California’s SHOCKING Diversity! (NorCal Ep.7)

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California is properly mixed up! In this video, we road trip through some of the most beautiful and unknown parts of the state. I could easily make 100 videos showing the contrasts in California; this is a one-day journey from the coast to the mountains. (Episode 7 of 8) ►Filmed Fall 2019

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my name is Peter Santaniello and I make
videos around the world but for the
first time I’m showing my home country
America in this video series my
Ukrainian wife and I travel through
Northern California to places most
foreigners and even Americans don’t know
about we will show you USA culture
through the combination of an outsider’s
and a locals perspective
join us on a road trip through a very
diverse often misunderstood and
stunningly beautiful land it’s really
cool when you come back to your country
after being gone for a long time
beautiful place Gorda south side of Big
Sur then we’re off we’re off on a huge
journey today through California so
South a bit through the center of the
state up over the Sierra Nevada
mountains Yosemite National Park and
then down on the other side of the
mountains to a place called Mono Lake so
today today is a great day to show you
all the variation of the state we’re
just hitting a fraction of it but even
in that there’s so much cool stuff to
see and where we going we’re going to
see sea lions now
she’s off
looking for sea lions yeah they really
stink as quite a pungent smell
so the southern side of Big Sur I would
say is the beginning of Southern
California technically it’s the Central
but Monterey up is Northern California
and I would say this is central becoming
close to Southern California and there’s
there’s a big difference between the
feel of Northern California in Southern
California there’s even been talk in the
past of creating two separate states and
say the ideology is a bit different the
feel of the cultures a bit different
northern okay if you’re going to look at
San Francisco in LA San Francisco is
walkable it has a lot of european-style
cafes it has a lot of small detail to it
Los Angeles is just this big sprawling
megatronus right it’s you need a car if
you don’t have a car in LA your life is
gonna suck for the most part all spread
out much more about the show in general
than Northern California
it’s a dryer down here in Southern
the weather’s warmer the oceans warmer
especially when you get down to San
Diego it’s like the ocean can be nice in
the summer so there’s it’s a big State
they’re huge regional differences but
know this if you get anything from this
California is properly mixed up see a
mountain to get desert you get towns
that are based off of math you got towns
that are based up weed yep very healthy
people you have very crime rate in
places you have beautiful play dates all
over the place I am more scared of this
stuff and bears Cougars serial killers
this is poison oak and if you’re like me
and super allergic to it
if I touch that plant I just touch it
and then touch my eye like I’ve done
before I will wake up in the morning
without an eye like the oak the rash
just goes right over my eye I did had
this once it was it was shut for two
weeks if I touch that with my shoe and
then touch my shoe later today I will
have a rash so be careful guys of this
if you don’t know about it it’s the
trails like this I’m not even gonna do
because I can see it right in there
one of the many aqueducts in
Californians so most of the water used
for the Central Valley for the farming
could be wrong on this it could be wrong
but I believe most comes from the Sierra
Nevada mountains and others groundwater
here too but I know when you have many
bad years in a row as far as snowfall
then there are always water warnings and
water restrictions last few years have
been pretty good so what feeds this very
dry land and all of this agriculture
that spans what seems like forever are
these aqueducts
not all of California’s beaches and
beauty there’s a lot of stuff especially
in the central it’s quite depressed not
see it on the Hollywood movies for the
most part but that’s the case that’s a
case in the law of the country right now
like the cities where the opportunities
are and the small-town stuff
I’m sure there’s opportunity here
there’s a new tractor store there but if
you’re young and educated this small
town stuffs pretty tough I would think
the bars on the windows I’ve never seen
that before
you know who’s still in the mail
let’s go in one of these places why not
it’s crazy
you want to go in
hello you saw these pinatas huh how much
are they that’s it that’s very good
cool do you know a pinata is babe okay
so in Mexican culture they parties they
hang these they blindfold people right
and then you have a bat and you just
start it’s like who can bash the thing
and then all this candy comes out what’s
going on here these days
small-town agriculture right now we’re
cruising through yeah
and that’s for the big party mr. DJ yeah
cool is there anything this way no no
okay thank you
interesting yeah extremes
of course no air-conditioning I look at
the wind I’ve watched some Indian
reservations here’s something quite
interesting in the u.s. Gaming is only
allowed in Nevada in Atlantic City New
Jersey don’t think anywhere else but
there’s an exception Indian reservations
it’s a Native Americans of obviously
Native American land our run under a
different set of laws and they can set
up casinos so they’ll be in like random
places like this away from everything
there’s nothing around and all the Sun
there’s a casino like what was that a
10-story high hotel some people come
gaming to these places
camera does not give the scene justice
just entered Yosemite National Park one
of the most famous parks in the country
outside it’s got all sorts of stuff and
here at a lower elevation we got these
massive sequoias some of these up to
2,000 years old
these monsters consume up to boys way to
say a hundred gallons of water a day
hundreds of gallons of water a day until
they fall go up to 300 feet tall some of
these guys it’s like 90 meters look at
the massive size of this
crazy huh has really fostered a unique
and special community then the fire the
fire is part of the process or it
doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
right guys check this out
it doesn’t show on the camera
unfortunately but its massive I gotta
see this 20 feet wide at least when was
the last time you looked through a tree
oh I do it every day by the way just
gonna walk down a tree this is something
I didn’t expect
you surprised
quite a drive today ocean elephant seals
Central Valley blowed out towns and now
here we’re dropping down to leave ining
tonight near this very trippy exotic
looking place called Mono Lake and what
a day
yeah lot of driving okay guys like that
again it’s all about Shawn how varied
this place really is more to come this
small mountain town about an hour from
now up to 1600 feet plus the wild place
so that would be interesting right you
go to an opium den at night one of the
60 bars
it’s bigger than you see you’re gonna
you’re gonna let it cool

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