You Won’t Believe This Is Detroit!

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The word “Detroit” evokes thoughts of danger and crime for most people. But how is it that 2021 downtown Detroit is cleaner and safer than most American city downtowns? Join me as we learn what’s been happening in Detroit from a proud local.

i’m moving to detroit and all my friends
are like you’ve got to be kidding me
downtown detroit is cleaner and safer
than downtown san francisco which i
thought i would never say in my life
good job detroit look at these streets
the most beautiful buildings we have in
the city and if we have a chance we
should walk inside a tiffany’s clock if
you were looking for something shady
this is where you did it this is one of
the wealthiest places in the world oh
yeah we invested 4.5 billion in the city
the restaurant is probably one of like
the best in the city you have to go like
you have to have to go how would you say
the race relations are here what’s it
feel like for you so this is the
speakeasy someone just goes in here and
drinks yeah there’s an authenticity here
it feels real yeah something about the
midwest people just seem to be a little
more cool these days yes
good morning guys
when you hear of the word detroit
what comes to mind for most of us
americans it’s words like danger or
and while that does exist here there is
a very rough side which i’ll have a
video on also
there is a downtown
that is having a comeback a renaissance
if you will
so today we have the great pleasure to
meet up with a long-term local who’s
going to show us
and tell us
about exactly what’s going on
in the big bad
victoria’s d
how you doing thanks for meeting up
appreciate it
peter all right guys so we have the good
fortune to meet up with greg and you’ve
lived here 22 years yeah 22 years since
98. okay so greg has seen the
transformation of downtown detroit
and he’s going to bring us in to what
he’s seen also you’re uh you’re going to
play at chrysler right that’s correct
what do you do there uh i managed to
play our diversity for our solantus okay
very interesting yeah you’ve got you
know several buildings kind of in this
area that are actually very very iconic
you’ve got this building which is called
the cube it’s a white building
designed by albert khan who was
historically even in the early 1900s one
of the most prolific
architects in the city everywhere you go
right here this this big white building
it was one of his more modern buildings
it’s called the cube now but it was the
chase bank building it was it’s been a
bank building like super unique about it
this is the financial district of the
city okay okay and if we look around
just this particular spot right you’ve
got uh one detroit woodward which is
which was the tallest skyscraper in
michigan the guardian building
which is the one yeah with the with the
art deco uh on top
is one of the most beautiful buildings
we have in the city and if we have a
chance we should walk inside you’re in
love with the architecture here uh i’m
in love with the city when did it really
start turning around here about 2010
right right almost right after 2010 11
and then like during the after the
bankruptcy so 2009 down here was not
that cool
i mean you’re asking me i thought it was
cool i was still hanging out here so
that’s imagine you had some stuff going
on we had the super bowl and everybody
was like it’s coming back but it was
like the super bowl and like nothing
else around it but you know most people
who are in modern cities would have seen
that and like this this city isn’t
coming back you know but all detroiters
if you ever ask them the city was great
then one really important thing is to
note is like part of the resurgence of
the city was also built upon
you know lots of investment coming
outside investment coming to the city
okay and so who’s the big investor here
i i would say the one that has had the
most impact on the changes in the city
um is dan gilbert because he came in he
tons of these skyscrapers and decided
that we’re gonna do something with them
this was the dime uh the dime bank and
became the dime building um the dime
restaurant is probably one of like the
best in the city so if you’re gonna
before you leave or you want breakfast
you have to go like you have to have to
go like i guarantee you have one of the
best meals you ever practices you’ve
ever had at least the very downtown yeah
is clean yeah
2021 this is a reality downtown detroit
is cleaner and safer than downtown san
francisco which is wild which i thought
i would never say in my life yes wild i
had this thought detroit is just blown
up downtown basically oh in san
francisco i have a bitter breakup
because we’ve moved out of it
my heart is there but it’s just the city
is going in the opposite direction of
what it should be doing all of these
buildings inside capitol park were
section 8 housing
for those that don’t know what is
section 8 exactly
a brief description of what is it what
does it mean what i know of it is you
government mandated low-cost housing um
and it not only was it that
many of the buildings were uninhabited
so squatters lived in them too so those
that weren’t uh section eight were also
you know just
lived in by artists even in this area um
you really didn’t come into this area
because you know this was if you were
smart enough you realized that
nothing good was happening in
this area literally turn off of the
street i’d never been down the street
until probably 10 years ago and i’ve
lived here 20 years
if you were looking for something shady
this is where you did it look at that
building yeah
this is that this is the book the book
the book tower was one of the tallest
buildings in the city the one we’re set
in it was uh it’s topped by a copper uh
roof it was uniquely featured in like
you know blaxploitation films in the 70s
which is kind of cool to know about it
but it is it is
a beautiful iconic building um the
architecture outside of it is just
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below now back to the video talk to me
about like where where are the homeless
people for downtown american city right
now i’ve seen a few yeah but you can’t
set up a tent or anything no no like you
actually see less here than you see in
places like san francisco and
other cities that i go to not comparable
i mean it’s it’s
i mean there’s a lot of support
i mean people detroit has been through
so many phases of yeah you know up and
down we have a very
huge support network for
you know
it spans the gamut from
young women to
young lgbt kids to older veterans
to i mean there there’s a lot of support
uh for the homeless population here um
okay so if someone sets up a tent like
they would be able to in san francisco
right in many parts of the city right
a cop comes in a city official who comes
in and says what do they do exactly they
they move them to a home
it’s almost like those people realize
they don’t need to
because there’s a lot of support places
outside of the city that they could go
to if you’re a young homeless girl you
go to alternatives for girl it’s
alternatives to girls if you are a
young lgbt kid you go to a place like
ruthella center if you are a veteran you
go to paquette place which is just north
of here and there are residential spaces
for these people
are they filled up
to my to my knowledge i know
um if we if we talk about you know
places like ruth ellison or they’re
growing so they’re building more space
um alternatives for girls when i first
moved here one of my best friends was
was working there and she uh she helped
build their building so they have tons
of space there you know i’ve been here a
week what can i say i don’t know
anything i’ve felt the downtown i’ve
enjoyed it
but you’re doing something right or the
city man the city’s being managed
compared to most cities in a better way
right now you know a lot of people will
say that this is this is an example of
gentrification right okay but
the reality is these buildings were
built here prior to what happened with a
city and there has to be some real sense
um responsibility to the people who are
living here and what do you what do you
do with them if you displace them right
so it it
i think the city itself has has been
really smart about that maybe we could
send uh the city officials from san
francisco here
for a little tough love some training
yeah to see
you know you can’t just let everyone set
up tents here
that you you know someone with a drug
problem just putting them in a hotel
room alone probably isn’t the answer
and and you know you you also have to
have support of the corporations here
too and they are all committed to doing
that type of work the one through line
through all american cities right now
you can see is mental health issues yeah
because i’m traveling a lot
the solution isn’t just housing it’s
multifaceted you need people need
therapy right right a lot of surgery
some people need to be removed from the
streets because they’re a danger to
others right you need education you need
job training some people don’t want to
work it’s very complicated
but without question but we’re sit but i
see it everywhere and it’s increasing a
lot it would be impossible to say i’ve
never seen it in the city
but it’s not as
prevalent as in other cities that i’ve
been to and i’ve traveled all over the
u.s quite a bit so you travel a lot with
your work yeah i mean not just with work
just in general like even during the
pandemic i was doing road trips so i
mean it’s like one of the few things you
could do and i love cars so i was like
okay a reason to drive somewhere so
and you came to detroit for the
opportunity yeah you came here because
uh you want to be in the automobile
industry oh yeah totally totally i mean
for me
um as a kid i would see
you know
cars like the viper go from concept to
reality so i mean it inspired me to
become an engineer
oh yeah oh yeah that was like are
around the same age
we might be i’m 47 i’m 44.
so the dodge the dodge viper was here it
was huge and it happened so quickly like
it’s almost like a year that it took for
them to go from concept to reality and
that used to never happen like concept
cars were concept cars and that that’s
but um so so as a function of that like
as a kid i wanted to be you know i
thought be an engineer you know i can go
anywhere from there you know it’s also
technically smart so i was like oh let’s
go and um went to one of the best
schools in the country and graduated was
like i’m moving to detroit and all my
friends are like you got to be kidding
me like you got to be kidding me but
to me this was this was you know where
my dreams were made so i you know i
moved here i didn’t know anything about
all the socio-economic issues like
cities like this experience if there’s a
baseball game basketball game hockey
performance those theaters uh the major
artists are now coming back um
i was here probably three weeks ago
packed full of people so it made it kind
of cool to see the city actually the
point where it’s starting to like
come back it’s starting to breathe yeah
yeah yeah
actually seven in the city right now
we’ve walked past seven what speakeasies
underground bars yes like you have to
have a passcode or know someone or have
a knife you just need to know where they
are and
get reservations this is one of the
newest will be one of the newest
structures in the city it was it is
commissioned by uh dan gilbert obviously
um but it is where the hudson building
physically stood it was where the
cream-colored building is there and here
um is where the hudson built the what’s
it gonna be it’s gonna be kind of a
multi-use uh complex but what they did
was was
absolutely incredible it’s it’s
literally like blanketed with street art
it is
yeah it’s one and there are bars
restaurants pizza places
and um
and you quite frankly want to hang out
there this street was actually built
um to drive model t’s out to pontiac
which at the time was
was uh
which at the time was one of the most
cities of detroit and you also had gm
that was out in pontiac also right
but along here you have you know major
brands you have nike you have h m you
have uh under armour this is one of the
wealthiest places in the world oh yeah
and the street we just walked off of
which is state street was one of the
busiest busiest streets in the world
just from people from foot traffic
people crossing people crossing the
yeah detroit is the new black what does
that mean
um it is it’s a new brand in the city um
it it’s everything in black owned
business okay new brand in the city i
mean you’ll find a lot of people have
branded detroit and
you know if you’re a resident of the
you kind of love that actually happening
that but detroit itself
if you brand it that means you’re proud
of it right how would you say
the race relations are here there’s been
a turbulent past late 60s obviously yeah
how about now what’s it feel like for
you know
there is
you know what’s unique about detroit
is that
in the city i mean it’s so multicultural
you know you know
you don’t really feel
you know race as strongly as you do now
as you go to other parts of the country
you know you feel you feel a little
a little like i’ve always i’ve always
told people that um
i you know in the city you don’t even
feel black right okay you know although
i am and proud of every bit of it sure
it’s just like that’s that’s not
something that is thrown into your face
you know yeah but um and i think that’s
largely because the population um and
the people
are all very very multicultural there’s
an authenticity here it feels real yeah
something about the midwest people just
seem to be a little more cool these days
yeah yeah and then it’s uh look
growing up don’t you remember detroit
halloween those houses were on fire
right like torching right right like
that was that was literally a thing like
even when i was when i first got here it
was kind of falling off but it was it
was a thing and you were like you’re
like that place is a no-brainer
devil’s night devil’s night it took me a
minute to remember what it was but yes
it was it was it was devil’s neck so the
metropolitan building was at one point
you know vacant right they came in
they cleaned it up
and it’s now a western hotel but at the
top is one of the most beautiful views
of the city that that you’ll see street
art is like a major thing in the city
you’ll see it everywhere um this is
aries he’s a street artist out of spain
okay uh but if you look at this piece
this was done before all of this
development was happening in the city so
this problem wasn’t this part of the
city come around probably about three to
five years ago right so just recently
like this structure probably i mean if
you look at it as a chinook hotel so
within the last two years all of this
has come in here okay if you’ve ever
seen the diego mural which is in the dia
which we kind of talked about right uh
it it takes influences from that so
detroit institute of arts detroit
institutes i went in there the other day
to me to meet someone yeah we ended up
hanging out in the cafe so long that the
museum closed oh man cafe is cool though
it’s like right in the middle of the
museum this is queens bar one of my
favorite bars in the city
some of the best drinks
uh it it is so low profile
but any any time you come here you are
hard pressed to
you know bars have like an identity you
know it’s like you know this is the
black bar this is gay bars
does it have that it doesn’t and that’s
like you will see people of all stripes
everything in in that bar good job
detroit look at this look at these
streets man bob wait wait until i this
is this this is kind of a
if you go to a game
um comerica park is just on the other
side of these buildings ford field where
the lions plate is just on the other
side of these buildings you’ve got where
the pistons now play they were in auburn
hills but they moved downtown okay uh
and also the red wings our other sports
team are all within like a like a double
black stadiums are downtown all of them
are downtown not in the burbs not in the
birds this is the belt like i was saying
before when i first moved here and they
were talking about oh we’re gonna turn
on alley into like you know a place
where people you know party and i was
like okay well
this is detroit so i mean are we are we
really gonna do you know like it’s a
city like you turn the alleys in new
york into bars and people people hang
out but they
what they’ve done with this space is
absolutely incredible here is the yeah
yeah totally cool it’s an art gallery
wow so
you’ve got deluxe flux which is a bar
and if you google it you’ll it has all
of these like neon colors so let’s
imagine a bunch of like
magazine or
cartoon colors all over the walls and in
highlighted green yellows and reds and
so if you google it you’ll see that
again street art is extraordinarily
prevalent just in this alley but in the
parking structure behind you they’ve
also commissioned like even the walls if
you look if you look step back and you
look yeah
all the way up to the second floor all
the way up to the second floor you have
street art that has been commissioned
inside the parking structure right right
on the belt so like street art is huge
it is it is you got a lot of security
guys down here
i mean security guys a lot of community
cleanup people yeah and so so that was
you know i mean part of the challenge
you know managing safety in the city
it’s like you have to have enough of a
police force to do that
and the unique thing about what uh dan
gilbert did when he came in he was like
i’m just gonna hire security people
and well i don’t think that was one of
his folks it was also kind of a
testament to saying we recognize that
there are needs the city at the time
could not satisfy so we have to support
that with i need to uh support that with
places or with with um you know
resources like that um and it’s kind of
an open air bar you come down here you
just you know you have drinks you party
you kind of do those things this isn’t
can i say that i mean i guess you can i
mean but yeah i mean it’s just blur it
out i’ll blur the name out yeah and so
so this is a speakeasy
someone just goes in here yeah and
drinks yeah it’s like a bar inside it is
it is actually a
bar restaurant you know it
has top-notch top-notch drinks what’s
the what’s the business model for that
people feel like it’s exclusive because
nobody knows about it or
it’s it’s like if you’re a city resident
or you know
and you’ve hung out in the city long
enough you know about places like this
it doesn’t say i’m a bar on the outside
and and those who know about great
drinks great food know that it exists
they’re going to be a little more
lawless inside or no not
at all like a normal it’s called a
speakeasy because it’s not like i’m
branding my bar like you know cherries
one thing i think the city could do to
improve is that it’s you know it’s it’s
news talk about some of the more
the more positive things but you news is
what people want to consume right so
yeah when people are
you know people want to hear about all
the negative stuff going in the city
this is one of albert khan’s most like
they they this is so this is the this
was the theater district and it’s an
albecon design theater and also was
considered one of his you know wildest
designs are you guys redoing this
no they’re going to tear it down
oh that’s unfortunate
oh they’re moving they’re moving it
they’re not thinking they’re not tearing
it down
we’re just moving taking some of the
loop stuff off yeah we’re going to net
it and then they’re going to tear it
and move it how are you feeling about
detroit these days
it’s a lot nicer than it was five years
look at the growth yeah i’m digging it
they’re building new stuff everywhere
yeah so greg what i’m seeing through and
through here is pride
in the people and the residents of
detroit yeah the construction worker
yeah man i’ve talked to a few of them
yeah like what’s explain this pride it
is and it can’t be said for everyone
obviously but i’m feeling it yeah well
obviously but like what is and this this
will be with anybody you meet from
outside of detroit right
there is such a bad rap for detroit
everybody knows about that bad rap like
you said when you got here you’re like
all i hear is this bad stuff about
detroit and that’s because all you hear
is bad stuff about detroit yeah but when
you are a resident of the city are you a
resident of this
area when people talk poorly about
your natural reaction is you clearly
have never been to detroit you know you
you defend detroit because
you know it is a bad rap it’s not
reality like so when you’re here you you
experience all
there are so many new restaurants
opening in the city of all different
types of cuisine from lebanese to
polish to
italian i mean you just named them yeah
and it’s hard to keep up and not just
food that you grab
after drinking at the bar i mean these
are truck senior a food truck scene is
off the
straight up off the chain like eastern
market like you go there and you there
are food trucks everywhere and i’m
talking some of them
broken chains
some some of the food trucks here
are straight fire like there’s some that
are straight fire like if you’re walking
downtown at night you know when people
are just kind of partying outside the
food trucks are actually parked all in
different spots of the city yeah this
mac minion is pretty dope
awesome nice yeah
and then the cheese oh yeah and then big
bows was pretty good too
they both they’re all pretty good but
i mean these are just these are just a
small like not even a small sampling
this is just like
a polka dot in the middle of an ocean
isn’t that the old gm building or what
is that now yeah so that is it is it is
gm’s world headquarters but the
interesting story is it was built by
ford let’s go to the guardian building
yeah i think the guardian’s one of the
nicer buildings i i have to show you
this building okay so guys we are in the
center of detroit as many of you know
but i just want to make that very clear
this is the center yeah there are
different neighborhoods in detroit it
actually is land mass wise it’s quite a
big city yeah
and so this is one story yep we’re i’m
gonna do another video yeah out in a
different part of detroit that’s another
story both are true yeah both are the
reality yeah right yeah i mean that’s
sort of how all this stuff works
i mean cities have good parts in bed
every every i mean without that level of
yin and yang you live in a world of you
know false reality in
but you’re my opinion
truman show yeah yeah exactly so the
build building was built nearly about
the same time as
as the guardian building but it’s gonna
go in here right this is the garden yeah
yeah but if you see like it has all of
these limestone facades it has you know
the placements of individual figures
within the building
some of my internet international
audience will see this video and say hey
uh nice city where are the people right
wednesday middle of the day wednesday
middle of the day um you come here on a
friday saturday
sunday for brunch there are tons of
people and tons of great food and but
all that tells it right there if someone
wants to spend their off time downtown
that means it’s in a good place yeah i
mean yeah totally and you know usually
people are trying to avoid downtowns on
the weekends i have tons of
international friends
and all of them who come here have this
idea of what detroit is
and literally do not want to go home
after they spent a week
oh easily easily because it’s so
beautiful and once you see detroit then
you also get to experience northern
michigan which is
you know equally as beautiful it’s it’s
unbelievable you’re the new chamber of
i mean i have friends from the suburbs
they’re like hey we want to we want to
have uh like a day downtown can you help
us out i’ll literally plan weekends for
them it’s literally covered it is
probably one of the most beautiful
interiors i’ve seen and there’s some
really cool things about this building
so you notice like the art deco style i
love the art yeah
and everything’s down to the details in
the door
and one of the most beautiful beautiful
beautiful lobbies i’ve ever seen so it’s
covered it’s covered in powdery pottery
and i think there’s actually another
brand of he’s called rockwood uh but
less less commonly know but all of the
old estates in detroit and even like the
smaller family homes
all had poverty pottery
on their fireplaces this entire lobby
when i first moved here was uh
which looks like it’s pottery but it’s
not it’s actually painted right and i
was like man i wish i could have seen it
when it was original but this is
original actually if you notice in this
space like a cavernous lobby like this
would typically like have all the
reflection remember we were in there and
it was a lot of reflection of sound
because of the pottery hard surfaces so
this one has like
with horse hair behind it and it’s
horse hair horse hair so it’s it so
that’s why you don’t hear any sound you
don’t hear the reflective sound
wow you notice that right the whole idea
was the bank building so like you’d have
tellers throughout here or action
happening throughout here lots of so
basically it would have been reflecting
sound all over the place right but you
don’t have that right here so this clock
is actually a tiffany’s clock
built into manell which is a metal
that was created and specifically used
here because it’s not corrosive this guy
was so particular about creating this
space he even was designing like
the the women’s attack or the uh the
attire of the people who worked here
like the linens on tables look like like
every detail was thought out uh the
style of the tile
the uh
the glass that was all created
when this building was built it had some
of the first automatic elevators which
actually the technology to have
automatic elevators which is what we all
know today you press the button you go
to your floor and sure let you off sure
that didn’t exist when this building was
built okay so it had to be it had to be
created specifically for this space
and so how are the auto makers doing
here right now in detroit is
manufacturing coming back at all or not
unique about you know the work that
you know we are doing at the company
we invested 4.5 billion
in the city so a part of that resurgence
right is telling people that we’re
coming back right okay and so auto
companies um i work for the chrysler
stylentis but
we’ve made more investments in the city
that haven’t been done so this we built
a new plant now and created 3 500 jobs
that’s just us
but if you think about all the suppliers
that need to support that okay those are
the two are those high-paying jobs
are they manufacturing what are they
they’re manufacturing jobs they’re
you know they can provide the basis for
people who want to have a family they
provide you benefits beyond what you can
get in other places and you’re supported
throughout your working career so that’s
what would bring this city really back
is more manufacturing back in comparison
right i mean it is the first plant and i
believe it was 20 or 30 years
new plan in the city of detroit you know
right jefferson and connor right is
where every grand cherokee in the world
is made
that’s great
you know before i used to think yeah i
don’t care where something’s made yeah
i’ll buy the cheapest maybe china who
cares now i’m seeing what’s going on in
the country and when you go to cities
like the outskirts here yeah the
countryside where the manufacturing has
left yeah people are struggling and
there’s no replacement for them right a
lot of people the replacement is opioids
you know right because there’s no
meaning you can’t raise a family right
what are you going to do not everyone’s
built to code right you know and
and the sad part is right that
that trend was going on for a very long
time in our country you know um and it
you know it takes companies like you
know the one i work for that makes
investments and it takes the city to
make improvements that are necessary so
someone would want to live down here now
so somebody would want to live down here
people so people want to live down here
businesses want to come back here i mean
it’s and
you know part of i think our strategy is
that it’s corporate responsibility right
i work in supplier diversity the reason
i do that is because i want these
businesses that are creating
opportunities for the community like i
can give money to someone easily greg
hawkins can do philanthropy right but my
little dollars don’t go as far as
corporate dollars can go in this effort
it’s to me like
you know that whole idiom you can teach
a man to fish and he can feed his family
and supplier diversity is a totally
different game right we are teaching
that man who already knows how to fish
how to market and sell that fish so he
can then feed his community okay so it’s
a totally different game
i’m seeing it now i never connected the
dots before yeah and doing this work has
led me into many situations where i’m
starting to see like
look do it in a clean way manufacturing
way do it in a clean way yeah but
what do you expect all these people to
do now
man and their towns are hollowing out
like what are they supposed to do right
just live off
some welfare or something and what and
and that’s you know that that whole
strategy like oh we’re gonna move
business we’re gonna move manufacturing
where it’s
when those people are disenfranchised
right you create all of these negative
things that you then have to police
when in this case you’re creating
communities that it’s all tied together
right like the the nodes are all yeah
separate but tied together and you go
downtown any u.s city mental health
issues yeah maybe someone doesn’t have
employment yeah maybe family structure
is a big thing too that’s a whole other
topic big time big time but but you know
what that like i said when when we
started this thing we i talked about how
you know this city has all you know has
for a very long as long as i’ve lived
here had a very
good strategy on approaching how do we
deal with some of the issues the city
has experienced because we’ve gone
through it for so long right you’ve done
it for so long you start to
you start to get some street cred on how
to deal with social issues and the city
has in my opinion does it very well
depending on the audience or the the
group which it needs to support and then
it’s tied into community
safety mental health dude it’s all one
thing i mean even and if you think about
you know like what what’s prison do in
our country right it’s supposed to
rehabilitate people but then when they
get out right
they can’t find a job because they’ve
been in prison right once you once you
get out of prison what do you do right
if you can’t figure out a way to survive
outside of that
you do something to get back inside
just realistically speaking right so
there are companies that i know that i
work with yeah who are community
and they hire people like that
cool because their goal is really to
give someone an opportunity to
rehabilitate themselves what’s the name
of one of those um ideal ideal
super cool comedy i met the dude and i
was like i’ve never heard of i’ve never
heard of that kind of opportunity uh
being given to people this is detroit
river and as you can see on the other
side is canada the canadian flag
it is also south of the city so one of
the few places in our country where
canada is actually south of the united
states that’s a mind flip huh yeah
and this this river is kind of you know
coolly historic in that um
you know
during prohibition right yeah it would
freeze over so okay you you know it
wasn’t you know alcohol was still legal
in canada so they would drive it across
the river they’d pull it over the river
there they’re like special characters
like one dude called the grey ghost who
we commemorate now with the restaurant
in the city um who used to be like a
prolific you know mover of alcohol
across across the river like even so
even during periods where like you know
we there was an automotive industry
there’s been you know the metal stove
industry yep now and you know that’s one
piece right then even cooler like this
is one that i think is super interesting
so we’re close to canada you know canada
has you know our history has had issues
you know slavery issues like that right
because we were so close to canada
you know slaves who were trying to get
to freedom
this was one of the places that they
would cross in the underground railroad
oh you had underground railroads houses
yeah and homes you know even in the city
you know even outside the city things
like that so you this was one of those
places that they would escape to freedom
so it’s kind of neat to see super
interesting yeah well greg
that was awesome thank you
thank you guys for coming along maybe a
perspective of detroit you haven’t seen
before love your passion about detroit
my pleasure man it’s a beautiful thing
and uh city officials in cities like
i don’t know los angeles san francisco
maybe take a trip out here
you can learn a lot from these people
they sure couldn’t make what you’re
doing here all right guys until the next

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