Is The Turkish Coast Safe in 2018? (Çıralı, Chirali)

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Turkey is unfortunately getting a lot of negative Western press lately. In this video I want to show why you should go to the Turkish coast, what your risks are, and what the terrorism situation has been like in recent history.

We spent our time in Cirali (Çırali, Çıralı), on a beautiful stretch of the Mediterranean.


is the Turkish coast safe my girlfriend
and I just got back from Chile which is
near antalya beautiful place on the
Mediterranean so I want to go over the
process of traveling to Turkey right now
so if you’re say in American or European
and say you’re a family guy right and
you want to bring your family somewhere
beautiful you always want to go to
Turkey so you’re gonna do your research
get online okay so if I’m an American I
get on the US Travel website immediately
I’m gonna read this orange orange okay
orange reminds me of cops when I was
younger pulling me over for speeding
okay doesn’t look good
reconsider travel level three it’s a
three out of four okay so reconsider
travel to Turkey due to terrorism and
arbitrary detentions some areas have
increased risk read the entire route
travel advisory okay not looking good if
I’m a responsible father husband
boyfriend whatever am I gonna take my
loved ones into this probably not right
let’s look a little deeper here if you
decide to travel to Turkey stay in alert
locations stay alert and locations
frequented by Westerners particular a
popular tourist locations in Istanbul
avoid demonstrations and crimes that
make sense
stay at hotels with identifiable
security measures monitor are the best
one monitored local media and adjust
your plans based on new information so
when you when you get in your your hotel
room and lock it down really well you’re
safe right with your family you know you
want to put that Turkish news on to see
assess the situation any new information
maybe you should get a Turkish
translator in because you’re not gonna
understand Turkish so this is what we’re
up against right this is this is the
first things you see online
okay here’s a British Journal Turkey
holiday travel advice latest update as
terror attacks very likely that’s crap
if you’re just gonna look at that side
of the story the full story is in 2017
London had bombing Stockholm the u.s.
right in New York Barcelona Spain Turkey
had in the night the New Year’s between
16 and 17 there was that nightclub
bombing in Istanbul but since then
Istanbul has been quiet no terrorism
attacks in Istanbul and in the coast
which I’m talking about here is like
nothing nothing at all okay so the
Syrian border right might be a little
more fragile don’t know haven’t been
there here’s how this works
turkeys a massive country it’s a very
stable country like they’ve been very
successful keeping the place together
really well in that part of the world
but it’s like not going to Washington
State in America which is near Canada
because there are a few a few murders in
Los Angeles and if you don’t know the
geography in the US it’s like almost a
couple thousand kilometers away roughly
that right so if something happens on
the Syrian border to be where we were in
shaddadi or Ephesus or wherever like
it’s a world away I mean I lived I lived
like this in in Thailand right I lived
in Bangkok and Americans were telling me
you got to come home you know why why oh
there were bombings in the south of the
country so how the news media works is
oh the country just gets one big X
through it right like all the Thailand’s
messed up because there was an attack on
the south of the country where there’s a
conflict doesn’t make sense right as
Americans we were taught from day one to
basically fear the world
I mean a lot of it comes subconsciously
like just through messages like this
like you’re taught in school world’s a
dangerous place then you grew up and you
want to do a trip and you look at the US
website and oh it looks really dangerous
looks really shitty right and it’s the
continuation of this narrative and that
sucks right so while I’m doing this well
to bring it pissed me off I saw the
world I came home like whoa much
different than we were told fortunately
as 2018 we have the internet we can
share this information the end of the
day really you uncover all the [ __ ]
people just want to connect right like
if someone doesn’t go to America because
the Trump that’s silly if someone
doesn’t go to Turkey because it uh Doan
that’s that’s silly like you don’t have
to agree with the political policies the
one threat I will say the one threat in
Turkey is people are natural sales
people like Constantinople Silk Road
whoa like trading capital the world at
one time and there are a lot of people
that have it in their DNA and so it’s
really easy to divide almost in a way
two types in Turkey I mean it’s so I’ll
just say it’s bad if someone’s selling
you I mean that they’re surviving and
they’re doing what they got to do but it
does get annoying that like in your face
that constant befriending that’s not
genuine it’s really easy to tell after
day two or so who’s doing that who’s not
and there are a lot of people not in
Chevalley as you pull off like from the
sea on that road that goes out to the
main road there’s there’s young Turkish
couples and Turkish people that have
cool restaurants cool businesses it’s
not that salesy stuff these are really
smart interesting passionate people
doing what they want to be doing and so
there’s a lot of that too which is nice
because no one likes the hard sale and
that would be the biggest annoyance of
Turkey for sure like it’s not nearly as
bad as Egypt it’s really a non-issue
it’s not a big deal at all
this is another very cool aspect of
Turkey is well you’re walking along
added some random beach and then you run
into a place where you have things like
the tomb of Marcus Aurelius because it’s
up there when relations are bad say
Turkish American relations are very bad
right now
countries use leverage through economics
to well
flex their muscle so I really think the
American government is doing this right
now because you can hurt tourism
right saw it in Iraq in 2003 was 2002
right the Americans didn’t want to let
our the the Turks didn’t want to let the
Americans fly from Turkey to bomb in
Iraq so I was in Turkey at a time and
then like the the threat level went up
to travel right like it was super
dangerous all of a sudden so behind the
scenes we don’t know how this works
right but it doesn’t make sense that
it’s it’s presented in such a negative
light because again if you distill down
the numbers and I did a video on
Istanbul a few months ago and I’ll link
that at the end of this that shows like
comparing Western cities the numbers
with with crime and homicides and
terrorism in Istanbul if you look at the
numbers how many people died in
last year in Turkey and then you look at
where terrorism is happening in the
world it’s like who knows bomb might go
off in Paris tomorrow or in Istanbul
tomorrow nobody knows but the worst
thing is just to stay all clamped up
inside look it can happen in Las Vegas
didn’t some guys spray bullets and and
kill like 50 something people so what he
wasn’t from Isis like at the end of the
day your dad doesn’t matter so you’re
not gonna go to Las Vegas now you can’t
go to New York now you can’t go to
Barcelona like what are you gonna is is
this the world we’re gonna live in come
on it’s ridiculous
still you have more chance of choking on
a hot dog statistically in America I
believe than getting caught in a
terrorism attack like soullow but that
gets all
the noise obviously it’s very effective
turkey gets a bum rap in this it’s
[ __ ] for the Turks open your arms up
to people that come like it’s it’s I’ve
been a turkey many times and it’s always
been really warm and I love the people
there but you got to understand if a guy
who doesn’t know much about your country
works a lot busy raising a family
decides to come well in a way he’s taken
a little of a little risk because if he
looks seeing what’s on the websites
seeing what’s available for the
information the first information you
get well that person is is stretching a
little bit so open your arms up
and for tourists going to Turkey you
will have an awesome awesome time it’s
it’s a fantastic country
it’s a beautiful people culture food
it’s one of the one of my top places on
the planet I’ve been around the globe so
I hope this helps I hope I hope you do
that if you’re if you’re on the fence do
the research look into it further and go
you’ll love it tell us tell the
community here like how was it in the
comments yeah I think you’ll be
surprised if you if you were scared
about going to Turkey so okay I’ll do
some more of these thanks for watching

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