Inside East NY Projects (What’s It Like Living There?)

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Join me as I venture inside the projects in East New York and meet the locals.

But don’t everybody come to Brooklyn,
especially not East New York
Y’all know that!
Listen, y’all know that
This is East New York
We’re walking straight down
Linden Boulevard right now
Me and my boy Peter. Chilling, relaxing.
My boy gonna get an interview
He with me, he Gucci,
nobody gonna do nathins
So, we just relaxing and everything
But he asked me about
East New York, and he asked me
“Do everybody come here?
Do everybody…” No!
If I was from another borough and
whatever, why would I come here?
This is the Medina. It get live out here
when it’s time to get live.
So, he walking down Linden Boulevard,
that’s a salute, man
But salute to every other borough,
every other borough
It’s some thorough n**** that would come
out here, and would show their a** out here
I’m not saying that, but it’s very few
Little bit of everything:
Cajun fries, burgers
They do everything in here
OG, let him know where we at.
Where we at?
He know I’m from out here,
he can smell me
We went to high school together
This guy and I
You like that? Cash likes that
It’s been a red carpet
so far with BKK
This is not a game,
this is not a game
But we’re meeting up with Siheen
Shout out to Siheen
Shout out to Siheen and
what’s his project up here?
Do you know what it is?
No, I’m not sure now
This is a big though
There he is
Alright, Siheen
Yeah, what’s good?
Very nice to meet you
From Wu-Tang?
Yeah, thanks, real n**** sh**
I was in growing up hip hop New York
I was in a couple of little
situations and sh** but
I’m originally from Fort Green but
this is where I hang out
and this is where I have my son at,
know what I’m saying?
Okay, alright
It’s called Buddy Bag Boulevard, but it’s
boulevard, you know what I’m saying
Is this where you live, right here?
Yeah, I got this where my
people will all be outside
Is this your lady?
That’s my wife
you know what I’m saying?
The wife and the manager?
This is my bro, he just had a kid
Ahh, cutie
This is what we do, this is what
we do in our neighborhood
We come out, we drink, we have fun,
we give back to the neighborhood
You know what I’m saying?
And this is what we do
Okay, I missed it in the
beginning, Wu Tang…
Popa Wu, my pops
Popa Wu is your pops?
Yeah, I’ll show you, real n*** sh**
Alright, alright
This is what we do,
this is what I do
Look at that, this is my real pop.
We got the book out right now.
It’s my pop’s book is out right now,
you know what I’m saying
Popa Wu
You know what I’m saying?
My pops book out right now
It’s selling right now,
so if you wanna check it out
Alright, I’ll leave that link below
in the description
Fact, we gonna do all that, but that’s
what we do, you know what I’m saying?
So, Siheen, can we get inside?
Yeah, let’s go
Cus we’ve been trying all day
Alright, come on
Walk around the hood, yeah.
I’m gonna stay right here, fellas
You are going to stay
right there? Alright
Okay, guys. So…
I’m so proud of you Big Wu
You know that sh**, that what’s support.
That’s what we want out here, we want support
We treat kind of people that…
We all work hard for some sh**
and we don’t know why we do it, but we
gotta be here for these babies so this what we do
It’s about surviving. I’m tired of my people
dying for nothing, you know what I mean?
That’s what’s up, this is another element right here
It’s a serious door,
this is a serious door
This is definitely a serious door
Welcome to castle…
This is my brother right here. He do music,
we do music, he do comedian
We do all types of sh**. We try to support
our neighborhood and this what we do
We give back to the stores, all that,
you know what I’m saying?
That’s my bro
How are you doing?
You know what I’m saying,
we all know each other
Nice to meet you
And this is called Buddy Bag Boulevard
This castle… going on right here
Buddy Bag Boulevard?
There’s history behind that
Getting in an elevator?
Getting in an elevator,
let’s all get in here
And going into apartment
And we can talk. This is my son Joey.
Alright, Joey
Joey, alright
Guys, so we’ve been talking all
day about getting in a place
Yeah, we went to Plaza, Cypress, all that
We had a few failed mission,
but now we’re going to show you
and then we’re going to go outside
I told him, we gotta get Boulevard,
we gotta get Linden
Cus nobody really talk about
this hood, cus it’s so quiet
but this is where everything appeared
This is where from, there’s like
a couple of rappers that came from here
And that’s all I like and you’re gonna see
how far this sh** goes cus
I got my new cousin…
…in the building
You know everyone?
How many floors is this place?
13, you know everyone?
Hey mommy
We’re doing a little tour
Around the neighborhood
How you are you doing?
What’s your name?
Margarita. Beautiful name.
So, how you wanna do it though?
Name means flower, yeah. Alright.
So, you got a nice place, this is cool.
So, this is what they all look like.
You come in… they all look the same?
So, then you got a bedroom.
One room, okay.
Come on
So, you you’ve always lived here?
Ahh, okay
Alright, guys.
Well, I promised in this video
going inside the
projects, we’re inside
Yeah, it’s my house so you know that
And it’s love, like there’s a bunch
of sh** to go and I’ll show you that
We get love. So, it all depends
how your personality is as a person
People love who they like…
You could do negative
but if you ain’t got more positive
over the negative…
So, you know who’s next door,
who’s over there…
You wanna take a tour?
Walk this whole Project, man
Yeah, please, show us
You guys are never lonely
out here, are you?
Never lonely. Never. No,
I don’t know how people
be talking bad about
where they come from
They just wanna promote negative,
I can show you places where
we ain’t got to promote is love, it’s
really love in Brooklyn
It’s just… It’s who you go around
It’s who you put yourself around
But we respect the code
If you’re out here doing too much,
you gonna get dealt with
That’s just the streets, period.
And if you ain’t doing too much and
you just living a humble life,
you gonna gonna live a long time
It was more about respect
That’s the universal code, respect.
That what I’m saying, if we go outside…
It’s these millennial babies,
that’s the problem
It’s when we was in Cyprus
and that happened
I’m a 80s baby, we’re 80s babies
Right, right
I had to school them
Anything after pretty much ’95
I don’t know about
So you put your elders on a pedestal?
Pretty much. Pretty much.
We learn from the elders.
But the neighborhood?
The neighborhood is good
It’s good?
Yeah, look at this. Beautiful.
Looks nice
Character goes a long way, man.
Respect goes a long way.
…puts you in the ground.
Respect gives you ticket to the top.
It’s what I’m trying to tell you, man.
It’s about supporting your people.
Real talk
You give more support. I told you,
this man right here saved my life one day
I got my jaw broke right here in the middle
of the street n****, he saved my life
What about this tat over here?
This is the Wu Tang tat, this
is my family. You know, I got
this sh** stamped when I was a
kid, you know what I’m saying?
And I just represent my family
cuz I was born into this Wu-Tang sh**
No, all you guys get in here.
But we’re just gonna…
This is like a picture. This is a picture.
This is for the thumbnail of the video.
Ah, I got you
You see?
Just don’t drop any Bloods or
Crips signs for this
No, we ain’t doing that
You don’t even know where you at
right now, this is a heart
This is where a lot of rappers
like KJ Balla are from
We might go to our
troubles and trials and tribulations
but everybody out here are family,
we try to look out for each other
Know what I’m saying?
Cus all we got is us
you know what I’m saying?
It’s all we got is us.
Nobody’s lonely out here?
Nobody. We hang out in
front of the buildings all day.
Yes, we do. How are you doing Sue Young?
She talk to me every day, look
How are you doing? Look, and she
always say hi to me every day.
I’m international, you know
And she Asian
Trying to build businesses for our
families. Like we’re trying to
do sh** for our people, any
type of people that think like us
You know what I’m saying?
Cus it’s each one teach one
And sometimes we all went through
troubles and tribulations and we go do sh**
Look at my brother right here, that’s
my older brother, that’s E-Money
That’s Rakim manager, he used to be
around Rakim, that’s my older brother
I won’t even lie to you, like
this real sh** we could teach over like
I’m really Wu-Tang’s family, this real
n*** sh**, know what I’m saying?
So, I just want people to know about Brooklyn,
like we don’t watch a lot people die out here
And I’m not from here, I’ll just watch…
I got dead n**** on my body
to show you that I grew up
with real sh**
and I’m tired of people dying,
I’m tired of my people dying
How do you change it?
Look, what they’re doing right
now, protesting. Being outside
Being outside with your people,
showing people that…
kids don’t run this world,
we adults run this world
So, right now, the kids are…
They’re running the world
cus nobody’s being parents no more
Nobody’s stepping up, grabbing
their nuts and whooping a**
Ain’t no fathers in the crib.
Thank you. Ain’t no fathers.
Are you are you guys fathers?
Yeah, we all fathers. And look,
I don’t ever get to see my son
but my son know who I am and
he not gonna make no mistake
cus he knows who his father is, cus
I walk the streets, I do positive stuff
So you’re saying with the youth,
there’s no discipline?
There’s no guidance, they don’t
even listen to their own parents
Thank you. That’s all it is,
the music.
Let’s keep it real, they
gave women a lot of power
A lot of power too, that’s true.
Why welfare and everything
gave women the money?
Thank you
Why not the father so we can control
what’s going on when they know
When they know who we are?
They know who we are!
You want to jump in on this?
I got some Zaza
They’re talking about ladies
A lot of… Look
All the single ladies
Look at her and she work hard,
she, know how many kids? She work hard
Now police try to do sh** to her,
take her kids from her but we gotta fight
It’s not about the police, we wanna
fight together, you hear me?
We wanna fight one nation under
God, indivisible
What do we gotta fight?
We gotta fight ourselves
That’s right. Fight ourselves,
fight yourself.
Listen, you know, it’s always
a woman that gotta help
That’s my brother right there, he
the Muslim brother. GG, what’s good?
My n***! My guy!
My guy, look. My man, look.
That’s my man working on
garbage truck. He out here working for
our neighborhood, real n*** sh**
Working on the weekend like usual.
That’s my uncle out here, all my family.
We out here do cookout. We gotta build our
black businesses cus everybody
out here. That’s what we trying to do.
What’s up you guys?
What are you barbecuing?
Can I take a look? Can we take a look?
Sure, go take a look.
Let me show you man.
So we’re in East New York
right now, 2 Brothers Jerk Chicken
This one?
This is… we got the chicken
up here ready for action
Oh yeah!
Come on down,
we’re on Ashford and Stanley
2 Brothers Jerk Chicken, man,
you buy one, we feed one
Oh yeah!
Smoked corn
If you buy your meal, we’re gonna feed
anybody on these streets that’s hungry
You’re selling this right now,
for whoever walks by?
For whomever walks by.
But if you buy one, we’re
gonna give one to a homeless
person that’s hungry.
So you’re feeding them people on
the streets, man. We’re doing it.
Can I buy some?
Yes, you can
You never had jerk chicken?
I had jerk chicken but
that looks good. I gotta try it.
That’s real good
They just walk by, they smell it
and they want it?
Yeah, they smell it, they
want some of this
Make sure you get a slice of bread.
I smoke ZaZa
It’s juicy
How that taste?
East New York!
Tastes good
Nice Dutch angle
Let’s go like that
Got some paper towel?
Can I turn it a little?
That’s really good
Listen, how you liking that
jerk chicken, man?
That’s nice.
It’s a 2 Brothers Jerk Chicken, man.
He feeling that, I’m feeling him
East New York chicken, baby
Stanley Avenue and Ashford.
Come get some of that, man.
You better come get some of that
How you feeling?
I’m feeling good, this is fire
This is fire
You a smart man
Uncle BO, right?
Uncle B
Thanks, Stack.
Of course, good looking
Very good food
He always got a barbecue in his pocket.
That’s uncle BO, DJ East New York
I don’t give a sh** I’m watching people
die out in this neighborhood
I’ve been over for ten years,
n**** are dying
That’s my auntie right there, I love her.
She’s been out here for years.
People would really tell you,
they really know me
[speaks Arabic] Mish mushkila
You speak Arabic?
Oh, you had some of that chicken
It’s good. Did you get some?
That jerk chicken is good, man, yeah
Take care, guys
Alright, you want to show me
a store, right?
Right here
I don’t live here. I can’t vote
but thank you. Thank you.
This my young boy. Actually, he’s a businessman.
This is a real businessman.
You know why I like him?
Cus he, he’s smart
he’s not dumb and he don’t take
no bull****, you hear me?
That’s what’s up
And he support his people,
you feel me?
And this is all is respect.
This is love. We all of
different nationality but we
know how to learn how to stick
together and that’s what it’s about,
you know what I’m saying?
That’s how you take
care of generations
I used to sell turtles on Eastern Parkway.
Baby turtle, turtle baby, real n*** sh***
You sell what?
Turtles? Real turtles. Baby turtles.
On Eastern Parkway.
That was my hustle. I used to go to
the Chinese people, get turtles for 10¢
and come to the streets and sell ’em for $10
If you went to Eastern Park right now,
when you get off the 4 train,
that was me right there,
baby turtle, turtle baby.
Selling turtles, n***
That’s what’s up
See some people just only
know how to hustle drugs
They don’t know how to
hustle nothing else.
So, we teach our kids how to hustle
water, we teach our kids how to hustle…
Anything is a hustle as long as
you can make some legit money
That’s a business
Drugs is the answer when
you ain’t got no opportunity
Ain’t nothing wrong with selling
drugs unless you’re doing what
you gotta do with it. If you
gotta sell it, take care of
families, take care of the
family. If you gotta sell it to
put yourself in a better
position, do it
Drugs is an option for when you
ain’t got nothing going on
in the hood , you understand?
It’s big business.
Tylenol is a drug.
So, wait, you’re for selling drugs?
I am. I’m pro choice. I’m pro choice.
Pro drug choice, okay.
And listen, I ain’t for it but if I gotta
feed my family one day, it’s
like a n**** I gotta feed my family
and that’s the last resort
I’m gonna do it.
Alright, think about it gotcha right now.
Think about all the people that
went to jail for drugs now,
marijuana, all that
Got years and life and now
they’re making it legal
That’s rough
Now, all the design, the
celebrities got the strands of
weed but people like us go to
jail for weed trying promote it.
Sell weed…
What about Fentanyl? Cus there’s drugs…
No Fentanyl is… That’s bad.
That’s knocking people off.
And whoever’s dropping that…
It gotta be coming from the
hospitals and stuff because ain’t no
n*** just know where Fentanyl out there
So, when… No, let me explain
this, guys
cus a lot of people
think drugs and they’re
thinking like… Marijuana and
Fentanyl are two different universes
Marijuana is a herb
It’s a herb. It grows. It grows.
Marijuana you can never say…
And I don’t care
If kids can listen to me to
this day on this interview
Marijuana never killed nobody
and I’ve been born in 1985
Never killed nothing.
But Fentanyl is killing n****
We all gotta come to a reality, like
what makes sense in this world?
How we keep crime from happening n****,
that’s the big question, ain’t nobody want to talk
Tell me
And I’m telling you, how we
doing it now. Support your people.
And make sure that…
Police your people
We don’t need them to police us.
We know who bad, and we do it.
So how do you police your people?
Cus we deal without… we know who
doing bad. We don’t kill them, we penalize them.
We might whoop a n*** a** or something,
but we ain’t gonna kill you
Cus if we had to kill you, that mean you gotta die
cus that mean you’re trying to hurt the family
That’s the only way…
What did you got there, oh you
got some weed?
Oh, he got weed
We was young. We was
manipulated by the older ones
that came before us
So it’s always somebody being manipulated
by somebody that came before them
So how do you not manipulate?
Stay away from the mother*****
that’s manipulating n****
Bottom line!
If my mother told me them n*** down
the block over there selling drugs,
and them n**** down there playing
basketball. Where you gonna go hang at?
Alright, them n****
getting a lot of money but now
I’m gonna chill with cool kids.
I know they be shooting down there.
So, let me make a choice…
I’m going down here
Got you
Okay. What’s the youngest a kid has a gun
right now? What’s the youngest age?
Having these kids…
you wouldn’t even know n***
They might get caught cus they
already know about this already
in their household, they
already exploit that sh**
They might take your gun
How many times you seen it you older than us?
I’m the auntie of the block
You’re the auntie of the block?
That’s right
You know everyone in here?
I know mostly everyone in here
You keeping people in line?
Trying to
That’s what’s up
She does keep us in line.
Not try, she does.
Nobody messes with auntie?
This is the OG of the neighborhood?
Well, not of the neighborhood, of the building
and the little homies that be out here
I’m 53, I spent 16 years in jail.
Broke my neck while I was in there.
And I came over here and linked up
with the little n**** around here
And became like a father
figure to all of them
So what are you seeing now
with the younger generations?
Honestly, I’m seeing a lot of things that
I’m not liking but there are a lot
of things that I do see a lot of the younger
generations doing that’s a good thing
You know the old saying: you can lead a horse
to water but you can’t make him drink it
So every day when I see one
of the young brothers
going through some problems,
I try my best to talk to him and
let him know at least what
I’ve been through
What do you tell him?
I tell him everything. I tell him about my
16 years in jail. I tell him about how I played…
I was playing basketball while I was
incarcerated and was paralyzed for 3.5 years
And had to have surgery performed, had him take a
bone out of my hip to put in my neck and all that
You know, I tell him these things like
if y’all stay on the path y’all going on
y’all gonna be either like me
or worse than me
You know, like I said,
I’ve been in there so long
I’ve seen things that a
grown man shouldn’t see
You know, being in prison, having another
man tell you to bend over, squat, open
your butt cheeks, and things like that.
Another man shouldn’t have to go through that
The things I’ve been through, I don’t
wish that on my worst enemy
So, you try to guide the youth?
I try to let them know.
Once I see they
going on a path that I was
golling on, I try to like
talk to them and let them
know like, yo, listen, man
There’s only two places you’re
gonna end up living that life
One is gonna be in the penitentiary
for the rest of your life
or somebody’s gonna be
putting you in a grave
So, to prevent that from happening,
I try to talk to ‘em
So, what can they do to not
go down that road?
What you mean?
Go down the road of prison
or being in the grave
Like what are the good outs here?
What are the good outlets here?
What are the good things to
get into? Sports?
Not even, I can’t even say sports
because that’s a stereotype
You know what I’m saying? Become you.
Get you a decent job, find you a good woman
and just live your life without all the
negativity, the drama, and the BS
You know, just go about days on a regular basis.
Live your life 1 day at a time.
You know, talk to people. If you’re going through
something, ain’t nobody gonna help you if they
don’t know what you’re going through.
A close mouth don’t get fed.
So, if you come outside and
you’re going through something
step to somebody
that you deal with, be like,
yo, can I talk to you for a
minute? And hear that person
out and get his opinion and get
what you can from him
You know what I’m saying? A closed
mouth don’t get fed. Bottom line.
So, I come out here every day.
I sit out here. Get my little
drink with them on and all
that. One of my good brothers.
Mister always outside
Great wisdom
Thank you, I appreciate it
No, thank you
I try, I try
But you wanna see some exclusive sh**?
No, I wanna keep OG going.
He’s really… OG’s amazing.
You know, and I sit here
and I laugh at them about this
You know, and I sit back
and I chill with them
You know, I
sit out here and have fun
because they bring me back
to who I used to be
Like before I went to jail and
everything, I was like these guys
running around, acting crazy,
this that and third, doing things
that I know I wasn’t supposed
to do and it’s sad that I went
where I had to go to learn
the things that I know now
And it’s sad as a man,
your parents and your uncles
and everybody’s supposed to
teach you what life is about
I shouldn’t have to go to a
penitentiary system and learn
from people that I don’t know.
I grew up in Brownsville Projects.
back in the 80s and 90s. Well, I can’t
say the 90s cus I went to jail in ’89
But being in the late 70s and the
early 80s, growing up in that neighborhood
all I had to guide me was
what I saw on the streets
That’s when crack first
hit out. You know, and
the crack dealer would come to
a younger individual just give
him some crack and a gun and be
like yo hold this block down
So that’s what I learned
So what were the choices?
Was there was there like no I don’t
wanna take the crack and the
gun and hold the block down
or you sort of had to?
Basically, I had to
No, I’m not gonna say
I had to, I chose to
Because I seen that’s what everybody
was about and that’s what everybody likes
So, if you didn’t become part
of that, you’d be left out?
Put it like this
After I got incarcerated
About 3 months after I got incarcerated,
my family got a call from MTA
for me to be working in mass transit.
I was in jail, couldn’t get the job.
So, if I would’ve decided not
to do that and stay home
and got that job, there’s no telling
what I could have been right now
I wouldn’t have been semi paralyzed. You know,
I would had probably a car, a nice house
At this age, I think I’ve been retired
right now, living a life of morality.
but unfortunately, I chose that
path and a lot of people fail
to realize when you walk in a
path, it’s not only two directions
There’s multiple directions you can go in
You can either go to legal,
illegal, or the stupid way
The stupid way is what’s going on
now and these guys riding
around, shooting people
for no apparent reason
And that’s something I can’t live by
You know, my people and people in general,
is dying because of nonsense
Basically, I mean, that’s what it is, man. I mean,
anything you wanna know, feel free to ask
Thank you so much, thank you
No problem, man
Nothing in there like that
but I don’t mind you
recording it and putting in on
video or anything like that
It’s very nice though, this
is like a park over here
This whole area, this treed-in area
Oh, yeah
What’d you say?
I said we need a bigger park out here.
We need a bigger park and a better park out here.
What they do with them 8 billion dollars? hmm…
What’s your name?
What’s that?
Carter, what grade are you in?
Mm hmm
What do you wanna be when you grow up?
A actor
An actor!
Okay, you’re doing it cus
you’re on YouTube right now
It’s a cool playground?
Could you come out here during COVID?
You had to stay inside?
The park was locked up
The park was locked up?
Was it tough? Not playing?
I mean, I got Fortnite so…
You got Fortnite?
This is cooler than Fortnite though, right?
Good to see your friends again
So, the guys were talking about,
before there were way more things
to do here like karate programs, what?
Yeah, program like karate,
basketball tournaments
Computers, all that, give your
child opportunity
Go downstairs, eat breakfast, juice,
all that, they don’t do none of that
When you go to school and get free lunch when
you couldn’t eat, and they stopped a lot of sh**
They took the resources
out of the neighborhood, man
So guys, from an outside perspective,
I lived overseas, this doesn’t look bad to me
No, this is good
And then inside the apartment
was nice, it was fine, right?
But the resources you’re saying
like the programs
for kids to get in a basketball,
like different activities or what?
All they see is us
They stopped it now.
If we don’t do positive in front of them,
we their resources
We their closest resources they got
As who we are, we gotta set
the example so they can follow
That’s all, to set example
Because they’re youngians and we the new
generation that’s holding sh** down
so if we don’t set the right example,
they not gonna get the right example
Yeah, it’s ain’t about… it’s just like
I said, it’s just about living life
We understand each other cus we
live out with each other every day
Tell him who you is sister, real sh**
Ries, New York, but
I’m not rapping today
No, you ain’t gonna rap?
Allow me to introduce myself,
my name is Ries
The young goddess from the East rap
Brooklyn to the fullest but I chilling
petty dope boys on my cut hating b***
hate my guts say I got an attitude
Ooh, live, live, love, laugh
I need a helping hand…
Brooklyn sh**
Real sh** Brooklyn, look. It’s challenge.
Gave him a chance for
a brand new start
Can’t walk through the park
’cause it’s crazy after dark
Keep my hand on the gun cus
they got me in the run
I feel like a outlaw, broke my last glass jaw.
You want some more? Livin’ on a see-saw
Don’t push me cus I’m close to the edge
Alright, guys
If that’s the God in you, it’s true.
Guys, I’m gonna wrap this up.
Can you walk super closely to me?
Alright, guys…
And we’re out here with my son, Peter
and this is good love out here cus
we’re all out here to change
something for something
So, we gonna get on these cameras,
we ain’t gonna expose ourselves
We’re gonna do something better for our people
and this how he change people minds
and work so people gotta watch his
page and watch what he wanna post
So, how we gonna make this sh** work?
Here’s how we’re gonna make it work
Each one teach one
Alright, guys. Thanks for coming
along on that journey
There was a lot in there. It was quite
exhilarating, quite interesting
in a world most of us don’t know
One last thing guys, I’m gonna drop…
Papa Wu. R.I.P to my pop, R.I.P. to ODB,
everybody that lost somebody
Everybody that lost someone
Everybody that lost someone
Cus everybody dying every day.
We out here living for a reason.
So, let’s live, and do something
positive for this world,
and change something,
and make it count
Cus the odds is against us.
But we defeat the odds all the time.
We make everything count
It’s about changing your neighborhood
cus at the end of the day, if you
can change your neighborhood
you can change anywhere
you go in this world
Alright, guys
Thank you so much for
bringing me in, I wouldn’t have
gotten into these neighborhoods,
no way ever on my own
So, without these guys
for making it happen
none of us would have seen this,
so thanks for coming along
I’m gonna drop a bunch of links
down below, there’s some great
music, some really interesting creative stuff
Fist bumps
No colors
No colors!
Peace to no colors
Peace to no colors
Peace to no colors
Thank you guys so much for bringing me in
Alright, until the next one….

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