Inside Atlanta Hoods – First Impressions

Jun 05, 2022 1.1M Views 2.1K Comments

When I was invited to journey into the hoods of Atlanta with the locals I couldn’t refuse. Join me as we journey into a very stimulating world full of crime, community, twerking, hope, and despair.

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► Video edited by: Natalia Santenello

We gonna get you in these.
– All right, I just
met up with Kodakk here
in Atlanta and he said I
gotta wear these shades.
Is that working?
– Yeah, you in there.
– Okay, we’re gonna
have the great privilege
to meet with Kodakk because
he knows the hoods well
in the city, also knows
the history really well.
– This is not a game.
You finna get the rawest
history you about to ever get
on any platform right now.
– I like raw, let’s go in.
Gutta, you’re the chauffeur.
– I guess so, I guess so.
– We gonna talk about
some of the good (blank)
about Atlanta, you know what I mean,
the reason why everybody love Atlanta,
the reason why this is
the most poppingest place
on the planet.
(upbeat music)
– So guys, what I’m gathering
here is it’s countryside,
it’s not really super urban here.
– Georgia, in general, it’s country now.
We got a city, but it get
a little country out here.
– You’re country folk,
you consider yourself.
Are you doing some farming?
– I ain’t did no farming
now, I ain’t gonna say.
(Kodakk laughs)
– I know nothing about
Atlanta, I’ll be honest.
I know zero other than
two days of being here.
– So this your first time?
It’s got a lot going on.
Yeah, total virgin.
– What?
– Yeah.
– Well, look, man, welcome.
– You’re popping my cherry.
(Kodakk laughs)
So what’s going on out here?
Are people moving into the neighborhood
or are they moving out?
– They’re moving in.
– It’s full.
– It’s full.
It’s like the Southern
hospitality got out of hand.
We cool, but it be like, damn,
as much as I love for people
to experience Atlanta, I’m sorry, man.
Give us a break.
(Kodakk laughs)
(Gutta laughs)
– [Peter] Oh really?
– [Peter] Been a lot lately or no?
– [Peter] All the time.
– Yeah.
How are things right now?
How’s the frequency, is it
getting hotter or cooler or what?
– [Peter] Medium hot?
– [Peter] But this is a
historical place, Central?
– [Peter] You from here?
– [Peter] What do you think of Atlanta?
– [Peter] Why?
– [Peter] Better than Ohio ladies?
– I agree.
Atlanta got a lot of ladies, man.
Over there right across the
street is little Chinatown.
– [Peter] Chinatown, where, in the forest?
– [Kodakk] You can’t see it, but yeah,
Little Chinatown is
actually behind the forest.
– [Peter] They’re Chinese
people or you just call it that?
– Yeah.
– [Peter] So it’s a Chinese hood.
– Yeah, it’s like a
little gritty little hood
over there called Chinatown.
– [Peter] Can we check it out?
– You wanna see Chinatown?
– I can speak a little Chinese.
(foreign language)
– All right, I’ll walk
you through Chinatown.
Come on, we’ll go walk over here.
– [Peter] Oh, we’re walking to Chinatown.
– Yeah, you can’t ride there.
– You got me on a little
bit of a mysterious journey.
I’m looking down here,
I’m seeing countryside
Vermont or something.
– [Kodakk] That’s what you feel?
(Kodakk laughs)
(Peter laughs)
Look at this guy on his bike.
– It’s sectioned off ’cause
you really wouldn’t even know
about this little area over here.
– [Peter] Right, right,
it’s right behind the trees.
I didn’t see it.
– Exactly, we call it Little
Chinatown, but of course,
it’s gonna have Black folks
who live over here, too.
We everywhere, we everywhere
through (blank) Atlanta.
We everywhere through Stone
Mountain, too, so sh**.
Stone Mountain is where
the KKK started it.
– [Peter] Really?
– Yeah.
In this area right around here?
– Yeah, the mountain is actually that way.
– You got some rough history around here.
– Yeah, we got Native American history,
Shermantown got big history.
They had a war in Shermantown.
In general, this would be an area
where a lot of Black folks
had to go through a lot
of hardship because of the fact of racism.
Growing up here, I would
see on top of Stone Mountain
KKK posters on the side.
– How many years ago?
– I was in second grade.
– Would you see that stuff now anywhere?
– Well, no, because they did take it down,
but I still say they got
it because the poor people
that’s on the side of the
mountain are some of the people
that was a part of the KKK.
– Wow.
– That’s just a part of the history.
– [Peter] What’s the belly
of the beast all about?
– I mean, it ain’t nothing bad.
It’s just active.
– [Peter] There’s certain
times in the day it’s active?
– Yeah, of course.
I mean, certain things have
reached a level where it’s hot.
– [Peter] So right now, do
you feel like you would need
to watch your back at all or not really?
– We good ’cause Atlanta
is just one of them places
you good to the area, bruh,
they gonna be good to you.
– This is your guys’ home turf basically?
– Yeah.
– Yo, go inside real quick.
Let me talk to the young folks real quick.
– [Peter] Okay.
– Right, doesn’t help I look like a cop.
(Gutta laughs)
– [Peter] Where you from?
– I’m from East Oakland.
– [Peter] And what do
you think of Atlanta?
– Atlanta cool, it’s a good spot.
You can make money out here.
You come out here and
(blank) see you out here.
“Aye, what you doing, little bruh?”
“Oh, you selling a little,
you trying to get some?
“Oh, you getting some money?
“All right, you good, come on.”
(blank) trying to get money out here.
(blank) ain’t trying to be
on none of that fake (blank)
pulling up on a (blank),
what set, where you from,
and all that weird (blank).
That (blank) weird.
– [Peter] So there’s less attitude here.
Where is more dangerous,
here or East Oakland?
– East Oakland, I ain’t gonna lie.
– [Peter] This looks
way nicer, I gotta say.
– Yeah, for sure.
– [Peter] You know what I mean?
It’s like countryside out here.
– The six months I’ve been out here,
it’s been four, five murders
on this street right here.
– [Peter] How do you avoid it all?
– You can’t avoid it.
You just gotta keep living.
Lil Red.
– [Peter] Lil Red?
– Yeah.
– [Peter] This is your rap, yeah?
– This my rap right here.
Lil Red 2020, y’all gotta tune in.
– Where do you think the
music scene is better,
Atlanta or West Coast?
– Atlanta, the West Coast
is people only listen to it
for a gang perspective.
Out here, they’re looking for music.
They making quality music.
Out there, they looking
for a gang perspective.
You feel what I’m saying?
– Yeah, I feel that.
– [Peter] Is there more gang
activity out there or here,
or tough to say?
– That (blank) everywhere, for real.
That (blank) everywhere out here.
It’s like different type of
(blank) that you don’t see.
Growing up in the West Cost
different from out here.
Out here on East Coast side,
how you got the GDs and
the BDs and (blank).
You don’t got none of that
(blank) where I’m from.
– [Peter] GDs and BDs, what are those?
– Gangster Disciple–
– [Peter] Is it like Bloods and Crips?
– I don’t even know.
See, where I’m from, I don’t
even got Blood and Crips.
You gotta go way to Sac–
– [Peter] That’s old school,
that’s my generation.
– Yeah, you gotta go to
Sacramento to get that (blank).
I’m from Oakland, we
don’t got none of that.
We make our own (blank).
It’s my partners.
I grew up with these (blank) since kids
and we made our own (blank)
and we the only ones know about it.
It ain’t like no organization
it been from the ’60s
or the ’50s and we jumping in it.
No, we ain’t programming like that.
– [Peter] Are these the water guys?
– They got some out here, they everywhere.
Look, but they probably
not gonna be as aggressive.
– [Kodakk] Yeah, you gotta
go a little further down.
They done good, though.
I respect the hustle.
– He think you the police or something.
– Yeah, so Atlanta has
a lot of hustle, right?
– Lot of hustle going on.
– That’s what you guys are saying?
– Yeah.
– How you doing, man?
– What’s going on?
Ice cold?
– Yeah.
– [Kodakk] Go ahead, put on, little bruh.
Rep your sh** for the
YouTube real quick, man.
– F*** going, man, my name Lil Jay.
– Morning, man?
– I just brought one from lil bruh.
– Dang, you gonna bless me, too, big baby?
They gave money to him, big bro.
– [Gutta] F*** with
YouTube, f*** with YouTube.
– [Peter] I’m gonna be
peeing all day, man.
– [Kodakk] Offer your sh**, papi.
– Oh, yeah, y’all don’t
even know what’s going on,
a whole lot of gang sh**, man.
We just trying to get it on the block.
– [Peter] He’s my marketer,
subscribe to my channel.
I never say that.
How many do you sell a day,
how many waters do you sell a day?
– Two blicks.
– [Peter] Two blicks?
Okay, security.
– Yeah, we get 150 a day.
– We just be trying to
protect ourself, though,
’cause folk be coming,
you feel me?
– [Kodakk] Yeah.
– But we just trying
to stay out of trouble.
– Hell yeah, stay out of trouble, god****.
Keep putting on, man.
Respect to y’all boys, you feel me?
Keep putting on, man.
– So that guy had two guns on him, huh?
– You see how you
wouldn’t even, like I say,
you wouldn’t even think that.
– You wouldn’t even know.
Everyone carries out here?
– And they just passed a law
that you can conceal carry
with no permit, so it’s
about to get real hot.
– Is it dangerous for a kid
like that not to have a gun
’cause he doesn’t have protection?
I’ve been told that before in
other neighborhoods, or no?
– Possibly, yeah, to me, possibly.
He still trying to hustle,
but what if somebody see him,
it’s the wrong day or whatever it be.
He’s probably staying right here
in the extended stay hotel, growing up.
He gotta hustle, he gotta do something.
That bill gotta get paid.
He ain’t in school.
Well, school out now, but…
– [Peter] So he’s getting 150
a day with waters and then…
Well, he’s gotta buy his
water, so probably less.
So 100 bucks a day maybe.
And that’s not gonna be
too cheap these days.
– [Gutta] Mm-hm.
– [Kodakk] Mm-hm.
So again, now with
gentrification come into things
and things not being as cheap,
so we gonna have to have more hustles,
gonna have to have more
things that’s going on
that’s ain’t gonna be what
people would normally do.
– [Peter] So more financial
pressure means more crime, too,
would you say?
– I think 110%, 110%.
It’s like you’re muscling the people out,
so it’s like what are they gonna do?
What are they gonna result
to in order for them
to feed their family, in order
for them to pay their rent?
I felt like what makes a place a hood
is really the government
snatching everything
as far as the basic necessities
of what anybody’s supposed to have away.
And then you can’t expect them
to be outstanding citizens
when they have to do what
they gotta do to survive.
– [Peter] You think they have
solid family life at home?
– I mean, they could,
you never really know.
I’ve met people that have
had single parent household
and had mom and dad and
it’s still the same outcome.
So at the end of the
day, it got a lot to do
with sometimes the area.
Sometimes people just
product of their environment.
– [Peter] One of the biggest
jails in the Southeast?
– [Kodakk] Yes.
– One of the biggest in the
Southeast of the United States,
I believe, one of the biggest.
– [Peter] That’s where you
don’t wanna end up, huh?
– Hell nah, f*** jail.
– Is it pretty hardcore in there?
Have you heard any stories?
– I mean, stuff go on.
I ain’t gonna say it’s super
hardcore, but it’s jail.
– Right.
– You know you gotta work,
you know you gotta hustle to survive.
That’s just key.
But staying out the way is like
it’s just basically not falling
into all the media (blank)
and all the (blank)
that come along with it
because that’s what’s gonna steer you
into thinking certain things
that you really shouldn’t
even be focused on like that.
It’s good to think about the world, too.
And don’t get me wrong,
but at the same time,
we gotta get our mind
and our mental right.
– [Peter] How do you keep positive?
– How do I stay positive?
It’s a lot to stay positive.
First of all, we alive.
Every day in this 24
hours, anything can happen.
You can get rich.
You can get married,
you could fall in love,
you could meet new people.
It’s so many experiences that
just come along with living
that we don’t even take
gratitude about that
that’s just what excites me
and it’s a lot of
positivity in that alone.
– [Peter] Twerk Chicken.
– They say on the logo, the logo say,
“Chicken so good, make you wanna twerk”.
– [Peter] All right,
how’s the chicken, ma’am?
– Fantastic.
– [Peter] Does it make you wanna twerk?
– It does and I brought
my booty friends here
’cause they were trying
to be all dingo and bougie
when we got out the car–
– [Peter] Quit being bougie, yeah.
– But when we pulled up,
“We are not getting out of the car here.”
Oh yes, you are and now
they all ordering food.
The kitchen can’t even keep up
they ordering so much dang on food.
They trippin’.
– [Peter] They’re loving it.
– They are.
It just takes one
experience, now they’re…
– That’s it, now they hooked.
Now they twerking.
– [Peter] Oh, we gotta twerk here.
Can we get a twerk?
– If you do a twerk,
I’ll do a twerk, come on.
– [Peter] Today’s video
is sponsored by Roca News.
Many of you asked where
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Now back to the video.
All right, guys, this is one
of those embarrassing moments,
but here we go, bro, you’re a cameraman.
– [Kodakk] All right.
[sings Grandmaster Flash “The Message”]
♪ Dance to the beat, shuffle my feet ♪
♪ Where your shirt tied,
run with the creeps ♪
(Kodakk laughs)
(spectator laughs)
– Twerk, twerk, twerk, twerk, twerk, oh!
Twerking, we twerking.
Hey, where’s the music?
– Can you give me some pro tips?
What do I gotta do, hand up?
– First of all, this is a competition.
I’m not telling you what to do.
(Kodakk laughs)
(twerker laughs)
– Stretching for twerking,
stretching for twerking.
– [Kodakk] Nah, hell nah.
(Kodakk laughs)
(twerker laughs)
(twerker claps)
You gotta get your feet ready, bruh.
– [Spectator] And she ain’t
even doing it right, look.
– Oh, it’s time for the twerkulator.
♪ It’s time for the twerkulator ♪
♪ It’s time for the twerkulator ♪
– [Kodakk] Go Peter, go ahead,
turn that thing up one time.
– Go Peter.
– [Kodakk] Go Peter, aye!
Go Peter, go Peter, go Peter, aye!
Go aye!
Okay, Peter.
Got Peter on the block turning up.
What’s up, hot boy?
Hold on.
(Kodakk laughs)
Nah, we ain’t gonna do all that.
Old boy gotta got it.
(Kodakk laughs)
– [Peter] Oh, there we go, there we go!
– We twerking.
– [Peter] I’m out of breath.
– Twerk Chicken, we’re at Twerk Chicken,
Twerk Chicken, Twerk Chicken.
– [Kodakk] Got that boy,
Peter, on the block.
That’s what I’m talking about.
Show him how we get down at
a Twerk and Chicken, man.
(upbeat music)
It’s my boy first time in Atlanta,
so came by to Twerk and Chicken
’cause I already know y’all
got everything going on.
– [Peter] So you’re the owner of Twerk?
– I’m the owner of Twerk Chicken.
– [Peter] Who came up with the name?
– I did, Twerk Chicken.
Chicken so good make you wanna twerk.
(owner laughs)
– [Peter] Hey, I twerked before eating.
– You did?
– [Peter] But is it usually
eat the chicken, then twerk?
– Eat the chicken, then twerk.
– [Peter] Okay, maybe I’ll do both.
(owner laughs)
– [Peter] Thanks, man.
– Have a good one, buddy.
– [Peter] You too.
– All right.
– Where we at, this is
Candler Road, Blood area.
I’m neighborhood, Rolling 60 Crip.
So it’s not about what you
bang, it’s not about a color.
It’s about your heart.
And when you have heart
and you stand on principles
and morals, it takes you a long way.
It sets you aside from the gang activity.
– [Peter] You’re a Crip,
but this is a Blood’s hood?
– Yeah, and I have love
because I’m myself.
– [Peter] That’s what I found interesting.
In South Central, there’s a
lot of that intermixing, too.
– Sodaline, you got black
onyx, you have leborice
for your immune system and bad anxiety.
I’ve been shot in my
stomach, so you know…
I was the first one in my
family to finish high school
and go to college to play ball
for University of Arkansas,
ranked number five coming
out of the state of Georgia.
I was most popular in middle school,
most popular in high school, even in college,
but I had the big head.
The women, the drugs, me selling
drugs, just the lifestyle.
When I went through what I went through,
I was on a colostomy bag for three years.
Do you know how much depression, stress
that I had to deal with on my own?
And I feel like God sent me
through what I went through
to humble myself to figure
out to understand life.
And life is bigger than me and you.
Life is about setting up for the youth,
the generation after us.
So I feel like for parents
that tell their children,
you need to go to school,
finish school, go to college
and get a job, get a job, get a job, no.
Stop telling these kids that
because your dream is not their dream.
So why not while the kids are in their teen
find out what they love,
what they want to do
so you can find a way
to pursue their dream.
– [Peter] ‘Cause you’re
only gonna be great
at what you really love.
– You feel what I’m saying?
Stop being afraid to be yourself.
If you’re the cool guy, be the cool guy.
If you’re the nerd guy,
you’re the nerd guy.
– [Peter] What guy are you?
– I’m the cool guy, I’m in-between.
Guess what?
I don’t have a point to prove.
The message for today is know who you are
and be your (blank) self.
– 21 Savage.
– [Peter] 21 Savage, from here?
– This is very cool, wow.
Massive market.
Tell me about gold teeth.
– Oh, you know, that’s a
part of our culture, man.
Gotta have some gold steel,
you know what I mean?
Shout out to Scotty ATL,
shout to 80s Gold Grillz
for bringing big highlights
to the gold grill culture.
You should go get slugged out one time.
You should go get you
some tops and bottoms.
We gonna watch him get
slugged out, you feel me?
(Kodakk laughs)
– [Peter] What do you guys
think when you see BLM flags?
– It’s business, it’s money.
Just like United States,
it’s all business.
– America just a weird way
of taking certain things
and flipping them into
corporations and (blank) like that.
Where do all that money go to,
that when people were
donating all that money
to Black Lives Matter?
– Oh, you didn’t see
it up the street there?
They have a new soccer
camp, BLM soccer camp.
You didn’t see it?
– Where that at?
– Yeah, exactly.
(Kodakk laughs)
(Gutta laughs)
– Glenwood, yeah right.
– There’s certain neighborhoods
you guys just don’t go to
out of respect?
– Yeah.
– ‘Cause we know what they doing.
– I respect the hood,
I respect the hustle,
so I’ll never wanna step into their area
and slow down their money or
whatever they got going on
because at the end of the day,
it’s really all around you.
I can give you history all
day, but again, my perspective
of how I look at the hood and
how they basically treat me,
I always wanna come across
as somebody who’s going
to protect what they got
going on at all cost.
– All the bowling alleys
in the hood, gone,
been gone for a good little minute.
They got rid of them.
– [Peter] Why is that?
– I can’t really say, I wouldn’t know.
I was young, I used to
just come in my car–
– [Peter] Oh, okay, they
went a long time ago.
– Yeah.
– America to me like the
Matrix because it looks good,
but you gotta have a different
type of eye to really be able
to see what’s really going on out here.
‘Cause like you said, you done
been up all over the world
and you look at this area
as if it’s paradise really.
– [Peter] Right, like the
infrastructure’s good.
– Yeah, the infrastructure’s good.
I don’t want people to get
caught up in the glitz and glamor
when every area can get active.
And what I mean by active is
that it be crime going on.
(upbeat music)
It’s some hoods right behind here
where it’s some Edgewood
little spots right behind here,
little hoods–
– We gotta eat that food.
– Oh yeah, we gotta eat that food.
– [Peter] Here we go.
– Test it out.
– Twerk’s Chicken.
– They say this they famous sauce.
They got they own sauce.
– Very sweet, nice sweet sauce, yeah.
What do you guys think?
You wanted it with fries.
– Chicken was good.
I mean, with the fries in
order to get the sauce,
for you could taste the sauce.
– [Peter] It’s all right.
– But for my first time
experience, you know…
– Very tender, I’m not really a wings dude
because there’s not much meat on the bone,
but these are pretty good.
– All right.
– [Peter] What is this?
– We on Edgewood Avenue right now.
MLK is on Auburn Avenue.
Auburn Avenue is right across from here.
That’s where Martin Luther King…
– [Peter] What do you got going here?
– I’m an author for children books.
– [Kodakk] Oh yeah, for sure, for sure.
– [Peter] Officer says no.
– What’s going on?
I’m Frazier the Motivator, man.
I got the books, you know what I’m saying?
– [Peter] Frazier the Motivator.
– Yes, sir, right on the shirt.
We doing something
positive for the community,
for the kids, man.
Affirmations, this is my book right here.
– [Kodakk] That’s fire, bruh.
– [Frazier] Yes, sir, we got
a book and we got a workbook.
We just out here making a
difference in the world.
– [Peter] Good for you, man.
– [Frazier] Yes, sir.
– [Peter] Good work, Frazier.
– Aye, thank you so much.
And whatever you doing,
keep being consistent,
keep doing your thang, bro.
– Appreciate that, bruh.
– Whatever you doing,
keep doing what you doing.
I appreciate the promotion.
You ain’t even have to do that.
– Nah, you all good.
I just had to make sure, bruh.
You doing something
positive for the hood, bruh.
– [Frazier] Yes, sir.
– Well, the neighborhood here
is dealing with a little bit
of gentrification ’cause as you see,
they’re building this big
building right up here
so they tore down…
Yeah, it’s right over there.
To me, they tore down Sound Table,
they torn down little spots
that I’m used to hitting,
you know what I’m saying?
– [Peter] That’s a little creepy.
– Earlier, you was talking
about basically a lot
of the companies that’s
moving into Atlanta.
And when they move into Atlanta,
it’s not like they’re creating jobs
for the people who live out here.
They’re bringing the people
that work for them out here as well.
So it’s like they don’t
mind paying the high prices
that come along ’cause
they don’t even look at it
as being high because
Atlanta really cheap.
Rent really cheap, but now
because a lot of big corporations
are coming out here, the rent
is going up and the people
that are coming into the
city, they paying the price
because it’s not cheap to them.
– Right.
You see what I’m saying?
– What’s the solution to that?
– What’s the solution to that?
– That’s a hard one.
– It’s a hard one because
don’t get me wrong,
we also get opportunity,
but it’s just changed
and we gotta be able to
move along with the change.
Shout out to the legendary
Department Store.
– [Peter] This place?
– Yes, it was a big hub for creativity,
it was a big hub for Alt-lanta.
We got Atlanta and then
we got Alt-lanta, feel me?
That’s how I look at it
and that’s really dealing
with the creative crazy scene that we got
and this is one place where
you’ll be able to experience it
every day of the week it was open.
But of course again since
they taking from the culture,
they shut it down.
So Department Store gonna
be a real department store.
It’s not even gonna be a club.
– [Peter] Civil Rights Museum.
– Yeah, so you can see a lot
of things that’s going on
as far as real Atlanta culture.
Martin Luther King’s grave
is actually right over there,
too, surrounded by water.
Rest in peace to King.
– [Peter] He’s a true hero to you?
– True hero, of course.
Real Atlanta native, grew up
out here and he used his voice
and his position to basically
put on for his beliefs.
Atlanta dealt with a lot of segregation.
We dealt with a lot of racism.
So for him to be able to
turn a negative experience
and just try to make a positive outcome,
I can’t do nothing but
respect him for that.
Where we at right now,
a lot of shotgun houses.
So you still seeing that early Atlanta.
So you still getting that real deal.
– [Peter] You call these shotgun houses?
– [Kodakk] These are shotgun houses.
– [Peter] What do you mean by that?
– These are little slavery
homes, you see what I’m saying?
– [Peter] Those were slave homes.
– Yes, yes, 110%.
And you can just be able to see
and I pray that we don’t have to deal
with them tearing down
this area because to me,
it’s still a very historic area
and I don’t want the only
thing that’s gonna be out here
it’s gonna be Martin Luther
King house, which is right here.
– [Peter] Which one?
– [Kodakk] The yellow house.
– [Peter] No way.
– [Kodakk] Yeah.
– [Peter] That’s his home,
he grew up in that home?
– Grew up in that home.
– [Peter] Middle class dwelling.
Look how the middle class lived.
That’s very interesting.
MLK was born here.
Hats off to MLK.
– [Kodakk] For sure.
– [Peter] Beautiful home.
– Say that again.
– [Peter] What a cool window.
– As you can feel, the energy was great.
I felt empowered standing over there.
– [Peter] Just right there?
– I felt great.
I felt the energy.
– [Peter] He did so much for
society, 1964 Civil Rights Act.
– Yep, tried to spread
some positivity out here.
And that’s all we can do as human beings.
We all gonna have negative
and positive outcomes.
We’re all humans
so we gonna all have
our different outlooks
on the world and just culture in general.
– Is it easy just to say mutual
respect, that’s the solution
to so much of this?
Just respect whomever no
matter what background?
– Yeah, it’s all mutual respect.
I think if we can just get there,
then I feel like we’ll be able
to really recognize humanity
for what it is, you know what I mean?
Until you can respect somebody’s culture,
until you can respect
where they come from,
then it’s a like a lot of
other things will make sense
because Atlanta has just been having such
a negative stigmatism dealing
with a lot of the crime
and a lot of other things that’s going on,
but not really realizing
this has become a melting pot
for a lot of different places.
I mean, not a lot of different places,
but a lot of different people
from a lot of different cultures.
And it’s like their first
time experiencing it
and it’s a shock to them
because they never really…
This wasn’t on the pamphlet
when you talk about Atlanta.
They never experienced the true nature
of how it is out here.
– [Peter] If you’re to sum up
the true nature of how it is,
what is that?
– The true nature, hustlers.
We out here hustling.
We out here making (blank) happen.
– [Peter] Even though we just ate,
you said we had to go here.
– Oh yeah, look, we had
to go to Edgewood Pizza.
I don’t care, bruh, best pizza,
best wings you gonna get off
in this (blank) city, I don’t care.
– Love this.
– Hey, Juan, tell that man,
Edgewood Pizza the best place
to eat in the city, man.
– [Juan] Hell yeah.
– [Peter] What are you
guys barbecuing there?
– Hamburgers, hot dogs,
some of everything.
– [Peter] Nice, Stoney’s.
– Put on for Stoney’s, man.
Shout out, man, it’s just
for that YouTube vibe.
– Chi-town Real is in the building.
Stoney’s on the block, baby, we here.
– Shout out to Stoney’s, man.
– [Peter] Stoney’s does haircuts?
– Yeah.
Lots of ladies out here,
you don’t wanna bother them.
Leave them alone.
(Kodakk laughs)
– [Peter] All right, guys,
we’re gonna have to cut this one right now
because I’m on a plane in three hours
with about two hours of driving
through Atlanta traffic.
(Kodakk laughs)
(Gutter laughs)
– Through that traffic.
– Maybe 2 1/2.
So thank you, guys, for bringing us here.
Really appreciate it.
And I also wanna let you know
that Kodakk has an awesome Instagram page.
You gotta check it out.
I’ll put the link down below.
He’s doing all sorts of cool things.
– Get Atlanta history.
Get Atlanta history, man, check in.
Check in, man.
The realest, rawest history you gonna see.
Not what you gonna see on TV, man,
only gonna be able to see it here.
– It’s the Kodakk style.
– Yes, for sure.
– All right, guys,
thanks for coming along.
Unique peak into Atlanta.
I have two other videos on the city
from completely different angles.
All right, until the next one.
(upbeat music)

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