TRAVEL TV SHOW TEASER (Republic of Georgia)

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Motley Planet is a new global travel TV show that journeys to less known corners of the globe to look beyond politics and stereotypes, spontaneously connect with locals, and capture life away from the headlines.

This is accomplished without a safety net: i.e. fixers (prearranged help) on the ground hotel reservations, or a planned route. Nothing is scripted or staged; all interactions are genuine; connections happen on a spontaneous street level. The challenges, roadblocks and palpable euphoria of achieving this are integral to the show.

Motley Planet exposes events like a rambunctious rock band in the Republic of Georgia, a vodka-fueled Islamic wedding in Uzbekistan, or a coca-cola party with college students in Syria.

Motley Planet is the connection that shines on humanity: people’s aspirations, enjoyment, fears, hopes and interests. Motley Planet exposes different cultures in a spontaneous, entertaining, and refreshingly unfamiliar way.

my name is Peter Santaniello and I have
a burning passion to meet people from
around the world and see how life really
is away from the headlines
when I was young I saw the world through
the nightly news and most of it looked
despite conflict have discovered a place
full of human treasure by Hannah North
with a fork and knife yes nobody has sex
before marriage in our country but to me
get her up
the u.s. makes up 4% of the world’s
96% is out there to discover in each
episode of motley planet I will set off
the mostly less known and understood
destinations like the Republic of
Georgia Tajikistan and Syria and capture
the story of the people the only way to
make it real is to do it without the
safety net of hotel reservations a
script or a fixer good hotel near the
Black Sea we need a good night’s sleep
in a nice bed
I must rely on the locals to get me
through their country by doing so I
capture their lives unfiltered
just basically ran into the GM there was
no planning of this this was meeting
Schumacher a few days ago knowing who
wanted to get into the Caucasus
Mountains but not knowing exactly what
to expect and what we’ve seen is open in
front of us as blown my doors open I did
not know something like this existed on
this ground no preconceptions no plans
no restrictions
don’t you want to see all the quirky
beautiful gritty crazy
and humbling things in this world follow
me on my awesome journey around this
motley planet

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