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Check out the story I wrote about BEAUTIFUL ASMARA

More than any place I’ve been to on this planet, Asmara and Eritrea is a feeling.

what’s going on Gavin your tray first
trip and this is well it’s been quite a
journey already actually went to the
Berlin Embassy I went once she went what
three times I went four times four times
and you got it last minute the last day
literally last minute absolutely told me
I wasn’t gonna get it yeah I was gonna
do all sorts of shenanigans I was gonna
try and get on this flight without a
that’s one okay and this lady’s been
like a mother to me she’s amazing she
gave me her bread at the airport and
she’s been very kind and gentle giving
you nice smiles and trying to give me
more tea and just all around a very
to be continued brains everyone has been
super rad so many people just come
straight up to us talk to us see tell us
this story that pump they were visiting
that country not as pumped as we are
comes out the top I tell
Nilofer walkie I’m Charlie awesome no
I’m in the hockey
again this guy said he’s very strong
come on me good good good good
oh yeah so in your tray when you want to
change money don’t get in the bank
because it’s 15 to 1 the exchange rate
and on the so called
whatever market you want to call it it’s
24 to 1 so the process of getting bags
and money you’re doing a lot of counting
with the Mafia I’m on the outskirts of s
Mara and I’ve found quite an interesting
place basically it is the resting point
for all of these tanks and trucks and
military hardware from I’m thinking from
the 30-year war here with Ethiopia but
it goes on and on and on and it’s an
awesome site because I’ve never seen
anything like it
it’s also very depressing and gross site
of what humans spend money on and do to
each other day – quite a real really
really really fascinating find the city
in this country
this is a little bit different to
anywhere let alone Berlin it’s obvious
from this this beautiful picture that
we’re not in Berlin where are we where
we go burn Eritrea we’re about an hour
from the capital in this place called
Decca Mayer
it’s one of the most chill places [ __ ]
feeling quite a lucky to get on this bus
ceiling with my breasts city got it
before the shoulder pumper
Zippo in the city of Misawa the old city
here and it’s um it’s beautiful but it’s
sort of in ruins old art and Ottoman
architecture and
most other countries this would be a big
tourist draw but in your atreya
well not so much because well there
hardly any tourists together there’s
like I think we’ve seen in ten days
maybe like six white people something
like that it’s like really really an off
the beat path being paths headlights
I’ll check the sounds and school
and people are just living in this in
this old city and it’s I think I got
hammered pretty hard in the war that’s
why it’s all beat up but uh yeah really
really really really interesting place
and the situation is we’re about to go
into suite we’ve been thinking about
Suites for days even you Gavin Hamilton
who doesn’t have a massive sweet tooth
like me has been talking about this
place for days why they have amazing
yes but I’m not sure the people talk to
the people mark nice to meet you I am
your friends hi everybody
come III am why should why should I come
back smart because it is a very
beautiful city like London nice like
London but different but I’ll say the
people are nicer yeah people are
friendlier like Mari
everybody is gentle and very funny they
give you peace
tell me
hey I’m not gonna ascend economy
are we talking I’m not playing it I send
me funny
ha ha
the brain enough but I just I don’t know
and me told me I’m not pointed I said
Nick on me
how do we told me I’m not going it
I send nickname
I learn
good night everybody

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