Exploring LA’s RICHEST Neighborhoods

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In this video, we explore LA’s richest neighborhoods.

Los Angeles is a very mixed up
city. One of the most notable
contrast here is the gap
between rich and poor and while
many of you have seen Downtown
Los Angeles, Skid Row, a lot of
homeless people and these days,
a lot of tents, there’s another
story. So today, we’re going to
go to the other side of the
tracks to wealthy LA to some of
the wealthiest neighborhoods in
the world, some of the most
famous people in the world.
A lot of you will know the people
in these neighborhoods that
we’re going to. I have Josh
here. Hi, you guys! What’s up?
LA Local. He knows the
neighborhoods he’s driving us
through. We’re going to go on a
little adventure, hopefully
meet some people, learn
something along the way. Yes.
Fist bumps. Let’s go.
Pacific Palisades, right? Yes.
So this is the first neighborhood.
we’re going to go to four
neighborhoods today? Yeah.
Pacific Palisades… We’re going
to go to Bel Air, Beverly Hills
and Hollywood Hills. When we go
to Beverly Hills, you’re going
to see one homeless person
there. Not one, not homeless
person in Beverly Hills? Not one person.
So the police just remove them
immediately? Exactly. Exactly.
Tell him to go to Hollywood or
something like that. So, one
thing that makes Palisades so
special of course, it’s right
next to the ocean, it’s
beautiful view and what’s so
cool about LA, especially these
neighborhoods is you can be in
the mountains, you could be
near the ocean, you can be in the
city and it’s all LA,
and that’s why it’s one of the
best cities in the world.
So right now, we’re pulling up to
the Palisades Highlands.
Who lives up here: Whoopi Goldberg,
Steven Spielberg…
I believe Sugar Ray
Leonard lives up here too.
Okay, can we get to hear
anything? Let’s give it a go.
Yeah. Let’s just try.
Go until “no”, that’s my policy.
Go until “no”! Exactly. That
looks like a “no” with that gate.
So, there’s a lot of this up
here, a lot of gate and stuff.
Let’s give it a try. Yeah. Hi,
how are you? Good. Good.
Anywhere we can go up there and
just look around? No, sorry. He’s
an A-lister! He’s an A lister. Oh
yeah? Yeah. You heard of me?
Oh, don’t worry about it. We’re
just having fun. Yeah. Thank
you! Okay. Thank you very much.
Sorry, no problem. Yes, so a lot
of this, Josh? Exactly.
A lot of… there’s a gate and you
need some special access to get
in there and this is a double
gate. Yeah. Double gate.
You went to middle school over
here, right? To middle school
here, yeah. And you’re saying
kids come in on Teslas,
Ferraris? Ferraris, Audis,
Mercedes, you know, all sorts
of cars. 16 year olds? Yeah.
We’re coming up on a special
house, right? Yes, sir. A very
special house. Special to many of us
that were growing up in the
80s, right? Yes, exactly. Well,
you even know of it. I know of
it, that big of an attraction. We
We have the Fresh Prince of
Bel Air’s house.
Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s
house, the one they used in the
show. But this is actually not
even Bel Air? Yeah. This is in
Brentwood. This is Brentwood.
Yeah. Okay. But Bel Air is just
saying the top? Yeah, for sure.
I think I believe it’s the
richest neighborhood in Los
Angeles. Okay. Or one of them.
Yeah. So, someone lives back
here now, right? Yeah, someone
lives here now. Alright, let’s
do a little peek guys…
There we go.
Beautiful. Look at this! Jeez.
Amazing. Right here we are at
Bel Air and we’re going to the
biggest or the most expensive
home? The biggest home in Los
Angeles. I believe it’s worth
340 million dollars. I think
that’s what they put it for
sale. 340 million dollars,
correct? Yeah. Biggest home.
How big is it?
120 thousand square feet,
I believe. Alright.
Look how beautiful this is. Wow.
That’s where we’re going?
That’s where we’re going.
Okay, it’s $500 million. Yes.
Who lives there? It’s actually a real
estate agent, he owns the
property. Okay, guys. The
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Beyonce. Jennifer Lopez… Okay.
so a few of the well-known
people up here: Jay Z, Beyonce,
Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna,
Nicholas Cage… Nicholas Cage.
Yes. Oh my god! Oh my god. This
is it. This is the one that’s
as far as we’re getting. Try to
hit it from the other side,
yeah? Yeah. See if we can get a
nice view of it.
It keeps going. That’s insane.
We’ve been driving around this
thing for like a half mile.
Yeah… Fair to say? Yeah.
Maybe stop in front of this.
We got cameras there. They’re
doing an eye scan of you right
now. Very interesting up
here. So you don’t see people.
A lot of gates obviously
and a lot of big houses with
amazing views looking out
towards LA. That’s a type of
camera that looks very high
tech, doesn’t it? Yeah. Good
karma only… beautiful grasses.
What is the feel you
have up here, Josh?
Like when you’re up in this
neighborhood, what do you feel like?
A little intimidated to be honest. Intimidated? Yeah.
There’s inspiration to it,
I would say, because there’s
just so much beauty. Yeah. But
there’s also, I feel…
heaviness at the same time like
there’s something a bit
oppressive about it. Yeah,
Yeah. I don’t know. I can’t
figure it out yet but that’s
just the… and maybe it’s all the
no signs, and all the cameras,
and all the “do not do this and
do not do that”. Yeah. Like I get it.
People want to protect what
they have, it makes sense. Look
at this guys. What is that?
Look at that staircase. It’s
like to an office building,
but no, this is a house. Look
at this water feature right to
the front door. You can see
right through to the hills
downtown, and also the three
cameras looking at us.
You know this could be
one of the first time
someone’s actually been walking
the street. Yeah, you don’t
see many people walk here.
What else do we have to
say about Bel Air? So, Bel Air
actually interestingly enough
has a very big Persian Jewish community,
around 26%. And after the 1979 Revolution,
a lot of Persians came to this
neighborhood. Okay, and you’re
Persian? Your family’s Persian
too? Yeah, Persian.
Okay, so why are the Persian Jews so
successful? I think it’s
education and the jobs.
A lot of the Persian people
that’s installed to them to go
get these high paying jobs
being a doctor, surgeon. Right.
And with that, they’re able to
afford this lifestyle. And they
must be entrepreneurs too, they
must be businessman. Exactly.
Yeah. Businessman,
businesswoman. It’s definitely a different
neighborhood than the most
here in LA I guess. Little different
than Watts. I was in Watts the other
day in South Central and that
was an amazing experience.
This area is kind of Creeps. You got
the Bloods, that’s over there
though. Because if you’re weak
around here, they going to
Chew on you, they pray on the weak.
But I mean, we’re talking two
different… two different
countries. Yeah. And and we’re
we’re just in the same city.
I’m going to turn around so you
can get in. Okay. Don’t get
arrested while I’m gone.
What a cool guy! 19 years
old. He reached out to me on
Instagram and said, yeah, I’ll
show you around the expensive
neighborhoods. He knows them
all because he’s lived in LA
his whole life. Guys like Josh,
give me a little hope for the
future. Really cool guy, 19
years old goes to community
college, works, really well put
together, smart, interesting.
Josh! CNN. Wait!
Look at that. Crazy!
Monster houses like that
is its own it’s own city
within a city, meaning, they’re
like… all these people employed,
you have police force
out here, I mean, I saw more
cops there than, you know,
you can go for hours in the
city and not see that many
cops. So many people working in
landscaping and everything,
right? Yeah, exactly. It’s just
an unbelievable amount of
resources to upkeep anyone of
these monster homes. Let’s go.
We’re going to Hugh Hefner’s house?
Yeah, Playboy Mansion. You’ve
been there before? I wish. Were
you ever on the guest list?
I was. Alright, so we’re going to
a hotel over here and then
Playboy Mansion? Yes, sir.
Okay. Look at all the trees
too. So, we’re pulling up at
the Bel Air Hotel and what’s so
special about the Bel Air Hotel
is it’s kind of a hotel within
the neighborhood. Something you
really don’t see. Right. And
it’s a very high class and
rich hotel. Let’s try to get in
there. Do you think we can not?
Sure. Yeah. Okay. Josh Trident
Park. We’ve been motioned
forward. Oh well, my god, I
can’t put the camera up yet but
we’re going to, we’re going to
feel this out. Good afternoon.
How you doing? Good. How are
you today? Good, thanks. How may
I assist you today? We’re going
to get cocktails. The bar is
not open yet. Do you have
reservation? No, what’s what’s
the story with that? The story
it’s still now just the
Wolfgang Puck dining area.
Okay, we haven’t opened the bar
back up yet. Because of COVID,
but I think it’s because we
don’t have reservations and we weren’t
invited obviously, we’re
not getting in there. But just
by spending a little time here,
you start to get a feel that
you just have a detached sense
of reality. Right? Yeah. Like,
if you’re not going into South
Central, if you’re not going to
actually the majority of this
place in Los Angeles, view of
it is quite warped. Absolutely. And I
actively seek going into every
corner of this place just to
get it from that perspective,
and I don’t understand it
completely. Like I don’t
understand South Central but
I’ve spent time there.
And if I compare that to this…
These people are not going
there, those people are
not coming here. Exactly. They’re
living in two different
universes in the same city.
That’s the Playboy mansion up
there? Yeah, up there. Let’s go
check it out. Let’s ask these
guys. Playboy Mansion. Esta
Playboy Mansion? Have you been? Bonito, si?
It’s all of that. Yeah.
And it keeps going guys, all the way here.
It’s taking up like a whole block.
What’s going on in the mansion these days?
Who’s living there now?
You didn’t go to any of the parties?
This is the Playboy Mansion?
It’s different up here, bro. What’s it
feel like being up here after a while?
Yeah, why not? You know, it’s so
freaking beautiful.
Alright, next location.
Yeah, we’re going to go to
Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills
90210? Yes, sir.
At Beverly Hills Incorporated,
in 1914. You know, it started?
They were farming Lima Beans
here. Interesting. Yeah. And
they wanted to find oil but I
guess they found water instead.
That’s how it sort of took off.
So, Adele, Jack Nicholson and
Katy Perry live here or lived
here. It’s hard to tell if
these, you know, it’s not like
I know this stuff, I research it
online. A lot of these stars,
it seems like they have houses…
They either have houses in each
one of these neighborhoods or
many of these neighborhoods or
they’re just moving a lot.
Exactly. because it said I
think Adele was in another
neighborhood, you know, and
then she’s in this
neighborhood. Oh, there we go:
Beverly Hills, the famous sign.
Rodeo Drive! Yeah, we’re going
to make a left right here.
The wealth is coming out from the
sidewalks. Yeah, this place is pulsating with wealth.
Do you shop for your
girlfriends here? This would be
the best place. This is where I
take them for a nice date.
Is this the place to go for those
dates? Go to El Paseo trying to
impress. Exactly. Try to
impress. Go to El Paseo, go to
the Gucci store after – that’s
the way to do it here. There’s
nothing more than I hate than shopping.
Not not my scene, but hey,
I can appreciate it.
You’re telling me people live
up on the hills there
where we’re about to go.
They live up there, come down
here for a meal, do
some shopping, head back up?
Exactly. That’s the routine
every day maybe.
Not everyone obviously but the
people that have the serious
money. Exactly. I got nothing
to say here to be honest.
I don’t know what to say, it looks
great. Let’s go see some more
homes up in the hills.
But I feel that a lot of people
here, the youth especially,
they don’t understand so
much of what life really is
because they get handed
everything to them, you know
what I mean? Yeah.
A lot of these people here, they
get their own car, they don’t
have to work for it. They
have their parents credit cards
to go swipe unlimited swipes,
get whatever they want.
They don’t work. I think that a
lot of it… they lose that human
factor and I think it
negatively affects them in the
future because what
happens when you get a job, and
you don’t know what
to do. You don’t know how to
talk to people. You don’t know
how to… You don’t know how to
take the suck. Like sometimes
things just suck and you gotta
grind through it. Exactly. And
you can’t give up and you gotta
deal with it. And if you
have the the option of the out,
like you don’t need it
really, then you can
always take the easy road.
Exactly. But I’m sure there’s
some good parenting up here and
some people raising
kids in a really cool way for
sure but you feel the overall vibe… Wow, it’s
like a jungle in here! Yeah.
…The overall vibe is that
sort of mentality?
That’s what you’ve seen living
around here. I would say people that live here
especially they have very high
dreams and expectations
because they live in such a
beautiful area… Like everything
is sort of down from this.
Right. But I feel like a lot of
it can make you lazy because
you have so much already, your
parents have all this
they’re giving you, you could
become lazy and not want to
pursue things in the future.
You can’t find them anywhere,
you know. Who who are you
tracking down? Ben Shaol? Who’s that?
Who’s that? He’s very famous.
Are you Johnny Sins? I get
called Johnny Sins all the time .
Like Johnny Sins, you and the
Pakistanis call me Johnny Sins.
Who’s this guy? Who is this?
Are you guys Iranian Jews?
Yeah, we are. Okay, so it’s
all like you were saying:
a lot of Iranian Jews up
here. 100%. Yeah, and we all
know each other. We don’t live here.
You don’t live here? Beverlywood.
Is it far from here? No, 20 minutes drive
from here, from like Beverly
Hills. Nice neighborhood? Yeah,
it’s beautiful. Yeah. It’s like…
you’d rather live in Beverlywood than
live in Beverly Hills. It’s
coming to the new Beverly Hills,
the new Beverly Hills. Yeah,
But way nicer. This is
like the hood up here, this is the ghetto?
This is my first time here.
You don’t hear about this
neighborhood. Where you’re at?
No, here. Oh. You don’t hear
about Beverly Hills except for
here, like, here Beverly Hills,
the flats you hear about like,
what is this place? See you
guys. See you! Josh, thanks for
showing us. Of course! Guys,
these neighborhoods… Valley
after valley, hill after hill,
mansion after mansion. It’s
quite unbelievable. Come
here if you come to LA, if you
live in LA and you haven’t been
here, come here. It’s quite a
different LA from than what
I’ve seen for sure. Especially
this trip and guys, I want you
to see my other LA videos.
I was in the south side, I was in
Venice and these are completely
different stories in the same
city. You’re the man, Josh.
It’s my pleasure. Thanks for
coming along. Until the next one.

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