Water in the Home! (#8)

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Watch as an American from San Francisco with limited Russian/Ukrainian language skills moves in with a local family near the Sea of Azov in Ukraine, eradicates English from his life, and is immediately thrown into village culture outside of his comfort zone!

Produced By:
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Max Burkut | https://goo.gl/7Lbsux
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Peter Santenello | https://goo.gl/LctJy8

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Graphic designer:
Nastya Koberskaya | https://goo.gl/hyg9mT

Person responsible for finding the family and organizing so much of this project:
Katya Parkhomchuk | https://goo.gl/97e6ei

Family Contact:
Anna Burkut | https://goo.gl/ETB4EW

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in asupanka with fabulous anna she has
to show us something
working toilet in the home
more hot water with a nice hot water
in the shower
huge difference from doing this all
outside and the family has one thing to
say to you all
thank you thank you thank you
in these
very familiar settings
here to see the family here to show
everybody who
was so kind and generous
to give money to the fund
anna we did it
two thousand two hundred
sixty-five dollars which equals
sixty thousand five hundred grevina to
set up a kitchen
set up a bathroom get all the running
water in their house for the winter just
in time before it freezes
thank you so much
thank you everything it was awesome
[ __ ]
that’s huge guys
three months
it’s different this time it’s really
you know
the winter it’s obviously different but
you know the trees are dead they don’t
have any fruit on them
the the fields
are empty and sleeping and it’s very
slow to begin with
but then in the winter
it’s like things really really die off
i gotta say uh
it’s not as cold as i thought it would
be the grass is green obviously but
it’s just a very chill environment back
here these times
but gotten to some of the normal stuff
you know with the family like prayer
ton of playing with the kids
yeah it’s been a lot of fun just
playing especially with
and mark they’ve all they’ve all grown
quite a bit
max has grown like
that much what’s it been
six months since i was here something
like that eating meals laughing
you know there’s not much else it’s you
know they’re doing a little work outside
managing the geese
and the goats
the amazing camera work of max
this last summer he’s letting his hands
rest for the winter but i think he’ll be
there’s a lot of relaxing time like
they’re definitely chilling a lot in the
yeah there’s a certain piece here that’s
for me really attractive it’s really
to be in a place where
you just look into yourself and
notice the simple things around you
and that’s it
i gotta say there’s a lot in that
sort of beautiful actually i couldn’t do
it full-time but to come down here and
spend a little time is great
what do you say 18 hours a day
she is a ball
this whole journey in ossopenko from
last summer to now
has been
for me an amazing
life experience
there’s some sort of closure
in a way that we got water in the home i
feel really good about this and i there
was something in the back of my mind
that until this happened i was a little
bit um
not restless but just
had to do it because
well i promised the family and i
all of you who donated
piping hot water
this was this was really
all of us together because without the
traction without the the movement
on the show last night
there’s no way we would have gotten the
money together
in a way everyone’s
a part of this
i thank you greatly
the family
the family
really really thanks you you’ve you’ve
helped shape their life
in a positive very very positive
when i’m at the end of life and and
clocking out
i think this will be this experience
here will be one of the memories that
flashes through very brightly
shut us down
i’m dead tired these kids wore me out
it’s so much fun but it is it is tiring
from osupenko
i don’t think this is the end so i will
say it
to be
good night

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