Exploring Rich Atlanta

May 29, 2022 4.1M Views 6.1K Comments

I think it’s fair to say Atlanta is an unknown city for most of us. Join me today as we meet up with a local who shows us rich Atlanta, and gives us a unique perspective of this influential and important American city.

(upbeat music)
– [Peter] So we got downtown over there.
– Yep, downtown.
– Where are we at here?
– So we’re in Buckhead right now,
which is the richest area of Atlanta.
This is where you’ll see all the mansions,
all the nice cars, nice ladies, you know.
– That’s what you’re
gonna show us today, Trey?
– Yeah, yeah, well, I
can’t guarantee the ladies.
– Okay, okay.
You’re one of the biggest
realtors in Atlanta, right?
– Correct, I am one of the top agents.
This year, I’m already at
like 8 million for the year,
which is pretty good.
You know, it’s a blessing.
– [Peter] This is the
apartment complex you live in?
– Yeah, well, this is
one of my properties.
I have multiple properties.
This is something that’s
quick and easy in the city.
So what you do is you get your girl.
You come up here with you a nice bottle
of whatever you like to drink.
You know, you sit back and relax.
And you just let the breeze
flow through your hair.
– [Peter] Through your
hair, but I’ll play pretend.
Here we go.
How you doing, man?
Where is your bubbles, your
champagne, and your ladies?
You’re missing a few things, man.
– Well, the ladies sound
something to work at.
– You gotta take some tips
from my man, Trey.
(Trey and man laughing)
What one is yours here?
– Oh, well, actually all three, you know?
So we got the Rolls-Royce Wraith,
which is my favorite, of course.
– Okay.
– On the 24 Forgiatos.
Then we got the Maybach,
which we’re gonna take today
on the Forgiatos.
– Okay.
– And then, we got the C8 Corvette
when you wanna have fun, take the top off,
let your hair blow in
the wind again. (laughs)
– Is this the first date car?
Is this what you’re rolling in?
– You know what? No.
The first date car, you wanna
bring out the Rolls-Royce.
You wanna really impress them,
you get you a driver,
and you hop in the
backseat of the Maybach.
You have a bottle of
champagne in the backseat.
Now that’s the first date car. (laughs)
– [Peter] Three, two, one
romance, right off the gun.
– You can’t go wrong either way though.
– Now would you bring a Tinder date
into one of these right off the gun or no?
– Oh no, no, I don’t do
Tinder, it’s a distraction.
It affects your money.
– It’s a full time job.
– It is a full time job.
– But I did meet my wife on Tinder.
– Oh, did you?
– Yeah.
– Oh, I may have to get
back on there. (laughs)
(upbeat music)
– [Caller] $7,000 for four hours.
– I figure we spend seven,
we might as well get the eight hours
and make a whole day out of it.
– [Peter] You don’t come
from a lot of money?
– No, no, no, no.
Come from the hood,
come from the projects.
There’s a project mentality
that comes with that.
So it’s mostly a negative mentality.
Where I’m from, you don’t
see Benzes and Bimmers or–
– Maybachs with the seats
going at 45 degrees.
– Yeah, you definitely don’t see that.
– For those that haven’t
been in a Maybach,
you almost feel like you’re on a bed.
– Exactly, oh, and you got your massage.
Did you put your massager on?
– I didn’t.
No, where’s that?
– Oh, man.
Let me get you right on your massage.
– [Peter] I’m gonna have to leave now.
I didn’t get a massage yet.
– [Trey] Oh, and you tell
me which one you like.
– I like a Swedish.
– A Swedish. (laughs)
I got you.
– Deep tissue perhaps.
Oh, there we go.
– Yeah, you should be feeling something.
– [Peter] The nubs are coming out.
So, guys, this seat is active.
– Oh, you can see it actually.
– [Peter] The seat is active.
– [Trey] People think
that it’s only hard work
that’s gonna get you success, right?
– Mhmm.
– That’s not it.
You gotta have your mental
and your spiritual right inside.
You gotta be able to give back.
You gotta love properly.
And once you have your
emotional side taken care of,
your spiritual side taken care of,
you can start reaping extra
blessings in your life.
And then, that’s how I’m
able to be where I’m at,
because of those blessings
and also hard work.
So I read a lot of books,
listened to a lot of audiobooks.
“The Secret” was a big one.
You know, I got into that at 22.
From “The Secret” that
turned me on to Bob Proctor,
Earl Nightingale, Napoleon
Hill, Joel Osteen.
I like Joel Osteen.
You know, the only
difference between all of us
is our mental and our actions.
So once you change your mental,
then your actions should
follow, sometimes they don’t.
Once your actions follow,
you’re gonna reap the benefits of that.
You have to learn anything
you wanna do in life,
you wanna learn it first.
And not only that, you
wanna learn yourself,
you wanna learn how we
operate as a people,
or as a human, as a human being.
And we all operate off
the foundation of love.
So once you start doing everything
out of intentions of love,
giving back through love,
you start getting supernatural blessings
that you never seen coming.
– You’re a religious man?
– Spiritual.
– [Peter] Here we are downtown, huh?
– [Trey] Oh yeah, man, we’re downtown.
– [Peter] This is Downtown Atlanta, guys.
Actually quite an impressive
skyline I would say.
– Two or three years ago,
I cut off all my side hustles
only to focus on real estate,
because I knew real estate
was gonna take me very far.
And I was like, “Man,”
I was so used to making
money on a daily basis.
You know what I mean?
– Mhmm.
– So the hardest part of
transitioning to real estate,
you don’t know when
you’re gonna get a check.
You’re just working with
these people you don’t know
for free, for months,
and you don’t know when
you’re gonna get paid.
– And they might be kicking tires,
not even giving you service.
– And they could be kicking tires.
Especially, when you
first get into business,
you don’t know who’s
serious and who’s not.
– Right.
– I had a pretty good deal
of deals under contract,
maybe like six or seven,
probably like maybe $80,000
worth of commission.
None of those deals closed.
– Mm.
– So I brought probably
like maybe six months
without a deal closing.
– Oh, man.
– So dead broke, lost all my credit cards.
Everything, credit went bad, cars.
And the next year, from that
point that following year,
I made $525,000.
– Just you got on a roll.
– Yeah, I had to say the
hell with everything.
Not talking to nobody.
I distanced myself from everyone.
I just only focused on closing my deals
and being successful in real estate.
Because I knew I had nowhere else to go,
I had no one to go to.
This is Crystal Lake.
This is a very nice subdivision
here in Hampton, Georgia.
So I just took all the property
values up on these homes,
because I just sold another property here.
– You just sold this one?
– Yeah.
– How much did that go for?
– $950,000.
– That’s what you can get
in Atlanta for $950,000?
– $950,000.
– So that’s a bargain
compared to many places.
– Of course, it was actually
gonna be cheaper than that.
But since they have the
top realtor on the job,
the appraisal came back at $760,000.
But now that we sold it for
$950,000, that’s a comp.
So now all the other homes’ property value
are gonna be raised up.
– [Peter] This is a recent sale?
– No, we’re actually
about to go on the market.
– [Peter] Oh, you’re
about to go on the market.
Okay, cool.
– Yeah, yeah.
So we’re gonna see if we can
get $1.1M out of this one.
I come from the projects
of Valdosta, Georgia.
It’s called Hudson Dockett.
Shout-out to all my
people from down there.
So it’s good people actually there,
everybody’s not bad people
from the hood, you know?
So I knew I always
wanted to be successful.
I wanted to have nice things.
I wanted to drive nice cars.
I wanted to live in homes like this,
’cause we don’t have this growing up.
You don’t even see this growing up.
– [Peter] This isn’t Section 8 housing.
– Of course.
And you got brick walls
and stuff like this,
no islands or nothing like that.
So to be able to see this and enjoy this,
and live in it, and to sell
it and make money on it,
I mean, it’s a dream come true.
– You got the listing,
you do an open house.
– Yep.
– You get everyone in.
– Mhmm.
– And you’re saying it’s
like, probably like that.
It’s gonna go.
– Oh, yeah.
Within the first week.
That’s beautiful.
– So, Trey, we started
talking about it in the house.
But you’re in the hood.
You start reading, you
start taking action.
But like then how?
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Now back to the video.
Like ’cause that’s where it
almost seems unbelievable.
– Yeah, you know what?
– That all sounds good,
but then how do get it?
– It sounds good,
and it’s not easy either,
because you’re gonna hit
a lot of road blocks.
You’re gonna hit a lot of obstacles.
But that’s life, everybody’s
gonna go through that.
It’s all about how you maneuver,
or go over those, or go through them.
– Okay.
– You know what I mean?
Because there’s always gonna be something
that holds you back.
Always gonna be something
that holds you back.
Because when you’re trying to progress,
it’s this thing called
a law of resistance.
So it’s gonna be something
trying to push you back
or hold you back from getting
to where you wanna go.
I had a choice when I was 22
to either sell real
estate or to sell cars.
– Okay.
– And I chose to sell cars,
because I didn’t need to go to school.
I needed money right then and there.
And I knew with real estate,
it was gonna be a process
I had to go to school for
and all this stuff,
and I had to pay for school.
I needed money then.
So I chose to sell cars,
which I was the number one
salesman within two months.
And I’m the youngest
salesman at a big dealership.
– I gotta say, you could
sell crack to my grandmother.
That’s how good you are, man.
– I appreciate it.
– I noticed in the car
you’re smooth as silk.
I’m like, “I just wanna I just wanna buy
whatever this guy’s selling.
He’s amazing.”
– Oh, yeah, because, I mean,
you never wanna come with the perspective
of selling somebody something, you know?
Because then that’s automatically
gonna turn people off.
No one wants to be sold or
feel like they’ve been sold.
– Yes.
– What people wanna feel
is like they have a friend,
someone they can trust.
So once you build that rapport, say,
“Hey, I’m Trey Williams.
I’m here to just guide you on
your home purchasing process.
You know, I’m here to just help
you make the right decision.
Ultimately, you’re in
control, I work for you.
You’re gonna make the decision.
I’m only here to just help
and be a friend.”
– You’re the facilitator.
Okay, but I think your
growing up in the hood,
all the guys that I’ve met in the hood
have very high emotional intelligence.
They can read situations really well,
’cause you have to.
– Of course.
– You gotta know what’s around you.
You gotta know how the game works.
– Right.
– You feel like that’s helped you a lot
in what you’re doing now?
– Of course, oh yeah.
I mean, it’s survival tactics right there.
I mean, coming from the
hood, you don’t have a lot,
so everything that I’m getting
now is more than enough.
– What would you have to say
to those kids in the hood
that feel like there’s no way out?
– You know, only listen
to positive individuals.
If your parents are not positive,
which my parents weren’t that positive.
My dad definitely wasn’t positive.
My mom was somewhat positive.
But it was tough growing up around that.
And a lot of people in the
hood are not positive beings.
It’s a lot of fights, a lot of arguments,
a lot of talking negative
about each other.
You have to distance yourself.
If you’re growing up with
that right now as a kid,
just know it’s gonna get better one day.
You know, you’re gonna get older one day.
Regardless of whether you
have any say so right now
or any voice at all,
and most of the time
you don’t in the hood,
your parents just tell you
to shut the hell up and
go to bed or whatever,
go about your business,
you don’t have any say so.
Just remember that you’re
gonna be older one day,
you’re gonna make decisions.
And your environment doesn’t determine
where you go in life, you do.
You’re the ultimate one,
your mind, your mentality.
So no matter what you’re learning,
learn something for yourself,
learn something that intrigues you.
Pick up a book, pick up “The Secret.”
You know, that’s what I’ll
tell all the kids out there.
– [Peter] You don’t feel like
there was anything in your way?
The only thing in your way was you?
– Yourself, you’re gonna have obstacles.
There are gonna be people that stop you
that don’t wanna see you succeed.
But once you get out of your own way
and get the people out of your life
that doesn’t need to be there,
that’s not positive,
that’s not encouraging you,
you’re gonna progress
if that’s what you want.
You’re gonna get whatever
you want outta life,
as long as you put in the
time, put in the work,
and read the books.
– I agree on letting people go
who don’t add positivity or bring you up.
‘Cause it’s either you have
an interaction with someone
and you leave going up like this
or you leave going down like that.
So I think, for me, it’s been remove,
like try to be away from the
people that bring you down
when you’re around them.
– Exactly.
And this is what you do,
instead of just cutting them off,
you give them an opportunity.
When they speak, if they
don’t say anything positive,
like, “Hey, if you could,
when you’re around me,
can you only speak positive thoughts?”
– You say that?
– Of course.
– You just straight up say it?
– Hell yeah.
And if they don’t, guess what?
They gotta go.
– How do they react when
they’re bitching about this–
– Oh, they’ll get offended.
– They do, yeah, yeah.
– You know, of course,
they’ll get offended, you know?
But the ones that look
up to you and like you,
they’re gonna take what you’re saying.
How can they get mad at that?
They’ll be like, “Oh man,
this guy just told me to be more positive.
Well, what the hell am I doing wrong
in my life that I need to?”
They’ll either take that and run with it
or they’ll take it and get offense to it
and you can let ’em go
now, because you tried.
But at the end of the day,
the purpose of it is going to be for me
to get face to face with these buyers,
because I’m better than most agents.
So I can actually, like,
“Hey, this is just a winner right here.
You don’t wanna let this go by.
Look at this, it’s in
immaculate condition.
Look at those coffered ceilings.”
My clients are military veterans.
– The sellers don’t wanna be on camera,
which is totally understandable.
But Trey’s selling this house yesterday.
That’s what I feel is going on
with the open house.
– Of course.
– Oh yeah, I started selling
it as we were driving here.
– [Peter] You make it look
easy or maybe it is easy.
– It’s easy for me,
it’s a blessing though.
You know, I can’t complain,
they’re nice people.
– [Peter] You recently sold this, right?
– Yep, do you guys
wanna get on camera, no?
He’s just showing the
wealthy side of Atlanta.
You guys happen to be the wealthy.
– Do you like it here?
– [Peter] Oh, okay.
– You got that though, right?
– Let’s call it three.
I say we call it three,
just round up, round up.
Great people.
– [Trey] Oh yeah, I love ’em.
– They don’t wanna be on
camera, but that’s the story.
A lot of times when people have money,
they don’t wanna be on camera.
– Oh yeah, it’s like that, man.
– So, guys, there are a lot of cool people
coming into this day,
but we just can’t show
them, unfortunately.
– Yeah, yeah.
– But we can show this, right?
– [Trey] Of course, so we just
sold this one for $950,000.
You should see this at night, man.
– There is a ton of money in Atlanta.
– Right.
– Just because you have a lot
of big corporations here.
You have Coca-Cola.
– Yep.
– You have the airport,
which pushes the most amount
of passengers in the world.
– Right.
– What else is here?
A lot of tech, right?
– Oh, man.
Amazon just came here.
– Amazon.
– It’s so much here, I
mean, Atlanta has it all.
It’s got all the professional teams,
baseball, basketball, football.
I mean, it’s beautiful, you can’t beat it.
And the property value is
the best in the country.
– [Peter] For under a mill in this city,
you can get all of this?
– Yep.
– Wow.
– Yep.
– [Peter] Tyson’s been driving us.
You’re Trey’s cousin, right?
– Right.
– Okay, so what do you feel about today?
Are you his driver, is that the story?
– I’m not his personal driver.
But whenever he needs
me, I’m on like standby.
– [Peter] What do you
like driving the best?
– I drive the Vette the most.
– The Vette’s got more speed?
– Yeah.
I drive two-door Vette
more than I drive the
Maybach or the Rolls-Royce.
– [Peter] Does Trey let you take a vehicle
to take a date out?
– Yeah.
Me, but only me.
– Only you?
– Yeah, and nobody else.
– You got that access.
– Only me.
Or even be around him,
like showing properties,
he don’t really like, you know,
showing somebody a property
is kind of like a big deal.
– It’s personal stuff.
– It’s very personal.
You know what I’m saying?
So even the celebrities
and everybody, like,
I don’t tell nobody, I don’t say nothing.
I just kind of keep it to myself.
– [Peter] Wait, wait, how much are those?
– $1,200.
– 1,200 bucks?
– [Tyson] Probably another $1,200.
Another $500.
– That’s $1,200, the belt?
– [Tyson] Yeah, the belt about $800.
– [Peter] T-shirt, $850.
– Nah, the T-shirt $45.
– Okay.
– [Peter] You need a
Cuts T-shirt, my friend.
– I go Polo, but I might try that.
– You gotta step it up.
– I might try that.
– Cuts is next level.
– You need to send me a
shipment, I’ll put that on.
Every time you see 4, 4, 4, 4.
– Okay.
– Think of me.
– What does it mean?
– It’s angel numbers.
It means your angels are
always gonna be with you.
You’re gonna always be protected.
– Is it working out?
– It’s working out.
And I can show you the definition.
It really stands for hard work.
– Your girlfriend?
– Yeah, this is my girlfriend.
– [Peter] All right.
– [Peter] She’s nice, treats you well?
– Very well.
– Cooks, cleans.
– Barely.
– [Peter] When’s the wedding?
I wanna be invited.
Thank you, sir.
– Hey, you don’t open up
the door for me!
– Man, you should’ve
came on the other side.
I’m trying to get to you.
– Damn, ha!
– I already got the treatment.
– I know, right?
You can’t go to a listing
appointment looking dusty, baby.
So we was in the grass with the Louis’ on,
so we can’t be dusty.
You can’t get a listing
looking dusty, baby.
You gotta be clean at all times.
That’s a must, presentation is everything.
– [Peter] How many times
you polishing the Louis’?
– I normally don’t walk through the grass,
but since I had my man Peter with me,
I’m like I’ll take a little
gander in the grass there.
– [Peter] It is my fault, my
shoes are used to the beating.
You’re liking that?
– What?
This is like $600,000.
My brother, how you doing, man?
Man, I’m over here
admiring the merchandise.
– Peter.
– Virgil.
– Nice to meet you, Virgil.
– Good to meet you, man.
– So this is my man Virgil, right?
He writes up a lot of my big deals.
We done closed millions in real estate.
Millions in real estate.
– Millions.
– Wait, man, which Ferrari is this?
– This is the F8.
– F8?
– Yeah.
– I’m over here getting it all wrong.
– [Peter] The F8, wow, this is beautiful.
How long you had this, Virgil?
– I just got it in December.
– It’s art.
– Man, I custom made it, kind
of designed it to my specs,
and, man, it’s everything that I want.
– [Peter] You’re a mortgage broker,
that’s your sole business?
– Mhmm.
I’m that, and then, also I
own a venture capital company
that focuses on small businesses,
kind of taking them to the next level.
Trey and I, my story,
are somewhat kind of
symbiotic and the same,
and we’re both kind of
self-driven entrepreneurs,
and kind of come from that
same sales background as well.
We kill what we eat, so to speak.
If we don’t kill it, we ain’t eating.
And as you can see, we like to eat.
– I’m telling you!
– He likes to eat, I like to eat!
– [Peter] And this is your other car?
This Lamborghini?
– This is my other car.
This is my Lambo Urus.
– [Trey] Oh my goodness.
– When did you get this one?
– I got this about two months ago.
– [Peter] What’s the
price tag of one of these?
– It’s about four.
– Four?
– Yeah.
– Oh, that’s beautiful.
Trey dropped some really good
knowledge bombs and wisdom.
Trey came from the hood.
Like that’s something I think
a lot of people don’t know.
They’re gonna hear a story,
but like what would your
advice be to those kids
that maybe not growing up in means,
how do they break through?
– Well, I mean, I pretty much just say
discipline and perseverance.
I mean, if you want something bad enough,
make that want, make that desire so real.
Take a picture of it early on.
I mean, before I bought this car,
at 10 I had a picture of this car.
You have to make that dream so real.
You know, go touch it, see it, smell it,
and then work towards it.
And whatever comes your way,
which there will be
things that come your way,
keep persevering, keep enduring,
keep going, keep pushing.
That is the story of America.
That’s the story of humanity.
Doesn’t matter where you are.
– Now he say he had a picture
of this in his wallet.
Now did you have a picture
of this in your wallet
when you was driving a 488?
‘Cause he just got out
of another new Ferrari.
– I did, I had that 488, yeah.
– I mean, how much higher
can you go, Virgil?
– Well, I mean, you know,
at this level of the game
for Trey and I,
what this really comes
down to as entrepreneurs,
I mean, we like these cars,
we do like these cars.
– Yeah.
– But at the end of the day,
they’re business cards.
– Yeah.
– This just gets us in
the door with clients.
– I saw that today.
– It just kind of introduces
us as to who we are.
Because, obviously, it’s sad to say,
but perception is reality.
– Of course.
– [Peter] Why is it sad to say?
– Well, I mean, you don’t
want it to be like that.
But once you get into the room,
then your perception is
defined by who you are.
But off the rip, I mean,
we’re visual creatures.
And for us, in real estate,
or any other entrepreneur out there
that is not gracing the cover of “Forbes,”
this is our, you know?
– So this opens the door.
Once you’re in the door,
then you have to come
through with your skills.
– Then your personality comes through,
your skills come through.
– But in order
to have these cars, you
gotta have the skills.
And the cars are also just
a part of the presentation.
– Yeah, I like that.
– So you pull up,
they know you’re doing something right
’cause you can afford a nice car.
– You’re driving hundreds
of thousand dollar cars.
You gotta be doing something right.
– Yep.
– But Virgil’s on
a whole nother level.
I’ma just shut up.
‘Cause this dude. (laughs)
– No, no, no, no, no.
– Virgil, we’re gonna leave
Virgil’s links down below too.
Because, as you can
see, they work together.
Buy with Trey,
finance with Virgil.
– That’s right.
– Get the best rates, the best service.
And, potentially, a cruise in the Maybach.
– There you go.
– Am I saying that right?
Mayback or myback?
– Mybock.
– Mybock.
– There you go.
– Mybock.
You gotta say it German-like.
But this thing is the
next level, I’m loving it.
(F8 revving)
What keeps you motivated?
What fires you up?
Is it always getting like the better car,
the better thing or what is it?
– Here’s what it is, definitely that also,
but nothing sits still.
Everything’s vibrating
at one rate or another.
The sun is constantly
rising, going down, the moon.
We’re constantly breathing.
Our body’s constantly moving,
even when we’re asleep.
So with knowing that, you can’t sit still.
And, also, if you don’t have
any goals, you have no GPS.
You don’t know where you’re
going, you’re just drifting.
– What are your big goals?
– Oh man, all right.
I do want my own real estate
company here in Atlanta,
in Miami and LA.
I need a nonprofit in all
of those cities as well.
– [Peter] Why the nonprofit?
– The nonprofit is to
represent where I come from,
which is the hood.
So to help give back to show them
everything that we’ve been discussing,
that they can do whatever
they put their minds to.
Show ’em how to wear a suit,
how to treat each other,
how to respect each other,
not to kill each other.
How to talk to a woman, how to learn,
how to earn, how to be positive.
All that needs to be taught.
That’s stuff that we don’t
learn growing up, you know?
In our culture, what we are known for,
I mean, listen to our music, you know?
Is we’re talking about robbing each other,
killing each other,
cars, clothes, hoes, money.
Nothing is really giving
any positive advice
out of these lyrics.
– Okay.
– But I understand it’s a hustle.
So what they’re doing,
they’re just using that.
I mean, and some of ’em
actually live that life,
some of ’em don’t,
so they’re just using that
to capitalize to make profit,
because it’s selling,
so, obviously, somebody’s
gonna make that music.
But the sad part about it is
it’s sinking into
people’s subconscious mind
and they’re actually believing it.
The kids that are growing up
with no father or no mother,
and they only have the streets to turn to,
and they’re listening to
this music in the streets,
they’re thinking it’s cool.
– Subconsciously.
– Subconsciously.
– Interesting, I used to listen to “Rush,”
which no female on this planet
likes, including my wife,
or most people don’t like,
it’s not cool.
– Right.
– But their lyrics were
all about like individual,
like autonomy, achieving
what you want in life.
Like your empowerment,
and I think subconsciously that filtered.
So that’s interesting you say, rap music,
they’re not going in with like,
“Read the book and study hard.”
That’s not the lyrics.
– Of course.
No, I mean, you gotta listen really hard.
Some artists do, they
try to put it in there.
But I don’t think they
can, to be honest with you.
I don’t know, I don’t
wanna get into all that.
But what I do know is that it
needs to be more positivity.
It needs to be more change.
It needs to be someone
talking to the youth
to help empower them.
That’s just what I wanna do.
I just wanna let them know
that you can have a real
job or a real career,
not have to do anything illegal,
and make legal money
and still be successful,
and still live a balling lifestyle.
– So in Atlanta, my short time here,
I notice in your culture,
there are a lot of very successful people.
– Of course.
– Like I’ve seen the
most black professionals
I’d say out of any city I’ve been.
Like people that are
doing well for themselves.
– Wakanda, you’re in
Wakanda, baby. (laughs)
– Wakanda?
– Wakanda, you seen “Black Panther”?
Nah, you haven’t seen it.
– I didn’t, man, I didn’t.
“Black Panther”?
– That’s what TI called it, Wakanda.
– I read “Malcolm X” though.
– Oh yeah, well, Wakanda
is “Black Panther.”
It’s a Marvel movie.
– Oh, okay.
– Marvel Comic movie.
– Well, Wakanda is like a
really wealthy area in Africa
that’s like beyond the United States,
beyond every civilization.
So that’s what’s portrayed in the movie,
and it’s all, of course, black people.
But here, a lot of wealthy
black people are here.
For one, it’s the south.
And, for two, a lot of ’em come here
for property real estate value.
And the music is here, everything is here.
I mean, I love Atlanta.
This is definitely home.
– And you’re saying you look at
no negative information at all?
– No, I always seen that phrase,
“Hear no evil, see no
evil, speak no evil.”
And I was just like,
“Why don’t I replace that
with, ‘Hear no negativity,
speak no negativity, see no negativity.'”
You block that outta your mind
and it can’t sink into your subconscious
and you can’t be tempted.
You will block all the wrong people
from being into your life also,
because most people are negative.
As soon as you hear them
say something negative,
you’ll know it.
Subconsciously, they don’t even know,
they’re just so programmed
to being negative,
and that makes them feel more empowered.
But they don’t understand
that when you start
speaking positive in life,
they don’t understand that,
first, we’re all connected.
We’re all one.
At the end of the day,
we’re all spiritual beings.
What I do to you will come back on me.
Everything is a circle,
law of life, law of karma.
Blocking out all the negativity,
you just can leave room
for nothing but blessings in your life.
So now you’re gonna constantly be turning
this wheel of positive energy,
and it’s just gonna keep
getting bigger and better.
But if you start adding
negative energy in it,
then you’re gonna slow it down,
and then start going in reverse.
– You don’t even pay any
attention to politics
or anything like that?
– No.
– Zero?
– No, zero.
– [Peter] This is a home
you’re looking to list.
– Correct.
– How’d he find you?
– I just sold that million
one on the lake, the 950.
This is his family member.
– Oh, okay.
So that’s how it works, referrals, right?
How you doing, sir?
– That’s Peter.
– Peter.
– Basim, nice to meet you.
– [Peter] Nice to meet you.
– I sold your family member a house.
– Yeah.
– You guys get the same deal.
– 2 1/2?
– 2 1/2.
2 1/2 and 2 1/2, so five total.
– Five total, right?
– Yep.
– Coffer ceiling, that’s not the only.
It’s all over the house, tray ceilings.
You’ll see a lot of ceiling work.
Like this, I custom made
the circle with a tray.
– Ah, that is nice with the lights on it.
It’s so huge, this the master, right?
Obviously, right?
– This is the master.
– Oh, okay, cool.
– [Peter] Skylights.
– [Trey] God, this is crazy.
– That’s just the toilet in there.
– [Peter] Cool detail, fish
tank built in right here.
– [Basim] Yeah, so you can
see it from both sides.
– [Peter] Right.
– [Basim] The view from here,
custom cabinetry for it.
– You guys did a great thing here.
– So this is what we renovated
recently in the last year.
We redid the kitchen cabinets.
– How’s it going?
Oh yeah.
– All the kitchen cabinets.
– It looks great, it looks great.
– [Peter] How many square feet is this?
– Yeah, It’s like somewhere
around there.
– [Peter] 9,100, wow.
– [Basim] And so this house over there,
you see the framing right there?
– Yeah.
– That one,
they put that on the market for $1.3M.
– Okay.
– And that one’s like $1.4M?
Something like that.
When we did this, we got
a swimming spa put in.
– [Trey] Hoo-hoo, nice.
Ah, that’s beautiful.
That is beautiful.
– So why is Atlanta doing so well
right now do you think?
– I mean, it’s booming.
All the movie studios
are coming down here.
You know, Hollywood’s coming down here.
Pinewood Studios, I don’t
know if you heard about that.
– I haven’t, no.
– It’s in Fayette County.
So they might be called Marvel Studios.
– Marvel Studios?
– Marvel Studios here?
– Marvel, yeah, there.
– Oh.
– Marvel.
– God dog, what the?
– It’s already built.
– [Peter] So this is the basement.
– [Trey] What in the world, oh my god.
– It’s pretty high, right?
– What? Oh, it’s crazy.
All right, yeah, this is perfect.
Custom ceilings everywhere.
– A little movie theater.
– And it’s hard to find
something like this now.
– Oh yeah, this is custom.
– The lights you can change colors.
So when you first turn it on,
it shows you like all the
different colors you could do.
But you can change it with your phone.
– Like $1.45M…
– $1.45M, $1.40M at the least.
Well, I know I’ll get $1.4M easily.
$1.5M is what I’m shooting
for, but I wanna get you more.
– It’s all business when you step in.
And you wanna go in knowing
that you’re gonna get the listing.
And, also, when you’re talking,
you see when I talk I say,
“When I get this listing,
oh, we’re gonna put this
on the market for this,”
this is mine, I’m claiming it.
– And you said downstairs,
“This would be great for a prayer room”.
You’re going into little specific details,
understanding culture.
– Of course.
– Very smart.
– Yeah, of course.
Check this out.
Amazing mansions all
throughout the neighborhood.
I’m gonna show you guys a
little bit of the inside.
All right, stay tuned.
– So you post all that
on your social real time?
– Yep.
– You can sell that easily?
If someone sees it on your
social, they might be interested?
– Oh yeah, oh yeah, I’m about to post it
just off the quick story,
not even on the post.
Do you want him to be?
– [Peter] Yeah, you can
just hover in the back.
Look like our bouncer or something.
– All right, cool.
(everybody laughing)
– [Peter] You know, we couldn’t
have done it without Tyson.
– [Trey] Of course, man!
– [Peter] Driving the Maybach
while we’re getting our
massages in the back.
– Of course, he’s top
flight security and fam.
– Thank you, Tyson, for the drive today.
– Yes, sir.
– Thanks for bringing us into your world.
I think you sold two homes probably.
– Oh, they’re definitely sold.
– [Peter] And Atlanta’s on fire.
Look at all this building.
It’s crazy, guys.
– Oh yeah, new construction.
– Trey, I think quite possibly
is the smoothest guy
I’ve met on planet Earth.
And I’ve been to 85 countries,
so that’s quite a success.
– Really?
– Yes.
– Oh, so you’re not just
pulling my tail here?
– No, no, no.
Like I wanna go buy a
home with you right now
and move to Atlanta, even
though I’m not moving.
– Right, right, right.
Well, that’s a blessing, man.
I appreciate that, thank you.
– So I wanna drop all
of Trey’s links below.
He’s got a great Instagram
page showing a lot of this.
You have a website?
– Yeah, AtlantaLuxuryHomes.net.
– Down below, also, if you’re in Atlanta,
you wanna buy, you wanna
sell, this is your guy.
It’s just fun hanging around
with Batman and Robin.
(everybody laughing)
– Also, just because we came
to million dollar homes,
don’t think I just sell
million dollar properties.
I do everything, you know?
So just don’t think I’m
just a million dollar agent,
’cause I am, but I’m not.
– Okay, and are you single?
– You know, I am single.
– Oh.
– You know, I am single.
– Links down below, okay.
Until the next one.
– Definitely.
(upbeat music)

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