He Found Freedom in the Desert

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As far out as one can get in the continental United States is a place tethered to nothing other than the open skies, dramatic landscapes, and a deep feeling of freedom. Removed from the stresses and restraints of the cities is a community living by their own rules. Today, we meet up with a local character named Will, who shows us what living out here is like in rural Utah and why he can’t imagine it any other way.

► Video edited by: Natalia Santenello

► Headlund – Heart’s Reprise

will how’s it going man this is freedom
no government overreach nobody approves
of it and we defend it oh look at this
street Sons you can make it work we can
make it work and what I don’t know my
neighbor might places like this are like
this because man can’t dominate
it look at this place so this doesn’t
bum you out seeing all this Decay and
things falling apart that’s what makes
happy no one to tell you what you can
and can not do we’ve been starting a
ranch from nothing no house no cills no
water it is like being on another planet
the graduating class A couple years ago
was two these lots are for sale and this
is an old Ghost Town you’re on your own
and you got to figure it out you’re not
in a bubble you’re actually living out
here will how’s it going man man good
how you doing thanks for meeting up yeah
yeah we’re going on an adventure today
yeah so you living out of this yep seven
years now you got a stove top you have a
rock collection CD collection DVDs DVDs
and then co-pilot Miss baby girl she’s
been with me the whole time seat belt’s
not happening right well n you don’t
need a seat belt there ain’t no police
and there ain’t no danger it’s not with
me how far away is the nearest police
officer uh a little over an hour and
he’s not coming if it ain’t
important how many years have you been
out here I’ve been out here just over 10
years now where are you from originally
uh right outside New York City in New
Jersey okay so you went super Urban to
as far out as you could get literally
the most populated and I looked for the
least populated place I could find see
this is
I’ll be taking this sign down tomorrow
probably we don’t we don’t approve of
those things who put that up
BLM not BLM in the city BLM I know
people confuse that Bureau of Land
Management yes yes which I didn’t even
know there was another one until I was
in the cities at one point and I’m
talking about it and they had to explain
to me I was like oh that’s not what BLM
is so there’s not a strong prover you’re
saying out in these parts no not at all
so pioneering Spirit pioneering Rebel
Outlaw you know just no government
overreach nobody approves of it and we
defend it I was fully emerged in the New
Jersey life and I own some businesses
out there so I was all over the place I
came out here once before on on a road
trip and I was like this is freedom this
is real Freedom there’s no one telling
you what to do there’s no no trespassing
there’s no nothing and it just it
brought me out here I had to get away
from it and I’ve never once thought of
going back not even for a
second so you don’t want to mention the
name of the town not necessarily okay so
what it’s called the town yeah I mean
everything we see right here that’s the
whole entire town right there you can
literally see everything and your cat’s
like a dog sort of hangs so she made the
van she got catnapped for six uh months
in Colorado I was freaking out you know
cuz she’s my world so the only thing I
could think of to
do to deal with it was I Tu ass Sol all
to the roof of the van and I figured if
I have a distraction I won’t freak out
about her being gone built it up over 6
months about 10,000 ft up in the
mountains all by hand no power tools or
anything 10,000 ft up in the Mountain
we’re at 6,500 here roughly uh closer to
55 6 months in I was buying the flooring
for the van and I got a picture of her
from someone on the internet so I say
she made the van cuz I started it when
she left and I finished it when I got
her back a that’s so cool yeah these are
magazine rack holders right there and
these are my doors this is
uh my table that I have here for doing
whatever which engineering and designing
the framing for all this with this big
gap in here was quite interesting I only
have enough electricity electricity to
charge batteries no refrigerator no
bathroom none of that
nonsense I have another home but it’s
like it’s like a day house it’s a house
boat on the dirt not on the water which
I always thought was crazy until I
became the proud owner of a house boat
that’s not on the water okay you said we
we can’t go into your property because
your landlord says no but we can stand
outside and you can point in right yes
okay and I’m only in town when I need to
make money or helping out my buddy
watching the farm and his auto shop
because we have a couple head of cattle
a garden so I tend the fields in the
summer and everything and get all the
free beef I could ever ask for I’ve been
doing construction my whole life I do
everything mechanicing Plumbing painting
sheetrock Rock work Carpenter by trade I
trained as an
electrician okay so you said there are
some airbnbs out here mhm if someone’s
gone like everyone knows it’s a rental
aren’t some people in town going to
break into it or that sort of thing no
because everyone’s watching you know
we’re in the wild west everyone’s armed
so you got to understand if you do
something wrong someone will take care
of business if it needs takeen care of I
mean they’re not shooting them but
they’re just getting out of town or what
they’re I mean in the past in the past
out here yeah of course yeah but they’ll
escort them out of town they’ll scare
them out of town they’ll do whatever
needs to be done to get people out so
the Poli manages itself basically
without police
mhm all
right look at this place built into the
mountain wow wow look at this art up
here Us West is no
longer look at this in the
store what a cool
place so you take the gold back here
uhhuh so this is very cool a guy I met
up in Provo I believe it is this is his
business this currency is being used in
five different states
and he said even out here it’s being
used obviously your store it’s beautiful
exchange rate is
$48 it just goes to the gold price when
something happens I will have backup and
it will be tender it was will be legal
tender so I believe there’s actual gold
in the currency uhhuh there’s like the
actual gold is in there from what I
understand that’s how they determine a
one or a five or a 20 how much gold is
in there is in this when they tell us we
can’t use uh the paper money anymore all
we can use is a card I only operate on
cash and I’ve run into it numerous times
where I can’t buy stuff so you think
there’s that push to get us all in
plastic and get rid of the paper
eventually how many times this year and
in the last three years that they said
we’re having a coin
shortage we have a coin shortage no
you’re just get telling people that so
they will not use coins and use their
card because you can’t get your change
back and cash goes to many other people
card only goes to the bank and business
a lot of non business owners don’t
understand when you use plastic you as
the owner or the store has to pay 3% or
whatever so the bank JP Morgan or
whoever is is making all that money and
if you get everyone on that Yep they’re
Bank rolling right they can control what
you spend because they can shut your
account off anytime saw we saw that in
Canada last year and they can track you
they know where you’re going you know
what you’re doing you really think it’s
you really think it’s getting that bad
yes you think it’s going there it’s
going there 10 years doubt five that’s
one benefit being out here you’re sort
of removed from a lot of it oh yeah
we’ve already seen it we had a two a
flood two years ago and everybody
everybody from the county everybody from
the the town helped everybody
else and it it will be that way too
because we have a lot of people that
believe they’re uh Patriots they’re
patriotic people and they believe that
this country’s going downhill fast and
the ones that don’t believe that are the
ones that are living on welfare and off
of the government and need the
government to take care of them and we
outweigh them and um what’s scary is
that we only have a certain amount like
groceries we get groceries once a week
if something happens and everybody
starts coming from the city like they
did in Co cuz they all came out here
during Co oh then that takes our
supplies away because they don’t bring
stuff with them they think they can buy
it here okay we only have a certain
amount because we can only get supplies
once a week out here so that’s going to
be a crunch but there’s enough of us
that band together and there’s n of us
that still know how to kill a chicken
and cook it for
dinner but sure a
cow you know we
can you can make it work we can make it
work and what I don’t know my neighbor
might mhm if I can’t if I don’t remember
how to can a tomato there’s four other
ladies in this town that can and we can
all have Gardens and a lot of people
have put seeds back in their in their
storage and stuff so it’s mostly it’s
mostly LDS here right um I would say
half and half you’re LDS right yeah
Margaret accepts me and you know I’m
not but he’s okay I mean I can talk to
him and tell him what I think and he’s
proved his worth in town oh yeah he has
and and we’re pretty good friends that’s
cool um but the bigger towns are
different because most people in the
bigger towns are very standoffish and
and you know they’re not as trusting as
the people in the smaller towns but we
all we seem to manage pretty good out
here thank you thank you take care see
you later Margaret’s great she feels
like maybe the grandmother of the town
or something I love her to death I love
her to death for sure what a cool
place well I’m starting to feel the vibe
of the Town leave me the Falone
don’t tell me how to live mhm which I
can respect for sure that’s really what
it is cuz when there are problems that’s
what they stem from is people butting
into other people’s business it’s like
that guy he’s just camping there he’s
been there for a week and that’s fine
yep doesn’t need a permit or anything no
if you overdo something then you can’t
do it anymore so it’s a matter of just
making sure whatever you do you do it
respectfully you don’t cause a scene you
don’t make anything dirty and then
everyone’s okay with
it those are the cows that we raise and
eat and everything so what’s with the
house boats out here we recycled them
and Salvage them that’s my place right
there that’s your place yep the house
boat mhm I don’t know if you can zoom
enough see the slide coming down the
side quick quick
exits slide out of the house oh yeah and
then like all those columns that’s just
Roofing that was rotting in the ground
and I was like oh what can I do with
that so I made columns out of the
roofing which I’m pretty proud of and
that took forever it was daunting I did
that last summer 110 degrees every day I
was like oh man columns I was dreaming
columns but I had to get it
done I don’t know the story behind this
Shack here but they’re old you know 100
years more sure I came with the pioneers
huh yeah where I moved was as the crow
flies about 50 miles from here okay
where where was that uh I can’t say okay
but it’s part of the National Park
Service and everything okay and it takes
about 3 hours to get there from here and
this was the closest town so ever since
day one this was like where I’d do my
shopping and then once I finally wanted
to live in a town I decided this is the
best place to to be so you were living
way up in the National Park the most
uh ranger station in the lower 48 states
most people you know they can’t go 6 s
months Never Going On Pavement or seeing
another person and you did that yeah and
it was beautiful okay did you get lonely
though I had a girlfriend at the
time this is the elementary and then
high school and maybe Junior High School
they get shipped out an hour hour and a
half up County to go to school every
single day and the graduating class A
couple couple years ago was
two from here yeah so you don’t have a
choice in
friends and I think that’s amazing
because where I grew up my graduating
class was
2000 so that’s just wild to think of you
think there’s an advantage to growing up
out here 100% I wish I
did why I learned a lot in the East
but nothing that helps me everything
that helps me I’ve learned since I moved
out here you know about how to survive
how to be smart how to be
respectful all the good morals and
everything you know cuz you’re not in a
bubble you’re actually living out here I
grew up about 2 miles from uh Elizabeth
New Jersey which is right next to Newark
so lots of crime my neighborhood was a
nice neighborhood but you’re right there
2 miles from the hood so the hood came
to you you couldn’t you know you weren
isolated so people got murdered not
every day or anything but it wasn’t a
weird thing to hear about I was into
drugs you know I’ve been clean and sober
since 2008 nice but I did heroin I was a
heroin dealer and addict I had got
pistol whipped got all my teeth knocked
out I been to jail but nothing
serious and it’s just you know in New
Jersey at least that’s normal it’s just
doesn’t matter where you’re from you
have a connection to that stuff wherever
you’re from
so this is the main drag back before
they built the highway that’s why the
church is here gas station there used to
be a market over
there they’ve lived here forever a
friend of mine lives next to the gas
station her whole family’s lived here on
the other side okay that’s someone from
California building that house and so
The Californians coming here they just
they’re just done with City urban life
for whatever and they want to get away
from it all that’s what they say hey Sam
how are you good how you doing Sam’s got
a some work ahead of them with that line
I want that truck good old 8 by8 does it
run ah I doubt it it’s been in this spot
ever since I’ve seen it for my first
time years ago but the gas station’s for
sale and I’m assuming this will be for
sale there’s a hot tub in
here so this doesn’t bum you seeing all
this Decay and things falling apart and
that’s what makes me happy why is that
it’s just I don’t know it’s just history
I think it’s beautiful I prefer an old
decade thing than some Modern Square
simple boring
stuff when I first moved here this was
one of the first places I stopped and I
was talking to the guy here and he gave
me $20 and a stick as a welcome to town
that was a good- looking
stick a lot of creativity out here this
is a Volkswagen
Beetle look at that car that’s
cool another
Volkswagen oh that’s
awesome no biggie
brother I like that come
on thank
there is this one time we were up by
Salt Lake so there’s a hot spring up
there and it’s our favorite Trail 2
miles each way and we’re on there one
day and I keep a knife in my bandana
when I’m hiking with her just in case
and a coyote came up grabbed her by her
Scruff and ran up a hill right next to
the trail and as he’s running up the
trail with her in his mouth I pulled my
knife Out jumped on his back stabbed him
right in his side of his chest here he
yeled let go of her she was fine he ran
off and that was
that so everyone’s just inside right now
yeah I mean working inside I mean these
people here own the uh rental place in
town which they’re good people then the
postmaster lives here and there’s no
delivery of mail to the houses you have
to go to the post office to get your
mail this is the local park yeah so the
fireworks are here which surprisingly
there’s a really good fireworks show
like the 4th of July it’s 4 days of
festivities they have a dance the rodeo
you’re saying there are people sparsely
populated way out in the desert there
yeah like you can see one person that’s
out there y but then like the owner of
that store he’s 16 miles out there just
living off grid so when an event happens
here brings all these people in for the
or when Church happens on Sundays yeah
yeah but then other than that everyone’s
just kind of doing their thing it’s
keeping it simple working taking care of
their farms and their animals and
everything you’re single right yes okay
so that’s got to be tough out here it
can be for sure I mean mainly it’s
tourist in the summer people traveling
through and everything and that’s when I
get to meet girls out in the wild you
know like back in the day when you went
out into the wild to find a meet it’s
kind of how I operate but you said there
was one attractive girl in town yes but
there’s no social place or anything so
you can’t like go to a bar or a park or
something and expect to have an
interaction you know it’s just in
passing and that’s it so you can just
throw your number hope for the best and
in that situation with the cute girl
that moved here never heard anything
back okay what about healthc care if
someone gets hurt where are they going
um like seriously hurt well there is a
Life Flight so a lot of people do the
insurance where you can get a helicopter
ride that’s the only way cuz if you’re
driving even at top speed and you don’t
get pulled over you might be able to get
to a small Hospital in an hour and a
half so at that point it’s like if it’s
not an emergency you’re not going cuz it
ain’t worth it otherwise you’re going to
get a helicopter ride and this is where
people that work for the guy that owns
half the town this is all of his
employee housing here gas station two
restaurants a campground he’s the bishop
he owns half of the residential units in
town the unelected leader of
town is he loved by some not by me tell
you that much does he have oligarch
Vibes 100% takes advantage of his powers
100% And I will proudly say
that you want that on the video why
not so you guys have one market yep has
the most Basic Essentials there is in
every direction there’s national parks
yeah so that’s that’s all the tourism so
you have new businesses like this or not
businesses but one
I love old atlases yeah that’s a map
you’re seeing a lot of these days Israel
Gaza West Bank yeah but it’s separated
the lines are different right right what
year is that that’s pre 68 the front
says 75 huh well this is all swiss
cheese these days West Bank I have an
old Atlas in the van and it’s from the
60s and it’s it’s got a whole part on
how we know the Earth is
round is this your business mhm how’s it
going pretty good actually it’s been
quite busy even with it being a little
bit colder how long have you been open
16 weeks you ladies living here yes okay
how many years how many years you’re
coming on one less than one okay is it
still honeymoon period or are you over
that I don’t think there ever was there
was no
honeymoon not not for our like lifestyle
there’s not really been a honeymoon okay
so why did you move here take a wa um
well our our men her husband my
boyfriend they work on a ranch down here
okay okay so all last year we Hotel
hopped in this town cuz there was no
house and then now they have a house and
so we live here and our house is getting
finished any who I’ve only been here a
couple months she’s been here almost a
year and we’ve been starting a ranch
from nothing so no house house no cills
no water wow how’s that been rough to
say the
least I love
that my brother I brought him out here
once years ago and he had the time of
his life life but he couldn’t admit it
when he got home because he has some
sort of stigma that only crazy people or
hippies would want to live out in the
middle of nowhere like this like those
are the only possible reasons and I’ve
heard from a lot of people you know
their siblings and families they just
they don’t they don’t have any interest
in coming out and visiting and I
honestly think there’s a certain fear to
it you know cuz it’s intimidating if
you’re a city person just the openness
and the barness of it yeah and knowing
that you you’re on your own like I have
a friend in the
military and he’s in the military but he
comes down here and he’s freaking out
the whole time paranoid looking over his
shoulder won’t go anywhere without his
gun come on I’m serious cuz it’s so
dangerous cuz anyone could do anything
there’s no one to come and help that’s
some people’s mentality whereas all
those same reasons is my mentality for
why out here is so safe and awesome
because you’re on your own and you don’t
you know you don’t have to worry about
anything and nobody’s going to come out
to somewhere like this to cause a
problem like why would you do that you
know oh I’m going to drive 5 hours to
pick on someone no don’t you get maybe
bored isn’t the right word but lack of
stimulation there’s just like I get it
nature forever
but you sort of know everyone you’re
going to know you can’t go out if you
meet a girl you can’t go out anywhere
with her do you feel like you’re missing
anything no cuz even when I lived in New
Jersey when I took a girl out we’d go
out into the woods we’d go out into
explore abandoned buildings in the city
like if I’m trying to show a girl a good
time out here you know I’ll cook nice
meal under the stars have a big fire I
think that’s real romance going to a
restaurant draw in the city that’s not
romance to me oh look at this street
signs ja rabbit oh look at that guy go
he’s so
fast okay so this guy we’re talking
about another guy you know what do you
mean well Watcher a well Watcher so it’s
just a water well in the ground there’s
actually official paperwork the Blue
Valley Water company and I was the
official well Watcher and I just made
sure no one did anything funny to the
well but it was on the side of the
highway so at night time I would put on
all different colored lights and stuff
yeah so that I was a UFO to people cuz
there’s a lot of UFO stuff around here
okay so I’d do that and I’d see all the
cars stop on the highway and go looking
all around and stuff what’s your take on
UFOs I’ve seen some weird out here like
what um so the weirdest thing I was on a
property down the highway
here and it was like two in the
morning and there is this weird red
light in the distance right and I got
weird Vibes something felled off and
then all of a sudden the light zoomed
all the way across this field maybe a
quarter mile right up to me blinded me
you know for a split second and my
girlfriend at the time too same thing
and we both got concerned so we just
wandered off a bit we were trying to get
our heads wrapped around it and then in
the bushes there is deer and they were
like mutant deer cuz they had antlers
coming out the center of their freaking
head and I don’t know what it was but
I’ve never seen deer like that the thing
with the light was weird and we lived
there and we never sold the deer again
after that you weren’t on anything no
nothing completely
sober so is that consensus out here do
most people say they have these UFO
experience or uh the guy to the guy at
the market he’s he has a lot of UFO and
alien stories a lot of them and then uh
the property that that happened out
there’s a long history of them talking
about UFO stuff too I don’t think it’s a
insane topic to talk about I think a lot
of people are pretty much like you know
if you can’t explain it it’s a
UFO Cemetery the first inhabitants do
you recognize a lot of these names still
sticking around
Avery Robinson the Critter Garden in
town that’s this family hunts this guy
right here look at this where was it 15
years old
one so will these lots are for sale yep
and this is an old ghost town trying to
bring it back and from the cemetery it
looks like the turn of the last century
is when everyone left here and I can
respect this work because I used to work
for the Park Service making Circle Rock
Square to build things and it takes a
lot of work to make these things it
looks in great shape that’s what’s
glorious about the desert cuz I mean a
piece of wood that’s been sitting here
for a 100 years will basically look the
same same way it looked 100 years
ago desert preserves and they had left
because it just it kept on flooding and
they kept on getting wiped out and
people dying and they just gave yeah
this is a flood plane huh mhm and the
people buying these plots and not
worried you don’t worry until you have a
reason to
worry I mean I know uh it’s hard you
know when it was flooding and my buddy
here he was scrambling you know stacking
hay all around everything trying to stop
his home from being washed
away I like that you have to worry about
flooding and wind blowing instead of
traffic going to the store or something
like that it’s the real stuff important
things I think that’s a big reason for
why living out here is so special to me
because you do you just worry about
what’s important none of the none of the
nonsense just the cycles of Nature and
your position in that mhm yeah water’s
coming move Y and the thing is is like
places like this are like this because
man can’t dominate it you know we’re in
the year 2023 and there’s no highrises
here for a
reason that’s the other thing the desert
makes your imagination go that’s a big
part of why I’m here cuz your redneck
your Mormon your hippie they all have
imagination you’re not turning at the
street you’re turning at the rock that
looks like a
hamburger you said you’re redneck hippie
you’re H half between both mhm I love
nature I love music I
love you know free spirit stuff and
everything that’s you know a big part of
me but at the same time I love working
with cattle I love the redneck mentality
of you know defending your land your
place your honor your respect you know
like something that to me is very
redneck you know having that confidence
you know and not letting people walk
over you or anything and I
find I don’t know I think the redneck
part is the
respect cuz rednecks they have respect
and respect like a code of honor right
yeah and it’s a universal language if
you go to a foreign country
and you respect the people that’s all
you need I feel like at least I think
the people out in these places it’s very
simple in the sense not to say they’re
simple MH because you get all types but
in the in the sense that you come at as
an out of towerer everyone knows it cuz
you’re a new face new car mhm as long as
you’re cool to them it’s like you get it
back in volumes that respect if you come
in looking
down trying to
whatever it’s such a losing game like
well the one guy in town that they gave
him a ride out of town the last straw
with him he said to someone about an
issue that he had with someone in town
he was talking to another person and he
said small town small
mind and that was you’re out once what
does that mean you’re
out one way or you know you’re just
you’re going to be made to feel
unwelcome or literally escorted out of
town you know you’re just not welcome
cuz he he insulted the whole town by
making that phrase right there but there
are people out here that you know you
hear the rumors you know some people
were here they were up to no good and
nobody knows where they
oh so people just come down here and rip
this stuff and they’ll do crazy [ __ ]
they’ll go flying you know 50 ft 100t
through the air and stuff oh yeah and
like you know world famous Riders and
stuff it’s a big playground for
everyone and this is just free rain out
here right anyone can come out and yep
no one to tell you what you can and
cannot do and I wanted to slide down
these Hills on the outskirts oh look at
guy you guys rolled up I was like what
the when you saw the B he jumped out and
I’m like that dude no way Spencer what’s
the story out here it’s like a dirt bike
kind of Mecca it’s uh open low HV riding
area most places where you dirt bike
they want you to stay on designated
routes and designated Trails places like
this that have a boundary set up if
you’re inside the boundary Zone you’re
free to ride however you
want wow looks whichever direction and
there’s not lots of places like this the
motorized Community gets a lot of heat
from non-motorized
people you know we’re loud we make Dust
We you know we kind of leave a mark and
everyone else is a leave no Trace type
attitude and so when you come to places
like this you don’t really bump into
people that don’t want you there lots of
trails and other places you ride you
come across foot
equestrians bicyclers and it’s like
we’re the outcasts of the outdoor
Community okay a lot of us are really
pretty mindful people of the environment
we do our part we recycle we do you know
we’re not complete just idiots trash in
the place but our form of fun leaves a
mark it just does
unfortunately look at Will’s form of fun
he’s got cardboard I guess we’re going
to do a a
sledding positioning down ooh cardboard
falling apart a lot of resistance
friction play oh it’ll fall in a
roll it a roll woo I think it’s a
purposeful roll with cigarette in the
mouth Taylor was flying his uh parag
glider right
I oh wow with the dirt bikes there that
is so cool oh that’s right here you guys
need to hang out and see is it are these
guys going to launch this thing yeah
Wing TI and Jordy they’re just taking a
little break come in C all right so you
take it seriously you bring the wood
oh nice this is Will and Peter how you
guys doing these two are badass Riders
and Taylor with the freaking Wing are
you going back out right now
God oh I’m going to drop him off and us
a stand to get a couple shots is that
watch oh my
God oh my God that is so
wow that is badass right that is badass
yeah guys I don’t think the camera is
fully grasping the sheer scale of this
place it is like being on another
planet oh
yeah what do you think that’s like 200
ft of air it’s probably
150 150
it’s oh my
God that was
epic oh nice will
Will’s up boy energy drink
will Utah so diverse from north to south
northern Utah with the wasach is
Mountain thick forest High Mountain
Lakes right rivers and this here this
blue dirt gray dirt I believe it was a a
really deep ancient sea that no plant
life or anything ever grew or took hold
here so they this soil they say is inert
you can’t grow anything in this and then
something interesting about the soil at
your spas in the cities and stuff right
here this is about $50 really yeah this
is what they do facial rubs with and
stuff they just cake it all themselves
people from Alaska that live up in the
bush and everything when they come down
to the lower 48 to just get a break they
come to these parts and I ask them why
and they’re like it’s the closest thing
to home doesn’t look like it but the
freedom once again and same for
Australians I was shocked to see that
Australians think Utah is far cooler
than Australia and I grew up thinking
Australia was the cool place so you’re
not worried about people discovering
stuff here cuz you’re like a lot of this
stuff is just accessible right off the
road but all your spots are super far
away or what yeah I mean during the
virus it was like a zoo there’s
thousands of people all over RVs just
covered in RVs and everything so of
course not everybody knows about these
spots but they’re not hard to find and
the Damage that has been done is as much
damage that can be done so it’s kind of
it is what it is to me these spots are
like the city the spots that I enjoy are
still two three four hours deeper into
the desert from here and those are the
areas that are pristine
untouched and you don’t talk about them
you don’t share them with no one you
find it if you find it I just hope you
know anybody that comes out here it’s
just a matter of respect it the feelings
you get and the enjoyment of out here is
because it’s respected there’s no trash
on the side of the roads people are
friendly so if you come out here do the
same thing be friendly don’t leave trash
don’t leave carboard on hillsides
anywhere you know just take care of it
and make sure that your kids can come
and see
it this is absolutely stunning what a
beautiful place and it’s just the tip of
if you were to sum it up in a few words
what is living out here taught you as
much as I might hate to say it
confidence confidence confidence why do
you hate to say that cuz I’m from New
Jersey I was confident the day I came
out of my
mom okay but coming out here all the
trials and tribulations
getting stuck places getting lost
running out of
supplies I’ve been in so many situations
and I’m still here the first time I was
stuck somewhere no cell phone service no
Radio Service no satellite phone service
even okay and I forgot my
map and it was in a place that you need
a you need a map and I wandered for
probably 30 miles before I found my way
out and I didn’t think I was going to
die but I was unhappy that I didn’t have
anything I
needed right and we never really go
without that in the modern world for the
most part right right yeah you’re never
really challenged like that and then
when you overcome that challenge it
builds confidence right yes and another
thing is being prepared okay carrying
everything you could possibly need for
any situation cuz you’re on your own and
you got to figure it
out a this is so
cool and it’s all free you know like you
try to pay for these places and
these stimulation enhancing worlds it’s
freaking hard to beat this and something
else I always think about people pay
like right now this isn’t a place that
you can just call home cuz we’re in a
park but everywhere else people will pay
millions dollar for this view in their
backyard yeah why are people paying $10
million for this when they could just
park here and call it
home so out here I like to do guides for
people and show people around the desert
cool and show them how to responsibly
enjoy the desert you know respecting it
what I do it’s not your typical take you
out think so for an easy thing you know
you got to be prepared and it will be a
safari basically and you’ll get them way
out get them way out to places that you
you’re not going to hear about anywhere
else okay so you don’t have social media
how do people find you so I can be found
at Desert specialist Utah okay at
gmail.com okay cool I’m going to put the
link Down Below guys if you’re coming to
this part of Utah definitely meet up
with will it’s been awesome today man oh
yeah appreciate it really interesting
lifestyle you’re living and the feeling
I get just just by being here a couple
days few people I’ve talked to freedom
freedom that’s the vibe mhm and it’s a
special thing very special and we’re in
America so you might as well know
Freedom right on brother yeah all right
guys thanks for coming along on that one
until the next one

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