Inside the Life of Titus

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Two months ago I made my first video with Titus, “The Man With No Legal Identity.” And when the opportunity arose to return and make another video together, I flew to Kentucky to meet up with Titus again. People from all over the world have loved his message and many of you have wanted to hear more. So today we dive deeper inside the life of Titus and learn more about him and the changes he’s gone through recently.

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[Peter] Titus!
[Titus] Hey.
-Good to see you.
-Good to see you, brother.
-Gonna chop some wood in there?
-‘Nother beautiful morning in Kentucky.
-It is beautiful here.
[chopping wood]
-I really should open up a gym
and the roof of the gym will be
this blue sky that God has given us.
The air conditioning will be
the breeze coming through
and then I can give everybody an axe
to swing and they can cut firewood.
They can work out and actually
get something done productive.
[chopping wood]
-This is poison ivy, Titus?
-And you just touch it no problem?
-Yeah, the first week
you eat a little leaf like this,
and then the second week
you eat a little bigger leaf,
and the third week
you eat a bigger leaf,
and then the fourth week
you eat the full size leaf,
And then after that
you’re body kind of adjusts to it,
acclimatizes to it,
and then you can eat it.
[Peter chuckling]
I don’t recommend that to anyone,
but it’s working for you.
-Yeah, this isn’t medical advice,
but it does work for me,
and it’s worked for other people.
Titus, how did this dog come
into your life, what’s this dog’s name?
-That dog’s Samson.
Uh, he showed up,
I don’t know, about three weeks ago.
Hey, Samson. [whistles] Hey, boy.
His nails were worn down quite a bit
like maybe he had traveled
a long time on the road.
Like walking or running.
He’s just been
kind of a good little guard dog.
-Have things changed much, Titus,
since we made that video two months ago?
-[sighs] Yeah.
A lot of people calling
asking for prayer,
asking for some biblical advice.
I thought originally there would be
a lot of people, like negative calling.
Just like opposition or something
because there’s a lot of people
that don’t believe in God
or they’re against that,
but hardly any at all.
It’s been so much positive response.
[Peter] In the first video
you said you were single
and that would somewhat
complete your existence out here
if you could share it with somebody.
-Tell us about how that’s gone so far.
What’s that story?
-Well, the lord
brought a woman into my life
and she’s a little shy
about being on camera.
So you won’t see her on camera right now.
That may change over time
but I’m super excited and just seeing
where God will lead with that.
-So she’s not living here?
-Where’s she staying?
-She’s staying at my parent’s place.
-She comes out during the days,
goes back to your parent’s at night,
and your parents have taken her in?
-Yeah, I’m glad that
my parents are involved in this
and they’re getting to know her too.
-You in love, Titus?
-First girlfriend, right?
-Wow, so that’s wild for you?
-Yeah… yeah it is pretty exciting.
-Because you had, fair to say,
thousands of women
either writing letters,
or emails, or calling.
-It’s hard for me to keep track,
I guess I haven’t made a count.
Of course there’s ones that have called
and the voicemail was full
so they couldn’t leave a message.
-Are these all letters
people are writing to you.
-Yeah, this isn’t all of ’em,
a lot of personal letters.
-So people are
writing traditional letters?
-That’s beautiful.
-That’s pretty much not done anymore.
-Yeah, it’s like a rare thing.
I’ve had people write saying that it
feels good to write a real letter,
like they haven’t done it in years.
I put some beans on there overnight.
So they cook kind of like a Crockpot
and then we’ll dig a few potatoes,
cut up some summer squash,
and probably put
some green onions in there,
and some dandelion greens.
-So Titus, your lifestyle,
there are very few places in the world
where you could live like this, I feel.
50 acres of land,
you don’t need to make much money.
Pretty much left alone.
-Yeah, I feel really blessed.
I mean I shoe my own horses.
I learned from people who were
experienced and they taught me.
So I didn’t just do it and lame my horse.
And you know, I studied books
but I learned from people hands-on,
but they weren’t licensed people.
It wasn’t like a formal school.
And then when I did study, it wasn’t…
I studied books myself but I didn’t pay
to get a license or a degree in it
and I’m free to do that in this country
-Yeah, and owning 50 acres of land here…
Like what are your taxes?
I got a lot of people asking me about
how much you pay in taxes here on land.
-$250 a year.
-$250 a year?
-And that’s just the beauty of being
in Kentucky I guess… or your county.
-The state of Kentucky
does give farmers a break.
-Oh right, so you have a specific…
-So it’s considered farmland
so that’s one of the reasons why
it’s, you know, the way that it is.
-And then another question I got, Titus,
it’s 50 acres, how’d you…
$50,000 right?
-$60,000 for the 50 acres.
-Okay, so how’d you
get the money for that?
-Um, well I had saved up
like $17,000 and I looked for…
You know, just get started towards a farm
and for years it was my goal
to be a farmer and have my own farm.
So I’d saved it up
and then an Amish friend of mine
needed some money to build his house,
and so I thought,
“Well, this money’s not doing me
any good, it’s just sitting here.”
“I’ll loan it to him.”
So I loaned it to him and then
he paid me to help him build his house,
but then had a fire and it burned down.
I thought, “Oh no.”
now the money’s tied up
and then this farm became available.
And so I thought,
“Oh no, all my money’s tied up,
and I don’t even have money
for a down payment.
-And the $17,000
was through shoeing horses?
-Yes, doing farm work, training horses.
-Different work that I’ve done.
I went to my dad and I was like,
“Dad, my money’s tied up,
is there any way
you could help me buy this farm?”
and he’s like, “Well, you’re asking me
to use up all of the savings.”
And I said, “Well, if you can…”
and so I didn’t even know
that he had the money before I asked him
but he helped me buy this farm
and so I payed him back $10,000
of the $60,000 that I borrowed.
So I still owe him $50,000.
-So you’re just paying back over time?
-Okay, ’cause a lot of people
asked that, especially Europeans.
Like how can you pay the tax on 50 acres?
And you’re saying just over 200 bucks.
-It’s amazing to me God has really blessed
because one year it was like $255,
the next year it was $250.
I’ve never in all my life
heard of property tax going down.
When I went to the courthouse
they never asked me
for any form of identification whatsoever.
-Nope, not a bit.
-Nothing? Just your name?
-Just… yeah, I mean I just
went in there, they gave me the deed.
You know, it’s in my name.
I was expecting
maybe they would ask for something.
I mean I guess it’s just Casey County.
Liberty, Kentucky,
we have more liberty and freedom here.
[Peter chuckles]
-This is stinging nettle greens,
I’ll put a little bit of them in.
They’re really high in vitamin K,
which is good for your blood.
This will not really cook,
it’ll just kind of wilt down.
I got some purple basil there.
I’ve got some dandelion greens,
and these green onions.
[Titus softly whistling]
Time to put it in.
-So you’re boiling this for hours?
-Yeah, it’s kind of a slow boil… yeah.
-And what you call lunch
is late afternoon, basically, right?
-Around 3:00 or so.
-I eat a big breakfast,
and then a big lunch,
and I don’t usually
eat anything after that.
I don’t snack.
Sometimes I’ll eat watermelon
or some fruit later in the evening.
You can eat the stinging nettle
without stinging yourself,
and eat it raw,
but it has these pokers that are…
-These, on the bottom that’ll sting you.
-So if you roll it up or you fold it up
so those stingers are on the inside,
then… you just fold it up
and put it in there in your molars.
You can just chew it up
and it won’t sting you.
You can eat it raw that way
but if you just…
Well, people that
have been stung by stinging nettles
know that it kinda hurts a little bit.
I have a pretty high pain tolerance.
One time I had some friends over,
and they didn’t know
about stinging nettle,
and I went like this
to where the stingers were,
and I went on my arm like that,
and I was like,
“Hey…” I told my fiend,
“Can I rub it on you?”
and he’s like, “Yeah, I guess so.”
and I put it on him and he’s like,
“Ooh, ooh!” [laughs]
What do you feel?
Does it hurt?
-No it’s like… it’s not too bad.
-Yeah, some people
react to it more than others.
-Not enjoyable but…
-Thank you, Titus, appreciate that.
-Now I feel it, wow.
-[both laughing]
The Greeks used to
whip themselves with it before a race
because it would really stimulate them
and get him really wanting to move.
-Titus, here’s a question for ya.
-From the outside it looks like
here’s a very religious man,
self-sufficient, committed to his faith,
but do you have temptations?
-Like what?
You’re riding down the road,
training a horse,
and you see a porn magazine
on the side of the road,
and you feel like,
“Oh, what’s in there?”
Let me check it out,
there’s nobody around,
it’s a quiet country road,
I could look at that, nobody would see,
but then you remember
I have a father in heaven.
He’s watching me, he sees,
and I don’t want to disappoint him
by putting something into my mind
that I know would be harmful.
-So that’s happened?
-You’ve seen the porn mag in the ditch?
-Oh yeah… yeah.
-Did you stop and think through it?
-And you didn’t look?
-By God’s grace, no.
Every time you’re faced with a
temptation and in God’s strength you say,
“No, I’m not gonna do that,
I’m not gonna look.”
Yeah, it makes you stronger.
If you’re selling a horse,
to not tell everybody
everything that’s wrong with it
or potentially
that it has a behavioral problem.
That could be a temptation.
Not that I’ve bought and sold
a lot of horses,
but I have sold a few horses.
-So it was actually a struggle for you?
You’re gonna sell a horse
and there’s some issues,
“I could tell the person or not.”?
-You battled with that a little bit?
‘Cause, you think,
“If I tell ’em everything
about the horse then I’ll get less money.”
You know, or it’s less desirable,
less chance of selling the horse.
When somebody’s really rude to me…
-There is a temptation
to just kinda talk back to them.
Like whatever rudeness they heap on me,
there’s a temptation
for me to heap that back on them.
-But Jesus said to
love our enemies and do good to those…
Bless those that curse us, you know?
-So you battle with that, Titus?
-Oh yes.
-Because you come across
so relaxed, and positive,
and not like someone
who could be triggered,
but you’re saying that could happen?
-Yeah, the Christian life
is full of choices.
I’m not on a railroad track
where I’m forced to be on this path.
At each moment I have a choice to make.
Am I gonna get off the path?
Do what feels best for me,
or what seems best for me,
or will I keep on this
straight and narrow path
that Jesus has laid out?
So when I stay on this path
that Jesus wants me to walk on
I never regret it at the end of the day,
but in the moment
sometimes it’s a challenge
to stay on the path
that’s been laid out for me.
-So basically off the path,
are all these dopamine hits?
-The porn magazine,
the bad food, the quick money?
-Yep, yep.
-And… Oh, that’s’ interesting.
-If you follow Satan’s path
you will have
this immediate gratification.
You’ll feel really good in the moment,
but then later you’ll feel guilty.
Like, “Oh, I shouldn’t have done that,
put that in my mind, consumed that.”
There’s all kinds of
negative consequences later,
but initially when you’re doing it,
you feel really good.
With God’s path, sometimes you don’t have
that immediate sense of gratification,
but at the end of the day,
or at the end of your life,
you look back and you’re like,
“I have no regrets, I’m well satisfied.”
And following Jesus has given me
so much more joy, so much more purpose
than I ever had
when I was going on a path
that I knew God did not want me to go on.
I do feel like, we, as humans,
are lacking in self discipline
and so the beautiful thing about Jesus
is that not only does he say
this is what you need to do,
here are the rules,
but he gives you power and strength
in order to walk the walk
that he wants you to walk.
He gives you power and the strength
to obey the rules for your best good.
He doesn’t just tell you what to do,
he helps you through it, and in it.
Questions that, like, make sense.
-You’re liking the questions?
-I love the questions,
it’s bringing it out.
[Titus humming and whistling]
Yeah, I’ll take it now,
that’ll save you some time.
[Peter] Wow, that’s
the steering wheel setup in these cars?
[mail man] Yeah.
-Did you rig that up yourself?
-Yeah, me and my buddy.
[Peter] Look at that…
to drive on the right side.
Do you work for the Postal Service
or do they hire you out?
-I’m hired out but yeah, I work for them.
-He’s been getting a lot of mail lately?
-He’s made it big on YouTube.
-[Peter laughs]
-Facebook, everywhere…
I’ve seen him everywhere.
-[Peter] He’s a character.
-[mail man] That’s right.
-Y’all have a good one.
-Thank you, Brandon.
-I think this came from Poland.
-From Poland?
-Yeah, Polska.
-So you’re getting international mail now?
-Yeah, I’ve had a letter
from Ireland, from India, Germany.
-“May God send you
good weather every day.
Make the sun
gently caress your face every day,
and the wind touches your head.
Hope he blesses you
and make you smile a lot.
How I wrote, I’ll try
to write a letter again this winter.
Stay healthy until then,
take care of yourself,
and to dress warmer
in winter time so you don’t catch a cold.
Don’t walk barefoot.”
[Peter snickers]
[Peter] Good luck with that.
“I had to add this note
as a worried woman, haha.
Hugs from Poland, Alexandria.”
“Dear Titus, my name is Alexandria.
I am 22-years-old woman
living in Poland, Eastern Europe.
I first saw you
in one of the Peter Santenello videos
while he was
making a series about Appalachia.
When I first saw you on the screen,
it was a difficult time in my life.
Out of the blue, I started having
problems with my heart beating too fast.
Which resulted in
many visits to the doctor,
but during the tests,
it turned out that I am healthy.
Maybe the life I live is destroying me.
I live in too large society with
too much pressure, and constant rush.
Then I saw a video with you.
Which showed me that it is
possible to live close to nature
without phones and all this technology.
To live slowly without worries
and close to God.
As a child,
I mainly grew up with my grandparents.
I don’t have a mom,
she left when I was little
and for 15 years
I don’t have any contact with her,
and I only went to my dad’s on weekends.
When my parents were still together,
I didn’t have a happy childhood.
They argued often and my mom often cried
and as a child I didn’t understand why.
These events are really old.
I see them as if through a fog
but I believe they shape
the woman that I am now.
Our childhood largely shapes
who we will be as adults.
So maybe that’s why as a young adult
I feel empty like I miss someone,
and I don’t even know who.
As a child,
I was led to church by my grandparents
and raised in the Catholic faith,
but as a teenager
I stopped attending church.
Later, I think God sent you to me
and I listen to your sermons about him
also on your channel.
I saw how often you smile
at the simple things in life,
and I’ve realized
how much I like it when you smile.
Smile more often, Titus.”
[Peter laughing]
“You deserve it.
You are one of
the purest souls I have ever seen.
You are gentle with animals and children.
The world needs more people like you.
I only have one request for you,
please pray for me sometimes,
and I will pray for you.
You are the true son of God,
I would like to visit you one day and hug.
I want to write more
but I am running out of space.
It is hard to describe
all my feelings in one letter.
I’m also sending you a picture of me
because I’ve seen you
on screen many times.
It wouldn’t be fair if you never saw me.
Now this is probably…
Oh, yeah… good.
Thank you, Eli.
-Thanks for letting me borrow it.
-You’re welcome.
What about the headlight?
I’ll bring it to you later.
-I can only do one piece at a time.
-All right.
I thought you had two hands,
one for a headlight and one for a wrench.
-To be honest with you,
I forgot the headlight.
-It’s laying up there and I forgot.
-It’s okay, I forget things too, Eli.
[Peter] Okay,
let’s just sit this rain out, huh?
-Yeah, it rained a little bit,
it shouldn’t last long.
Oh, this is one note that I didn’t read.
It says, “One more note, Titus, about God.
It’s largely because of you
I started reading the bible again
and praying to God.
I believe it was your words about him
during my difficult time
that resulted in my change.
Thank you, Titus.”
-How does that make you feel?
-It makes me feel good… yeah.
That because of
the video that we did together
people are starting to read their bibles,
and starting to be able
to get through their difficult time.
[hooves scraping]
[Titus softly] Whoa, whoa.
[Titus speaking softly to the horse]
[clicking tongue]
[Titus grunts]
[hooves on pavement]
-So Titus, after our first video
we made together…
Which if you guys haven’t seen,
see the first one.
Where Titus swings down from trees.
Um, after that one,
a lot of people said in the comments,
“I wanna live like you.
I wanna live like Titus.
I wanna live off the land.
He’s living the dream.”
Knowing what you know,
do you think most people can do it?
Like if they had to
do the day in, day out.
You saw me with the poison ivy
and the ticks already.
Where I got like, “I don’t want
to go there ’cause there’s poison ivy.”
I’m taking the ticks off myself.
Like the day in, day out,
do you think most people would
actually want to live this lifestyle?
-It’s hard for me
to answer for other people.
-Yeah, okay.
-I mean for me,
I wouldn’t thrive in a city.
I went with a friend to deliver
a team of horses up to Rhode Island
and during the night
we stopped at a motel,
and I was outside
with my bible trying to sing, and pray,
and it was so distracting hearing
all this background noise,
all the vehicles, people coming, going.
Uh, and it was just hard for me
to stay focused and centered on God
and what he was
trying to tell me in his word.
It was just so hard for me.
So for me, it would be really hard
for me to live anything other than this
but I can’t speak for other people.
I think someone that was
committed to making a change,
and living off the land more,
and living in a more quiet place,
if you know that that’s
what God is needing you to do,
and you’re willing
to make that commitment,
You’re willing to make changes,
and learn those skills,
and live a new life,
yeah, you could do it,
but it does take commitment.
-Right, and also
it’s not like you’re going without
because you never had a cell phone,
you never had social media.
-Yeah, I’ve never had a Facebook or…
-You never were dating multiple ladies
in different relationships.
It’s not like you’re going without
anything you’re not used to.
-That’s what I want to talk about,
you have a YouTube channel.
-I’m gonna leave that link below.
Titus does awesome videos
preaching on adventures in the area.
People are like,
“You don’t have technology,
no internet,
why do you have a YouTube channel?”
and the simple answer is because
your friend shoots
and uploads at their home.
I have like five different friends
that have taken videos
and uploaded them on that channel.
-So how do they have access
to your YouTube channel?
-You give ’em the password?
-Yeah, I give ’em the password.
Well they set it up and everything.
My friend Stephanie Cane, she set it up.
-So like I…
You know,
she has the password information.
-So you’re not shooting the video,
not editing, not uploading?
-No, I don’t know how to do that,
I don’t have the skills, I never learned.
-But you like having your message go out?
-Yes, definitely.
Stephanie was telling me
that someone had…
They had seen a video on my channel
and then she put it on their channel.
They have a channel
called Cane Country which shows
the homesteading adventures
that they’ve had,
and somebody commented and said,
“You stole this video off of Titus’
channel, I’m gonna report you.”
and we were both chuckling because…
Honestly, I don’t mind if somebody
wants to take my video off of my channel
and put it on their channel,
as long as the message
of the good news of Jesus and the gospel
goes out, that’s all that matters to me.
I’m happy for it.
-Do you worry Titus,
about you’re getting all this attention?
People love your message obviously.
That it could change your life a bit?
In the sense that
you’re in the digital space,
we’re making a video now.
-Do you worry about
that changing your approach
because you’re lived away
from all this technology?
Like is there any temptation
to get more into that world
because of this, or no, would you say?
-No, I don’t feel like I have that.
Like I’ve never really had
the urge or the great desire
to sit in front of a computer.
-Like I just don’t enjoy that.
-I love the life of living off the land,
working in the garden,
working on the farm,
working with the horses,
preaching on the street.
You know, the action being out there.
The internet and the iPhone,
people can use it as an educational device
and they can go to YouTube university
and learn a lot of very useful skills
or they can use it
as just an entertainment device.
-So that’s a question that each person
that does have the internet
or does have an iPhone can ask themselves.
“Am I using this in a way that’s just
entertainment for me to pass the time,
or am I using this to learn some skills
that could make me more effective,
make me a blessing
to the world that I live in.
♪ somber country ♪
-[Peter] That breeze feels great.
-[Titus] It does.
[Peter] Oh wow,
cooled down like five degrees.
-This valley is special, Titus.
Coming down from Lexington,
what are we, an hour
and 30 minutes from Lexington?
Something like that, yeah.
Hour and forty.
On the main road,
nothing that interesting really.
And I was on the main road
but once you get down in this region
it’s really special.
You know, just these little valleys
and a million roads.
-[Peter] Roads everywhere.
-[Titus] Yes, a lot.
-[Peter] Just uncrowded beauty.
-[Titus] Yes.
[Titus] I have prayed
that when people come to my place
that they would feel
God’s presence there, feel his spirit,
and more than one person has said,
“Titus, when I come
through this valley here,
when I come here to your place
I just feel more peace.”
-For sure.
-And I believe that’s
a direct answer to my request
that God would put more
of his spirit here in this area.
[hooves on pavement]
[Peter] Heavy Amish,
Mennonite presence out here?
-Yes, a lot of Mennonites, a lot of Amish.
-What is this, an ATM hut?
Yep, that’s an ATM
for a local bank, the branch there.
-I was plowing this field
for a friend of mine last year
and I found an arrow head in there,
like this long, like a small spear point.
-So I wish I could go back in time
and see what this land looked like
before all the white settlers came in here
and cut the trees down, and opened it up.
-[Peter] This is the horse parking?
-[Titus] Yes.
[Titus] Whoa.
-So it’s setup for
a lot of horses to be parked?
[Peter] How do the Amish and Mennonites
take you, ones that don’t know you?
Because you dress like them
but you’re not.
-Well we moved here
when I was eight years old.
So they’ve seen me grow up from
being an eight-year-old to being a man.
-I can’t turn the camera around
because we have Mennonites out front here
that won’t wanna be filmed.
-But if there’s nobody in some aisles
in the store then is that okay?
-Yeah, that would be fine.
Look at Titus, what a gentleman.
Bringing out the groceries for this woman.
[woman 1] Yeah, but it doesn’t show
he’s gonna ask for a tip. [giggles]
[Peter surprised] Is he? No, he’s not.
[both laughing]
You don’t want to be
on camera, I’m not gonna–
-Don’t want my picture taken.
Ladies, is it okay
if I turn the camera around?
-[woman 2] I don’t care.
-Okay, so you ladies know Titus…
-From YouTube.
-You watch his preachings?
-Yeah, I like him.
-Do you live in the area?
-We live in Berea, she lives in Lexington.
-We live in Berea.
-[woman 1] I live in the area.
-[woman 2] Do you really?
-I drive for the Amish and Mennonites.
-You drive for them?
-My mom’s done it for 15 years.
-Because they can’t drive,
is that correct?
-Some can now, some can’t.
-So they just basically need a chauffeur?
-Right, go to doctor’s groceries.
[woman 1] I’ve had it for five years
and backed into it
twice on my mom’s property. [giggles]
[Peter] And “princess on board”,
that’s for you obviously.
-No, I adopted my granddaughter.
-Okay, good for you.
-So I’m almost 60
and that’s why I moved to Casey County.
My light bill is down to $40 a month.
I don’t want the city,
I don’t want the drive-by shootings,
I don’t want my daughter raised in that.
I want the cornfields,
I want the quiet peace.
And she’s online school.
-I don’t even have her in public school.
-Oh, wow.
-So I’m semi doing as much off the grid
as I can without being off the grid.
We like the quiet.
That’s why they get
a lot of visitors. [giggles]
I’m gonna ask you,
when I first found this place years ago,
when you come in and turn
that corner where dollar store is,
you got a peace over you
as soon as you come into the area.
It just fulfills you,
and as soon as you leave that area
it seems like it disappears.
-I think it happens near Danville.
-[woman 1] Yeah.
-[woman 2] When you come through Danville.
[woman 1] There’s a point in Liberty
because even when you’re in town
you’ve still got
that community, that peace.
Like God’s presence, something over here.
-[Peter] I agree.
-[woman 1] We don’t miss having aWalmart.
Our stores are right here
and dollar store.
-Oh, this is a bakery too? Great.
-Oh, yeah.
-I appreciate your words of appreciation.
-Who are the little girls
that you’re with a lot?
-They’re neighbors of mine,
Jeff and Stephanie Cane.
They live about a mile and a half from me,
and they have a little homestead,
and they’re always helping me
or I’m helping them.
We work together quite a bit.
-She talks about how sweet you are
to the little girls, how kind.
-And you are. It’s good. Good stuff.
-I enjoy working with children.
There’s so much potential,
and their minds are so much like a sponge,
and if you take a little bit of time
to teach them something useful
they can go and they can impact
somebody else’s life or their own.
Definitely whenever you invest in a child
teaching them something, it’s–
-Good stuff, they don’t forget either.
-We hope you get married real soon.
-I hope so too. [giggles]
-[man] Sup bud, you all right?
-[Titus] Good to see you, yeah, yeah.
-You know I took over, over there?
-Yeah, I saw your truck in there.
-[Titus] Hi.
-[Peter] How you doing?
-I watch you.
-Thank you, do you watch Titus?
-I haven’t seen him but I watch you.
-Oh, thank you, ma’am.
-It’s hard turning
an Amish house into a normal house.
-You have to add electricity–
-Plumbing, the whole thing, everything.
-Okay, so it was sold to non-Amish people?
-Yeah, I bought it.
-Oh, you bought it. Good for you.
So you’re upgrading it to English ways?
-You got a mountain of work
in front of you.
-I got you as a neighbor, right?
[all laughing]
[Peter] Spartacus, you coming shopping?
[Titus] He would like to.
[Titus] You’re not allowed in here, buddy.
[Titus whistling]
-Titus, you get a your groceries here?
-Do you do stuff like flax seed,
or any grains, or no?
-Yeah, I like oats and there’s
an Amish store real close to me
that they have a real good deal on oats.
This is the stuff here for wounds.
There was an Amish man named John Kime,
and his son got severely burned,
and his son was in the hospital
with this excruciating pain,
and he went out in the woods,
and he prayed,
and asked God, “Show me what to do.”
And so God gave him
the idea to make this ointment,
and then to take burdock leaves,
and dip them in boiling water,
pull them out so they’re blanched,
and then you put this ointment on it,
and it’s like a temporary skin.
I’ve used this
for a neighbor that got burned.
Amazing with burdock leaf…
and it’s very good stuff.
-So they’re using a lot of
alternative medicine, huh?
-That’s in Amish, Mennonite culture?
-Yeah, a fair bit.
I mean a lot of Amish would use both.
-A lot of vitamins and supplements.
-Natural soap.
[Titus] This is carob powder,
it’s high in iron.
If I eat a banana, I like to
mash up the banana and mix it in
and it’s almost like chocolate banana.
[Peter] Look at these
old fashioned Whoopie pies.
[man] Only $5 for one of these sandwiches.
[Peter] Five bucks?
-Oh, there you go.
-Can’t beat that, that’s like McAlister’s.
-So tomorrow,
Titus and I are hitchhiking to Nashville.
-You’re gonna preach, right?
-Yep, yep.
-You’ve done this before?
[man] That’s a serious trip.
-You’re going with him?
-Yeah, we’re hitchhiking together.
-I wonder who’s gonna pick y’all up.
[Titus] We’ll find out.
-What were you thinking, Peter?
We gonna spend the night in Nashville
and come back the next day?
-I think come back tomorrow night.
[man] Make it back in the same day?
-We got a friend that’s gonna
pick us up and bring us back.
-We’re not hitchhiking back.
-Yeah, not both ways.
-That’s a little sketchy there.
-I’ve been… There’s been times where
God told me to go preach on the street
in Nashville and I’ve left here,
and gotten seven different rides,
and it took me three and a half hours.
And if you drive straight through,
it’s just a little under three hours.
So that was real good timing.
Seven rides in three and a half hours?
-I couldn’t make it from Indy
to Louisiana on a bus in three days.
-The bus took me three days–
-You couldn’t even pay for it.
-Indiana, three days.
-What do you think tomorrow, Titus?
Trying to keep the rain off this thing,
what do you think with us tomorrow?
Hitchhiking now that you have
someone with you, it’s harder, right?
-Yeah, I mean theoretically it would be.
It’s more intimidating,
two guys rather than just one
but when God
wants you to go somewhere,
he’s not limited in the way
that we would think that we’re limited.
-And then where are
we gonna preach in Nashville?
-Probably outside of a bar
would be a great place, or liquor store
’cause people really need
the message of Jesus there.
-That’s that street,
you’re gonna need that knife.
[Peter] You think
that’s a good place to do it?
They’re probably not gonna
want to hear it in those locations, right?
-There’s people there
that want to hear about Jesus.
There’s people that are sick,
and they’ve got all these problems,
and they’re drowning it with alcohol,
they don’t want to deal with problems.
-That’s true.
-When they find Jesus,
they find a way to heal from that,
and a way to go on.
Rather than just masking the symptoms,
get to the root of the problem,
and let Jesus heal the root problem.
[man] I hope y’all have a good time, man.
-I’ll see you around.
-Good luck, man.
[hooves on pavement]
[Titus] It’s too bad
that the camera can’t capture the smell.
-Yeah, the hay.
-Of the fresh cut hay.
-Yeah, and the rain.
-It’s a very clean smell.
[Peter] I still feel that nettle.
[Titus] Oh, wow.
-It made some bumps on your skin.
-Yeah, for me it didn’t–
-It sort of swelled up, Titus.
-For some reason mine doesn’t usually…
-Titus, you also have
multiple ticks on you on a daily basis
and eat poison ivy by the leaf.
So you’re a bit of a
different species at this point.
Do people take to you pretty well
when you go in those urban environments?
-Yeah, most people do.
I mean there’s some people
that are distrustful, they don’t know,
but I’d say
for the most part it’s positive.
Like I went with Steven
to Rhode Island and I thought,
“Hmm, if I go into
these hotels are they gonna…”
Like we spent the night in a hotel,
are they gonna tell me I can’t be in here
’cause I don’t wear shoes?
-I had some in the truck
just in case there was a problem.
They never said a word to me,
I went into Walmart
to use the restroom on our trip.
-Dressed the same way with the hat?
-Yeah, mm-hmm.
And no, they never said a word to me.
-And you shaving like an Amish man,
do you know is there a reason
for shaving the mustache?
-Yes, back in Europe
they wanted young men to join the army.
-And so their requirement, they didn’t
really have so much an age requirement
but if a young man could grow a mustache,
he was considered old enough
to join the army.
And so the people the Anabaptists,
those that were from that background
that didn’t want to fight in the army,
they wanted to take Jesus’ teaching
seriously about loving your enemies,
didn’t want to fight in the army.
So they’d shave off their mustache
kind of like as a public statement
that they’re not gonna
be part of the military.
So the Amish have kept that tradition
of keeping this mustache shaved off.
I’m not a member of any denomination.
I just take God’s word, the bible,
King James version as a blueprint.
-So you don’t want to be part of
any specific sect, Protestant, Catholic?
-I would consider myself Protestant.
-Because, you know, Protestant is not
necessarily one particular denomination.
-But it got the name due to the fact that
at one time during the Dark Ages,
there was a lot of oppression
from the Catholic Church,
and so the Protestants had
protested against that tyranny
and they wanted freedom.
So I would consider myself Protestant
in that body of reformers.
-Kids are coming back from school?
-Yep, Mennonite are coming back
from Mennonite school.
-They all ride in horse and carriage
to school and bicycles?
-Yeah, on days like today where it might
rain, sometimes they might drive a buggy.
Most of the time
they’re just riding their bicycles.
-That is a cool school commute.
[Peter] What’s up, bud?
How you guys doing?
How was school?
-[girl] Good.
-[Peter] Cool.
That is so cute.
So pure, huh? So simple.
Every video I make, Titus,
in this country, my mind is just blown.
Like with a new visual.
So they’re just getting off on their own
horse and carriage,
bicycles to school, no parents involved?
They park them all day.
-Go home at the end.
-And it’s probably a one room schoolhouse.
-Yeah, definitely.
-That’s controlled by the Mennonites?
-So the curriculum, everything is
outside of the federal government
or it’s part of it?
-I don’t think that they have anything
like standardized tests.
-I don’t think they have any of that.
But we don’t know for sure.
-Yeah, the Mennonites and Amish schools
only go to eighth grade.
-So most of them are not
going to school after eighth grade?
-None of them go to school
after eighth grade.
-Wow, they’re just working on the farm?
-Yeah, or a shop,
or whatever family business.
-Do some of them continue on?
They get out of here,
they go to a high school somewhere?
-No, not…
If they stay with the Mennonite church,
no they wouldn’t.
I mean there are some that study at home.
There’s a Mennonite man that I know
that he went to eighth grade
in the Mennonite school,
and then he had
an interest in engineering.
And so he was just self-taught
and he studied engineering.
-And he’s an engineer today.
-But from what I understand
he doesn’t have a degree in it.
Didn’t go to a formal school for it,
but he’s an engineer,
and he has his own machine shop,
and he makes and invents machines.
-There’s the Amish schoolhouse.
-Yeah, that’s where we went
last video, right?
-Two months ago we were there.
I would encourage anybody
that lives in a warm climate to grow okra.
Even if you don’t eat it,
it has the most beautiful flowers.
They’re closed up right now
but beautiful, beautiful flowers,
and it grows like a weed.
It grows so well,
and it’s very nutritious.
High in calcium.
Very good food.
I eat a lot of it raw.
Very, very, very slimy when it’s raw,
but it’s good for you.
-[Peter] Watermelon?
-[Titus] Yep, I got a couple here.
I had some watermelon from this patch
that were maybe 30 pounds.
Thirty-five pounds,
they were pretty good size.
These ones are… quite a bit smaller
but they’ll still be good.
We’re gonna head to the porch
and have a feast.
-Oh yeah, Titus.
-Smells great.
-I’m much healthier
around you to be honest.
When I’m on the road shooting these videos
sometimes it’s hard
to get really good quality food.
-When you’re in the middle of nowhere.
-Yeah, I’m sure that would be a challenge.
-So this is a nice treat.
[Titus whistling softly]
-Wow Titus,
the creek has really dried up, huh?
-It has, yeah,
we’ve had less than average rainfall.
There’s still some nice pools of water
but quite a bit lower.
Our father in heaven, thank you so much
for bringing Peter back here.
Thank you for the peace
and the quiet that we have here
and father thank you for the food.
We just wanted to say thank you for it.
We ask that you would bless it
and give us strength to serve you.
We ask that you would guide us
and thank you.
In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.
-All right.
-So this is a Titus chef’s special?
-I don’t know that I’m a chef
but I just chop things up,
and put it together, and see what happens.
-Oh, yeah.
Ingredients just
bouncing off one another, Titus.
-Good combo.
-Thank you.
-I’m gonna say even better
than last meal I had with you.
-You want some pineapple tomato?
This will probably be the best tasting…
-Oh wait, one sec,
let me show everyone here
the color on this guy.
Look at that.
The best tasting?
-This will probably be the best tasting
tomato that you’ve ever eaten.
It just…
It’s a very sweet… tomato.
-Thank you, Titus.
-You’re welcome.
And there’s some salt here
if you would like to put some on there.
[salt shaking]
-[Titus] What do you think?
-[Peter] Oh, yeah.
Doesn’t even taste like a tomato.
It’s like its own vegetable.
-Yeah, it’s really sweet
and it’s not acidic like you would expect.
-It doesn’t have that bite to it.
-Very flavorful.
So good, Titus.
-Do you mind if I grab a little more?
-Yeah, let’s get more.
There’s plenty, that pot is full.
-Okay, back for seconds.
So what were you saying?
Someone… well you’re
getting a lot of calls.
Like I asked you, “What will you do
tonight when I leave?”
and you said, “Get on the phone
and call a lot of people back.”
-Yeah, recently there was
a Muslim lady that called
and she said, “I’m Muslim
but we believe in Jesus too.”
She said, “I have this
real extreme pain in my foot.
Could you please pray for me for my foot?”
and I said,
“Sure, I would love to do that.”
-I said, “But first…
let’s just take a moment of silence,
and you pray in your heart silently,
and ask God to show you
is there any hatred or bitterness
that you have towards someone?”
Because if you’re holding on to
bitterness or hatred towards somebody,
and you haven’t forgiven them,
it’s like you’re blocking the channel
through which God wants to
give you a blessing of healing.
-I said let’s just… we’ll just…
have a moment of silence here
and you search your heart.
And so we were quiet
for a little bit and she said,
“Yeah, my ex-husband
really mistreated me,
and I have this hatred
and this anger towards him.
I want to get revenge towards him.”
and she said,
“This anger that I have towards him,
it comes out and I hurt other people
that aren’t even involved
because I have this hatred in my heart.
I said, “Okay, let’s first pray that God
will help you to give up that hatred,
and anger, and revenge towards
your ex-husband that mistreated you,
and then the channel will be open.
‘Cause God does want to heal you.
He wants to pour out blessings on you.
So that was
a special experience that I had
and God used you, Peter,
to make that first video.
So that people like that
will call, you know?
-So you’re getting a lot of calls?
-People from all walks of life.
-You’re taking all of these calls,
you’ve got your office over there.
Which we showed in the first video.
-Well, unfortunately
I can’t respond to everybody.
As many as I can, I respond to but…
-What was the call volume like
after the video was posted?
There was like…
The first few days
there was a call coming in
every one or two minutes.
-It was just…
My message mailbox
can hold like 12 messages.
12 or 13, and then it fills up.
So I could go through and write down
the number and the name, and delete them,
and by the time that I had
gone through those 12,
I would have like 8 or 10 new ones.
There was just no way
I could keep up with it.
So probably a vast percentage of people
who have called couldn’t leave a message.
-Do you want to say anything to them?
Actually speak into the camera ’cause
a lot of them are probably watching.
-Yeah, um…
You see that I have a connection
with God, or a relationship with him,
and whatever I have,
whatever faith that I have,
or peace that I have with God,
you can have that too.
And so if you can’t get ahold of me
God says in Jerimiah 33:3,
“Call upon me and I will answer you,
and show you great and mighty things
that you don’t know.”
So if you can’t get ahold of me,
and you can’t call me, call on God,
and his phone line is never busy.
His mailbox will never get too full.
Find a King James version bible.
Open it and ask God, “Father in heaven,
show me, speak to me through your word.”
and ask in Jesus’ name,
and he’ll speak to you through his word,
and he’ll guide you.
I wish I could respond to everybody.
The ones that I can respond to, I will.
-Do you enjoy it?
-I do, it’s fulfilling, yeah.
You know, I’ve experienced this peace
and this joy that only Jesus can give,
and it makes my day if other people
can also experience it as well.
If I can help them
to experience that also,
I get to share
the blessing that God has given me,
and then hopefully they can
share it with somebody else,
and this world
can become a different place.
For a long time I felt like God
wanted me to build a house for him
where people could come and pray,
worship, read God’s word,
learn more about God,
and so I always thought
this would be the perfect place.
-Right in this clearing here.
[clearing weeds]
-I just wanted to let everybody know
that if they fell God leading them,
they can help to build it.
Once I get the materials
I’ll have a need for people
who know how to build
or can swing a hammer.
It’ll be an amazing project to
put all the pieces of lumber together
and make something where people
can come have a dry roof when it rains
or a warm place when it’s cold,
and we can sing songs,
and learn God’s word together.
I plan to call it Henson Creek.
This road is Henson Creek.
Henson Creek House of Prayer.
Every sabbath on Saturday.
-So anyone watching this video
or the video we did before
would be able to come out here,
pray if they wanted to?
-Yes, yes.
So after the church is built,
I gotta come back and do a video
showing how it’s in operation.
-Yes, definitely.
-So guys, we’re gonna leave
a link down below
if you want to donate to Titus’ church,
that link is there.
Um, who knows?
I don’t know how, sometimes
these videos, things really takes off.
It could happen
sooner than you think, Titus.
-Lastly, Titus has a YouTube channel.
No, he doesn’t film, edit, or post.
Your friends do that for you,
which is very cool.
I’ll leave that link down below.
You go deeper into your preachings,
and your through processes,
and adventures around the area.
-So check out that channel.
Thanks for coming along, guys.
Next video will be Titus and me
hitchhiking to Nashville.
Until the next one.
[both giggling]

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