Revisiting Titus in Winter

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Five months ago I posted my first video with Titus, “The Man With No Legal Identity.” Six months later, I’ve returned to see how Titus’s life has changed and what it’s like to live off the grid in Kentucky in the middle of winter.

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you want to ride Peter how are your
shoulder joints Titus strong I see one
big change with you what’s that you’re
wearing shoes oh yeah he’s never been
ridden before Titus is going for a ride
it’s almost like a Titus boot camp oh
yeah who wants to see Peter climb a tree
Ready smells good in here people should
do this every day I was so full of
regret so full of Shame so full of guilt
Titus your vision of the future isn’t
looking so good what are people supposed
to do not everyone can live out here I
have to say the meal in the winter is
pretty much as good as the summer the
Bible says go to the ant thou sluggard
consider her ways and be wise whether
you’re a Christian or whether you’re not
our friendship goes
look at all these cars we have Texas
Illinois how you doing good how are you
doing well Titus is down at the bar and
getting the horses ready
Titus Titus Taurus Titus
Taurus Peter calls himself
santaro so cuz I thought that was your
invention he’s he’s kind of gnarly so I
kind of I kind of picked up on it maybe
I did come up with it I’m not really you
came up with santaro so I came back to
with Titus Taurus remove the M could be
porous how you doing good I’m Charles
Charles nice to meet you Peter yeah
Charles has been uh and his wife Renee
have been volunteering here oh great
where you from Charles Texas all the way
up from
Texas we got um greatart and stanf fast
and they’re willing to help us in our
work they’re helping to build a house
for of worship for the Lord and so uh
we’re going to go to the wagon hook up
to the wagon and go get some Lumber that
we have saw on the Sawmill
yes okay Titus I see one big change with
you what’s that you ready tell me you’re
wearing shoes oh yeah what’s going on
there well it’s too cold to be how how
long did you hold out for well like
today if I was going to go on a 15 mile
hike or something and I was running a
lot I’d be barefoot and we’re at like
40° right now 45 but for just standing
around like what we’re doing here like
I’m not getting enough blood circulation
anytime your feet get cold it it it’s
hard on your immune system as soon as it
warms up enough I’ll shed them I like to
shed my shoes any opportunity I get
Peter I have something that I think that
uh you’ll find interesting last night
some folks brought me a black stallion
to train and he’s never been ridden
before okay and so I was thinking you
might you know we might ride him and put
me on him no you told me you don’t like
him yeah I don’t yeah but I’ll ride him
and we’ll see what happens never a dull
moment with you T no I don’t get bored
we don’t get bored around here some of
the volunteers or one of them said I was
kind of like a hard driver like I push
them to the limit to get work done so I
don’t think they all feel that way but
uh I I know that at least one of them
has cuz he expressed that you’re
training volunteers like the horses
pretty much pretty
much well see very few of them really
Embrace this out of 10 volunteers
usually only one of them is willing to
jump in the creek you know to get clean
when there’s frost on the ground I’m I’m
all in on that uh I love doing that see
this guy’s from South Dakota but he’ll
find somebody a volunteer that’s staying
like renting an Airbnb and he’ll and
he’ll go go and take a shower there
which you know he has the freedom to do
that I’m not um I’m not demeaning him
for that but I did I I am telling that
the volunteers that you know this cold
Creek it is what separates the men from
the boys it’s almost like a Titus boot
camp oh yeah basic training yeah right
and the creek is the uh the identifier
if someone has it or they don’t yeah
yeah it’s true I’m ready Titus okay
let’s do it tomorrow morning okay okay
I’m in okay totally in on that
woo you want to ride Peter you want to
jump on hold
thanks I still remember when we were uh
caught a ride with that tractor and we
rode on the bush
hog that was awesome when we were going
to Nashville Seven rides I was in
Bowling Green yesterday I had memories
of being stuck in boiling green with
you the circus tent what’s going on
there somebody gave me that tent and
it’s been a blessing because when we’re
cutting Lumber and supplies coming in we
have a a dry place to put it and then
wow look at this I remember being out
front with you you had your machete yes
right and you were just hitting at some
bushes and you’re like this is where
it’s going to be yes Henson Creek House
of Prayer the dream is coming into
fruition yes
there’ll be a concrete 40×40 uh
foundation in this section and then
there’s also going to be a 40×40 section
it’s all one building but uh there’s
going to be a uh Alleyway here where I
can drive a team of horses through and I
can put firewood store firewood
underneath here and then on this side
there’ll be an opening to like put
potatoes or carrots or you know things
that we’re growing in the cool for cool
swords for the basement um there’ll be a
sistern to catch the
rainwater uh sistern on this side and a
sistern on that side and so in this
section we’re going to have a sistern
with a hand pump to be able to pump out
water for like washing dishes having
showers so it’s going to be done in the
the original Titus style hand pump no
internal Plumbing nothing like that yeah
yeah here in Casey County uh Amish
minites and other people who are not
hooking up to the City water and they’re
not hooking up to the electric they’ll
build their homes without any bu
building permit and no inspections oh
really that’s common you know um so
that’s this is called Liberty Kentucky
and we have a lot more Liberty here than
in a lot of other areas okay and so I
had never planned on getting a permit
for this building it went through the
wind that I’m building you know a house
of prayer and so uh an inspector came
out and he’s like uh you need to get a
permit and I said no I said I I don’t
don’t don’t need to get a permit I’m not
hooking up to the uh City water or the
electric and so he said well you so
you’re refusing to get a permit and I
said well if I can see it clearly stated
in the uh law that I have to get a
permit then I would consider it so he
pulled out his book and he started
reading really quickly in it and I said
wait a minute I said if we go a little
bit farther on there there’s an
exemption for special religious groups
that have an OB objection to the
Kentucky State Building Code I want this
to be educ
it’s not just me wanting to do it a
certain way but it is educational and we
want people to come here and learn how
they can grow their own food they can do
this and they don’t have to be dependent
upon the money of a $10,000 septic
system so I tried to explain that to him
and he’s like well um I’m just trying to
do my job he’s like I’m going to bring
the state out here so the state he came
back with two State guys and they said
well you can make an application but you
may not be granted the exemption and I
told them well if they don’t grant me
the exemption I’ll build it anyway and
they said well if you do that we’ll come
out and issue a stop work order and if
you go past that you can lose your farm
if they come again with some opposition
I will tell them okay this is my home I
will live here and yes people will be
invited to come here and pray with me in
my home
who wait for Peter
boys they’re eager beavers to
there’s a bit of a a surfing element to
this huh it is yeah you keep maintain
balance while the wagon’s
moving and this is the brake right here
yes for years the brakes were out and I
don’t have mechanical skills so one of
the volunteers saw that and he didn’t
even ask he just started fixing them
yeah that have been a blessing for
me that’s Donovan Donovan he’s from
Indiana when did Donovan come out here
uh last night and then uh he stayed in
the new bunk beds that we just built
right but when uh when did Donovan first
come out here well uh well he saw your
first video okay so you’ve been out here
for months well I’ve I’ve known Titus
for months I haven’t been out here for
months I just loved it man I identified
with him a little bit because it’s like
the free spirited nature you know I’ve
always been that way you know ever since
growing up I’ve I’ve always been like
kind of set apart from other people I’ve
always been like you know I don’t know I
just the the laid-back the peace it’s
just wonderful okay Titus so honestly
here you’re always honest you’re very
honest with everything but let’s be very
real about what percentage is taking on
the Titus diet the Titus bathing
the Titus uh fresh rain roof rainwater
from the roof what percentage is all in
well Charles he drinks the rain water
with me Charles is in okay protein in if
you have a little bug or something in it
you know uh it just gives you there’s
protein in your water yeah I mean it’s
ice water if you have a little oh yeah
there’s a little fly there we’ll just
pour him out uh and uh I mean you know
every once in a while you might find
this is going to be the new thing Titus
water it tastes good it’s sweet is it
it’s sweet but Charles he’s he’s Brave
um and so yeah to answer your question
probably yeah let me TR probably one out
of 10 will adopt the U plant-based diet
now the water probably probably three
out of 10 would drink the water
this is Rachel Kane her mom is behind
the camera quite a bit for the videos
that are on my channel her sister will
hold on with one hand and swing all the
way out there just with one hand she’s
really strong in her hands uh yeah
somebody uh just donated that uh the
swing to the ministry I had so much fun
climbing that
tree slack line yeah so uh the slack
line is really fun I’m not really I’m
not good down it like uh if this was
like a metal
railing I could walk across it but it’s
like keeping the
balance is
very very
challenging Rachel can you do it yeah
you you show them how to do it Rachel
let’s see how it’s
done we don’t have video games or TV or
we have this oh oh nice that’s cool
yes oh yeah they call this skinning the
cat skinning the
cat and so is this all your land out
here Titus yes yeah that’s all your land
the barn that field you can see the road
there yeah I don’t own anything across
the road oh yeah you can see so much
more this time of year but everything
everything that you see that’s on this
side of the road is is mine I got to say
the winter isn’t so bad here at least
right now right well I mean I’m in a
sweatshirt it’s probably 50° we do have
some harsh weather okay uh but and it’s
a humid cold so like the the volunteer
Zach from South Dakota he said a 20
degrees here is feels colder to him than
South Dakota’s 30 below because it’s
like a damp cold okay oh what
right down below that Hill there was
that a gopher uh that’s um Rachel’s
little sister Rebecca and I think
they’re trying to hide behind that tree
there down over the hill you playing
some hide and go seek is that what’s
going on I think they were trying to spy
on us are you guys spying down there
let’s go get them let get let’s go get
whoa we found you
girls we found you you were well
hidden oh so see I don’t think that I’m
going to do it uh with this tree cuz
it’s a sugar maple and I don’t really
want to leave it permanently bent but
you can find on steep stuff like this
you don’t even have to climb it you can
just like jump for it and then go off
it’s pretty easy because you don’t
actually have to uh climb
now this one is a buckeye and it’s not
all that Stout that one didn’t bend like
I was hoping it
would what do you girls think of
that is that pretty
cool it’s still a good workout and it
feels good like whenever I get a chance
to do this it stretches me and like I
thanks for having me out again tit oh
I’m glad you came I was so super excited
uh this morning like when is Peter going
to come when is he going to come I feel
like I Dro 15 20 years when I’m out here
with you but then we get into good you
know more serious philosophical
discussions about life and whatnot and
then it oscillates back to hanging from
trees yeah and talking about polar bear
swims it kind of balances things out
yeah there’s Rebecca she’s climbing a
buckeye tree she’s going Barefoot yes
she’s going for it let’s take a vote who
who wants to see Peter climb a
tree you guys want to see it happen
we’re all voting for you to climb okay
ready ready yeah
okay a tree you just said a tree well
that one there you no you guys you guys
started by saying a so it’s my pick of
what I’m going to climb okay okay that’s
fair enough
ready Titus
style Titus does it
like so I did it you guys I did
it you made him laugh and it made me
think of that verse that says a merry
heart doeth good like a medicine but a
broken Spirit dth up the bones and you
know like you come here and it’s like
you’re you’re being a child again you
know and then they like that it’s cuz
they can identify with you now because
now you’re you’re like a child you know
right uh and uh Jesus said you cannot
enter the kingdom of God unless you’re
like a child children are ready to try
things so do you think most of us lose
childlike self our childlike spirit
sometimes somehow getting out in nature
just seems to keep us young like when
you know when we were young like we were
exploring the woods like what’s beyond
that hill right or you know what if I
climb this tree what kind of view will I
have you know and you still have that
even when you know even now I’m 32 years
old when I I’m hiking in the woods it’s
like I it brings out that childlike
sense of exploration you know I’ve never
lost it you know but I think some people
do lose it because they have a grind of
a 9 to-5 job they have all these bills
uh maybe some debts where they bought
things they didn’t need and then because
they’re in that grind they don’t get out
in nature and they’re not hiking and so
that sense of exploration or Freedom
they just kind of lose that because of
the grind that they’re
in this uh used to be an Amish farm and
uh Eli yod would have me plow the fields
and do work here and so I plow these
fields up here and I found um pieces of
arrowheads and lots and lots of flakes
like where they making arrowheads so
apparently they had a camp or Village
here on this hill and then over there
where you see that hoop Barn when they
excavated it there I found a perfect
Arrowhead over there I’m looking forward
to what the Bible speaks of as the
resurrection because there all these
Indians or native people that are buried
somewhere in these Hills will come out
of their graves and one one day God’s
people will be able to see them and meet
them okay so I just did a series with
Mormons LDS so the LDS church it’s been
spoken of since the
1800s generation after generation after
generation the second coming doesn’t
come but they’re all talking about it so
what is that cuz then you’re looking at
evidence and you’re like hey you said it
was going to happen it never happened
now you’re saying it’s going to happen
how do you know it’s going to happen cuz
every time you said before or your
ancestors said before it never came into
fruition so explain that from your point
of view my grandpa you know believed
that Jesus would come in his day and
that all this misery and all this you
know would be ended and that you know he
wouldn’t have to die he would just Jesus
would come and he would be taken to
heaven and right you know so he had that
hope he had that expectation um but now
he’s getting old enough and he thinks
that well you know he’s you know he’s
over 90 but he thinks that well you know
I guess that hope that I had is not
going to come to fruition Jesus did say
that no man knoweth the day nor the hour
when the son of man cometh so only the
father knows so when the Father in
Heaven says son go in that miserable
mess go get my children from that
miserable place and bring them here
bring them home yeah that’s when it will
happen and so Jesus also said when you
see these things take come to pass then
you will know that your Redemption
draweth nigh the Bible speaks of in
Revelation chapter 17 10 kings that rule
one hour with the Beast so we right now
we we have all these different countries
with autonomy but in the very end of the
days there will be 10 Kings and it’ll be
a one world government so it won’t be
you know all these different governments
that we have and so they will this one
world government will take control and
will take religious freedom away from
from God’s people and so it wouldn’t be
accurate for me me to say oh well Jesus
could come next year there has to be 10
Kings ruling the Earth before Jesus
comes so that’s one of the signs that
that and they rule one hour with the
Beast so it’s a negative force that
comes over the world and then Jesus
comes back to relieve us all from the
oppression yes yeah and you know they
they want to set up a kingdom the 10
kings that rule 1 hour with the Beast
the Beast is a symbol of uh political
power that persecutes God’s people and
then these so they unite these leaders
these leaders unite and they want to
take full control and they want to be
they want control over people’s
conscience over their mind this is in
the Bible yes King J King James
yes yes and this Mark of the Beast uh if
you know there’s people read that in the
Bible and they they wonder what it is um
but this this Mark of the Beast is
coming it’s coming to this nation it’s
coming to the world and it will be an
test and so what happens to the citizens
of the
world so the the the rights that we have
for freedom of speech okay right now if
we want to we can say oh our President
Biden you know he’s he’s such a um
incompetent person he’s making all these
unwise decisions we have freedom of
speech to say that sure to criticize our
government leaders that’s a
constitutional right our freedom of
speech uh now we have the right to
peacefully assemble we can peacefully
protest we have that right we but you
know like in China when they peacefully
protested uh in the titanium square or
however you pronounce that you know they
got they got bullos and you know shot
1989 right yes you know uh right before
I was born in 91 and swiped from the
Chinese internet all those shots yeah it
was a race you know uh so like I was
born in 91 but um
see the the the type of tyranny that’s
in China with no freedom of speech is
the Tyranny that’s going to come here to
the United States now now you’re you’re
forecasting that because of the Bible
the biblical teachings or the current
events that you you see in B so that’s
dark Titus you’re saying we’re not going
into Good Times there’s two beasts that
are described in Revelation CH 13 first
Beast that you is pictured and second
beast the second beast is referring to
the United States of America okay is
that why you choose this lifestyle to be
away from the systems as possible that’s
one reason yes because I know that the
oppression is coming and I know that one
day if you don’t believe and you don’t
cooperate with the Beast and their
ideologies then you will not be able to
buy or sell and so my goal is to have
you will not be able to buy or sell your
your bank accounts get shut down yeah
your money doesn’t work and see once
they take away cash then they can start
enforcing that on
me right cuz you can you can operate in
cash right now yeah right now I can buy
and sell um and I don’t subscribe to the
ideology but the day will come if you
don’t subscribe to the ruling power and
their ideology you will not be allowed
to buy or sell who is the Beast right
now cuz you always hear they right and
who who is they so the Bible speaks of
beast and it has seven heads and 10
horns so if you look in the Book of
Daniel there’s these different beasts
mentioned the first one comes up out of
the sea and it it’s in Revelation
chapter or Daniel chapter 7 and it’s
this beautiful lion and it comes up out
of the sea that is a symbol of the
nation the political power of Babylon
and that’s clearly clearly spelled out
in the Book of Daniel that that Beast
represents represents Babylon the next
Beast that rises into power is a bear
and it’s raised up like this so one one
shoulder is higher than the other um
that Beast is a representation of Meo
Persia so the MEO Persians destroyed
Babylon and they became the ruling power
then the the next Beast found in
Revelation excuse me Daniel chapter 7 is
this leopard and it has four wings so uh
Alexander the great conquered the mean
Persians and then he drunk himself to
death at a young age and so his four
generals there was Pam ccus lysimachus
and cassander those four generals took
over the the to to rule the and be
ruling this power and so just like the
leopard had four wings there was those
four generals he conquered the world
more quickly than any of the other uh
others had before and that’s why the
leopard is like a very good descrip
description of him he conquered so
quickly so then Rome comes on the scene
in Daniel chapter 7 and Rome is the
fourth Beast that comes in this line of
succession okay and so this Pagan Rome
persecuted Christians severely but P
Pagan Rome changed and turned into
people Rome
and so from 538 to 1798 the pope had
power over Kings so the pope was a a
spiritual leader but he was also a
political leader he had political power
and so when when I’m speaking of the
Beast that persecutes God’s people I am
referring to the Roman Catholic
Church okay so the Roman Catholic Church
the pope is not just a spiritual leader
he is a king legally he’s a king and he
has 1929 bentu musolini signed it into
law that he he is a king he’s a he’s a
king over a sovereign state so this
Beast that I’m referring to that
enforces the mark that is the Roman
Catholic Church that with the Pope at it
as its head the 10 Kings uh they will
rule cjoint with the the the pope and
who would those other kings be uh I I
wouldn’t have names for them but they
would be political leaders that have
control so you would have you would have
the the earth divided or our world our
planet here divided into 10 different
regions and so each king or each
political leader would have jurisdiction
over that one area but it’s a one world
government so it’s a one world
government it’s a new world order but
they Unite with the Roman Catholic
Church in order they think that they
will have power by having an alliance
with the Roman Catholic church and so
they’re they’re ruling cooly for a very
very short time but but then they get
mad and according to Revelation chap 17
the 10 kings that rule our one hour with
the Beast will
destroy the Beast so they will destroy
the Roman Catholic Church they’ll
destroy the pope and then after the
Roman Catholic Church is destroyed by
the One World Government by the 10 kings
that rule are ruling then Jesus will
come so in order for me to see oh Jesus
is coming you know like very very very
soon I have to see the Roman Catholic
Church being destroyed by the One World
Government but before the the the Roman
Catholic Church is destroyed there’s
going to be an alliance between the One
World Government between the New World
Order and the
papacy okay so Titus your vision of the
future isn’t looking so good what are
people supposed to do you know not
everyone can live out here off the land
like this what what are what are what do
you suggest people do cuz you got to
have hope you have to have right some
sort of Promise the first thing to do is
just read God’s word okay and ask God to
teach you because when you read the word
of God you see something hope beyond the
misery here and so that’s the first
thing and then just pray and tell God
how you’re feeling you know be
respectful talk to him he is the
authority of the of the universe but
talk to him as a friend tell him what’s
bothering you tell him your s ask him
for the things that you really need and
he’ll do that and then most people God
God is calling most all people to leave
the cities and come to the country so if
everyone does that the country is not
the country anymore well they’ll be it
won’t be quite as secluded but there’s
so much land out there that could be
settled that’s just wild forest you know
God design that each man the Bible says
and every man his Vine and fig tree
shall be in peace and unafraid so God
God designed that a man would have his
own land he has his wife he has his
children and together they work on the
land and each man is kind of like a king
with jurisdiction or authority over how
that land is going to be developed you
know and it it’s good for you to have
that kind of control to exercise that
kind of control over your land that was
God’s design there’s many people who
have felt like oh I can’t learn these
skills or I can’t move out of the Cities
but if you’ll go forward in that
Direction getting out of the city
getting into the country if you’ll if
you’ll move forward in that direction
God will definitely open up the doors I
thought that it was impossible for me to
have this land like when I was earning
money as an employee for different Farms
I thought I W have to save up until I’m
40 years old maybe have 10 acres but it
was God’s will for me to have this and
now he has blessed me so I can bless
other people and teach other people
these skills okay so a very important
component to a healthy lifestyle you’re
saying is owning your own land and not
renting you think that’s really
important or if you could rent something
for reasonable and you have the finances
to do it that’s fine but a lot of times
when you rent something you’re just
pouring in money and never getting
something out so like you could get a
mortgage on a farm around here for like
$600 a month versus you could go and
rent an apartment over in California for
2,000 a month so you could have a
mortgage on a whole Farm out here for
way less then rent on some AP but Titus
fair to say Different Strokes different
folks not everyone digs this you know
what I mean like everyone has different
maybe you’re into ballet and you want to
have your kid at a ballet school and
there you have to be in an urban area
for many things yeah well it it kind of
boils down to do you believe the Bible
or not so if a person believes the Bible
and they see that okay there’s this
persecution and this oppression coming
from the beast power if you believe the
Bible you will make steps accordingly if
if you don’t believe the Bible then yeah
you could stay in the city and and just
be there but the fact of the matter is
you may like the city now it may be all
beautiful now but it will become a
horrible Place uh those who do not learn
from the mistakes of History are doomed
to repeat them in the time of Jerusalem
they thought oh everything’s good Jesus
warned them to get out of the city but
they the ones that stayed in they they
had a Siege and mothers ate their own
children when when when the economy
collapses and when things get really bad
the cities will be like a it it’ll be so
horrible and when people run out of food
they become like animals takes what
three days yeah for just all out Warfare
on each other yeah and you know you see
these girls here you know you’ve eaten
here before you ate some potatoes in the
soup you know they help plant those
potatoes you know we’re when children
learn to to work in the garden and they
learn to enjoy working when they grow up
the chances of being a criminal is
pretty slim even if you’re not Christian
even if you don’t believe the Bible’s
real if you get your children out in an
environment like this your chances of
raising honest hardworking citizens is a
higher there you go you got it you got
it there you
yeah are you going to show them how you
do it one
one hand whoa one hand that takes some
strength grip
strength Renee how long have you been
out here this is our second trip so we
came Thanksgiving and it’s been a week
and now we’re we for a week we actually
watched you and we’ve been watching
Titus for a while and trolls was like I
want to go help I want to go build
something so we came to help with the
the worship um out at the barn and then
hopefully we get to help with the the
building oh that’s so cool where do you
stay when you come out here um we stay
in Liberty okay so you get a place you
come out and work for the day go back
home pretty much what do you get out of
doing this being out in this Countryside
and doing this work um well we just like
the fact that it’s it I mean you’re
being useful and you’re doing something
for the Lord you know um our kids enjoy
it they get to be out you know no
electronics they’re out in nature
they’re doing fun stuff e your kids yes
Jess one of
them so you think that’s an important
thing for children absolutely these
envir we all need to go back to that
like I think when did this cross your
mind for the first time or you’ve always
been like this I’ve kind of always been
like this um just being around with my
grandparents and all we always did the
corn and my grand my grandfather plowed
with a mule until the late ‘ 80s so okay
cool we were we’re very Ral when you
raise a child like this where you let
their imagination go wild and then
they’re introduced to Society say when
they’re 18 or 21 or whatever when they
have to get a job and you know go into
that world what what’s what are your
thoughts on that I mean I think they’re
way more adaptable to it I think they’re
more mature um they know the real world
you know like how to survive how to live
um I mean there’s but do you want your I
mean it’s a long ways but do you want
your daughter going in to say live in
Austin or Dallas or not really no okay
not really I have a 19-year-old now
that’s in nursing school so I’m kind of
hoping she does the school thing and
then comes back to the rural area to
live well the beauty of nursing is you
can do it anywhere right she can do it
anywhere that’s right
yes hold on to your britches it’s going
to be bumpy here hard to keep your
easy right
back back you know it would take a lot
of time to put our concrete foundation
in and all that so I already have this
uh bar so tius service will be up here
for the winter yes on cold days or rainy
yeah when a knot or a hickory or a oak
or something that’s hard to nail this is
educational for people on that are on
YouTube use the uh your channel locks or
some kind of pliers and you hold that
nail I have tried to nail Oak and it was
just impossible they were just bending
they were bending bending and then an
Amish friend of mine is like hey watch
this and he took his Leatherman out and
he held the nail he was getting them in
every time so there’s uh it
works you felt led to come what do you
mean by that well those that are led by
the spirit are the sons of God okay and
when the spirit’s leading your life you
can’t do what you want to do so when
you’re you live in Texas and so what do
you mean just one you wake up and you’re
like I feel a calling I got to get up to
see Titus and help out well we were
always doing Thanksgiving well they
don’t really have to be in there kind of
for us and it was really good to see our
child uh actually eating all her food
and playing hard and actually sleeping a
good night’s rest here and just being
out in the elements of the country and
it’s got a lot of Jesus teachings in it
and uh you know we felt led to come be
thankful um to someone else else for
Thanksgiving you know not just do what
we want to do but actually help someone
else that’s being led of the Lord as
well okay so you came out your first
time during Thanksgiving we’re almost at
Christmas now mhm so you went home and
then came back again yes sir okay yes
sir what do you do for work at home uh
on an autog glass business okay so
you’re able to get away yes sir yes sir
great you don’t have to have a ladder if
you have the right um skills so I’ll
show the people the funnest way to get
down without a
ladder how are your shoulder joints
Titus it’s
strong hey come back up there Peter and
I want to show you something so uh any
opportunity I can I like to U exercise
wow and then it’s very good for your
back to be able to
stretch people should do this every day
and they would have less back
ping they strong you’re like an
ant just like a cat squirrel AR you
you’re like you can move like three
times your body weight the the Bible
says go to the ant thou sluggard
consider her ways in me
wise is this your morning
routine uh I don’t really have a routine
of it but I do try to climb something
and hang on a regular
basis Sparticus what’s up what’s up
do you think I’ll ever become a
practicing christianus yes and here’s
the reason why okay I have had so many
people say you know we see that Peter is
not a Christian but that he is a
compassionate person yeah and we’re
praying that one day he will see the
need to give his life to Jesus and open
up his
heart I pray every night does that help
it does help yes it does and keep
praying and pray that the Father in
Heaven would show you why you need Jesus
in your life but you still love me
anyways yeah I I mean it like whether
you’re a Christian or whether you’re not
like my our friendship goes
on ring it ring it yeah there’re calling
us for for lunch so we’ve got a little
bit of uh mustard here which is a little
bit spicy so it still grows in the
winter yeah uh and then we got a little
bit of
Clover this is called
chickweed why do you put cardboard here
it just decomposes it makes a mulch yeah
okay it’s uh it’s like a weed
suppression barrier this is chickweed
and so we’re going to cut a little bit
of it
for a a fresh salad is this normal for
this to be growing in the winter yes it
is so we’re south enough where is just
very hearty it’s very it’s been frosted
many times we’ve had 20 20° so I will
just take a little bit of this in and
get our nutrition uh you know if you’re
eating lettuce that came from California
the longer that it’s been on the Shelf
the less nutrients you’re going to have
even though we don’t have a huge
quantity of this we have more nutrition
because it was freshly cut
and uh the the according to the uh
encyclopedia uh there is more vitamin C
levels if you harvest it afternoon
rather than in the morning oh
interesting smells good in here hello
how are you good how are you Peter
Stephanie nice to meet you Stephanie wow
don’t they look like a couple cats
look at this
Titus yeah the volunteers the place
looks a lot better yes we’re not hooked
onto the grid but somebody sent some
solar panels and a little battery box
and so like the headlights rechargeable
headlights we charge those up and these
lights like I didn’t need all this stuff
when it was just me but now that people
are wanting to do videos and we we
gather together and worship here we need
more lighting for the people that come
sometimes this place is packed with
people that are coming you know um it’s
warm in here yeah it’s nice yeah so
Stephanie you’re the one that makes all
of these awesome videos of Titus you’re
you’re shooting those videos and editing
them right A lot of them I do have
helpers okay you do yes Donovan is one
oh nice Eric that is one okay these are
sort of the behind the scenes church at
the waterfall those are awesome videos
and more of the day-to-day stuff yeah I
do the Titus and Donovan series Titus
and I we do Bible study together and so
Titus a lot of people have asked me hey
the guy that lives off the grid doesn’t
use electricity how’s he you know making
a YouTube channel and this is the reason
they have the tech skills I don’t okay
so you’re not touching the videos at all
no and most of the videos most of the
videos I never see them okay so I’m
going to leave that link down below to
your channel cuz there’s great stuff in
there love it two channels now two
channels now okay I’ll leave both links
down below what what’s it you guys are
challenging me
climb the trees you might as well climb
bu them what’s so hard about this show
us how easy it is I’ve been up in bunk
beds before do you want me to do it
one-handed behind my back yeah you’ll
see oh yeah only one hand only one okay
I’m going to use my other arm see the
ceiling causes a little bit of problem
oh that was so hard I don’t know how I
did that how did I do that wow I was
never a kid before I don’t know how to
do these things well so the the next
thing the next thing that you’ve got to
do Peter is youve got to do
this was that the wood or your your
joint cracking that was my
knife yeah I got see this is how I would
sleep I would sleep like
all right I’m not going to that’s how
this goes bad Titus when I try to cop
moves Okay so we’ve got pinto beans here
and we’ve got pumpkin from the garden
from my neighbor’s Garden got turnips in
here we’ve got wild onions in here uh we
got some pink Himalayan salt see I got
kicked by a horse and I wasn’t able to
work in my garden very much cuz I broke
a a leg and so my neighbor this fall was
like Hey Titus um I don’t have time to
pick my pumpkins take what you want so
we took the horses and we loaded up
boxes of pumpkin this is turnup greens
that we just picked just what we Pi them
yesterday the turnup bottom is in the
soup there and then the turnup top is
here and so then these are Danny lion
greens that I picked today these are
wild onions that I picked today this is
applesauce um that the girls can they
have they crank like this and that’s one
reason why she can hold on to the swing
and and with just one hand is cuz she
built up muscles with making applesauce
and so then um uh Titus yeah I got a
okay those what’s going on here those
were sent by volunteers I mean are they
were sent for me and the volunteers um
why don’t you read the ingredients oh
yeah yeah yeah it’s um it’s all
plant-based it’s um dates peanuts and
sea salt that’s it it’s healthy you
should eat one they’re very very good
like people have sent so much food here
for the volunteers and for this project
it’s amazing I can see you gained a lot
of weight Titus you’re go you’re getting
this your muffin top your muffin top
just took
over I may have have gained some weight
I’m not really sure I I usually say at
about 130 yeah it was a joke Titus you
you look pretty
trim I wouldn’t mind gaining a little
bit of weight okay uh so this is also
cooked pumpkin from uh the neighbor
generously let us glean from his garden
um this is Hony so you were here back
when the corn was like shoulder High um
so the volunteers and everybody we
picked this uh corn and sheld it off and
now we made Harmony this bread here
Stephanie took some um spelt and
grounded up it’s homemade bread we’re
going to add this to the soup because if
we if we put raw stuff in the soup it
it’s healthier for us so the more raw
you can eat the better this episode is
called cooking with
Titus I’m teaching I’m teaching Jeremiah
Was he he helped to the the um pumpkin
in there he helped chop that Jeremiah
this little guy yeah and he’s two years
old so Titus I honestly didn’t think in
the winter time you’d have such a spread
well I thought it would have been all
canned food like the pumpkins there will
I have a a room in the back there and we
shut the door door so the heat from the
stove doesn’t go there back here yes can
we see sure yeah it’s probably
disorganized but uh you’re welcome to
it like here’s zucchinis summer squash
from the garden here’s boxes of potatoes
okay uh from the garden Rachel and
Rebecca helped plant these then I had an
Amish friend that helped me Harvest them
we keep the window open but uh or just
cracked so it’s cold in here but uh it
doesn’t really freeze Okay so we’ve got
sweet potatoes here
um and then we’ve got pumpkins from the
garden that I save seed year after year
from these pumpkins apples and those
apples I don’t have my apple trees are
not doing well so those are bought from
the store that’s corn that we raised
here um the the red is higher protein
than the white M um but uh we’ll make
Hony out of this or cornmeal for making
cornbread you can put it on camera but
it’s very
disorganized what your room my room yeah
it’s very disorganized so I’ve got two
chairs in here that are here because I’m
supposed to fix them but I haven’t fixed
them yet and then this is a bunk bed uh
that we built here the volunteers Cedar
it smells really good oh it smells great
here SMS really good so where are you
sleeping right here yeah this middle one
there does anyone sleep here uh well my
dog when it’s really cold I let him
sleep on that leather pad there okay um
but yeah it’s it’s very disorganized but
maybe one day I’ll get it organized T
are you relationship right now no no
okay so everyone’s just friends here
okay we praise thee Oh God for the son
of thy love for Jesus who died and is
now gone
hallelujah amen hallelu th the glory
revive us again who’s thankful that
father gave us all this good food I am
yes yes without the sunshine the rain
his Blessing we would not have this food
all right let’s thank him for it and we
will ask him to bless
it our Father in heaven we are thankful
that you have provided such good food
thank you for the fellowship we ask that
you would bless this food in our
conversations that in everything we
would have Str strength and everything
we would please you father bless this
home each one that’s here those that are
watching as well and we ask this in the
name of your in the name of your son
Jesus Yeshua amen
amen all right Peter show us the
way this is a beautiful so is it like
this every day meals like this most yeah
most meal yeah most meals okay do a lot
of the volunteers lose weight if they’re
out here for a long time time yes they
do we have spare suspenders on hand just
in case they can’t hold yeah okay so how
much like some some guys will come in
here that are pretty big right how much
weight will they lose in say two 3 weeks
noticeable difference enough that they
got to put another hole in their belt oh
wow oh I forgot to say potatoes there’s
potatoes from that we harvested uh that
is good
tus the harmony was made by taking ashes
from the wood stove okay to eat away at
the skin of it so you saw how the corn
was red after it’s in the ash solution
it eats that skin away okay and then if
you eat it as cornmeal you won’t get B
vitamins but if you make it into harmony
like what we’re doing you’ll get B
vitamins from the harmony okay I have to
say the meal in the winter is pretty
much as good as the summer mhm you came
from a pretty difficult background like
I grew up my father was was rarely ever
around and I and I struggled with that
for a long time then my mother she had a
drug problem you know certain times in
my life for instance when I was 5 years
old my mom took a she was on you know
crystal meth and she took us me out to
the woods and it was 3 days and three
nights we were in those woods and I
remember the feeling of the presence of
God during those three days because I
didn’t suffer you know I didn’t suffer
at all but um tell them how you got
water for her with a little oh yeah yeah
so so she was you know crying about
these coyotes she said coyotes are going
to get me coyotes are going to get me
and I was 5 years old and I didn’t know
what to do so she climbs a tree and it
falls and she breaks her hip and then so
she’s sitting there for three days with
a broken hip you know and I’m just
waiting for help and she’s like thirsty
you know she’s like Donovan you know I
need some water and I remember getting a
uh like a little soda can like a pop can
real old one that I had just found in
the woods and I found a puddle and I got
her water from the puddle eventually
somebody found us 3 days later you know
and I went to foster care and whatnot
but but you know I had a really rough
upbringing I had a really rough
experience childhood and I believe and
and it was torturous and I suffered
because of it but I believe that God has
put me in this position so I can reach
others in kind of the same situations I
want to help people that are addicted to
drugs that are you know that don’t know
who they are that have issues with their
identity and with their father because
that was me you know and I’m 23 what are
you seeing when you look at the younger
20 somethings in society well there just
a lot of what I’m seeing is I’m just
seeing people are lost there’s so many
things being hit at them at once they’ve
got the food are being poisoned the
media I I know kids that they they can’t
go time without being quiet because
their thoughts they don’t want to hear
their own thoughts because of the
technology this is what a lot of people
in your generation doesn’t understand is
that when these kids are growing up with
laptops in there you know they’re
they’re coming out of the womb with
electronics attached to them so because
of that they’re going through the Earth
and and they never have a silent moment
they’re always listening to something
with an airpod they’re always talking to
somebody on the phone they never have a
moment of silence by themselves and
they’re going crazy you know this is
medicine for you out here yeah oh yeah
absolutely well the the biggest medicine
is my connection to God you know when
you have a connection to Christ and and
you forgive and you have that peace
there’s nothing like it to be a Son of
God on this Earth it it’s an amazing
experience you know so you forgave your
parents yeah yeah I did it was the
hardest thing I ever did hardest thing I
ever did but I I forgave I went to them
in person it’s important when you
forgive your parents to go to them in
person and I didn’t forgive them for
what they did I forgave them for me
resenting them because they couldn’t
help themselves I shouldn’t have
resented them cuz it wasn’t my place
place I’m not God it wasn’t my place to
judge them you know and in the moment I
realized this is when I had become my
father you know I I was on drugs running
around I I was almost having a child out
of wedlock and that’s when I realized I
had become my father I couldn’t hate him
anymore because I was him when was that
how many years ago about three and a
half years ago okay yeah and then when
that happened it changed my life I went
to my father God told me that I needed
to go and forgive my parents so I went
and I forgave my parents and as soon as
I did that as soon as I forgive my
mother and father that weight that I’d
been carrying all my life that burden
that anxiety depression all those
confusions it all was gone in an instant
and and I just ever since it’s been
three and a half years I’ve never felt
fear anxiety depression it’s not in me
anymore God took that spirit away you
know so it’s a spiritual battle there
just aren’t many heroes in society for
young people right who do you look up to
Jesus okay that’s your her definitely I
I couldn’t look up to a man you know I
don’t think anybody should I think the
biggest thing is that there’s no
guidance there’s no directions there’s
no Community you know 100 years ago
people lived in communities everybody
knew each other you know nowadays it’s
so disconnected with the social media
it’s we’re destroying a generation you
say hi now you the
camera you show them how you go up to
the ceiling no way
whoa whoa
whoa Zach is going to be a great father
one day yeah so Zach’s single so you
know Zach is
single how do they find
Zach well I mean you could put his
number on there if he’s okay with it
don’t suggest it don’t do that don’t
take titus’s tip on that
one yeah are you are you finally
listening to me on on that Titus about
having your number online well I had it
the at the end of the videos like that
we were doing with Stephany and and you
know the ministry videos and things I
had my number at the end of them but
finally I told Stephanie I just can’t
keep up with the calls like don’t don’t
put my number at the end of the videos
uh so now if people watch all my content
they’ll find my
number but they have to look a little
harder now than they used to be gentle
to Spartacus Jer be gentle to
him spus the only OG dog what do you
think of the way that Titus lives I love
the way Titus lives cuz Titus is is true
to who he is amen and 100% real in the
process and I think everyone respects
that I think that’s why people love
watching these videos amen amen cuz it’s
uh I’m sure you make your mistakes tius
refreshingly pure who doesn’t love Titus
yeah amen I mean I’m sure there’s
someone out there
but there’s haters out there there’s
Titus haters all right how do you feel
about people talking about you in front
of you is that is that fun oh yeah I I’d
rather they talk in front of me than
behind my back but when people talk
behind my back and say things that are
not true it at one time in my life it
would make me so mad and I would want to
know everything that they’re saying
about me that’s not true but now I have
peace about it because I know that
there’s going to be a judgment day
coming the Bible says says that we will
all stand before the Judgment seat of
Christ so the people that make up rumors
about me that are not true or different
speculating things about me that are not
true on the Judgment Day the record will
be all straightened out so I don’t have
to in my mind be stressed about it and I
don’t have to work hard to call people
up and say hey this is really the truth
this is I’m just at peace with
it look at me in the
okay your turn your
oh came in
wow so Titus not long ago you were in
here eating alone no like every meal how
does that feel from living alone in this
home to having what looks like a youth
hostel with the bunk pads it’s it’s wild
it’s it’s I mean there’s no comparison
it is a blessing though I like the
fellowship and like there have some been
some volunteers that have been so hard
to handle but the majority of them have
been such a blessing here like like Bill
I guess he’s he’s behind you like you
know there’s times when I feel really
tired and I’m like well I could go out
and unharness the horses and time out on
their picket lines but I’m like Bill do
you feel like doing it oh yeah he’ll go
out there and do that and and it’s like
it takes such a load off of me Bills on
it mhm one one word would describe
Bill Dependable okay I was going to say
reliable Bill where are you from I’m
from North Central Indiana but I came
here from New Mexico tell them how you
well I was contemplating the whole idea
of even coming here I’d been watching
some of your videos started watching the
one where he was driving a guy around
through Amish country and he stopped off
the sea Titus and then I saw the one
where uh you and Titus hitched hike to
uh Nashville and I was like well I
really think I could find God over there
rather than where I was at so I
contemplated the idea but then I kept
putting it off putting it off and then
finally a voice inside my head that
sounded like a lion and a thunderstorm
just said
now so I left New Mexico yeah and my van
ain’t very good in fact it was messing
up on me today so I didn’t think I would
make it anyway but then
I I deliver for door Dash I door Dash
across the country and uh I didn’t think
I would make it because my van was
falling apart but I figured well if God
told me to go he ain’t going to fail me
and I made it here without a single
issue so how long have you been here
about a month my van has been pretty
much equipped with cops stove uh heater
things like that so I can just stay in
my van you sleep out there you’re not in
the one of the bunk no I’ve only slept
in here once and it wasn’t it was too
uncomfortable for me I wasn’t used to it
so you got to make more comfortable
pants come on Titus do you still have
riding the horse in you oh yes I I’ve
been looking forward to this all day CU
he’s never had a saddle on his back he’s
never had a bridle in his mouth uh and
he’s three years old and he’s a stallion
and he reared up last night when we
tried to unload him out of the trailer
and almost got away from me like just
leading him so trying to jump over the
fence yeah like he was trying to get out
of the stall and he had his
leg he did get loose so what do what do
you all think happens when Titus tries
to tame the horse here I told him it’s
going to be a miracle from God if he
gets on there and rides it
today and we’re going to see Miracles
today natural
today are you nervous Titus no not a bit
I’ll tell you why I’m not nervous nous
there was a uh an evangelist in
Ethiopia named abisa and he walked long
long long long uh travels to tell people
about Jesus and then uh he thought you
know if I had a mule I could you know be
easier for me I could I you know I could
go farther I could tell more people
about Jesus he was looking for a mule to
buy and they were very scarce in
Ethiopia at that time this was about
1915 and so somebody told him of a mule
for sale but they said don’t don’t buy
it don’t don’t buy this mule the owner
will try to trick you he’ll try to get
the money before you ride it but this
mule will Buck it will kick and it’s
dangerous and the only way you can ride
it is blindfold it and so they uh he
said okay so he gave the money to the
owner and then he got on the mule and
everybody was looking for a rodeo but
before he got on the mule he he said
Father in Heaven uh this mule is going
to carry your evangelist please give
this mule a new heart and I ask in Jesus
name amen and he got on that mule and
that mule just walked calmly away and
everybody was like what and he said yes
he said if Jesus can give a mule a new
heart he can give a man a new heart too
amen everyone’s come out for this you’re
all excited to see what’s going to
happen here sir sorry this is our
so one of you want to hold this uh for
me or hold the gate
yeah easy boy who easy boy
he’s never had a bit in his mouth he’s
not sure about it that’s not going to be
fun for her for him easy
boy yeah he’s not used to it easy
boy easy
now easy
now I’m going to saddle up another of my
horses and then I’m going to have uh
Zach to ride uh one of mine and then for
the first ride they usually do better
they’re more calm when they have another
horse that they can kind of follow
along father we’re grateful for this
horse we ask father that you would keep
him calm and that you would teach us how
to teach the horse to be calm to be
Dependable we’re asking in the name of
your son Jesus
amen all
there we
go he not sure what to
do tus is going for a
ride oh nice
whoa go ahead Zach he’ll follow you how
is that Titus he didn’t
Buck don’t let him try make
him some of them Buck rear up run
fences he’s kind of fighting the
it sure is yeah the way he was pulling
away and rearing up and like not leading
at all last night he he’s I see a 100%
wow it is that normal yeah a lot more
calm the horse is that calm with Titus
okay but he has gotten fcked off before
have you seen it in action oh yes Rachel
was riding a horse biscuit with him and
they got [ __ ] off oh thankfully it
wasn’t on the
road yeah he did real well for the first
time oh yeah I’ve never seen nothing
it that went well
my parents were divorced and then my mom
found out she was pregnant with me and
so they decided to get an abortion and
so they were driving they had to drive
two and a half hours to get this
abortion and my dad was sort of thinking
maybe this isn’t the right thing to do
and he had wandered away from God and he
prayed if you don’t want us to go
through the with this abortion then give
me a flat tire and immediately he got
two flat tires and so he told my mom
we’re not going through with this God
told me not to and we’re not doing it
and she’s like but we decided this we
can’t change our mind okay and so
um I was raised like being told God has
a special plan for your life and there’s
something he wants you to do and I
didn’t know what that was until I
started helping with this ministry and
now I found my calling oh that’s so cool
and you’ve been a huge support in this
whole process for Titus right yeah when
the first video came out I was like oh
no we’re gonna have to support Titus
like he he can’t handle this so we
started stepping up and doing what we
could and I asked him like what can we
do to help you to keep you from being
overwhelmed and he’s like I do not want
to cook please help me I don’t want to
cook and so I said okay you know trade
me in so I got trained in just a few
weeks ago because he had a cook prior to
that right so now I’m doing the cooking
the cleaning and the videos on the
editing so wow you’re busy and you have
three kids but it’s really a blessing
for them as well because they get to
benefit from all of this and have this
pure lifestyle right and are you excited
about this oh yes okay very excited it’s
just amazing the the people that have
come here on sabbaths and the way that
we’re able to connect with them and
support them as well it’s just it’s God
it’s all
God lord I care not for riches neither
silver nor
gold I would make sure of Heaven I would
enter the
fold in the book of thy kingdom with its
pages so fair tell me Jesus my
Savior is my name written there
is my name written there on that page
white and fair where the angels are
watching is my name written there I used
to to sing this song and just weep
because it it says Lord my sins are so
many like the Sands of the sea and I
thought that’s me I can’t even count all
the evil sinful things that I’ve done
and I was so full of regret so full of
Shame so full of guilt but something
happened Jesus took that guilt away I
was on that that that road of deep
regret I was on that road for so long
but Jesus helped me get off of that road
now and now I’m on the pathway of Purity
on the Highway of Holiness and now I
don’t carry that shame and that regret
and that guilt it’s all gone Jesus took
it all away so I’m speaking to you today
if you’re on that road of deep regret
you’re full of depression you’re full of
guilt you’re full of Shame for all the
evil things all the sinful things that
you’ve done get to know Jesus in his
word he’ll take that away he’ll take
that guilt away he’ll get you off that
road of deep regret and he’ll put you on
a different Road he will let’s pray Our
Father in heaven we are so
thankful that you can take us off this
road of deep regret and you can change
us you can fill us full full of joy
where before we will we were full of
depression father we ask for those here
and those that are
watching father speak to our hearts and
lead us to the place we need to be and
we ask all these things in the name of
your son Jesus Yeshua amen amen
amen all right Titus thank you brother
hey thank you I’m proud of you for
this next summer we’re going to see
here and all the people you’ve brought
in that love what you’re doing what
you’re about in the beautiful Community
you guys have all created out here it’s
a special thing I’ve not created it
though like it like you’ve you’ve been a
huge part of it and then the people that
have donated so that we can hire a
bulldozer in here and we can get this
gravel and like
I’m part of it I’m directing it but
really like it’s all God’s blessing
Titus oh Lord bless you thank you
brother all right anything else we need
to say well again I would like to thank
the support that people have given
financially for this project what a
blessing what you know like the people
here that are enjoying volunteering here
it’s yeah like and and thank you again
thank you Titus
love it maybe I’ll come back this summer
and see the constructed building
definitely yeah definitely that would be
great that would be great all right do
you want to say it all right guys until
the next one okay until next

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