Western Ukraine Through American Eyes (українські субтитри)

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My girlfriend and I cruised through the Carpathians in Western Ukraine and documented our interesting discoveries. Western Ukraine is truly a special corner of the world!

Субтитри українською


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Behind the scenes support: Bohdan Suprun

Translation: Yuliia Mishchuk

Western Ukraine so I’ve heard of it
since pretty much day one in this
country in Ukraine everyone says Western
Ukraine Western Ukraine you have to see
this part of the country so finally
getting into Ivana Frankie’s first
impressions it felt relaxed it felt sort
of like a mellow small city it was
Sunday morning didn’t spend too much
time there we went south through these
these flat flat lands felt nice to be in
a car and cruising and then the hill
started to come into the view the trees
started to come up around us and it
started to feel really cool being in
one of the first observations in the
Carpathians were all the churches I
don’t know for sure but it seems from
the outside that seems more religious
its grief Greek Catholic so less of the
the Orthodox Ukrainians know this
obviously but for outsiders it’s like a
big shift in the religion
and then got to our first place and our
first place was this beautiful house
that this family owned and well we
stayed there for a couple days so we did
this we did this hike in babe what was
the name of the hike
hvala Avila the highest peak in Ukraine
I’ve heard it’s gonna rain so we’re
prepared with that well all this you
must be well-trained you know hiking in
Kiev every day right oh yeah what are
you good
well the essentials obviously chocolate
hey there salty this is salted peanuts
but she said don’t go there
Green is banned right now because
seriously hurry up to the rain so we
need to take the most
the rain came in pretty strong
couldn’t see much but nobody turned
around like everyone went and we saw we
saw everyone from a man with a shopping
bag and a cane to like a four year old
hiking list then he didn’t look happy
when he was hiking yet with his parents
this is what I love about you crazy
all these students right and they’re all
hanging out together and just having a
great time in the rain and all these
families were going for the top and
nobody seemed to mind that they were
getting soaking wet and at the top it
was like a like a festivity like a party
people had champagne out and like the
mud the number one asset to the country
in my opinion is just that how society
is so connected together but the way
down is always harder yeah gravity
gravity is helping how is that man ever
and it’s always cool like when it’s done
yeah baby thing was what third day went
when South so deeper into the
Carpathians I think this is gonna pass
over you know a couple minutes Suns
gonna come out
and so raining
rained and then it rained and afterwards
it raining it got more beautiful the the
villages were very nice like really cute
beautiful villages
how’s the Carpathian Safari
I concur Oh check this out we got a
little situation up there
surprising them for Ukraine the roads
were actually nice like really smooth
and new but then the second I said that
it changed and it went back to what
people typically think of Ukrainian
countryside roads as
how did the peaches taste
don’t like a porn hat in this lobby just
tell us how that pays Romanian started
coming over the radio he talked and
Romanians are beautiful in this Romanian
influence you can start to feel as you
get closer to the border and the people
look a bit different and it does it
feels like a different Ukraine actually
like look the Carpathians for me feel
like a much different Ukraine than from
what I’ve seen like the Far East where I
lived last summer in here two different
worlds I like them both but completely
different Nonna’s having an existential
crisis and we haven’t been able to find
a P place and this doesn’t surf ice what
about right there do you wish you’d say
2 P 30 minutes ago at that spot that we
pulled over to him
and the borders are weird depending on
the countries in the world they’re
always there’s always a lot of dark [ __ ]
happening and under the surface like
something’s getting you know someone
just making a lot of money doing illegal
activity most likely that’s the start
who cares it was just interesting to see
this these mansions
and like a lot of them incomplete but
there were a lot of big houses in look
this town had nothing there was nothing
here other than a border there wasn’t
any industry no cities around nothing it
was like a big house big house big house
big house it was a last-minute decision
to take a left and go park the car and
walk into Romania Crandon the last bit
of the journey here on the road trip has
felt like we’ve been in a different
country hasn’t felt like Ukraine at all
walked over the border and Romania just
felt totally different like it felt more
Italian some of these the language
obviously and then some of the
architecture a little bit of the
architecture doesn’t look like much is
going on in this town we don’t know the
name of the beauty of road-tripping is
he just
if you leave it open enough you can just
take on these little adventures like
this and we’re just gonna be in Romania
for about an hour my first time your
first time yeah and then get back into
the Ukranian Carpathians which feel to
me much more special than this place so
we just we cruise around there for like
a couple hours a little bit and that was
right on the border right so we cruised
away and we got to our second place
we’re gonna stay
Sproul I do have also looking up on the
points road inoperable and this guy
Vitali owns this place up the hill he
built it with his family
it overlooks a valley in the mountains
and he’s an interesting character he’s
like this super authentic nature man he
runs 30 to 50 kilometers a day something
like that something insane like that
doesn’t really sleep I don’t think he
likes sleep I don’t think he really eats
much but he’s this is like passion and
soul he’s put into it and that’s the
thing about money you cannot you cannot
buy that you could stay the nicest
five-star accommodation but you’re not
gonna get that person just giving Ali’s
God Vitelli chai tea special special tea
from the forest to two places we see
that people are loving what they’re
doing and they they put a lot into it
and it shows and yesterday you took us
on this hike beautiful hike overlooking
the valleys like it’s not these
mind-blowing peaks it’s not it’s not the
Himalaya or the comp costs or the Alps
but it’s a special place it’s got it’s
got a lot of depth to it a lot of people
living for the summer picking
blueberries and these little red berries
don’t even know what they are
word has it but Ali’s got some new shoes
here at Newport no ho no more pasta so
the teller gets these shoes for free
from Scarpa because he’s such a badass
on the trails
George Natalia Lucia docum
vidi vidi team of us we these new
muggings I cannot be honest because
that’s what this country offers that’s
what it really the true the true asset
of here underneath it all no matter you
know what the surface is like there’s
like this this depth and I get it
there’s a dark side to but there’s a
very light human beautiful side to it
that’s nice to connect into that is the
story and I have to come back in and do
some more because that was just that was
just a scratch on the surface okay
to be continued
that last one was good enough but if I
can do better on this one that I’ll use
this one okay okay okay okay okay thank
you so much for watching this means a
lot to me I’m putting I’m putting my
heart and my soul and my energy into
making these videos and all the content
I’m doing so if you liked it please
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your friends
because got a lot more coming thank you

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