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Need some adventure in your life? Look no further than Mumbai, India! 🇮🇳

Okay. Thank you.
Okay. Thank you!
4:30 in the morning, Mumbai, India.
Just came in from Ukraine. All
nighter, zero sleep. So, the
plan is today to show you guys
the first impressions of this
dynamic crazy place. Here we
go, here we go, we’re into it.
Hello! Hello.
Taxi. Yeah. You ready? Yeah.
Let’s do this. Okay. New brand.
British style, my friend. Yeah.
British style.
You coming too? No. Service!
What service? Okay. Okay.
Got my tip, sir? Tip? Yeah. Bro,
you didn’t do anything. Yes, sir.
You didn’t do anything.
No problem. Okay.
Got a couple hours of sleep and
I’m out in the urban jungle.
And so guys, what I want to do is
just take you on a walking
tour. No… So loud! No tight
agenda which is to show you
what it’s like on the streets
here in Mumbai.
Feels very industrious. First,
first feeling, I’d say it’s
like a… It’s a hustle here. It’s
a grind.
So much stimulation, so much energy
So many colors, sounds, smells…
It’s just… In your face hardcore.
Super hardcore. But it flows!
Water. Water? Yeah.
It’s absolutely out of control.
Out of control for me,
in control for the locals.
This is how it is.
This I was just told is called
the Chor Bazaar. And believe it
or not, it’s much calmer over
here. It looks like a lot of
recycled things like fans tools,
We’re in the recycled car
section. Everything’s just
getting taken apart.
There’s a part of this city I
was told about that has all
this open air laundry. So,
we’re going to make some ground
and get in one of these taxi.
Dhobi Ghat. Dhobi Ghat?
Meter? No,no.
Which country you are? America.
America? Oh, very good! Salam! Salam.
Hello! Salam. Muslim? No. Okay.
Many Muslims here though,
right? Okay. Many Muslims in
this new neighborhood? Yes, yes.
This place is called Dhobi Ghat.
It’s been in operation for 140
years, this open air laundry.
And there are roughly 7000
people a day working here,
washing clothes.
So just found my way around,
it looks like you can get in to this place.
I just found a local here – Mamu,
who’s going to take us through.
The biggest laundry in Asia?
They live here? Live here. Ok.
Can we go in? Yeah.
these are the houses for the
employees. Okay. They work here
They cook here and sleep there?
Yeah. Yeah.
Oh, so the the workers here are
mostly from the village?
Namaste. Namaste.
So it looks like there are a lot of
different contracts here, so he’s
saying with hotels, with different
businesses this is all new denim
was made here in India, and before it
gets exported they do a pre wash here.
All Export.
Salam! Salam.
This iron is with charcoal?
Why you use charcoal?
It irons better?
He likes the charcoal. He’s a
traditionalist. Yeah. And the
charcoal does it adds to the
key to a little bit in here? Yeah.
How long do they stay usually?
Okay, so how long does it usually take?
Who is your friend? We’re all
friends now.
Look at that hair brother!
it to me, bro. Give it to me, bro!
Give it to me.
Yeah, boys!
Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir!
Thank you, guys. Thank you very much.
What’s that?
USA. Yeah, nice to meet you.
Tourism, yeah. Okay, guys.
Here on Marine Drive.
Yeah, brother!
Peter! Peter, Peter, Peter, Peter.
Alright. Bye, bye.
America, bye-bye.
I’m talking to it. You
want to talk to it?
What am I thinking about
Mumbai… I was just going to
talk about that. So! First
day is today. First day
today? Yeah, I slept like 2
hours last night, slept 2
hours. Yeah. It’s a crazy
place! It’s very… this is what I
was going to tell the audience,
but I’ll tell you guys too.
It’s everything, it’s
everything. It’s like so many
people, so much action, so many
colors, so much flavor, so much
chaos, so much sadness, so much
beauty. Yeah. It’s crazy, man.
You guys! You guys. We guys?
Because you’re the people.
You’re cool.
Yes, I know!
I just scratched… scratched the surface
today. I know that wasn’t a
full tour of Mumbai by any
stretch. Thanks for watching.
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