Only in San Francisco! (not seen anywhere else) NorCal Ep.5

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Call San Fransisco what you want but nobody can deny it has a combination of things that only exist here. Join us on a walk through some of the well known, shocking, and secretive places of this great and controversial city. (Episode 5 of 8 from Northern California series)

my name is Peter Santaniello and I make
videos around the world but for the
first time I’m showing my home country
America in this video series my
Ukrainian wife and I travel through
Northern California to places most
foreigners and even Americans don’t know
about we will show you USA culture
through the combination of an outsider’s
and a locals perspective join us
on a road trip through a very diverse
often misunderstood and stunningly
beautiful land it’s really cool when you
come back to your country after being
gone for a long time
cool supermarket huh day to or out to
pound some more pavement see some
different neighborhoods show you guys a
lot of the contrast here that’s what
makes the city so cool in my mind like
it’s just all over the place super mixed
now we’re in the Castro district which
is the gay district of San Francisco and
to tell you check it out this is what
you want to see rainbow flags crosswalks
let’s go this right here
what do you want to define interesting
interesting you don’t see that in
Ukraine that either don’t see that in
Ukraine friendly fire
oh there’s nutsack hanging out friendly
fire that’s what we’re calling it now
gay men aren’t good for single woman ha
Natalya yeah they take men off the
markets good men well-dressed men
they’re usually well dressed better
educated humorous cut
but nobody’s here right now so this is
somewhat of a failed mission guys but at
least you can see it know where to come
love these old-style trolley cars art
deco ish streamline Moderne style
very cool
do you like one of these cookies let’s
he’s a homosexual cookie experienced
well guys Castro is quite dead midday
Monday so come here in a weekend or
maybe in the afternoon coming up here on
Alamo Square Park an iconic Park in the
very beautiful Victorian homes
surrounding it sweeping vistas of the
downtown and the Painted Ladies these
these are famous Americans know most
Americans none of these they’re from
that show full house built by the Gold
Rush built by the places we went two
days ago up in the Sierra Foothills that
money built these beautiful homes and
then tech money’s building what’s
downtown right now
that’s the Salesforce Tower that just
went up in the last couple of years now
the tallest building
no video give it dancin own it move it
shake it bake it take it
this street is called ban Ness and it’s
a very wide Street for this part of the
city and the reason being 1906 San
Francisco was hit by a massive
earthquake and right after that the
fires can so the city actually removed
like knocked down a bunch of these old
Victorian homes that were lying in the
street to build them wide enough
Boulevard but the fire couldn’t jump and
this was one of the ways it was
prevented from taking the whole city 80%
of the city was destroyed in 1906 here
we go
Vegas Chinatown in the world outside of
China and
what do we got going on here a little
more deep without enough I do with all
my girls okay all right
little less aggressive EV it’s a style
of plays a little more peaceful no
slamming no yelling how different is
this vibe then Castro I think of the
neighborhoods now right we had Castro
was the last one before that I was hate
more that hippie vibe before that was my
old neighborhood lament Asian by but
different and then more mellow this
place is pretty intense
yeah and then this is a good gateway to
China experience remember Seacliff right
those rich homes and then you had that
beautiful nature Lands End and guys
that’s just like we’re just touching the
surface let’s say
it’s a two-day walking tour and it could
be two weeks
I want to see if this lady knows English
I’m interested
excuse me what is this here what is this
bok choy yeah okay that proves my point
that a lot of people don’t speak English
in this neighborhood she doesn’t need to
she doesn’t deal with big bald white
dudes like me asking for what something
is she’s dealing with Chinese very
interesting because just around the
corner in these neighborhoods you just
go around a corner cross the street and
it’s a completely different world
different ethnicity different vibe maybe
a different climate on the edge of
Chinatown this is what I love about this
place is it take a turn and now we’re in
a Little Italy Little Italy and it
totally changes like the language the
sign the look of everything
it went from medicinal herbs chicken and
windows fish to this
yeah there are all these people from the
world here this is against a normal
human rules right you want to be in all
their own tribes you want like to unite
to the other right and you sort of see
it here in this districts and they just
create peace of their own lands right
they just only like old scattered and
I’m sure there are a lot of people
scatter care but good they come this in
the glue history just interested to see
how much more it’s like it’s like it’s
all right woman that woman that couldn’t
speak English to me she never ever comes
here you go in your comfort zone and you
speak your language and you never learn
the English and why would you go to a
place where it’s
the big difference between Europe in
America is well it’s lunch hour right
now right yeah
it’s Monday this does come alive on the
weekends it comes alive at certain times
but Europe is more about take that long
break take that long lunch break America
is more about
got a lot of work to do we’ve got to
realize something and there’s a limited
time so you’re not going to sit down for
three hours or two hours for lunch I’m
oversimplifying and overgeneralizing I
know but in general the u.s. is way more
about work and Europe is more about
lifestyle I would say yeah in the
Centers of cities right
sometimes people think because it’s
America that everything’s modern and new
and that’s not the case at all
that’s a United States Postal Service
mailbag I mean that thing that straight
out of the 50s it’s retro
looks like it works but that’s the
difference between public and private
like the private stuff is usually super
progressive look at all the social media
networks uber lyft and then when you go
into the public space like the US Postal
Service and let’s just say the parking
meters and how things are taken care of
at a city level it’s usually like light
years behind Grace Cathedral up here Nob
Hill Nob Hill is one of the finer
neighborhoods well as far as beautiful
architecture and wealth great views from
up here
like do all this districts and little
towns to the health department’s to
establish their own religious
like sites like churches can they build
them yeah
what do you think of all the dogs in
this city so many so cute
everybody just like so happy walking mr.
stocks you can smile to their dogs they
will be joking about them so cool I
think it can make a lot of friends if
you have some fat special dog it’s very
clean everybody exhausted their fat is
very good
Natalia found a new love in the US and
it comes in the form of love you ready
chocolates cheap peanut butter chocolate
chip of us your many varieties
we’re going down here maybe four or five
blocks and so what do you think’s down
there we’ve seen a lot today you’ve seen
the gay neighborhood he’s trying to use
neighbor pet Italian neighborhood rich
neighborhood what are we going to what
are we getting into it should be
this neighborhood this neighborhood is
what we’re coming up on the Tenderloin
neighborhood do you like it yes it’s
okay more stores stories higher yeah
well you’ll notice another difference
coming up there soon it’s a little bit
of an eclectic neighborhood let’s call
it and don’t look at people don’t look
at in the streets um well if someone’s
homeless or screaming or doing weird
[ __ ] you don’t want to give them
attention so you notice a difference
what smells
see the tents
so the situation with all the stands on
the streets yeah yeah yeah it’s legal
here’s what’s interesting about
California is you need to pay to camp in
the woods in many places but to camp on
the streets in the cities it’s free it’s
a complicated problem there are a lot of
homeless people here that think you
should forget it’s like 10,000 or 3,000
homeless people in San Francisco
what are you guys cooking up here
poor chick in those
hell yeah proper feast
all my other meat sorry about that
smells good probably take care
baby have you ever experienced it like
this marijuana smell
it will poke out of the sin
mmm that’s good
they were popping out of the suit don’t
worry I only did a little section of it
for you
okay the crazy part about this is we’re
downtown this is one area like I don’t
know one small area and then we’re gonna
pop out here to the tech companies
there’s we work
Twitter’s not far away like talk about
contrast right
I just surprised I thought there would
be people
somehow injured you know alike disable
this and that’s what I’m used to say
immigrant because those people right and
this is super complex issue
fix it but right
a lot of people don’t have skills they
don’t have support systems that drug
addictions addictions rent is insane
these aren’t excuses but if there’s a
lot of this right I just to get out of
San Francisco starts well I think it’s
the best here I think you’re look we’re
in a community right in a way you’re in
a community there I would think we
should talk to someone that would be
better but this is Market Street okay
nunna you know when I say the Metro in
Kiev is gray it’s clean it’s nice it’s
because I’m comparing it with this you
know you go down there it’s gonna smell
like piss and it’s gonna be dirty so us
is not the place for metros or subways I
mean this is a bad example this station
to imagine you’re you’re a tourist like
me like you did opal this direction to
the center oh it’s so cute but you don’t
have someone like me that knows what
street to turn on and you end up in that
right because it’s literally one block
away from this right it’s crazy this is
the center Union Square that big tourist
place but it’s nice to hang out here
I used to put a skating rink up here in
the winter I think they still do
it was two or three years ago marijuana
became legal California’s it’s legally
buy at dispensaries it’s crazy
I’m camping the camera in there I’m all
good about it where’s the closest
dispensary to here we dispensary yeah
the green door green door Burlington
Coat Factory so if you could just take
this this Powell Street right here yeah
you make a left go away down to pallet
market do you just walk in with an idea
get whatever you want it walking with an
ID you don’t have to have your cannabis
course it’s like buying alcohol exactly
yes if ever you guys would stand right
over here you guys okay so that’s the
story you just buy it Swami
don’t eat a cannabis card it’s like
buying alcohol
there’s 68 of these popo’s privately
owned public open spaces sort of the
secret San Francisco what that is is I
don’t know if it continues on today but
if he wanted to develop down here if you
have been commercial real estate guy
and he wanted to develop you had to
create a public space on your property
by law so there’s 68 of these and even
though we’re not a resident of the hotel
here we can go in and access one of
these profiles yeah super cool guys
check this out
yes this is the one this is the one so
you’re just walking in this nice hello
just go into the po po po po po PO’s
so they all have different entrances in
this one it’s obviously through glute
boutique hotel but some of them are
pretty hard to find but it’s a really
cool aspect of this city that you just
can canvass together all these cool
public spaces that most people have no
clue about but they have to even though
this is that’s what is it I think it’s
three even though this is a privately
owned hotel they have to let anyone in
through their facilities up their
elevator to the Pope oh yeah
can you put the tents over there
probably probably left left I believe
yeah here it is we are
this is one of the popos and like I said
nobody really knows because it’s empty
but it’s cool huh you want to come up
here and read or hang out love circa
next into this building
and now we’re in a shopping mall
football so right after map Coco
so beautiful our tech and so this is
what I was told
did you see this book right here you see
how it grooves in and if the camera can
tell me there’s a grave and that’s
because there was the elevator man back
in the day when people would walk in he
was pointing what elevator to go down so
he’s constantly doing this and for made
the dividend stuff did you know yeah
this is the Wells Fargo one all right I
don’t know if we can shoot video in a
bank and they give it a try
quite a beautiful building here
look at all this detail okay this is
what’s great about San Francisco it’s
hard to get okay you can get this in New
York and a few other cities but look to
get this detail in say basic
institutions like a bank right sort of a
European thing yeah it’s sort of a
European thing but San Francisco has a
lot of a lot of beautiful detail
I think the Popo is here and we’re in
the bank the Wells Fargo
I know there’s a way up there damn we
missed it by 10 minutes yeah dude can we
just see it for yeah thank you bro
thank you man I’ve been telling her
about these for like the last two days
five minutes do you are you up there all
day bro yeah just jerk all to come up
there and we don’t [ __ ] they not
supposed to be done
yeah are there like bombs that go up the
other hit they’re shooting up yeah there
they do that they do it over there don’t
hear yeah Jesus right secret entrance
and the guy that dude is cancer kids
that’s heating care about getting care
about nobody up here it’s crazy
so totally open to the public
it’s seven of them this one of the
mainland in marketer
all over the city he like started all
the beats
take care
the end of the road guys that’s the
walking tour of San Francisco because
use occur
sand all our Beach Big Sur I think so
little it’s called little something

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