Realizations After A Week At US/Mexico Border

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Spending a week at the US/Mexico border totally changed my perspective on what’s going on here. In this video, I want to share my thoughts with you and sum up what I’ve learned from seeing the situation at the border with my own eyes. Episode 6 of 6.

Good morning guys! This is a
video about the border crisis
that is currently going on here
between the US and Mexico. I’ve
been here for roughly a week
and wow! I’ve seen and heard
quite a bit. So in this video,
I’m going to talk a little bit
about what I’ve come into, sort
of an overview, and then also my
thoughts about maybe where this
thing should go. Alright.
Firstly, it’s a crazy cat
and mouse game currently going
on. Because of catch and release, you
know, that’s when migrants come
over at non legal entry points,
and are released into the
United States. There is a huge
influx of migrants coming over,
it’s a very bad situation in
Central America. People are
fleeing from terrible
situations. I’ve heard some
horrific stories throughout my
time here, so people are.. a lot
of people are fleeing, you
know.. hell, let’s say. But with
that comes an opportunity! And
what’s going on down here, right
below the border, is cartels
smugglers traffickers realising:
“Hey, we can get our “product” and
that’s what it’s called, the
“product” – people into the United
States and make money. What’s
that? Are you a reporter? I’m an
independent journalist, doing a
whole story on the border.
Okay. Okay. Loving you guys,
sticking up for you guys, and
trying to expose what’s going
on. Thanks man. Keep doing the
good work! We do our best. Thank you.
And so that’s what makes this
very complex because yesterday
I came across a group that, you
know.. I don’t know: twenty or
thirty migrants on the side of
the road. You look into their
eyes, they’re really,
you know, tired,
stressed, scared. It’s a
horrific journey that these
people go on, and at that very
moment, you know, all I
thought was:: I want these people
to succeed in life, I hope the
best for them, right? So if
you’re putting all your time
into helping people here,
you know, you can’t not be
human and not want to
help them. But then where
is the line? I’ve traveled
85 countries, lived
abroad in 4, just moved back
last year, and I see the world
a different way. The countries
that have an excellent rule of
law are successful, the ones
that don’t – aren’t. And what
we’re doing is incentivising
people to break the law. You
know, coming over a point of
entry like this is illegal. And
so what’s also messed up about
this is once they get in,
they’re taking care of. They’re
going to go into shelters,
they’re going to get
transported to different parts
of the country. I’m sure all
the resources are taking care
of in the beginning, but the
thing is they’re not legal,
which means.. I don’t believe
they’re able to work legally,
which means how do they support
themselves? Which means maybe
in 10-15 years they’re caught
and sent home. And I actually
heard from a guy that was
caught and sent home, lived in
the states for 20 years raised
his family here, sent back, made
another journey up. Hi guys!
Made another journey, came back
up. You know, this guy can never
be stable in his life.
He’s not legal in this country,
because he came in illegally to
begin with. So what’s..
what’s the message
we’re sending to these people
now? If they come in illegally
and open arms, but then down
the road, I guess, the only
answer or remedy to that would
be amnesty, right? And is that
the strategy? I have no idea. I
have no idea, what the strategy
is behind this. I just know
that this exactly, what’s
currently going on, is quite
unsustainable. We’re seeing the
biggest influx, I was told in last 20
years, and this last month was
the biggest, and there is a
situation down there for many
people that is not getting
better anytime soon.
Immigration – 100% believe in it,
this is not an anti immigration
video. This is.. we have a
crisis, what’s the solution to
this crisis? Okay. I’m going to
get to that in a second. This
country is built by immigrants.
We need immigration. I firmly
believe that, maybe you don’t,
but I believe we need
immigration in this country, but
the difference between, like what I
was saying, countries that
are successful and ones that
aren’t is the rule of law, and
not only we’re breaking
that principle. We’re
incentivising illegal behaviour
and disincentivising legal behavior.
You know, there are many people
trying to get into this country
legally, and it’s not easy. I’ve
been in many countries from
around the world, where people
are always asking me: “Hey, can
you get me into the States?”
“Hey, I’ve been trying this and
that for years”. And are trying
everything. And these are people
trying to do it the right way
and not getting access, but the
people that are doing it
illegally, and I understand this
is where it gets complex:
they’re coming from horrific
situations, many of them. But
they’re getting the access and
the ones that are trying to do
it the right way – aren’t.
There’s no way to know the
numbers exactly of what are the
amount of good intention people
coming in, you know, I’ve seen a
lot of mothers, I’ve seen a lot
of children. I’ve seen
seen some men, less men than
mothers, than women for sure,
but now we have a situation
where there’s so many people
coming in, and these guys are so
overwhelmed, that there’s a lot
of bad actors coming in. And
these are not stupid people
running these organisations
below the border. They know
they know what’s going on.
I mean just going down the river
the other day: there are scouts
all along this river, actually
kids get wrapped into it,
and they’re warning the next scout,
and the next scout: the boats coming,
Border Patrol’s over there,
whatever: they know what they’re
doing. They’re good at this
game. It’s nothing new, right? So
when Border Patrol gets
bogged down with the group of
migrants that are
really living a difficult
situation, the resources have to
go there. That’s when the
traffickers.. that’s when the
cartels know to move the dark
stuff: that could be the sex
traffickers, that could be the
drugs obviously. It’s
I did talk to a trafficker, that
was quite surreal. Humans are
worth a lot more than drugs
right now. So that’s like.. the
drugs will always come through,
there’s always a demand here in
the United States, obviously, and in
the world. But humans are
getting more money, so there’s
a big focus on humans right
now. Another sickening part of
the story is because if you
have a child, you know, children
are being rented. Again is this
is this 5% of the stories, or
40%, or 3% – I don’t know. I can’t
say, and I’m not going to act
like I do know. To understand
the situation fully.. we’re
talking years down here.
I think you’d have to work from
different angles. To really
understand what’s going on, so
again, keep that in mind guys.
I have no authority here and I’m
not acting be like one, but the
fact that we have very little
investigative journalism, let’s
say, going into the current
crisis – that’s saddening! That’s
saddening. And it’s also
saddening, that we have a
government that’s not promoting
or not incentivising our free
press to go in to really, in
my opinion, the biggest issue
this country is facing right
now. Taxpayers are paying a lot
of money for this, so everyone
that comes over, you know,
again, they’re getting plane tickets,
they’re getting housed, they’re
getting fed, and I don’t know
how long that lasts for.
I don’t know what health care is
provided exactly, where they go
or what, you know, rent is
provided for. How are you doing?
Thank you. How do you tell the
American person, that’s very
poor and down on their luck,
especially after this year of
COVID: “Hey, you know, we’re not
going to help you, but we’re
going to help someone” despite
their circumstances, I
understand very bad
circumstances for many of these
people, but we’re going to help
them over you. What
message does that send? This
currently is unsustainable.
These guys are getting.. these
guys are getting overloaded and
they’re not meant to be taking
care of kids. They’re meant..
their jobs are to protect our
border. That’s what they’re
hired for. They can’t talk
right now, but they’re very
happy that someone is covering
their story, because they feel
like their voices are
shadowed to some degree.
Alright, let’s add some more
complexity! Most of these
people working for the US
government, good people with
good intentions. There’s going
to be, there going to be a
small percentage, again, I can’t
give you a number, that are in
with the other side, that are
making some big money off of
this, and again. Very, very small
percentage from what I’ve
heard, the vast majority are
doing their jobs properly, but
that also exists, if you can
believe that. If it doesn’t get
complex enough, there we go.
When we get to the US
side – all sorts of trafficking
and trafficking networks, that
are currently running illegally
on the US side. It’s not just
on the border, I want to make
that point, because this problem
is going everywhere in the
country, and you might not see
it where you live, and I’m not
trying to scare you, this isn’t
scare click bait. But what I’m
saying is you know a homeowner
told me yesterday, he made a
good point, he’s like: well, if
someone, I told him I was born
in Vermont, he’s like, well,
what if someone in Vermont, all
of a sudden, they’re living in a
peaceful place, and, you know,
they have migrants coming over
their land at night, and
on the other side of the street
is a trafficker sitting
waiting in a car, and there’s
all this illegal business going
on, and they don’t feel safe
with their kids out at night
walking around the
neighbourhood, which they want
to, okay. So put everything
aside, imagine that your life
changes, because of policies of
course, they’re going to think
a certain way, everyone wants to
live in safety and security.
And I also want to
mention a sad part about the
somewhat secrecy of this
whole thing down here. For
example, I wanted to go into
the McAllen bus station the
other night, and there’s a
a guard out front and
he’s saying I cannot enter,
I cannot enter the city bus
station. I said: why? He’s like,
he said it’s private, which is
false. There are greyhound
buses going out of there. But I
had to work.. I had to work to
get, you know, who knows, maybe I
wanted a bus ticket. I had to
work and I acted like I did,
but I as a citizen had to
convince someone that I could
go into the bus station, and it
was because it was full
with migrants. So the migrants
are going off and that’s
another topic – COVID. We
have COVID, now there is testing,
they are bringing through a
system here, but from what I
heard if they test positive,
there’s 5 to 7 days before
they’re released and can go
wherever. And also when they
first come in into the Donna
facility, here in McAllen, it’s
packed! It’s overcrowded.
I mean what are you going to do? I mean they
can’t build fast enough.
They’re expanding the
place. So if COVID is this
thing that we’ve all had to
deal with in this country the
last year and been told,
especially in California, you
know, how not to be around
people, and how your business
needs to be shut down and, you
know, this and that – all these
rules, and then we’re packing people
together! And putting
them on planes, and putting them
on buses. So where’s the.. you
know.. See what I’m saying?
My oversimplified solution here is
someone entering a country
illegally over something like
this well that’s an illegal act,
and they need to go through
ports of entry, that needs to be
streamlined in the sense that
we let a certain amount of
people in, which we already do.
But I don’t know how
much that gets increased by or
whatnot, but you do it legally.
So you don’t use.. everyone seems
to get scr**ed in this process.
I mean, US citizens get scr**ed,
because they’re a lot of
illegal people now in their
country, the illegal person, the
asylum seeker, I say illegal, because most of
them, from what I’ve heard, their
asylum claims will get thrown
out. They’re not going to be able to
prove it. I don’t think it’s an
easy thing to prove. So then
they’re not legal here and then
what do you do for work, and
what do you do in 20 years when
you get caught? I hired a guy
many years ago, he came over
when he was 3 months old, and he
was fearful of getting sent
back to Mexico. How messed up
is that? He’s like I never lived
in Mexico, I don’t know
anything about Mexico, I don’t
want to go to Mexico, it’s my
country. So what do you do with
that? I think that’s insanity
to send that guy back. So
what are you setting up down
the road here for people? And
it’s just one big mess.
I wish we could have the
leadership to go into a strong
conversation on this and
unfortunately, everything is
politicised 100%, everything is
completely politic here, and I
think a lot of people are
getting scr**ed. I don’t think,
I know – a lot of people are
getting scr**ed in the process.
So we need to get our house in
order first in America. It’s
like.. if you’re going
to invite some guests over for
dinner, you know, make sure
your kitchen’s clean and things
are set up, and you got food
ready and, you know, it’s a nice
environment and.. Look we have so
many problems in this country
alone right now, and if we’re
going to allow an unlimited
number of guests to stay in, and
our house isn’t in order, we’re
not going to create a better
situation in the country down
the road, if we keep on this
strategy. This is an area where
it’s just a concrete wall,
razor wire. And I know this is
a big divisive issue – the wall.
So what I’ve been told,
you know, the wall is not going
to stop anyone from coming in
that’s ridiculous, but what it
does do is create an
infrastructure. So if you see
this infrastructure, you have a
road here, you have a road here.
These guys can go back and
forth on the road easier, they
can apprehend migrants easier
and it’s like.. it’s not like you
can just get up this easily,
sometimes there’s ladders, other
times – ropes. You know, not every
migrant’s going to have a ladder
or the right way to get over
the wall, so they
congregate it. Basically it makes
Border Patrol’s job much easier
to have this structure. This is
what I’ve been told. Does it
send the right or wrong
message? That’s up for you to
decide. That’s your
opinion, I’m not going to tell
you what to think on that.
Watch other content, don’t just
take my word. This is my
experiences. I did my best to
put my ear to the ground as
much as possible to talk to as
many people, to see as many
things. It’s not easy access out here
as you might imagine, I think
I’ll be coming back to you,
because I’m highly
interested, and it’s
such an important issue. It’s
an issue of our time at the
moment, and it needs more
exposure. You know, like I was
saying, what are we in North
Korea? Journalists can’t go
into the detention facilities.
I think they’re letting in 1
day, a very limited exposure.
Can’t do ride alongs anymore. I
mean, there’s a gag, like an
unofficial gag order on all
these guys, they can’t talk,
what is this, North Korea? I
mean, come on, like let’s
be mature here. There’s a crisis. There’s a
serious problem. Let’s
try to address the problem.
Maybe something’s happening
behind the scenes right now,
I hope. I hope when this goes
live, there’s been some
action taken by the
administration to do something
differently. Demoralising our
our Border Security’s people
working in it – probably not a
good idea. Letting everyone in
in, you know, that has a
kid – not a good idea, because
people gaming the system,
kids for rent right now. It’s
heavy, heavy sh*t. Alright guys.
Thanks for coming along. I got
a whole series. I’ll put it in
the playlist below on the
border. I think I did what.. five
videos on that. Didn’t hit every
story I wanted to, but you’ll
see some different angles.
You’ll see some different
perspectives from different
people and hear what they have
to say, and lastly, I want to
thank the United Cajun Navy.
Now they’re not involved
here right now, but they do
disaster relief and, you know,
hurricanes, floods, that sort of
thing all over the South. They
might be coming here. The
reason I really want to thank
them is they, you know, without
them there’s no way I would
have gotten into this, I wouldn’t
have gotten this access and as
you can see you in my
area, if you saw it, Raul
is.. he’s the one that knows the
lay of the land. He’s got the
contacts, he can get to the
camera in front of the right
people. So without Raul and the
United Cajun Navy, this
wouldn’t have happened. If you
want to donate to my channel,
sometimes people donate to my
work on Patreon or through
Paypal. Please don’t! Donate to
the United Cajun Navy. I’ll
leave their link below. Hope you
got something out of all this.
If it seems confusing and difficult it’s
because it is. Watch my series,
if you’re interested, and watch
other people’s work too. Till
the next one, take care.

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