Does Ukraine Have a Bright Future?! (#5)

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Episode 5 of 5: BENEATH KYIV.
Ukraine… a special place in the world with many forces at play. But what direction is it going in?

In this video we journey into the former president Victor Yanukovych’s home–the embodiment of corruption in Ukraine. We then we journey into the possible future of Ukraine, a $200 million dollar forward-thinking ecosystem called UNIT City.

This video shows the difference between the old ways of hoarding/stealing and the potential new ways of developing the youth’s skills with innovation leading to a prosperous future.

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okay here’s the situation
today I’m being taken out to this place
which I’ve been told is the embodiment
of corruption in this country censor in
Ukraine that definitely means something
but then on the positive note happy new
year positive note we’re going out to
this new facility is a two hundred
million dollar project for the future
and the youth I’m excited to be back
okay here we go
this are you where is great snowy day
it’s freezing yeah man
so are we making snowmen are you are you
excited about today I am because I don’t
necessarily know what I’m getting into
we’re going to único Beach residents
measurability at the former president
yeah and you’re gonna see how a lavish
and insane it was to his home and why
Ukraine is changing for the better
because of that
let’s do it what’s what’s this story
here with this wall this big green
barrier I guess because of you know all
the other residents of this area we just
wanted to separate himself from the
outer world and that is why all the
security on the very entrance and double
gates here and there but Donald Trump
would definitely be jealous oh he would
approve is
I used to studying in technical
university but then I realize that
technical education and especially IT in
Ukraine where our computers and floppy
disk are older than myself
you saw the floppy disk and you said
this isn’t for me I just realized that
if I like I had to spend four more years
in this institution and I encounter such
old almost really cool technology sure
I’m just afraid what I’m going to
encounter next you know
so this is the man I guess that watches
over the home I think he lives here
did he say he lives here it is you know
suppose I’m with Jim Yanukovych it’s
been here more times in ecology did Wow
Yanukovych must have a real love for
we travel to receive receive pokhara mr.
Simonds over so it used to be silver
mm-hmm but then he didn’t like it this
is why you had floppy disks maybe yeah
yeah maybe this is the reason let’s sit
down with the guys style but the
craftsmanship is ocularly it is indeed
he oh he controlled all the way to
Chernobyl he think he wanted to Oh Dean
types of wood just on the floor this is
all separate like yes yes separate small
pieces of wood it was constructed during
sweet years crystals just didn’t say
I’ve always my god I’ve always dreamed
of an dead alligator on my table look at
that this seems too extreme it seems
like a good adventure in India and the
people oh well sure it’s attrition
seriously a church right of course it’s
hard to tell actually what he believed
in because all of this I think he
believes in money yeah this is way too
extreme you know wow the old hoarding
take all steal from the people met how
it is right yeah it is I don’t think
Ukraine is gonna stay in the state for
long honestly just because to support
all this you need to take this influence
this money this power from the side
right right right and people are going
to give in not willing to give it
because we’re building our own future
and doesn’t look like this words are
nothing actions or everything right as
we so trite so true so your action of
not getting on that plane and going to
the US when you have a visa and a couple
staying here says something
that that was crazy
that’s why it likes me just pump that
off yeah Bruce okay there’s definitely
more to that story but Wow
okay we got more here we go
about 1 per year in the top
it was a motorcycle factory old one and
it was renovated in nine months and so
that suggests to yourself at what we’re
going to do in next 10 years it will be
change five stars of flame dedicated to
innovation and technology with the city
and the city with their business
campuses educational institutions
infrastructure objects and also a
residential area
it smells like technology what do you
get a Kovach’s place fine
like morbid like stay crusty all
corruption kind of
this is a chance we take and image to do
great and it’s better that your bastard
why not
twice I sounded like some sort
that’s food
do you don’t do any ceremony here
there’s no special if you’re still
thinking still have interest if you
still learning and 30 information you
could be affected where this to me is an
example of I don’t know much of the back
story about who funded this but he’s
putting his money and obviously to
something that’s generating thought
creativity and skills and skills and
this is free wool you English is amazing
thank you you saw a lot of YouTube
obviously yeah and with your really bad
but you’re connecting that you’re
finding the super good talent and then
near the English guy that can like fuse
together Yanukovych’s house to here tell
me that tell me that transition it’s
just dead water it’s so scary to go
there and what’s scary to go out of
there as well but when you come here you
just feel difference in energy it feels
the difference in how people communicate
how their house they walk you know right
and just observe them they behave
it’s an openness or stationery I’m not
from here
but from first impressions it needs more
of these types of institutions which
allow smart people like you to flow into
collaborate with like-minded people and
then actually do something with the
skills you get Luba she’ll crane
laughter you’d some membership but
insulted people ago straining he Baba
Buddha duties policy Christmas little
slower holiday they go over as dos de
Beauvoir’s each total whom Polina we go
away forty skippitito result muskie
summer diverse Oscar was just not
playing it because I am everything in
Ukraine right it’s the bond it’s the
body like it’s boom here or boom here
like Yanukovych’s house this is a
complete opposite it is action right
like the service in this country yes the
best of the worst the people in this
country it seems to me like the best or
the worst
it’s very bowl of the rose once again I
don’t know if there is any the best road
yeah there’s some good ride yeah there’s
a very shitty ones right and like and
it’s hard to wrap your head around as a
foreigner to go from that house to this
place and do this right yeah but the new
way of the world the way the world is
going any successful business model
opens and that’s things breathe in and
out of it right yeah and that’s
understood here it is you can feel it
here yeah so true you know it’s been
good thank you thank you I’m glad you’re
a bunch of artists
back to the original question does
Ukraine have a future and I do not have
the magic ball I know as a catchy title
but of course it has a future does it
have a positive future well if you take
the youth here that I’ve seen in Kiev
people like Ruslan that are educated
motivated and driven and they have a
place this is the crucial part they have
a place where they can grow and flourish
like what we just saw then yes Ukraine
has a beautiful future to be continued

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