What’s Happening In Ukraine?

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A few days ago Ukrainians were in cafes with friends and now many of these same people are in bomb shelters. After living in Ukraine for 4 years, I share my thoughts about this situation. Donation link: https://fundraise.spiritofamerica.org/give/393083/#!/donation/checkout

hello everyone my video is going to be a
bit different this week compared to my
usual content the situation in ukraine
which is very close to me is too big to
i felt irresponsible trying to post
something that was fun at this point in
time i want to address the situation
many of you asked for a video about the
topic i lived in ukraine for four years
my wife’s ukrainian my in-laws currently
live there i have many friends there at
the moment
some fighting the russians some in
underground metro stations right now
avoiding bombing others
setting up molotov cocktails it’s an
situation at the moment one disclaimer
here i’m not a journalist i don’t have a
team of people doing research
what you’re going to hear in this video
is my opinions and experiences from
living in ukraine for four years and
traveling the country extensively
my interest in history and geopolitics
and just sharing my views with you my
audience like all my content take
perspectives from different places don’t
just trust me 100
i can be wrong on things here’s where i
currently stand literally people three
nights ago
by the time you see this four nights ago
were in restaurants
dancing to live music
living normal lives
now those same people some of them my
are in bunkers bomb shelters avoiding
very active fire right now in the
capital of kiev nothing just randomly
happens in the situation
between ukraine and russia
is long-lived we have hundreds of years
that have built up to this conflict one
might say
so i’m not going to give you a full
geopolitical crash course i’ll just say
a few things to give you some basic
context ukraine became its own country
in 1991 when the soviet union broke up
ukraine’s geography has cursed it’s it’s
right in between europe on one side in
russia on the other invading armies have
gone back and forth throughout its long
history level a city in the west has had
five flags over in the last hundred
years maybe it was 110 years but
recently it’s been under five different
nationalities like many people i thought
russia was going to invade its uh
favorable areas the parts of ukraine
that are pro-russian
luansk donetsk those are areas and then
they’re within
provinces oblasty
uh which take up more space i got it
totally wrong just like many people
even though us intelligence was saying
it was very likely putin was going in
for a full-on invasion
i didn’t think it was gonna happen the
russians came in from all sides from the
north from the south from the east i
want to talk about a few main points
here number one
nobody is going to help ukraine in this
fight at least at the moment the polls
aren’t going to go in with boots on the
ground the americans fatigued from 20
years in afghanistan are not coming in
to help
i don’t see it happening in the near
future of course anything could change
in this situation
what’s happening is
sanctions on russia coming from all
angles so
the international community trying to
punish russia
arms will be sent into ukraine they’re
already starting and funds aid will be
sent in ukraine but this is really
ukraine’s fight now the difference
between ukraine and russia in this fight
is ukraine has everything to lose the
ukrainians know if the russians lay down
their arms there will be no war and they
also know
that if they lose there will be
no ukraine so everything is on the line
at this point in time so there’s
different willpower in a society that
knows it has everything to lose versus
one that is sent in for bs reasons now
putin is saying
he’s going in to save the ukrainians
from the neo-nazis and the fascists
which is an absolutely
argument number two the majority of the
world is with the ukrainians even many
russian state tv right now is telling
its population that they’re going in to
save the ukrainians to free the
it’s quite laughable for anyone that’s
spent time in ukraine and spent time in
russia what government is more
restrictive with their populations but
apart from that many people believe that
here’s the reason why many people
whatever narrative they’re told in all
parts of the world we were told in the
us about weapons of mass destruction
many years ago with iraq as the pretext
to invade iraq
turned out not to be true many people
believed it so many russians are
believing what they’re being told there
are also many russians not on board with
that narrative standing up against the
war there have been over 50 protests in
russian cities now they get they get hit
quickly the russian government does not
play around with that stuff
people are hauled off to jail
it’s not an easy thing to do i talked to
a russian friend yesterday
he’s very upset and against this war his
friends in moscow against this war
so don’t for a second think that all
russians are on board with this either
this is the part of the story where the
viewer might say
oh the hypocritical american talking
about invading armies look at your
country and that’s very true
i wasn’t for iraq i wasn’t for libya i
wasn’t for afghanistan i wasn’t for
the point in the content that i make
outside of this video
is usually non-political it’s about
decoupling people
from the policies of their governments i
am not american foreign policy i’m a
very proud american
i can be proud of my country but not
agree with everything my country does
currently ukraine it’s very
nationalistic why
everything’s on the line their president
stepped up he’s out there in his t-shirt
on the streets speaking to his people he
could be taking off to another country
so far he’s not so in these times the
country has to has to really really bind
together because it’s for the survival
of absolutely everyone the russian army
is going to realize very quickly a lot
of these guys are young they’ve been
captured already you can see the videos
online 19 20 21 some actually feel
they’re honestly freeing the ukrainians
and they’re going to realize the vast
majority of ukrainians do not want them
there parts of the south
parts of the east yes
but the majority of the ukrainian
territory no what putin’s failed to
understand is the ukrainians are very
proud people they don’t look at
as the younger russian brother
they very much look at themselves as an
individual sovereign nation state the
majority of ukrainians have no interest
in being under russia’s thumb
of being
saved by the russians
of living under the flag of the russian
this is complete bs uh for anyone that’s
been to ukraine it’s it’s very obvious
how proud the people are just got off
facebook i have friends posting pictures
about setting up molotov cocktails
they’re mobilizing the ukrainian
government even on facebook and telegram
and other channels is showing how to
make molotov cocktails the slavic world
has a lot of historical ties so people
have family members and you know they
could live in ukraine their family
members in russia or vice versa but they
are different countries there is
definitely more of a freedom
streak in ukraine
the government doesn’t have such a hard
grip on its population in ukraine the
people of ukraine don’t want an autocrat
controlling every facet of society
number three where does this all go
obviously nobody knows for sure it could
turn into a big global issue it could
stay to eastern europe what’s also going
to be detrimental to the russians is
when these young russian soldiers go
back to russia and body bags the
ukrainians have put up a very good fight
so far
they’ve to this point held off
in the big cities the russians haven’t
been able to take over any of the big
cities up to this point this is it
they either capitulate and lose their
country and live under russia’s thumb
which if you ask anyone
anyone that i talk to in the country
actually pretty much everyone i’m trying
to think anyone i never went to the br
the separatist regions but nobody wants
that so what’s happening right now is
you have this this tribing together
effect and this is what happens with
humans this is our nature when there’s a
common threat we come together to fight
it so currently that’s what’s happening
if this conflict lasts for a long time
i really hope it doesn’t the ukrainians
will be victorious the reason is the
russians are going to deal with an
insurgency in all of the major cities if
they manage to capture these cities
they’re not going to pacify them no way
every day that goes on every woman
that’s having a a child in a bomb
school that’s hit by a russian missile
is just gonna
fortify the ukrainians to fight harder
so the russians in time will become
highly demoralized the soviets left
afghanistan the americans left
afghanistan the americans left iraq
the will of the people that are on the
ground fighting for their values in
survival will always win it’s called the
american revolution when we ousted the
we were completely underpowered and
undermanned but managed to win that’s
what’s going to happen with the
ukrainians here putin overplayed his
cards here i don’t know if he was
delusional enough to think that the
average ukrainian would want to be under
the russian sphere of influence once
again if they wanted the glory days of
the soviet union no the average
ukrainian is way beyond that he failed
to understand the pride in the people of
ukraine and just like if my country was
attacked and i was fighting for my
values to protect my family my friends
everything i have i would fight tooth
and nail to the bone
to be victorious the russian soldiers
coming over
have the weapons
but they don’t have the grit of survival
of their country
that is why the ukrainians will be
victorious in this insane conflict that
should not be existing in 2022. yeah
guys it’s been a rough ride for my wife
you know knowing that she has family in
her closest friend she grew up with for
me it’s been difficult and i’m not even
from there i just had a four-year
connection with the country that i loved
and it’s actually where i started all my
youtube videos living with a family in
the countryside
that taught me so much
about life
and so i feel like i owe something to
ukraine because the country gave me
so much looking for the the best
organization to donate that’s the
easiest to donate to
so this is what i have currently right
down below
if you feel like you want to give five
ten fifty dollars
uh to aid for ukrainians
that’s the place to go and lastly to all
you’ve shown your bravery to the world
this is your moment this is the fight
for your future your country your values
everything you’ve worked to build on
your own
it’s your moment
you will be victorious
slava ukraine

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