India’s Wildest Beach!

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Would you chill out here? What it’s like on India’s wildest and most action-packed beach 🇮🇳

Absolutely wild.
Namaste. Have a nice day!
Today in Mumbai. Gonna take you
to a beach. And Mumbai is known
to be a crazy… Okay, I’ll be
right back. Crazy, dynamic,
loud, intense place. So, what
do you think a beach is like in
Mumbai? Come back tomorrow? Uh,
don’t worry. Let’s just 1 day
at a time. We’re in the moment, Johny.
we’re in the moment. I’ll give you my
number, huh? Yeah. You call me
tomorrow. Okay. I pick up you.
Pick up, brought here. Okay.
Which one, this one or what? Yeah. Okay.
Johnny… Do you have a friend? Juhu beach.
I know, I know. Where you from,
sir? Where you from? USA. Ahhh!
I have plenty… You like that?
Excuse me, sir. I have plenty
of friends in Texas. Plenty of
friends in Texas? Texas, aha. All my
exes are in Texas. Texas.
I have uh Florida. Florida.
Florida? Yes. Friends.
The newly wed or nearly dead.
Yeah. Florida. Florida.
Have you heard that before? It’s
a joke. Chicago, Chicago I have friends.
Chicago – the windy city.
Pentagon. That one you got.
That one you got. It wasn’t
funny though. Pentagon.
Pentagon. Washington DC. I like
this little geography quiz.
Here we are. Beach life, Mumbai
style. Juhu Beach. What a sight to
be seen. It is a carnival out
here, it is absolutely wild.
I was told Juhu, the part of this
city, is upper middle class.
Borderline, wealthier
neighborhood. A lot of the
Bollywood stars live around
this area. A lot of the men
hold hands. It’s not a
homosexual thing, it’s like
close friendships. Men hold
hands. Where are we going? Just
walking? Down here? Okay, let’s
go. We’re all selfing each
other. It’s one big selfie party,
ha, guys. Thank you!
Thank you. Namaste. Namaste.
Namaste. Have a nice day. Thank
you. Oh, one more? One more, one more.
Okay. Let’s do it.
Namaste. A lot of that going on,
a lot of good energy, a lot of fire. Love it!
No idea how that works. He hit
it. Run to there.
Tell me about cricket. What do
you have to do? You hit the
ball? Yeah, yeah. This is the
base man. I’m not. Usually in a
place you spend more time, you
get to understand it better. It
becomes more familiar. India –
no. Through my experiences, no,
not at all. The longer you’re
here… I’ve been here, this is
my third time. Longer I’m here,
I have more questions, let’s say.
Which makes this one of the most
interesting countries on the
planet because of that.
You feel destroyed at the end
of the day. You feel absolutely
tired. It’s just the mind is
never processed as much
information in a day as it has
in India. If you’re out in the
streets and that’s all it has
to be: just getting out in the
streets, coming to a random
beach even – is a whole new
reality to what a beach can be.
Mumbai has some of the most
expensive real estate in the
world. This I can imagine being
quite a bit. Feels like there
are no rules and things just go,
and you gotta go with the flow.
And it’s like a wind sock, you
know on one of those small
airports, those small runways,
regional airports, there’s that
wind sock where the wind goes
through. And if you try to
resist India, it doesn’t work.
What do I mean by that, like…
Try to stay comfortable, try to
control outcomes, try to fully
understand something… Good
luck! You’re not going to, you
have to be like that wind sock.
Kilometers, miles of game after
game. Either cricket or football.
Let’s play! Ready? Come on, come on!
Okay, guys, you ready? Yes.
Okay, let’s do this. Let’s do this!
What’s that? You are looking
like Johnny Sins. Who? Johnny
Sins, Johnny Sins. How do you
guys know who Johnny Sins is?
It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s
interesting how many people in
the world know who Johnny Sins is.
I didn’t know of him until
I went to Iran. Come here let’s take a photo.
Alright, guys. Come on. Yo!
[rapping] …shirt and tie and run with the creeps
‘Cause it’s all about money, ain’t a d*mn thing funny
[rapping] You got to have a con in this land of milk and
honey. They pushed that girl in front of the train
Like this, like this. What is that? Is that a gang
sign? Yeah! You’re a gang? Yeah!
Johny Sins gang? You’re Johny Sins gang!
Ha ha ha!
[rapping in Indian]
Okay! Thank you, Peter! Peace, peace!
Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you, guys!
The adventures continue! Juhu
Beach. Very very far from where
we started there. Hundreds of
cricket and football games
later. Coming to what looks
like to be a dividing point.
Sun setting out into the haze
of the Indian skies. Some boats
off in the distance. You’re the
white devil? Yes. I’m white
devil, my Instagram is “white devil”.
Your Instagram is white devil?
Yes, white devil. You’re not
a white… you’re not a white guy
and you’re not a devil, are
you? Yes, no. No white devil.
But you’re white devil online?
Yes. Okay. I’ll watch out for
you bro! Bye. So, that’s it.
All of it. Juhu Beach. We’re at
the end of the road guys. Quite
a spectacular place. It’s not
the Mai Thai sipping relaxed
beach environment you might
think of, but it’s a dynamic,
interesting, fun, exciting
place. Definitely come here if
you go to Mumbai. Okay, until
tomorrow. See ya! Thanks for
watching. Like and subscribe if
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