Amish Walmart

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Walmart is Walmart, well that’s what I thought until I went to Amish country. Come experience a unique Amish-influenced Walmart.

Here we are at Walmart in
Millersburg, Holmes County, Ohio.
And I was told this is a
special kind of Walmart.
A unique Walmart with something
you wouldn’t see in any other
Walmart in the world. Maybe
some others in Amish Country.
Horse and carriage parking.
Ha-ha, going? So, what’s going on here?
This is like an Amish Walmart?
I saw the carriages and buggies.
They come in and shop?
The Amish come in here?
Traditional clothes, all that?
Very interesting. So, does
this garage fill up?
With buggies and…
A lot of Amish people come here?
You heard it from the man.
This fills up and a lot of Amish come here.
And I can tell from my time here this
is old order Amish because they
have the canvas that comes down
and they have the steel wheels.
New order would have rubber and
a slider. Learning a lot here
in Holmes County. You can’t
really put a label on the
Amish. So many types. Down to
the carriage. Other Amish
wouldn’t be be in that
carriage. No way would they be
in the steel wheels, they’d
have to have rubber.
And they’d have a slider, s
so just that alone.
Alright, let’s get into Walmart.
This fills up, huh? This Amish area?
That’s when they’re shopping?
How are you doing, sir?
Need some help?
-I’m the own help.
-You’re the own help?
They come in here a lot, huh? The Amish?
-And those good?
-They’re all right.
I mean, it’s pretty much just the same
as any egg noodle like this one
here. It’s the same thing. It’s
just branded different because
they make them at the Amish Country.
-Got you. Just videoing the Amish products.
-Do you like in Amish Country?
-Do I like living in Amish Country?
-It’s a completely different world
-It is, huh?
-Yeah. You don’t… If you don’t
have TV and keep up on the
outside world as far as
watching the TV and everything
else, this world runs all by itself.
Do you think it’s better that way?
It depends on your idea of better.
Ignorance is bliss in some cases.
If you don’t know what’s going on in
the outside world, it doesn’t affect you.
I mean, in some cases that’s bad because
you don’t know what’s going on.
-But in most cases…
Like this last year, it’s like
didn’t even happen here, right?
Well, no. We still…
The whole COVID thing?
Well, you had that obviously.
Yeah, but bear with me. It wasn’t as bad.
I didn’t feel it as bad.
No one was scared?
The Amish aren’t really that big on masks.
So, if all the vendors and
everything around were strict,
policy mask or no enter, they’d
lose a lot of business.
Okay, so the only thing Amish in here
are those Amish noodles which this guy
just told me no Amish people eat because
they make all their food at home but hey,
that theory just got blasted
because there are a lot of
shopping here at Walmart. Now,
to be fair, these bonnets mean
something and I don’t know what
that means but it’s gonna it’s
gonna mean what sect they are.
They might be Mennonite
even which means like they’re
driving cars… But other
Amish are gonna be like the
ones or that horse and buggy
out front. They can only come
that way. They would never be
allowed to drive. It’s complicated.
It’s very much mixed up.
Could be wrong but I think that
bonnet is Mennonite.
That’s more Old-Order, I believe.
That lady, the black bonnet.
So, I knew nothing about the
Amish up until 4 days ago.
I looked at it as one thing, the
Amish. You put a label and
typically, us outside the Amish
think of the people in homes
without electricity, horse and
buggies, now there are many
different sects in the religion,
the culture, so the most
conservative operate that way
and as you can see, the ones
that are not as conservative
and going to Walmart.
Like most things in life, it’s complicated.
You can’t put an easy label on it.
All right, guys. Little peek in
the Walmart, Holmes County, Ohio.
What a world we’re in!
Amish and Mennonite in the Walmart.
Kombucha in the Walmart.
Interesting times.
So, check out my series. I got
quite a few videos, different
angles into the Amish community,
Amish and Mennonite community
where I met some very interesting characters.
To be fair, the videos were not
the easiest to get as you might
imagine but really, really
interesting insight to another world.
Okay, until the next one, guys. Take care.

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