Las Vegas’ Craziest Industry

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Today we explore wedding chapels on the strip who are maying couples in a unique-to-Vegas way. Join me as we meet the newlyweds from all over the world, and learn why they chose to get married in Las Vegas.

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► Video edited by: Natalia Santenello

I now proudly pronounce you wife and
wife 24 hour drive up wedding window
it’s your mom
it’s easier to ask what we don’t do than
what we do do would you like to marry me
Vegas yeah the only place in the world
will do that wow
good morning guys here in Las Vegas a
place known for many things today we’re
going to get a look at the wedding
culture here the quick weddings the
theme weddings potentially exotic
weddings should be an interesting run at
a very unique way of getting married
here in Las Vegas let’s do this
watch free that is inside the chapel the
trees inside the travel I’ll show you
around so Petra is very nice to give us
her time to show us around your two
clients right now
two German ladies
just got to the United States they got
to the United States two days ago we met
yesterday got all their licensing then I
sent them off to have fun and today
they’re getting married
and papa hello Mama Petra
right there hold back
we lost a baby two weeks ago yeah and so
we decided to come to Vegas and marry
here when did you make that decision two
weeks ago uh seven days ago seven days
yes I think the shortest notice I had
was for a helicopter waiting for hours
with photographer limousine and all of
this okay I made it happen we have
visitors coming in these are my friends
Heidi and Joe look at the outfits yeah
very special this is Peter so you have a
mob theme going on here but we’re not
like Elvis you don’t want
our ceremony is all about family and
respect and things like that that’s what
Mom was about that’s what marriage is
about people to think the mob was
killing and crime sure that was the
business side but the other side was
family respect Integrity loyalty
our ceremony is all about that and the
cool thing is it fits anybody
Sarah and annelina we have been invited
here to share this very special moment
in your lives that you will love her
honor her respect her and keep her for
the rest of your life
and please also seal it with little kiss
on her hand
it’s a beautiful almost forgotten
gesture that you can do anywhere in the
world and it’s always going to remind
you of this very special moment by the
state of Nevada and as a minister in the
name of the Lord I now proudly pronounce
you wife and wife feel your commitment
with a big kiss
hey just right down the street here
Viva Las Vegas
themed weddings
see if we can get in on a themed wedding
we got Elvis
traditional traditional Elvis
the lipstick you look great thank you so
we’re going into our main Chapel it’s
currently set for a graveyard we do
hundreds and hundreds of themes wedding
here that’s what we’re known for for
Halloween Friday the 13th and the 31st
yeah we are back to back to back from
morning till midnight doing Grim Reaper
doing Grim Reaper okay what are the some
of the other big ones Elvis obviously
Elvis is really big Blues Brothers Rocky
Horror Picture Show we do a drag queen
Elvis we do a little Elvis I mean it’s
just anything goes it’s easier to ask
what we don’t do than what we do do we
never stop we do about 6 000 weddings a
year roughly wow so obviously the Elvis
waiting room this is the doo-wop Diner
yeah so this is fun we do Elvis weddings
in here and we do receptions and we go
back to the 50s and do like ice cream
sundae bar and burgers and a cake what
does it cost to do a wedding like this
they really vary we have so many
packages the lowest I would say is
probably about 295 somewhere around
there but we also do receptions we have
a huge event center that we can cater up
to 250. our most expensive is fifteen
thousand but we have ones for five six
seven thousand and that includes cake DJ
flowers limos Food Bar
20 years 20 years since he was 15 years
old pretty much Caitlin you started
working when you were five years old
here more like three
you’re the minister 23 now so well I
mean I was just saying you’ve been here
for 20 years yeah so he worked with the
original owners was that at the start of
themed weddings 20 years ago pretty much
yeah and he was actually he was the the
one that started Elvis weddings in town
because nobody was doing those he worked
at the Tropicana yeah it was at the
Folly project what do you love about
this business
the variety of weddings it’s not your
weddings all the time so there’s so much
going on especially Halloween we’re
booked right now for October pretty much
already well we have like Gothic
weddings with Dracula and Grim Reaper
and Freddy Krueger and
people dress up makeup and it’s like it
really evolved I know it’s great it’s
not your it’s not your traditional way
it’s definitely not your traditional
you’re from Italy yeah
yeah I’ve been living in the
interview in there yeah
yeah okay okay so you guys came all the
way from the UK to what get married here
yes yes technically I was here for work
and we added a couple of days of holiday
so it was like would you like to marry
me in Vegas yeah okay who asked who did
the proposal okay I asked him to wear
so cool so you’re nervous sorry
you didn’t invite them no well I was
there you need to live still alive
what did they say when you told them
she was really happy about it this is so
cool I got married during the pandemic
with my wife
in a government office and we never did
our proper wedding
it’s interesting to see uh people do it
a different way I’ve never seen the
wedding setup I like the fact that it’s
low maintenance you just come in here
and everything’s taken care of
how long have you two been together
seven years it wasn’t first date a few
weeks ago or anything no no okay we’re
freezing all day crazy we did I did
propose a Halloween yeah which makes
sense to be fair we’re above nerds and
we were playing Dungeons and Dragons
okay so D and D brought you together
probably yeah metal broadcasters yes
metal we’re going to a festival together
yeah we went to the download Festival in
the UK and uh he had space in his tent I
call shotgun and
what do you think of Slipknot I lost it
no I thought Corey Taylor is one of my
proposals okay my wife who edits these
videos okay is is a huge Slipknot fan
she loses her mind she gets into the pit
she’s this nice soft-spoken he kept me
away from the pit from Iron Maiden
one of my favorite band is brush my
favorite band is Rush
sea love Rush is is a good band and
there are women that listen to it there
are women that listen to it yeah
dreaming live in Vivo Las Vegas their
friends and family are going to be able
to see it live oh yes and a bill in
Chinese too so everybody’s watching we
actually have an Earth cam with over 30
million views
oh wow that’s actually right up there
random people just watch weddings oh
yeah they they’ll contact us they’ll
send us Donuts one of them a couple of
them came in from the UK just to meet us
they just want to watch weddings yeah
they for people they don’t even know
it’s wild
put their names and lights right here on
the market I was the last couple they go
right up when they’re getting married oh
yeah the only place in probably the
world will do that we’re gonna announce
them through those doors and they’re
gonna come out here and the
photographer’s gonna take photos with
the names and lights
Gareth and Valentino this is a very
special celebration and we’re all
honored that you invited us to share
with you the happiest day of your lives
it is not only finding the right mate
which you obviously already have but
also being the right mate which takes a
little practice the vows you about to
say to one another not to be spoken
lightly if you don’t take these vows
seriously and live by them your life
will be much less enjoyable than it
could be but if you abide by these
promises of loving caring then your
lifetime together will be far more
blessed and exciting than you can
possibly imagine do you take Valentina
to be your beloved wife do you promise
to love her comfort and cherish her
honor and keep her in sickness and in
health and forsaking all others keep
yourself only for her for as long as you
both Child live
and Valentina do you take Garrett to be
your beloved husband do you promise to
love him comfort and cherish him honor
and keep him in sickness and in health
by the authority vested in Me by the
state of Nevada it’s my happy privilege
to pronounce that from this day forward
you are now husband and wife together
Garrett you may kiss your beautiful
bright ladies and gentlemen this is Las
Vegas’s newest married couple Valentina
and Garrett congratulations
very very unique interesting
event the vibe I gotta say with all the
workers is they seem pretty fired up on
what they’re doing like there’s a good
energy and I think it’s because you’re
in a very positive environment every day
marrying people
24 hour drive up wedding window see if
we can check that out
congrats you guys did you do it yet yes
yes it’s really cool huh
so you came all the way from France for
this yes only for three days this is
your daughter yeah
I guess it’s really crazy yeah so cool
how many foreigners are here doing this
I had no clue that they’d be coming all
the way from around the world to get
married in Vegas
your mom
Dallas Texas in trouble
we’ve been trying to do this since
2020. we just wanted something quick and
fun and exciting you are perfect right
where you are I’m going to start the
music I’ll start I’ll come back I’ll
feel my arm like this we’ll walk down
the aisle to your husband and you guys
want to stay right in that area right
there okay perfect that’s a rehearsal
easy enough yeah
please rise in honor of the Bride let’s
rock and roll have some fun okay
but I
can’t help
falling in love with you
his name
his biggest whole life too
like a river flows surely to the Sea
darling so it goes some things I’m gonna
and give his hand and ring a kiss to
seal the vows me beautiful yeah how’s
your flowers thank you and I’d like to
invite you to share in a slow dance
together and if you’re not comfortable
over there just put your arms around
each other and sway to the music it’s my
first movie Ladies and Gentlemen
let me go
love me true
all of my dreams fulfilled
for my darling
he loves you and he always will once
again a round of applause for the happy
to love you tender to love you tender to
never have to never have a Suspicious
Mind a Suspicious Mind I’ll never leave
you I’ll never leave you in a Heartbreak
Hotel in Heartbreak Hotel but I’ll
always be but I’ll always be you’re a
hunka hunka
a round of applause for the Girl Next
are you about to pronounce you husband
and wife
everybody here we go
got a whole lot of money
get those things
Las Vegas
Adam I’m gonna have you go first and if
you would sit on top it’s better for
yeah that makes more sense and it’s more
actually more comfortable welcome to the
world famous Little White Chapel and
thank you for choosing us for your
wedding and welcome guests nice to have
you and now I’m going to ask you to hold
and gaze into each other’s eyes think
back when you looked in each other’s
eyes and knew you had found the one and
now Adam would you repeat after me
please I Adam hi Adam take you Maddie to
be my wife to be my wife to love to love
honor honor and cherish and cherish from
this day forward from this day forward
by the power vested in Me by the state
of Nevada
to happily pronounce you husband and
wife you may kiss the bride
did it

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