Inside Florida Man’s World

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Far from Florida’s tourist beaches and the golf courses is a 14,000 acre closed-off community where only the locals go. You must be a landowner or be invited to enter this gated world. On the inside are people looking to escape from the restrictions of society, to hang out and play freely as one big community. Join me as we get special access to a very unique way of living and learn from the Florida natives what it’s like to cut loose.

[engine revving]
♪ rock ♪

[music fades]
Good morning, guys.
Today we’re on a mission
to Central Florida.
To a 14,000 square acre community
closed off from society.
You need to get in with a local,
someone that’s bought land there.
It’s beyond a gate, key, and a lock.
Completely separate world, I’ve been told
from this
or from mostly likely, where you live.
♪ rock ♪
Who is your friend here, Chris?
-What’s the story here?
-This is Rich.
Rich had a machine fall on him
last weekend.
So you see the 20 stitches.
He’s a big boy, so luckily
the machine bounced off of him
-But where is it?
-Yes, instead of crushing me.
It’s out back.
You wanna go see it?
What do you got here?
Oh, that thing’s sweet.
What is this?
You flipped this last week?
It came out okay but you didn’t, huh?
We’re both bruised and battered.
All right, so Mud Puppy’s
gonna meet us up at the gate.
So you do repairs?
What are these called, four-wheelers?
Four-wheelers, UTVs, ATVs, side-by-sides.
You ever put Chris to work
in the back there?
-Naw, he’s got enough work on his own.
-No, I give him all the business.
That’s it.
‘Cause when they break down
out there, they’re like
“Hey, can I get a part?”
I said…
“Rich, you got this?”
It don’t matter what time of the night
it is either, does it?
I call him a lot.
There’s a lot of breaking down.
The gate is the start of the…
-The start of the fun.
You gotta have access.
Nobody’s allowed here,
but you gotta be a land owner.
-You gotta be a land owner, okay.
It’s private property.
All right.

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