The Only Cop In America Speaking Out

Nov 04, 2021 764.4K Views 3.1K Comments

For the last 1.5 years, I’ve tried to get a cop on camera and have failed every time. Finally, we have a cop serving in Dearborn, MI willing to speak out without a filter. Learn what the police think about policing today, and what every American should know.

Is this Fidel?
-Yes it is Fidel, how’s it going, Peter?
-I know a little bit about
what we’re getting into today.
All right, these are all Iraqis
We’re doing Iraqi theme today.
-Strictly all Iraqis.
-We got a crazy car we’re seeing.
We got a cop we’re seeing, Iraqi cop.
Iraqi food?
-Iraqi Food.
Good, my friend.
You ready to meet up?
I’m excited too
and you’re a policeman here
or you were a policeman in Iraq?
You’re a policeman here?
Okay, we’re ready for you.
Well, let’s get you in
the uniform, any chance?
Let me ask you this, if you
put the uniform on
you’re saying you don’t need any
clearance from the police department
to have a video on YouTube or Facebook?
Yeah, let’s not do that because
when you go through these bureaucracies
they want to see things.
They want to edit things.
It just turns into a nightmare.
If you’re not in uniform and not on-duty
then I can film and we’re all good
and there’s no issue.
Guys, this is a very unique opportunity
to speak with an American policeman.
No joke I’ve been
trying this for a long time.
♪ middle eastern electronic music ♪
Let’s get a meal.
-Let’s go.
-We’re meeting the cop here, right?
-Yeah, we’re meeting the cop, let’s go.
Yeah, okay.
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Now, back to the video.
I’m giving my camera
to this young Iraqi woman
who doesn’t want to be on camera
Make sure, does she
want to be on camera?
All right guys, that’s how we had to do it.
Liability reasons, couldn’t go in the back
but I wanted you to see the fanning
of the kebab.
‘Cause that’s how it’s done right.
It’s my restaurant.
-How long have you lived in the US?
-It’s been 20 years now.
20, wow.

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