Inside Amish Auction

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Have you ever been to an Amish auction? My Amish friend Brian set me up with the right clothes, showed me how to shave “Amish style,” and set me loose in a massive Amish auction where I got into some competitive bidding with the locals.

[auctioneer speaking]
♪ country music ♪
Do you have any Swartzentruber clothes?
-We don’t.
Nobody does, huh?
-Swartzentruber Amish wouldn’t
wear collars on theirs would they?
-Do you have any old order?
-Let’s do it.
Do you think I’m a
green guy or a black guy?
I should go black?
-Yeah, that’d be fine.
They’re not hemmed.
-Oh the bottoms?
Okay, we have the pants and the
two shirts.
-Do you know how to close the pants?
I’m gonna figure it out.
-Okay, ’cause we had another man…
-Is there a trick to it?
Your friend might want to show you.
Brian, you want to help me with the pants?
That’s what she said.
I’m gonna need help over here.
These have single buttons but this button
is your belt.
So you’ll put that on first.
The front side?
So when you put them on this will be
hang down.
Put this around your waist
button this button here
and then you’ll tuck your pockets in
pull this up
and start at one end and just
button across.
-Make sense?
-It’s too tight.
-These are too tight, huh?
-Oh my, those are way too tight, yeah.
-You don’t go skinny style with Amish, huh?
-You don’t go skinny style with Amish, huh?
-Oh my goodness you can’t even close
your belt can you?
-No, that’s not happening.
Yeah, we need to get a bigger pair.
-Step it up?
-Yeah, definitely.
-Oh, you tuck this?
-Yeah, there ya go.
-No, I think this is a perfect fit.
Like this/
-Yeah, as long as it feels comfortable.
Yeah, your doing it.
-Let me get a shirt on.
What do you think, Brian?
-Is this the look?
You’ll fit right in.
Gotta say, these clothes
are quite comfortable.
Very comfortable, I like the pants.
It’s a good fit?
-Turn around once.
Yeah, I’d say those fit you good.
They feel okay?
Feel great, comfortable.
Now, you’re sure this isn’t
going to cause a fashion problem?
I’m going Swartzentruber
and then Old Order.
-I’ll tell you one thing.
The Swartzentrubers
would not wear short sleeves.
But it’s gonna be hot tomorrow.
-Well, that’s your choice.
Clip them on in the front one.
This a better fit?
-Let me see, do you have them down there?
Are Amish shorter than me typically?
-Not all of ’em but you
you have a very long back.
-You do this, there we go.
-There you have it.
I’m sorry
I haven’t used them for so long.
-That’s fine.
-You don’t use them do you?
-You don’t use them do you?
-How do you do these things?
I’m not sure.
Peter had it.
You’re looking…
I like the vibes.
-Is this working?
-I’m liking it.
♪ country music ♪
Good morning, guys.
The Amish do
many things differently
from the outside world.
for example
health insurance.
Most Amish people do
not have health insurance.
So instead they come
together as a community
to pool their money
to pay for people’s treatments
for their healthcare.
How do they do that?
Through auctions.
So today we’re going to
go to an Amish auction
and see a little behind the scenes
and how the Amish
collectively help one another.
♪ country music ♪
You’re great with words.
-There’s an auctioneer…
Brian’s okay with being on the camera
in the very background, right?
What you were both telling me is
there are a lot of cars because
there are a lot of English outsiders…
Auction today.
Gotcha, gotcha.
And there we go…
So we’re gonna jump
into a little breakfast here
and then into an auction.
It’s my first auction.
I get the little thing or I raise my hand
or how’s it work?
-You raise your hand and
then you just keep raising it
until you buy the item.
And then you pay.
-I’m gonna get you a new buggy.
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Okay, back to the Amish.

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