiled.
AJ: Yeah, I think a lot of why we do
what we try to do
is ’cause we try to live with a purpose.
So rather than just kind of drifting and
doing what everybody around us is doing
We try to look at a goal.
So my big objective
with everything that we do
is really to create kids that are quality.
-So that’s really my objective.
There’s a lot of things
that we do that are unique and…
PETER: But unique as of
in the last 30 years maybe?
Oh yeah, they’re unique now.
They’re traditional
is a good way to say it
but there used to be a lot more
focus on doing things together.

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